Birth control pills to relieve the symptoms of premenopause

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The period of premenopause is familiar to many women, even if they have not experienced it yet. Their colleagues, relatives and simply meeting women often complain of hot flashes and colds, mood swings, fever and other signs of premenopause. How to mitigate these symptoms with birth control pills with hormones?

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Oral contraceptives to maintain a balance of hormones

Birth control pills with hormones in the composition can be a remedy that will support a woman in the period of premenopause. Such women still have menstruation, but menopause is not far off.

In their body, there are such changes that are not very good for well-being. For example, the bones become more brittle, the nails fade, mood swings, insomnia, frequent waking up during sleep, menstruation painful, headache, which may not stop even after taking painkillers.

There are funds from a series of contraceptives that can help.

Studies of American physicians

Studies of American scientists published in the OB Gyn News magazine in 1999 proved that oral contraceptives are a necessary medicine for women up to 52 years old during the premenopause.

They help women who are still at the age of procreation to feel better, oral contraceptives are the prevention of many diseases that often accompany women of this age. Contraceptive pills help to adjust hormonal balance and improve health as no other method.

Those women who do not deal with their hormonal balance using contraceptives, there are irregular and severe bleeding, the monthly cycle is shot down, ovarian cysts, fibroids, endometriosis can develop.

As soon as a woman starts taking hormonal contraceptives, these symptoms become much softer or even stop worrying. Contraceptive means to balance hormones can be taken in women from 35 to 52 years of age or at another age on the recommendation of a gynecologist and endocrinologist.

Oral contraceptives protect the bones of the body during menopause. This protects the bones from destruction, fragility, protects against osteoporosis. In addition, oral contraceptives help to alleviate the symptoms of cancer of the uterus, if they already manifest, or to protect against cancers.

The hot flashes of a woman in the period before menopause after taking hormonal contraceptives are almost absent or stop altogether.

Studies show that most women suffer from irregular ovulation for another 10-12 years before menopause begins. Taking hormonal contraceptives according to the scheme can remove this problem by setting up a regular cycle of ovulation. The fact that ovulation is irregular, suggests that a woman needs hormonal support.

How do synthetic and natural contraceptives work?

Both natural and synthetic contraceptive pills help a woman to delay the ovulation process, affecting the work of the ovaries. The contraceptive for this purpose includes the hormones estradiol and ethyl estradiol, as well as progestin. All this in a synthetic form.

As for natural progestins and estadiol, in the contraceptive they help restore the hormonal balance in the body of women who are in the period before menopause. But these drugs can not delay the process of ovulation, so they are bad as contraceptives.

But with this task - to prevent conception - synthetic hormones perfectly manage. They also help to prevent the development of endometrial cancer of the uterus, get rid of bleeding, help fight polycystic ovary syndrome, pussy in the breast region, relieve headaches during menstruation.

The most important thing when choosing synthetic drugs is to find out the ratio of estradiol and progestin in their composition in order to prevent the appearance of such symptoms as headache, depressive conditions, obesity, decreased libido.

Contraceptive and obesity

Tablets with progestins, which are used as contraceptives, are unlikely to help in the fight against obesity. For example, those drugs that use large doses of progestin, but much less estrogen-may increase appetite and provoke obesity. If the progestins in such a preparation are more than 0.5 milligrams, and estrogens up to 30 micrograms, you will have an increased appetite

In order not to suffer from increased appetite because of hormonal tablets, you need to follow the doses of hormones in them, which should be more balanced.

These are doses of estradiol from the estrogen group at a dose of up to 35 μg and a dose of progesterone up to 0.5 ml. This ratio of hormones in the drug will not provoke excessive yaga to the products and excess fatty deposits as a consequence.

Hormonal pills with anti-androgens contain estrogens and progestins in precisely calculated proportions, which have a good effect on skin health. From the reception of such contraceptive pills do not appear rashes on the skin, as it happens with other hormonal drugs, where estrogens are very much.

If a woman does not have a very smooth and smooth skin, weight constantly increases, such drugs can help her to fight these problems. Also, patients with a diagnosis of "polycystic ovary syndrome", as well as those who have already suffered from contraceptives with a high concentration of progestin and can recover from it, can use it.

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Hormones in the menopause

When a woman is in the menopause, in most cases her reproductive functions have already been lost and she does not need birth control pills. But to maintain the level of hormones in the body is necessary, because otherwise a woman will feel bad because of age changes.

In addition, oral contraceptives contain too high doses of progestin and estrogen compared to hormonal drugs that do not affect conception. Therefore, it is good only for women who are protected from unwanted pregnancy, but not for women during menopause.

Go to hormonal drugs instead of contraceptives must be under the supervision of a gynecologist to correctly calculate the dose and avoid side effects. In addition, there is a difference in the effect on the body of oral contraceptives with a high content of synthetic hormones and hormone therapy using natural hormones, which are weaker.

When a woman no longer has ovulation, it is better to use natural phytohormones that will ensure a good work of the ovaries and at the same time will not cause a hormonal impact on the body.


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