Lipo-6 slimming: how to take, side effects, reviews and results

Last reviewed by: Aleksey Portnov , medical expert, on 25.06.2018

An elastic, slender body with a beautiful relief is the cherished dream of any guy or girl, whose figure is far from ideal. Yes, only to pump up muscles is much easier than to get rid of extra pounds. Diets without physical exertion, if they help to reduce body volumes, negatively affect the elasticity of the skin. And the desire to become a subject of admiration for the opposite sex forces us to look for more and more new methods of combating obesity, even if not intended for this, like Lipo-6 fat burner.

Indications of the lipo-6 for weight loss

No matter how effective the popular diets used for weight correction have, there is no way to get a quick effect from them. Here also it is necessary to full-fledged people to search various ways how to strengthen action of these diets based on a correct delivery and restriction of the use of fats and carbohydrates.

A good way to solve this problem is to practice at the gym. Thus, you can throw off extra pounds and muscles to pump up, making the body truly beautiful. Yes, only again, two or three campaigns in the gym here can not do, and constant training is not everyone can. Patience is not enough, but the result is not in a hurry to show itself.

Breaking your head over this issue in the gym can be heard a lot of useful. For example, about fat burners like "Lipo-6" which will come as it is impossible for those who want to build muscle mass, and to get rid of "deposits" of fat for the purpose of losing weight and a peculiar image change.

The very name "fat burners" indicates that these drugs are capable of burning fat, i.e. Transform it into energy, which, as is known, does not settle on the sides. It would seem, what else is needed for those who want to quickly and comfortably lose weight? However, everything is not so simple.

Originally synthetic "killers" of fat were developed for use in sports circles. This is the so-called energy, making athletes more enduring and allowing in a short time to build up the necessary muscle mass. Later they were attracted by non-professional athletes and people who follow their figure with the help of training in gyms.

The fact that taking fat burners helps to reduce weight, interested and willing to lose weight without much effort. And then the American company Nutrex, specializing in the creation of modern sports nutrition and slimming products, has developed such a powerful dietary supplement as Lipo-6, which has conquered its effectiveness in terms of burning fat and converting it into the energy of many admirers of a healthy lifestyle.

Such indications for use, as treatment of obesity and its consequences, of course, there is no Lipo-6, but for the "drying" of the body and weight loss with a comprehensive approach to the problem of excess weight it will be very, very useful. But here you also need to understand that without exercise, fat burners do not work, and if you do not adhere to the diet, their action will go to "no" immediately after the drug is discontinued.

Release form

The fat burner "Lipo-6" for losing weight and giving the body a beautiful relief still belongs to the category of sports nutrition, and therefore you can buy it in specialized sports stores or on the Internet on shopping sites sports direction.

On sale, you can find a "Lipo-6" supplements in jars that contain 120 or 240 double-layer gelatin capsules with a rather interesting composition. The capsules themselves seem to be filled with water, which is really not the case.

The contents of the capsules can be divided into 2 types: a liquid component, which includes high-speed substances, and boluses containing components that act later. Due to this, the "Lipo-6" reception has a double action: the transition of fat to energy and the stopping of the reverse process. But we'll talk about this a little later, but for now we'll study the exclusive composition of capsules carefully.

In fact, the ingredients of the supplements are not unique, out of the ordinary. All these components have already been used in sports nutrition by other firms before, but no one has before conceived to combine the components into one to achieve a more powerful and quicker effect. In this case, the resulting drug is generally considered safe for health.

The developers went further and released a whole line of bioadditives called "Lipo-6". These drugs may differ slightly in composition and indications for use (taking into account the sexual characteristics). And yet some important components are present in all the supplements of this product line from the category of sports nutrition. Let us consider them in more detail.

The main part of the miraculous capsule is caffeine. The effect of this component is familiar to many coffee lovers. An invigorating drink, drunk in the morning, will give the energy charge for the whole day. And all this thanks to an alkaloid called "caffeine", which stimulates the nervous system. Thanks to him, his stamina increases and the synthesis of adrenaline increases. This in turn helps to engage with pleasure and tirelessly for a long time, which means that the process of reducing fat stores is faster.

Another very important component in the capsules is synephrine. It is a plant-derived substance extracted from oranges of bitter sorts. By its action it is similar to ephedrine, used earlier in sports nutrition, which was subsequently banned due to the large number of side effects. This component, acting on beta-2-adrenergic receptors, not only reduces appetite and gives strength, but also increases heat output, and along with heat, excess kilograms also go away.

Stimulating the production of adrenaline and norepinephrine, which promote the splitting of fat cells and transforming them into energy, synephrine helps burn fat without losing muscle mass.

The third important component of fat burner "Lipo-6" for weight loss and increased endurance in sports is yohimbine. It is also a plant matter, which is considered an aphrodisiac.

Its action is based on certain properties of fat cells. These cells are provided with 2 kinds of receptors, which have the opposite effect. Beta-receptors contribute to the breakdown of fat and increase the level of adrenaline, but the alpha receptors, on the contrary, provide a compensatory mechanism, trying to maintain a balance of energy and do not waste fat in vain.

If alpha receptors are partially turned off, and this is the main goal of yohimbine, fat burning will occur more intensively. And if you consider that at the same time, stimulated norepinephrine, binding to beta receptors, increases lipolysis (splitting of fats), then the process of parting with excess kilograms is actually 2 times faster.

In addition, the aphrodisiac exerts a stimulating effect on the nervous system, as does caffeine, which gives the person strength and mood to do even more.

As additional components that optimize the functioning of the thyroid gland, which is responsible for metabolism in the body, the composition contains natural components called guggulsterones (tyramine, gordenin, methylphenylethylamine and beta-phenylethylamine). These components stimulate the production of thyroid hormones, the hormones responsible for the regulation of fat metabolism.

Present in the dietary supplements and nootropic DMAE (used in cosmonautics during the Soviet Union). Despite such a formidable name, this component only improves the work of the brain: it optimizes memory, attention, and also the general condition of the body. Its presence is necessary because the diet and physical stresses for the body are stressors, and stress "kills" muscle tissue even in a state of rest, not to mention the load. Nootropics reduce the effect of stress factors on the body and improve mood, stimulating the person to reach new heights.

Auxiliary quick-assimilating components of fat burner "Lipo-6" also do not pose a danger to humans. Essential oil of sesame seeds and conjugated linoleic acid to stabilize the result of transferring fat to energy, gelatin as a constituent of the capsule, amino acids in the form of L-carnitine, accelerating the process of losing weight, only contribute to a fast and relatively safe weight loss. Safety of BAA as a whole is due to accurate calculation of the concentration of various substances in it in such a way as to minimize possible side effects of each component.

Variety of fat burners "Lipo-6"

The fat burner "Lipo 6" for several years (from 2005 to 2012) was considered the best product for weight loss and exercise. It is clear that the company Nutrex, taking such a high position in the field of sports nutrition and products for weight loss, could not be limited to one such product. Over time, a whole line of "Lipo-6" appeared, which allows you to choose a supplement in accordance with your needs and wishes.

Since force-type stimulants like "Lipo-6" are the most common among men engaged in sports and bodybuilding, it was for them to create a "Lipo-6 black" supplements. In its composition we find:

  • synephrine for improving metabolism and enhancing thermogenesis,
  • yohimbine with lipolytic action,
  • caffeine in the form of a dry extract to increase the appearance and stimulation of metabolism,
  • plant alkaloid acacia rigidula for the development of the main enemy of fat cells - adrenaline,
  • guggulsterones for the conversion of fats into energy,
  • Gordenin for stimulating lipolysis,
  • tyramine for the stimulation of adrenaline synthesis,
  • Forskolin, which like guggulsterones is designed to improve the functioning of the thyroid gland.

Do not forget the producers and women. After all, whoever as they are not especially closely watches his figure. Accepting the usual male variant of the drug to women is not recommended, since a significant amount of caffeine and various stimulants that are needed for exercise rather than for weight loss, can harm a tender female body.

"Lipo-6 Black Neres"  is a fat burner, adapted specifically for the body of a woman, taking into account its physiological characteristics. The main emphasis is on improving metabolism and reducing appetite, and energy potential is brought to the back burner. But this does not mean that the female bioadditive is worse than the male. According to many athletes of different sex, this kind of fat burner is not only not worse, but in some ways even exceeds the male version of "Lipo-6".

As part of the dietary supplement there are familiar components:

  • caffeine (2 capsules have 300 g of substance and they successfully replace 3 cups of invigorating natural coffee) to stimulate metabolism and active fat burning combined with increased endurance,
  • synephrine and yohimbine to suppress appetite and prevent fat from being stored,
  • Forskolin for stimulation of the thyroid gland secretion of thyroid hormones responsible for fat burning.

In addition, the company added to its unique product and components that are vital for the female body:

  • calcium for the well-coordinated work of the neuromuscular system and maintenance of immunity,
  • vitamin D provides the necessary concentration of calcium,
  • vitamin B12 - a stimulator of protein and creatine synthesis, provides the production of red blood cells,
  • Folic acid normalizes the work of the digestive tract and the process of hematopoiesis,

The fat burner  NR Lipo-6 liqui-caps, which is characterized by the white color of the plastic jar and the red color of the lid, is a universal tool for women and men who are concerned about the problem of excess weight. He is credited with both local and general fat burning effect.

This bioadditive on the Internet can be found under another more complete name  Lipo-6 liqui-caps a maximum of strings, which is the best indication of its purpose.

As part of dietary supplements, we discover familiar components: anhydrous form of caffeine, synephrine, synthetic guggulsterones, yohimbine and bioperin. The latter component improves the assimilation of the rest of the preparation. As auxiliary components are plant cellulose, polysorbate, glycerin and water.

By the way, the red color of the cap is also characteristic for "Lipo-6 black", "Lipo-6 black ultraconcentrate", "Lipo-6 X", "Lipo-6 carnitine".

"Lipo-6 iks"  is a universal bioadditive in a white jar with a huge X in the name. It is considered the most aggressive fat killer in the body among all produced by the pharmaceutical industry, despite the fact that it was the first variant of the now popular dietary supplement.

In its composition we see: synephrine, yohimbine, alkaloid acacia rehydula, caffeine, guggulsterones, glycerin and water in concentrations necessary for active fat burning. All components in moderate amounts, sufficient to effectively combat excess weight without excessive stimulation of the central nervous system.

"Lipo-6 carnitine"  is a bioadditive that significantly increases the endurance of the body and has a beneficial effect on the work of the heart and vessels through the introduction of the amino acid L-carnitine.

It helps:

  • reduce the stress associated with increased stress on the body and food restriction,
  • due to the active burning of fats and their conversion into energy, to reduce the consumption of muscle glycogen and the accumulation of lactic acid in them, which increases the working capacity of muscles,
  • energetically stimulate the work of the cardiovascular system, prevents thrombosis,
  • normalize the production of amino acids, steroid hormones, fatty acids, cholesterol, as well as the processes of oxidation of fatty acids and carbohydrates (energy production)
  • increase immunity.

The product consists only of herbal constituents and contains 1490 mg of L-carnitine in 2 capsules (1 serving).

"Lipo-6 black ultra concentrate"  - a powerful weapon against fat. Its very name suggests that the concentrations of active substances in the dietary supplement are high enough. In its composition are added and some specific components that purify the body and do not allow it to develop resistance to the use of fat burner, as happens in the case of long-term use of other similar products. In this case, the recommended single dose of bioadditives is limited to 1 capsule (no more than 2 capsules per day).

The composition of the supplements: synephrine, caffeine and theobromine, which in combination triple (!) The effect of fat conversion to energy and increase endurance, yohimbine with ravoltscin for effective fat burning.

There is this type of fat burner and a female version of "Lipo-6 black nerve ultracentrifuge". In it the theobromine is replaced with methylhexanamine (extract from the geranium plant), improving mood and endurance, and 35 diiodo-L-thyronine (analogue of thyroid hormone T2, responsible for the metabolism of fats) is added instead of rauwolscine. There are folic acid and vitamin B12 in the composition of female bioadditives.

The universal dietary supplements  "Lipo-6 unlimited"  differs from the above-described drugs in that they removed guggulsterones from it and added thyronin (the active hormone of the thyroid gland), making the drug even safer. The drug is characterized by increased dosages of components.

In the fat burner "Lipo-6 Rx", instead of caffeine, there is a teacrin. The root of ginger is also added. The drug helps to easily survive all the hardships of the diet when losing weight. The manufacturer claims that this option of bioadditives will be useful even for people with low physical activity.

"Lipo-6 STIM-FREE"  is a bioadditive without stimulants (there is no caffeine, synephrine and yohimbine). The main constituents of the drug are guggulsterones and L-carnitine. Does not have a stimulating effect on the central nervous system, however, with fat, it is not worse than others.


Studying the composition of different versions of fat burner "Lipo-6" you can understand that the mechanism of action of the drug is aimed at stimulating thermogenesis and the desire to actively move, which promotes accelerated burning of fats.

Thermogenesis is the ability of the body to produce heat for the work of its various systems and organs. Heat, in turn, is a derivative of energy, and the body receives energy from consumed foods and fat stores. It is necessary to limit the consumption of fats and carbohydrates, and the body will immediately take over the fat cells, postponed to the "black" day.

Increasing stamina and mood, "Lipo-6" does not allow a person to quickly get tired, and movement is always associated with thermogenesis. You move more - more heat emission, which means that excess weight goes faster.

 Sometimes you can hear complaints that the weight after taking "Lipo-6" allegedly has not changed or undergone minor changes. And here you need to understand that fat is leaving, and not muscle mass. The weight of fat and muscle is not the same, so reducing the waist by 2-3 cm is unlikely to be noticeable on the scales. And muscle mass in sports can grow, which will compensate for weight lost in the process of exercise fat. Such changes seem to look like a beautiful relief of muscles, giving a certain charm to the whole figure.

In addition, Lipo-6 reduces the need for food, reduces hunger, activates the metabolism in the body, accelerates metabolic processes, removes excess fluid from the body, providing the effect of "drying" the body and reducing weight, prevents the accumulation of fat mass.

High efficiency and long-lasting effect of taking fat burner "Lipo-6" for weight loss and increase of endurance are due to a multicomponent composition in which some components supplement and strengthen the action of others.


Of interest is a multistage delivery system for various components in the body. It is provided by the introduction of a new technology - an unusual double capsule. First, the liquid component is consumed, and then the components concentrated in the boluses are gradually released, the cleavage process in which proceeds more slowly, providing a lasting effect.

The intake of the supplements is immediately accompanied by a huge influx of energy with the formation of fatty acids from fat cells. The further action of fat burner "Lipo-6" for weight loss is aimed at ensuring that fatty acids do not return to their original state, but were completely consumed in the form of energy.

The composition of the drug includes components that improve the functioning of the thyroid gland, and, accordingly, metabolism. This helps to reduce weight both during sports and in subsequent periods of time.

It is necessary to understand that the fat burner "Lipo-6" is not a full-fledged drug. It is a biologically active additive, the action of which can be corrected by various features of the body. At the same time, the rich composition of various additives from the Lipo-6 series is designed for a healthy person with a strong heart. The negative influence of "Lipo-6" on the heart is associated with the presence of caffeine, synephrine and yohimbine in the composition, which can cause arrhythmias and increase of arterial pressure.

Use of the lipo-6 for weight loss during pregnancy

In order to prevent the breakdown of pregnancy and the negative impact on the fetus of certain active components of "Lipo-6", one should refrain from using fat-burning food supplements-energy during pregnancy. Because of the possible ingestion of active ingredients in breast milk, it is not advisable to take fat burners during lactation.


As you can see, the Lipo-6 supplement, contrary to the promises of the manufacturer, is not so safe. During its reception, even healthy people sometimes notice various symptoms of malaise and some discomfort. And what about people with a sick heart, among whom a large mass suffers from cardiac rhythm and hypertension disorders. This category of the population reception of fat burners "Lipo-6" for weight loss is strictly prohibited. Even lightweight fat burning options without strong stimulants can not be used without first consulting a doctor.

Yoshimbine-based fat burners can increase insulin levels. This positive effect can give hope for weight reduction in diabetic patients, who have obesity as one of the problems. But on the other hand, these patients often have heart problems (mainly hypertension). To avoid complications of hypertensive disease in diabetes, it is better to deal with extra pounds without the help of "Lipo-6" and similar bioadditives.

The drug may present a certain danger for those with diseased kidneys, because it is derived primarily by this organ.

Not allowed to apply the above dietary supplements to boys and girls under the age of 21, as well as to drinkers. If someone has a reaction of intolerance to certain components of the dietary supplement, then again it will have to be abandoned.

Side effects of the lipo-6 for weight loss

Judging by the fact that the fat burner "Lipo-6" has contraindications (although there are a few), it also has some side effects. And side effects of "Lipo-6" for weight loss can be noted both by people with weak health, and quite healthy sports guys.

It is worth recalling once again that the drug can cause noticeable pressure changes, which negatively affects the health of any person. People with a weak heart may complain of a violent heartbeat.

The stimulating effect of caffeine and yohimbine in the first days of admission may result in dizziness and headaches. A person feels excited, which makes many feel anxious, they feel a certain discomfort.

The influence of yohimbine on blood sugar level and pressure contributes to the appearance of such symptoms as apathy, tremor of limbs, unreasonable chills, dyspnea.

Manufacturers do not recommend the use of Lipo-6 capsules at a later time, because an overly excited state will not allow a person to fall asleep or cause nightmares. By the way, insomnia from "Lipo-6" - a fairly common phenomenon. After all, the instruction says that the capsules should be taken 2-3 times a day, here are some who think that the last time the dietary supplement should be taken in the evening before going to bed. In fact, you need to do this no later than 6 hours before bedtime.

Dosing and administration

Before taking any drug or dietary supplements, it is necessary to study the instructions to it not only in the points of contraindications and side effects, but also the way of using the drug with the indication of effective and safe doses. This is the only way to avoid such an unpleasant phenomenon as an overdose.

There are certain rules for taking Lipo-6 supplements with which you have to reckon, starting to play sports or losing weight with a fat burner. Once again, we recall that the last portion of the capsules should be taken 6 hours before bedtime, which will allow the body to fully rest at night.

Take capsules daily for no more than 2 consecutive months. After that, at least a week's break is mandatory.

In the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening the bioadditive is taken only out of the reception of food. Producers argue that the best effect can be achieved by taking the capsule half an hour before a meal, squeezed with enough of any liquid that does not contain alcohol.

The first portion of capsules should be taken in the morning. The resting organism is more inclined to say goodbye to excess kilograms, burning fat intensively. The second portion is taken before lunch, the third one (if necessary) at least 6 hours before going to bed.

In many sources you can find information that the recommended single dose of the drug or 1 serving is 2 capsules. But in the instructions for different types of fat burners, you can see differences in the approach to the dosing of the drug.

The instruction for "Lipo-6" for women claims that the best results can be achieved by taking 3 capsules a day. And in the morning should be taken only 1 capsule, and at lunch - 2. The ideal interval between the first and second portions of capsules is 4-6 hours.

The maximum dosage should not exceed 6 capsules, provided that they are taken 2 times at a time three times a day.

In "Lipo-6 black" for men, the same dosages are indicated in the instructions as for the female version of the drug. And yet you need to look at your well-being. If after taking 3 capsules there are unpleasant sensations and discomfort, the dose should be reduced to 2 capsules. The same minimum dosage is recommended at the beginning of the use of the drug (in the first 2-3 days).

"Lipo-6 X" is recommended to start taking with 2 capsules per day (for 2 prima). After 2 days, the dosage is increased to 3 capsules per day. On the fifth day, you can try to increase the dosage to 4 capsules, taking them 2 pcs. Each. Morning and afternoon (or closer to evening).

"Lipo-6 carnitine" take 2 capsules before training. In days of rest you can take capsules at any time before meals, but it is better to do it in the morning.

"Lipo-6 ultra concentrate" with increased doses of stimulants is recommended to take no more than 2 capsules per day (for 2 doses).

Whatever the chosen variant of fat burner "Lipo-6" for weight loss for safety reasons, it is not recommended to exceed the maximum permissible values specified in the instructions. And in case of deterioration of well-being it is necessary to think about reduction of a dose or full refusal of growing thin with fat burners of the given mark.


Overdosing, which occurs when using supplements in doses exceeding the recommended levels, can result in overexcitation, disturbances in sleep and digestion. For this situation, there are strong pressure drops, which literally roll people off their feet, the appearance of nausea, a shiver throughout the body.

Most often, an overdose can be noted among those who want to lose weight quickly or pump up muscles that do not understand that increasing the dose will not accelerate the result, but will cause a lot of side effects.

Interactions with other drugs

The fat burner "Lipo-6" for weight loss and sports is included in the category of bioadditives, thermo-generators, but they do not combine with other drugs that affect thermogenesis. It is unacceptable to take simultaneously 2 types of fat burners, at the risk of disrupting metabolism in the body.

But the reception of "Lipo-6" with the blockers of calories, and such useful substances as Omega-3 acids and L-carnitine will only benefit the body, trying to get rid of fatty ballast.

Experts in the matter of weight loss even advise combining the above components, complementing them with amino acids and protein, which have a beneficial effect on muscles. In parallel with the "Lipo-6" is allowed the intake of vitamins and vitamin-mineral complexes, which help to compensate for the restrictions of diets for weight loss.

But "Lipo-6" and alcohol are considered to be incompatible products in the literal sense of the word because of the presence of active stimulants in the fat burner. Taking alcohol can not only slow down the process of fat burning, but also cause a number of side effects associated with the work of the cardiovascular and central nervous system.

Storage conditions

Since "Lipo-6" is just a biologically active additive to food, which does not require any special storage conditions, it is sufficient to conserve it at room temperature, protecting it from moisture and direct sunlight. "Lipo-6" has nothing to do with children's toys and products for children, so you need to store the supplements in a place where access to curious kids is closed.

Shelf life

The shelf life of the Lipo-6 fat burner is 24 months, during which it retains its properties and is relatively safe to use.

On the question whether it is possible to accept the overdue "Lipo-6", the answer is one: you can, but do not. The effectiveness of such a drug is much lower than bioadditives with a normal period, and the side effects associated with the work of the digestive tract are much less. Trying to save money in this way (it's a pity to throw it away, because pleasure is not cheap), you can cause irreparable harm to your health, and it is more expensive than any money.

Diet when taking "Lipo-6"

Experienced it is proved that in the absence of motor activity and non-observance of the conditions of proper nutrition, the reception of "Lipo-6" will be ineffective or completely useless. After all, the fat burners of this brand are not accidentally supplemented with components that push a person to active movements, from which a person enjoys (another useful action of the dietary supplement).

As for the diet, it is important not only the products themselves, but also the diet. Fractional food (4 to 6 times a day) helps to disperse the metabolism for more efficient fat burning, because in such conditions the body does not see the sense to save fat "in reserve".

Taking a fat burner "Lipo-6" for weight loss is enough to stick to a low-carb diet. So in the first week it is recommended to distribute the products in such a way that in the morning hours about 50% of complex carbohydrates enter the body (mainly porridges: buckwheat, oatmeal, rice, as well as pasta from durum wheat not more than 2.5 g per 1 kg of weight person). In the lunchtime, the ratio of complex carbohydrates and protein (low-fat fish, cottage cheese, meat) should be 50 to 50. In the evening, we consume predominantly protein foods. Instead of sweets we eat fruits. Meat dishes are complemented with vegetables.

In the second week of weight loss, the amount of carbohydrates is reduced. They need to eat no more than 1.5 g per 1 kg of weight. But protein products can eat a little more.

In the third week, the amount of carbohydrates eaten is closer to 1 g per 1 kg of body weight. Carbohydrates, including fruits, eat mainly in the morning. In the squirrel, we do not limit ourselves very much. But with fats you need to be careful. They can be consumed no more than 1 g per 1 kg of body weight and only in the form of nuts, vegetable oils, flax seeds and food supplements "Omega-3".

In the future, you can adhere to the norms of the 3rd week, but additionally take vitamin-mineral complexes. If there is discomfort and malaise, the level of carbohydrates can be returned to the border of the 2nd week. Dishes are desirable to cook for a couple, vegetables and meat can be boiled and baked, but do not fry.

The original or a fake?

Due to the fact that the fat burner for losing weight "Lipo-6" is not a cheap pleasure, and many get it on the Internet, the question of the authenticity of the drugs offered on the sites arises, because it is very difficult to check the license in this case.

The question of how to distinguish the original "Lipo-6" from counterfeit has recently become especially popular, because the appearance of the supplements produced in recent months has undergone certain changes.

So "Lipo-6 X" was previously produced in white jars. Now the original appeared in a light gray package. And "Lipo-6 black" for men and women on a black background had a red and golden inscription, but lately there are cans with inscriptions of a gently turquoise color.

All these changes can be traced if you go to the website of the manufacturer. If the purchased product in appearance differs from the declared old and new versions of the bioadditives, there is a high probability that this is a cheap counterfeit, not having the effect of the original.

International versions may also differ from export ones, and this can also be clarified on the manufacturer's website.

The discrepancy of the color of the capsules should also be alarming. In black jars and capsules are usually black (with white inscriptions and stripes), in white or gray jars, as a rule, capsules are transparent whitish (sometimes with a yellowish tinge or half gray).

To avoid the danger of buying counterfeit goods, you need to buy Lipo-6 either on Nutrex's website, or from trusted vendors (for example, in sports nutrition stores where all products must have a license that can be seen with your own eyes).

Reviews about fat burner "Lipo-6"

It is very difficult to believe in the effectiveness of fat burners and other products for weight loss without getting acquainted with the real opinions of those who lose weight and their results. However, often such "acquaintance" leaves even more questions and does not contribute to making a decision about the expediency of buying a particular fat burner.

So in the case of products from the "Lipo-6" series. The thing is that the fat burner "Lipo-6", like any dietary supplement, can act differently for different people, and someone for losing weight has enough of a monthly course, and the other does not get results for 2 or more months, having spent already on 2 or more jars of a means for burning fat.

Viktor, 40, tried Lipo-6, was pleased with the result, despite the presence of side effects in the first days of admission and a low rate of weight loss due to inadequate physical activity. He also noted that it is not necessary to increase the dosage to speed up the result, since this is associated with the risk of intensifying unwanted reactions of the body.

But the 30-year-old Maxim, a frequenter of gyms, notes contradictory statements about the bioadditive among those who train with him. Many people note a strong fever from taking "Lipo-6", so that some even became ill. And he himself did not notice any changes in either sensations or results, although he took the maximum dose.

Perhaps all the fault is the use of an incorrect dose of the drug, a certain feature of the body or just a negative attitude with a short use of the drug.

Many women are doubtful about Lipo-6, believing that with a diet and sufficient physical exertion, you can lose weight without a fat burner.

But 28-year-old Elena notes that after experiencing the instability of the emotional state against the background of taking "Lipo-6", she achieved such results in 3 weeks (lost 1 size), which she could not achieve by applying other methods and means. At the same time, the weight continued to decline even after stopping the intake of dietary supplements and switching to a less rigid diet.

The doctors' comments about the fat burner "Lipo-6" for weight loss are generally positive. They agree that with such a composition the bioadditive should promote active fat burning. But note that in order to achieve really impressive and lasting results, the intake of fat burner should take place against the background of high physical activity and diet, as well as in the absence of any contraindications.

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