Amber acid for weight loss: indications for use, how to take

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Last reviewed: 20.11.2021

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There are a number of drugs that are called a cure for everything. One of these drugs is considered and "succinic acid", which connoisseurs of its properties are successfully used for weight loss. But the action of this interesting drug, which in fact is just a biologically active additive, extends much further.

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Indications of the succinic acid for weight loss

Probably, even the most demanding in terms of slenderness of the figure ladies using "succinic acid" for weight loss, it will be interesting for what is actually intended this natural preparation and what other benefits can be extracted from its reception.

By itself, succinic acid in the body of a healthy person is produced in sufficient quantities (about 200 g per day). It is a metabolite of the Krebs cycle, which provides the cells of the body with energy, since it stimulates the breakdown of glucose and the production of adenosine triphosphate, which is the source of energy for any of their biochemical processes in the body, thereby optimizing the energy exchange in the body.

External sources of succinic acid are beverages that are used for the production of fermentation (sour milk drinks, wine, beer, etc.), some fruits, grapes, sunflower seeds, currant asparagus, rye flour products, as well as products in which this component acts as a regulator of acidity.

The whole problem is that our body for many years of evolution has not learned how to synthesize succinic acid in reserve. All the acid produced by the body and received from the outside, is immediately consumed in the form of energy. But what if the amount of succinic acid produced in the body and coming from outside, due to various reasons, is sharply reduced?

Deficiency of succinic acid can lead to a disruption of metabolism, a decrease in the resistance of the organism to negative influence from the outside, its weakening. As a result of metabolic disorders, many organs and systems of the body suffer, various diseases develop.

Tablets of succinic acid are positioned by the manufacturer as the source of this valuable substance, which has an uncommon therapeutic effect in some pathological conditions:

  • Asthenic conditions. A special benefit is provided to elderly people with age-related ailments. Also indicative of the positive effect of the drug in providing first aid to people in extreme conditions, for example, to reduce the negative effects of oxygen starvation.
  • Conditions associated with sclerotic changes in the vessels of the brain (memory impairment, fatigue, etc.). Good results are noted with combined therapy with "Amber Acid" such pathologies as discirculatory encephalopathy and cerebral atherosclerosis.
  • Headache and dizziness, which resulted from a violation of cerebral circulation and a lack of oxygen and nutrients in the brain cells.
  • Many cardiovascular pathologies (IHD, various forms of angina pectoris, arterial hypertension, arteriosclerosis of vessels, etc.), at which multicomponent drug therapy is administered throughout life. "Amber acid" at the same time helps to reduce the long list of drugs of basic therapy, strengthens their effect and in some cases reduces the course of treatment.

The drug is also of interest as a prophylactic for ischemic heart disease by increasing the level of succinates

  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system (osteochondrosis, osteoarthritis, etc.). The effectiveness of the drug is based on the increase in the level of succinates.
  • Diabetes mellitus type 2. And again, the effect of succinates, which are able to regulate the production of insulin, is traced.
  • Oncological diseases. Succinates in the composition of the drug are able to localize in the neoplasm and inhibit the growth and reproduction of cancer cells, which significantly affects the condition of cancer patients, increasing their life span and reducing the percentage of premature deaths.

The drug is also able to reduce the negative consequences of chemotherapy treatment of malignant neoplasms.

  • Benign tumors (cyst, myoma, etc.).
  • Diseases of the respiratory system (with inflammatory processes in the lungs and bronchi, the drug improves the health of patients and accelerates recovery by improving the body's defenses).
  • Respiratory viral and bacterial infections (angina, influenza virus, SARS, etc.). The administration of large doses of the drug stimulating the immune system to fight the disease and allowing a short time to return to the performance of labor duties is shown.

2 or 3-week course of reception of "succinic acid" is an excellent prevention of exacerbations of chronic pathologies, especially in the autumn-spring period.

  • Intoxication of an organism of various etiology. It is an antidote for poisoning by such substances as lead, mercury, arsenic.
  • Violations of peripheral circulation (demonstrative use of the drug in the therapy of varicose veins).
  • Bronchial asthma.
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and gallbladder, liver and kidneys (kidney stones and gall bladder, liver obesity, cirrhosis, etc.).
  • Alcohol addiction.
  • Depressive conditions and sleep disorders on their background.

The drug is used to prevent various genetic mutations, improve metabolism in tissues, maintain immunity (it is indicative to take in parallel with drugs that repair the microflora in the intestine), treat joints, relieve muscle pains and fatigue after heavy physical exertion, improve the skin and hair, and, of course, for weight correction.

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Release form

Such valuable bioadditives are produced by the pharmaceutical companies of Ukraine and the Russian Federation in the form of tablets of various dosage and with different packaging. The production and distribution of "succinic acid" is handled by LLC "Elitpharm" and the Russian company "Mosbiopharm".

So the Russian preparation has a dosage of 100 mg (succinic acid plus auxiliary components: starch, glucose, aerosil, talc and calcium stearate). The Ukrainian analogue has a dosage of 250 mg, in addition to the tablet besides succinic acid (150 mg) is also 10 mg of ascorbic acid.

In spite of the fact that BAA is called "succinic acid", the basic substance in the preparation is represented by acetylamino succinic acid, which is derived from natural succinic acid. This is due to the fact that salts and ether succinates in the intestine are absorbed much better than the original product.

"Amber acid", which is used both for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes, and for losing weight and for the purpose of rejuvenating the body, can be found on sale both in the form of a plate containing 10 tablets and in a package of 4, 8 or even 10 plates.

In a full list of medicines, you can find other drugs containing succinic acid, more precisely its derivatives. Here is a short list of such medicines: Mexipridol, Armadine, Gelofusin, Limontar, Reamberin, Hyalual Artro (succinic acid in combination with hyaluronic acid).

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In the instructions to the drug "Amber Acid", which has found wide application in the complex program of weight correction as an effective tool for weight loss, is positioned as an antihypoxic, metabolic and antioxidant agent.

A valuable property of succinic acid is the ability to enhance the protective and adaptive properties of the body, stimulate it to fight the disease, due to which the drug has such extensive and varied indications for use. The normalization of cellular respiration, as well as metabolic processes in the body, helps to alleviate the condition of patients in most pathologies.

The positive effect of the drug in joint diseases is due to two actions: improvement of blood circulation and an easy diuretic effect. Thus, from the joints, the salt deposits accumulated over the years are washed away and the inflammation goes away.

With renal stone and cholelithiasis, succinic acid helps to destroy the stones and remove them in the form of sand from the body.

Useful for the gastrointestinal tract is to stimulate the production of gastric juice, which improves digestion and assimilation of food, increases appetite. Amber acid also improves the motility of the digestive tract, positively affecting the contractile function of the muscles.

By the way, it is this influence that provides an increase in physical endurance and working capacity of the whole organism.

The effectiveness of the drug for type 2 diabetes is due to the ability of succinic acid to stimulate the synthesis of insulin in the body of patients and to optimize the metabolism.

In the treatment of various poisoning and alcohol dependence, antioxidant stimulating metabolism is used. Thanks to him, the disintegration of alcohol and harmful substances in the blood passes faster, which means that they leave the body much earlier. Thus, the symptoms of an organism's intoxication are prevented.

By the way, alcohol addiction is also decreasing in alcoholics. And here qualitative indications of blood and a status of a liver undergo changes for the better.

Positive effect of succinic acid has on the nervous system, what determines its popularity as an antidepressant.

It is believed that by providing a positive effect on the whole organism, succinic acid is capable of increasing sexual desire. And this applies to both men and women.

And, finally, the benefits of "succinic acid" for those who decided to safely and without unpleasant sensations to fight excess weight. In this case, the emphasis is on improving the digestive function of the digestive tract, normalizing metabolism, cleaning the body of harmful toxins and excess water. The mild diuretic effect on a background of good metabolism helps not only to efficiently and without much effort to burn accumulated fats, but also to remove excess water from the body, which also affects body weight and often manifests as unsympathetic edema of the legs and face, as well as "bags" under the eyes.

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Tablets of "succinic acid" for weight loss or other purposes are taken orally by ingestion, i.e. Orally. Getting into the digestive tract, it quickly spreads throughout the body. Absorbed in the intestine, succinic acid penetrates the blood and various tissues of the body, where it participates in catabolic reactions, with a full cycle duration of the order of half an hour (eventually forming water and CO 2 ).

The half-life of the drug is about 25-26 minutes. In this case, the self-acting substance is not inclined to accumulate in the body, since it is completely converted into energy.

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Dosing and administration

Based on information provided by the manufacturer and described in the official instructions, tablets "Amber acid" for weight loss or for other purposes should be taken before meals. But if a person has inflammatory or ulcerative lesions of the stomach, the drug can be taken during or even after a meal, without forgetting about drugs that are struggling with hypersecretion of hydrochloric acid.

However, such patients need to understand that "Amber Acid" is not a medicine, the more vital it is or indispensable, and therefore, if necessary, it is always possible to find means or dosage forms safe for the gastrointestinal mucosa.

It is recommended to drink the tablet with a sufficient amount of water or pre-dissolve in boiled warm or mineral water. If desired, and to improve the taste, the tablet can be washed with fruit juice.

The recommended daily dose for patients over 18 years of age is 0.25-1 g with a therapeutic course of 28-30 days. The dosage of the drug and the frequency of reception may vary depending on the age of the person, the diagnosis and the purpose of the administration.

For example, to prevent hangover, enough to take 1 tablet of 250 mg 20 minutes before a feast, to improve appetite and digestion the same dose is taken 1 to 3 times a day before eating. But oncobolus drug is prescribed in significant doses - from 2 to 20 tablets, which must be taken within a day.

As you can see, taking large doses of the drug does not have a negative effect on the body and does not cause an overdose phenomenon. In addition, succinic acid does not accumulate in the body, so its long-term intake should not affect the health status. However, doctors do not recommend the use of the drug for more than 4 weeks. It is better to divide the therapeutic course into shorter ones with repetition after a while.

How to take succinic acid to fight excess weight

In terms of figure correction in people with overweight, there are some advantages, the most important of which are the choice and weight reduction with additional health benefits for the whole body.

So, for losing weight through "succinic acid" you can choose one of three effective ways:

  1. According to the instructions: 0.75 mg per day, divided into 3 doses. In this case, the drug should be taken before meals, 25-30 minutes before meals. Taking the drug is carried out for a month, after which either stop on what has been achieved, or after a short time, repeat the course.
  2. Succinic acid in the amount of 3 or 4 tablets is taken exactly 3 days. You need to do this, as in the first case, 30 minutes before eating. 4 day - day off (rest as from tablets, and from fatty, heavy food). The course is designed for 1 month.
  3. 1 or 0.5 glasses of water should be drunk every day on an empty stomach in the morning for the same 30 days. After that, the oral cavity is rinsed with clean water to prevent spoilage of the tooth enamel under the influence of acid from the composition for weight loss.

Whichever method is chosen, one can not rely only on succinic acid. Yes, it improves metabolism and removes harmful toxins, but if you continue to rape the body with poor-quality and fatty foods, ignoring physical exertion, fat deposits will still remain in their place, if not replenished with new supplies.

The reception of "succinic acid" for weight loss is a way to get rid of hated pounds without exhausting exercises in the gym and strict diets, affecting both the stomach and the psyche, comfortably, safely and profitably. Nevertheless, some efforts on its part will still have to be applied, namely:

  • adhere to an easy diet with a small amount of fat and carbohydrates in food and dishes,
  • do not give up physical activity, whether it's a walk in the fresh air, morning exercises or work at the dacha.

Only in this case it is possible to bring the figure closer to the ideal, and improve health, and raise immunity.

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Use of the succinic acid for weight loss during pregnancy

The use of succinic acid during pregnancy, when a serious hormonal reconstruction occurs in the body of a woman, helps to significantly improve her condition, relieve unpleasant symptoms associated with hormonal imbalance, prevent toxicoses that occur in the early and late periods, or at least reduce their intensity.

Working for two (and sometimes for three, four, etc.), the body of a pregnant woman spends much more energy than before, so it can quickly get tired, until the emergence of a condition called the decline of power. But after all, this mother needs these forces like no other. So you need an additional source of energy, which is succinic acid, which improves the cellular metabolism and accelerates the burning of fats, and therefore it can be used for safe weight loss during pregnancy. Of course, only if the future mummy weight significantly exceeds the norm, which in its delicate position is fraught with complications (both during childbirth and childbirth).

The use of succinic acid during pregnancy allows not only to optimize the cellular respiration of the mother and fetus, but also protect the unborn baby from various viruses, bacteria and toxins that negatively affect its development and the course of pregnancy itself. Such a beneficial effect of the drug is carried out by increasing its own protective forces of the mother's body and strengthening the histohematological barrier between the fetus and maternal blood.

As we see, the use of succinic acid contributes to a significant decrease in the probability of the birth of a baby with various congenital malformations. However, there are some restrictions on pregnant women. Take succinic acid tablets in a limited amount, not more than 7 and a half grams for the period from conception to delivery.

Demonstration will be the appointment of the drug to pregnant women, which depends on the gestational age:

  • I trimester - in the interval from 12 to 14 weeks inclusive,
  • II trimester - from 24 to 26 weeks inclusive,
  • III trimester - the last month of pregnancy (15-25 days before the expected date of delivery).

Dosage and prophylaxis in this case are as follows: 250 mg (1 or 2.5 tablets depending on dosing) per day for 10 days.


Despite all the benefits of taking succinic acid and its compounds, the attitude to it is still twofold. On the one hand, succinic acid is not considered an alien element for our body, since some part of it is produced by the organism itself. But on the other hand, the action of this valuable organic acid can not benefit everyone.

First of all, it is worth mentioning patients who have diseases of the digestive system associated with increased secretion of gastric juice. Admission of succinic acid, especially on an empty stomach, can exacerbate such diseases as gastritis with high acidity, stomach and duodenal ulcer, because any acids have an irritant effect on the mucosa, especially if it is inflamed or has lesions (ulcers or erosions). But in fact, succinic acid also stimulates the production of bile, which is a strong irritant.

It turns out that it is useful for the gallbladder, it does not always benefit the stomach. Although with violations of motility of the biliary tract and the gall bladder itself with drugs such as succinic acid, too, it is worthwhile to be more careful.

The drug is able to increase diastolic blood pressure, so its use is undesirable in patients with fluctuations in blood pressure or stably increased its indices.

The increased metabolism in some cases can lead to the active formation of oxalates (urinary stones). This should be taken into account for patients with urolithiasis and those with this tendency.

In pregnancy, "succinic acid" can be used by women to lose weight, to prevent complications when carrying a child and childbirth, as well as to combat manifestations of toxicosis. However, if the patient is diagnosed with a severe degree of preeclampsia that occurs late in pregnancy, it is better to refrain from taking succinic acid in order not to complicate the situation.

According to the instructions, it is not desirable to take the supplements and patients with glaucoma.

Those who decided to improve their body with succinic acid, we must remember that this drug has an exciting effect on the brain, which can affect the quality of sleep. For this reason, it is not recommended to take the pill before bedtime or late at night.

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Side effects of the succinic acid for weight loss

If the preparation of succinic acid is taken for prophylactic purposes or for losing weight by healthy people, then using acceptable doses of negative reactions is not observed. Unless in some cases there may be hypersensitivity reactions to the drug in the form of allergic manifestations.

Another thing is if a person does not follow the instructions and ignores the point about contraindications to use. In this case, the side effects of the drug may remind you.

Deterioration of the condition can be observed in patients with arterial hypertension or fluctuations in blood pressure, as the use of succinic acid can lead to an increase in its indices.

An identical situation is observed in "gastric" or "ulcer". Amber acid will increase the acidity of the stomach, which will lead to an aggravation of the inflammatory process, can provoke the formation of erosions on the mucosa and even bleeding from ulcers. In this case, the drug will be accompanied by pain in the epigastric region (gastralgia) and other unpleasant symptoms associated with diseases of the digestive system.

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Interactions with other drugs

Succinic acid very rarely reacts with other drugs, which result in undesirable effects (weakening the effect, incompatibility of drugs, increasing the concentration of active substances in the blood plasma and then undesirably increasing the effect). Nevertheless, the parallel reception of anxiolytics and succinic acid for weight loss or for therapeutic and preventive purposes can lead to a weakening of their action by succinates. The same applies to drugs from the barbiturates group, which have sedative effect, tranquilizers, muscle relaxants.

Treatment of infectious diseases is often accompanied by the intake of various groups of drugs. Basically it's antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs. Antihelminthic and anti-tuberculosis drugs that also have a noticeable toxic effect on the liver can also be added to this list. Applying succinic acid in the complex therapy of bacterial infections and helminthic invasions can reduce the toxic effect on the human body of the above groups of drugs.

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Storage conditions

Another important requirement - pay attention to the expiration date of the drug, and at its expiration get rid of this product, regardless of its composition and price. Health, believe me, is more expensive.

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Shelf life

Shelf life of succinic acid tablets is quite long and is 4 years from the date of release, and storage conditions are rather simple: a dry place away from sunlight with an air temperature not exceeding 25 degrees. Other preparations containing succinic acid may have a different shelf life and storage requirements.

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Some information about the drug

In spite of the fact that "Amber Acid" is considered to be just a biologically active additive that does not cause addiction and overdose, using it for weight loss, and even more so for medicinal purposes, it is not necessary to be so careless and take the drug without first consulting a doctor or a dietician . Only they can estimate the expediency of such a step and prescribe (or correct) the effective dosage, specifying the duration of the therapeutic course.

In any case, before you swallow the first pill, you should carefully read the instructions, necessarily attached to the drug. Most of the descriptions of drugs on the Internet carry abridged information, which you need to compare with the original. Only in this case one can be convinced of the safety of treatment or prevention.

Reviews of doctors and patients

The people are trusting and often ready to believe in everything that they want. But in terms of health and beauty, this approach, of course, is not justified. Here it is just right to remember one wisdom: "Seven times check and cut once". Those. Before applying any medication, you need to know the opinion of the doctor who leads you and those people who have already used this remedy to treat such a pathology, to combat excess weight, for cosmetic or preventive purposes.

Reviews of doctors about the effectiveness of "succinic acid" for weight loss a little apart. Some of them tend to see the placebo effect in the event, although the reliability of the results obtained after taking the drug no one doubts. Yes, even if the placebo effect, if only the results were! Only in this case the action of the preparation is physiologically conditioned by the participation of succinic acid in the Krebs cycle and its transformations, which can affect the metabolism in the body. And belief in a medicine as a panacea from excess weight here there is nothing.

But the opinion of doctors is often not interested in ordinary people, because it is usually considered that it is biased. Doctors reject cheap effective drugs supposedly to promote more expensive analogues. As far as this is true, it's not for us to judge. Only here is where to take an objective (or at least subjective, but close to reality) information on the results obtained from taking the drug in order to find out whether it is worth trying such a method of combating excess weight on oneself.

Why else judge the man in the street about the effectiveness and safety of any drug, how, not on the real opinions of those who lose weight and the results given in these reviews?

Many such reviews are also made about the drug "Amber Acid", used to reduce weight. As usual, there are positive and negative ones among them. The latter are most often associated with the fact that, wanting to easily lose weight by taking succinic acid, women and men place too much hope on the drug itself, doing nothing to correct weight for its part.

Hypodynamia and malnutrition can negate the use of any the most effective means for losing weight. If you are not able to give up fatty delicacies, you will have to supplement the reception of succinic acid by regularly performing active physical exercises so that the energy balance is in your favor, i.e. Energy in the body came less than what was spent.

Another reason for negative feedback is an inattentive reading of the instructions in the "Contraindications to Use" section. To ignore the warning of the sad consequences for certain groups of patients is more expensive. This leads to complaints of stomach pain, high blood pressure, insomnia, etc. And here it is not up to weight loss.

If the drug is applied correctly taking into account the existing pathologies and adhering to the recommended dosage, many people note amazing results: an easy disposal of 5-12 kg in just 1 month.

But that's not all. Many women note that during the reception of "succinic acid" for weight loss they have improved their state of health, digestion has improved, the body's resistance to various seasonal and other diseases has improved, and that it is especially pleasant that they look younger as the drug has a positive effect on the whole organism , including the skin. Is this not the result ?!


To simplify the perception of information, this instruction for use of the drug "Amber acid for weight loss: indications for use, how to take" translated and presented in a special form on the basis of the official instructions for medical use of the drug. Before use read the annotation that came directly to medicines.

Description provided for informational purposes and is not a guide to self-healing. The need for this drug, the purpose of the treatment regimen, methods and dose of the drug is determined solely by the attending physician. Self-medication is dangerous for your health.

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