Liquid Chestnut for weight loss

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Last reviewed: 11.04.2020

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Those who want to lose weight do not stop looking for all sorts of means that would speed up the coveted disposal of extra pounds. One of these newfangled products is liquid slimming chestnut: it is a biologically active additive, the main ingredient of which is ground guarana seeds. The annotation to the drug indicates that it significantly dulls the feeling of hunger, "burns" fat tissue, normalizes the tone and adds energy and vigor.

What, in fact, is this substance - a liquid chestnut?

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Indications of the liquid Chestnut for weight loss

As a rule, liquid chestnut is used for weight loss, because the manufacturer of dietary supplements promises to stimulate the burning of calories, increase endurance during exercise and effective weight loss.

In addition, other properties of liquid chestnut for weight loss are known:

  • vegetable remedy, helps to cleanse the body of toxic substances, normalizes metabolic processes, improves the assimilation of nutrients from food;
  • as a result of the action of the liquid chestnut, an acute sensation of hunger disappears, the craving for overeating and "seizing" disappears;
  • the tonus of muscles is normalized, there is a sensation of a rush of strength and vigor, which leads to an increase in the effect of physical exertion;
  • blood circulation and metabolic processes accelerate, fat cells decrease in volume, which affects not only the loss of body weight, but also the disappearance of cellulite;
  • strengthens the immune defense, the body becomes more resistant to negative external and internal influences.

Thus, the manufacturer advises taking an extract of liquid chestnut for weight loss, for removing signs of cellulite, for general cleansing of the body, for strengthening immunity and increasing endurance.

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Let's talk about how useful liquid chestnut is for the body, and whether this drug can cause harm.

  • For starters - about the benefits of a liquid chestnut.

The main benefit of a liquid chestnut is its property to promote weight loss. Everyone knows that overweight increases the risk of developing heart and vascular diseases, as well as diabetes. In addition, people with a normal and slender physique live longer.

In addition, the liquid chestnut gives the person vivacity, which makes him move more and lead a more active lifestyle. This property of supplementation is especially important for people suffering from hypodynamia, delayed metabolism, or hypotension.

An additional ability of liquid chestnut can be called suppression of platelet aggregation, which directly affects the deceleration of blood clotting. This effect can be useful for thrombosis, thrombophlebitis, and even with permanent migraine headaches.

  • Can it hurt the liquid chestnut?

Unfortunately, any remedy that is not officially recognized as a medicinal or prophylactic drug can harm the body. The degree of such harm may depend on the dosage, as well as on the characteristics of the organism of a particular person.

For example, the fact that liquid chestnut increases blood pressure may adversely affect the health of patients with a tendency to hypertension. To avoid a negative reaction, the drug should be taken in the morning. If the liquid chestnut is consumed at night, it can affect the quality of sleep.

Liquid chestnut promotes the activation of digestive enzymes. This property can be harmful if the patient has gastritis, esophagitis or peptic ulcer.

In addition, one of the properties of liquid chestnut is the slowdown of blood coagulability. This can be dangerous in some genetic diseases associated with disorders of thrombosis, as well as in anemia, thrombocytopenia, etc.

Liquid chestnut also has some diuretic effect, which, if used for a long time, can cause electrolyte imbalance.

The stimulating effect on the nervous system over time can lead to apathy, depression, chronic fatigue, etc.

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Composition of liquid chestnut for weight loss

The fruits of the Amazonian guarana, which are the liquid chestnut, have long been known in the South American and European countries. In Brazil, for example, guarana is valued for its stimulating properties, which can only be compared with coffee beans. In this case, the tonic effect lasts longer than from the drunk coffee.

Amazonian guarana is represented by the following substances:

  • polyphenols;
  • xanthines (alkaloids);
  • vitamins B, ascorbic acid and tocopherol;
  • theobromine;
  • theophylline.

These substances and determine the various properties of liquid chestnut.

Theophylline is present in the foliage of the tea tree. Theobromine is most often extracted from cocoa beans. These ingredients are powerful antioxidants that help prolong youth and health.

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Use of the liquid Chestnut for weight loss during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the question of extra pounds is usually very acute. It is rare that a woman immediately after childbirth returns to the previous mass of the body, which was before her pregnancy. For this reason, many future mothers are interested in whether it is possible to take a liquid chestnut for weight loss during the process of bearing a baby?

To put it bluntly: there were no studies on the possible effect of the drug with liquid chestnut on the course of pregnancy and the growing fetus. That's why doctors consider this period a contraindication to taking the means to lose weight.

However, there is another weighty reason, because of which it is forbidden to use liquid chestnut to pregnant women - these are the stimulating properties of the drug. As you know, doctors do not recommend future mothers to drink coffee and even strong tea, so this drug also falls under the strictest ban.

The advice is simple: if a pregnant woman is afraid to recover, then she should observe the following rules:

  • adhere to the regime of the day, get enough sleep;
  • eat properly and fully, but do not overeat;
  • Regularly perform simple gymnastic exercises for pregnant women;
  • to walk outside.

Some women during this period successfully practice yoga, respiratory gymnastics, swimming.


Liquid weight loss chestnut can not be used by everyone, since any means, including dietary supplements, have their contraindications:

  • tendency to hypertension, periodic high blood pressure;
  • insufficient blood coagulability;
  • mental illness;
  • heart rhythm disturbances;
  • a heart attack in the anamnesis;
  • acute cerebrovascular accident in the anamnesis;
  • increased intraocular pressure;
  • age to 18 years;
  • period of pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • a special sensitivity of the body, expressed in a possible allergy.

In addition, liquid chestnut is not recommended:

  • with gastritis and peptic ulcer;
  • when the thyroid gland is not working properly;
  • with chronic systemic pathologies, epilepsy.


Side effects of the liquid Chestnut for weight loss

For liquid chestnut, side effects are also characteristic. Some of them are found frequently, others were seen only in isolated cases. However, such symptoms should be known and prepared for their appearance.

Here is a list of possible unwanted effects:

  • cardiopalmus;
  • high blood pressure;
  • soreness behind the sternum, in the area of the projection of the heart;
  • hot flushes;
  • increased sweating;
  • stool disorder;
  • pain in different parts of the abdomen;
  • sensation of noise in the ears;
  • transient visual impairment;
  • anxiety, restlessness;
  • pain in the head;
  • difficulty with falling asleep, insomnia;
  • mood instability;
  • excitement, irritability;
  • convulsions of skeletal musculature;
  • frequent breathing, shortness of breath;
  • allergic reactions.

Similar phenomena can occur with an incorrectly calculated dosage, or with excessive susceptibility of the body to this drug. If this happens, it is advisable to consult a doctor and consult.


Dosing and administration

The correct use of liquid chestnut for weight loss implies taking the drug as follows:

  • 2 measuring spoons of powder stir in a glass of liquid (any drinking) and drink;
  • course of admission - 1-1,5 months.

The next course can be started not earlier than in a year and a half or two weeks.

Powder is recommended to take in the morning to avoid insomnia and irritability.

To accelerate the process of losing weight, you must follow a moderate diet:

  • Do not overeat;
  • not eat at night and, especially, at night;
  • limit the amount of salt;
  • to refuse from sugar, flour and yeast products;
  • drink enough pure water or herbal teas (chamomile, lemon balm).

One package of liquid chestnut for weight loss can last about 1-1.5 months.

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A large list of contraindications and side effects makes it possible to make sure that the liquid chestnut for weight loss is not such a safe tool. Of course, if you adhere to the dosage, and also undergo the necessary diagnostic tests before starting to take dietary supplements, then, in most cases, complications should not arise.

If you consume a large amount of a product, symptoms similar to those seen with side effects may appear. True, the degree of their expression can be much greater. If this happens, then it is necessary to induce vomiting, rinse the stomach, then drink any sorbent preparation - for example, activated charcoal, or sorbex, or enterosgel. After this, you should consult a doctor and describe the symptoms. Further treatment is prescribed depending on the detected pathological signs.

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Interactions with other drugs

Before beginning the treatment with a liquid chestnut for weight loss, a number of unwanted interactions should be remembered, which can cause an increase in side effects, complications and additional unpleasant symptoms.

Liquid weight loss chestnut can not be combined with black chocolate, strong infused tea and coffee, with alcoholic and energy drinks, coca-cola. At the time of treatment, it is desirable to abandon stimulating sports nutrition, caffeine-based drugs, theophylline and theobromine, as well as other biologically active dietary supplements.

If you undergo any treatment, or constantly take maintenance medications, it is recommended to consult a doctor before starting treatment.

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Storage conditions

Powder of a liquid chestnut is kept in normal conditions, not allowing children to the place of storage. Diluted in a liquid should be taken immediately, as it is not subject to storage.

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Shelf life

Shelf life of the sealed jar is up to 3 years. The opened jar should be consumed in the near future - for 1-1,5 months.


Real feedback on the liquid weight loss chestnut

Real user feedback on the action of liquid chestnut is controversial. We will not hide it, many describe with admiration the effect of a biologically active additive, but some note that they did not notice any special changes.

Most likely, the action of liquid chestnut for weight loss is individual, as well as the time for which the first results may appear. After all, each starts to take the drug with different weights and features of the body: one needs to lose 50 kg, and the other - only 5 kg. The more excess weight a person has, the more he can dump, say, in a week.

Moreover, each losing weight may need a different amount of time, so that the components of the liquid chestnut show a persistent and pronounced effect. The effect of the drug may occur within 2 weeks, but it is not ruled out that the first positive results will be detected in a month.

More accurately and in detail the correct course of losing weight can be determined by a dietitian who will consider the problem of excess weight in the individual spectrum.

Another topical topic of the review is the widespread sale of counterfeit liquid chestnut. Without a doubt, the trade of such means for losing weight is a fairly profitable business. Therefore, before buying the drug, be sure to make sure of its originality. Demand from the seller certificates and accompanying documentation, be interested in the manufacturer and carefully read the annotation to BAD.

  • The composition and instructions for the liquid chestnut must be written clearly, legibly, without errors and inconsistencies.
  • In the composition must necessarily be present guaranin, theophylline and theobromine.
  • The packaging of the liquid chestnut must be dense, not damaged, with a quality text and nested instruction. A measuring spoon is necessarily included to correctly dispense the product.
  • The taste of the drug is pleasant, slightly sweet, not causing unpleasant taste associations.
  • The color of the powder is brownish, reminiscent of the color of cocoa.

The most logical thing to buy from a trusted official representative of liquid chestnut for weight loss. Faking a drug at best can be useless, and at worst - it can even harm your health.

Reviews of doctors about a liquid chestnut for weight loss

Those who really care about their health before going to a particular dietary supplement are referred to a doctor for advice. And this is correct: after all, a qualified specialist is better than the average user to understand the intricacies of the human body and knows how this or that drug can affect in each particular situation.

Here are some opinions of doctors about such a dietary supplement, as a liquid chestnut.

  • Passive reception of a liquid chestnut is unlikely to accelerate weight loss. Against the background of dietary supplements, diet and exercise doses are prescribed.
  • Before you start taking the medicine must be examined: a liquid chestnut has a large number of contraindications.
  • Consumers should be alerted:
    • if dietary supplements are too cheap or too expensive;
    • if the name of the additive and the manufacturer is not known to anyone, the certificate is not provided to the drug, and the instruction is written without translation, or with a large number of errors;
    • if the drug is sold on the street, in transit, etc.

Advice: never buy a product spontaneously. Approach the purchase of dietary supplements consciously, having previously collected the maximum amount of information about the drug. At the same time one of the best options will be a visit to the doctor by a nutritionist with a list of questions about the supplement being purchased.

Analogues of liquid chestnut for weight loss

Nutritional supplements that have an effect similar to a liquid chestnut are quite a lot. Here we will present to your attention the incomplete list of such means for weight loss, which are considered the most popular among the slimming. The criteria for our choice are simple:

  • a proven developer of the drug;
  • positive user feedback;
  • safety for the body;
  • minimum number of adverse events;
  • high percentage of positive result.
  1. Guarana extract (the same as the liquid chestnut slimming extract) is a dry powder in capsules, which has the same active components and properties as the liquid chestnut.
  2. Ideal figure - food additive in the form of a drink, which is taken in place of one of the meals. Contains only herbal ingredients.
  3. Fitomycil - BAD, stimulating the work of the intestines, eliminating the feeling of hunger and relieving the habit of constantly snacking. In addition to the above, the drug normalizes the digestive system.
  4. Green coffee is a biologically active drink that stimulates weight loss. Effective only in combination with physical stress and changes in diet.
  5. Turboslim is a vegetable supplement that reduces the feeling of hunger, replenishing the deficiency of vitamins and stimulating the process of losing weight.
  6. Sarika - capsules based on plant components. The manufacturer of capsules promises quality and stable weight loss.
  7. Slimaluma is a natural supplement that has no side effects and is not toxic to the body.
  8. Ruidemen is a capsule additive with green tea, hawthorn, cassia and other herbal ingredients. Manufacturer of dietary supplements promises a slow, but true reduction in body weight.
  9. Hoodia Horde is a drug with a unique molecular composition, which is designed to treat obesity even in very obese patients.
  10. Tianshi - a biologically active additive known in the circles of slimming people, which stimulates metabolic processes and stabilizes the hormonal balance in the body.

If you really want to lose weight with food supplements, but do not know where to start, we can give you some effective tips:

  • do not expect from dietary supplements fast and quality weight loss, since without physical exertion and changes in nutrition, the effect of supplements will be zero;
  • Before buying a dietary supplement, make sure not only of its effectiveness, but also of harmlessness;
  • evaluate the principle of action of the selected drug and determine if it is suitable for you;
  • carefully read the instructions and in no case do not take the drug uncontrollably or in excessively large quantities: faster you will not lose weight from it, but you can do much harm to your health.

We hope that our article will help you make your choice. Liquid slimming chestnut is really capable to benefit, if you approach the issue responsibly and competently.

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To simplify the perception of information, this instruction for use of the drug "Liquid Chestnut for weight loss" translated and presented in a special form on the basis of the official instructions for medical use of the drug. Before use read the annotation that came directly to medicines.

Description provided for informational purposes and is not a guide to self-healing. The need for this drug, the purpose of the treatment regimen, methods and dose of the drug is determined solely by the attending physician. Self-medication is dangerous for your health.

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