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Tablets from worms for dogs

Tablets from worms for dogs are used to expel helminths from the cavities of the animal's body.

Indications for the use of tablets from worms for dogs

Preparations from worms are prescribed for both prevention and treatment of helminthiases in puppies and adult dogs.

Form of issue

Preparations from worms for dogs are released in the form of tablets, suspension or drops on the withers.


Tablets from worms for dogs cause an increase in the permeability of cellular helminth membranes for ions. Causes paralysis of the musculature. Absorbed, as a rule, quickly.


The maximum concentration can be achieved depending on the drug and individual sensitivity after 30-120 minutes after taking the pill. The elimination half-life is usually 4-5 hours.

The danger of parasite infestation has existed since the birth of the puppy. House dogs are infected by worms through mud, which is brought from the street on shoes. The only way to reduce the risk of infection is prevention. Your pets are especially at risk of contracting after illness or in spring and autumn, when immunity is not very strong after winter, and air humidity is increased. Sick and elderly animals require your special care. Worms further suppress the body, making it vulnerable to infections. It turns out a vicious circle. The function of monitoring the normal division of cells also lies on the immune system. She is the guardian against cancer. Dogs that have never been driven by worms are more likely to have diabetes and arthritis. Parasites lead to intoxication of the nervous system. For a puppy, worms are more dangerous than for an adult dog. Pulmonary parasites often rupture the lungs, intestinal - the intestines.

At the dacha your dog hunts. And many animals are intermediate hosts of worms. All the dog-walking sites are dotted with helminth eggs. They go out with feces and live in the earth for 6 years or more. Eggs of parasites are also in the water, so it costs the dog to drink water from the puddle - and the infection has already occurred. And if you give the dog fish and offal, the risk rises several times. You can not let a dog drink from a puddle or eat stool. Exhaust the dog to pick everything from the ground. How to do it, you can read in articles on specialized sites. In any case, the dog needs to be brought up.

Larvae of helminths can develop into blood-sucking insects, not just fleas, but even mosquitoes. Puppies are infected before birth through the placenta. You are obliged to treat helminthiases qualitatively. The first deworming should be done in 4 weeks. Adult dogs are treated 3 times a year. Overdosing is dangerous for the life of a dog, follow the instructions!

You can find out for yourself that your dog has worms, according to its behavior and appearance. Glistular invasion reduces the immunity of the dog. Symptoms of helminthiosis are not always pronounced. Worms damage the intestines and the circulatory system of the dog, can even lead to her death due to a rupture of the intestine. Some species settle in the brain, liver and skin of the animal. The infected puppy grows poorly, constantly ill, suffers from allergic reactions. At sick dogs matte fur, does not shine, the belly is swollen, the liver is enlarged, the mucous membranes are very pale, they are inactive. Possible discharge from the eyes, bad breath. The dog is tired and refuses to eat or, conversely, eats too much. Changes in appetite should alert you in any case. The puppy's tummy tummy and attempts are inedible - also signs of helminthic invasion. Diarrhea in a sick dog often alternates with a persistent constipation. Also, you may be alerted that the dog started to ride the pope. Vomiting may begin with helminths. The presence of whole worms or segments in the feces reliably indicates a helminthic invasion.

Worm carriers are 40% of dogs. The source of worms is meat, fish and grass. Cook and fry meat for the dog can not. It should be doused with boiling water before giving it to an animal. Do not give raw vegetables, it is better to add them to the porridge. Prevention of worms is cheaper than their treatment.

In Ukraine, there are 83 species of worms that can hit a dog. Here are some of the most common infestations.

Toxocarosis (ascariasis) - caused by gray worms up to 20 cm long, the eggs of which the dog swallows during a walk. In puppies, they fall into the lungs. Eggs after ingestion develop into the larva. Larvae are carried by the current of blood throughout the entire body of the animal. Disturbing symptoms: exhaustion, vomiting, bronchitis, hiccough, dyspnea.

Ankylostomiasis - length of pathogen 1 cm, worms feed on blood, causing anemia. Pirantel effectively fights against this invasion. You should be alerted by general weakness and the detection of blood in the feces of the dog.

Dirofilariasis is transmitted through a mosquito bite. A parasite is localized in the heart and can cause the death of the animal.

Echinococcosis - defeat of echinococcus, mechanically damaging the walls of the intestines with hooks, by which it is attached to them.

Dipilydiosis - caused by a cucumber chain. His intermediate host is a flea. When a dog kills a flea and swallows it, the larvae enter the intestine. From it, bleeding can begin, the intestine often loses patency.

Ancylostomiasis is manifested by anemia, blood in the feces and swelling of the paws.

With heart parasites, you can see that the dog is very tired after physical exertion, its paws swell, there are convulsions.

You can put water into the mouth with a syringe, taking off the needle. For puppies choose a weaker remedy, usually on the package indicates that the medicine is intended for puppies. You can feed your dog three hours after you gave the medicine. Do not reduce the recommended dose. If it was found that many worms, it is necessary, together with tablets from helminths, to give a sorbent, for example, Enterosgel. So you will save the dog from the side effects of toxins already dead parasites. Often, the rapid death of a large number of parasites leads to poisoning the dog. Check your veterinarian's health periodically for the health of your pet. Spend vaccination, take care of the coat, teeth and ears. By carrying out preventive measures in time, you will protect your family and children, and simply the environment, other dogs from infection. Children during games in the park are most often infected with parasites such as ascarids. Sometimes children eat clay, lick their fingers and do not wash fruit - that's the infection. The infection with ascarids is characterized by fever, vomiting, fatigue and edema of the joints for several years. Some parasites are the cause of intractable diseases, and you can prevent them by just picking up the medicine. Helminthiases are more dangerous than commonly believed, because there is practically no organ where helminths can not live. In the process of their life they cause chronic diseases.

If earlier only alternative methods of treatment were used, seeds and enemas, and later - not too effective piperazine, now the variety of tablets from worms is amazing. The first helminth tablets required a change in diet, now it is not necessary. Veterinary pharmacology on site is not worth it. All drugs in the windows of pharmacies and pet stores have a complex effect. The scheme of expulsion of parasites depends on the drug used. Instruction is available for all means. It is better once again to weigh the puppy and count the dose, than then to lament the death of the pet through your fault. It's better if you have an assistant. He will hold the puppy until you give the pill. It is better to crush the tablet into powder using two teaspoons. Watch out for the puppy to swallow the medicine, and not spit it out. If the puppy is given a whole pill, he can put it on his cheek and spit it out without swallowing it. Dogs are very smart. Small puppies are more suitable for emulsions. The room where the puppies are located should be cleaned with hot water with the addition of salt. You can not kiss the puppies and let them lick you. Communicate with the kids - wash your hands. Accustom to the cleanliness of your children.

Be cautious, known drugs forge and do not always use to make a fake chalk. Before you buy a medicine, visit the manufacturer's website. Look there, what the original packaging looks like. Of course, this is in case you have not previously received a consultation in a veterinary clinic. Tablets from worms for dogs are represented very widely, so in a veterinary pharmacy you can always find the right drug for your four-legged friend.

Names of tablets from worms for dogs

The most famous tablets for worms for dogs: Dirofen, MilbeMax, Kanikvantel plus, Drontal plus, Febtal combo, Dehinel Plus, Dosalid, Dironet. Dose of the drug Dirofen - based on 1 table per kg of puppy weight. A tablet is given in a piece of meat or sausage. In case of failure, the tablet is placed forcibly on the tongue. You can also crush the tablet into powder, pour water and use a syringe to give the dog. There are tablet holders, ask them in the pet store. The first time a tablet of worms for dogs at the age of 3 weeks gives the breeder from the nursery. Then this responsibility falls on you.

MilbeMax is prescribed for the prevention and treatment of lesions with round and ribbonworms. At a weight of up to 1 kg, half the tablets are enough. They are given once with food, or forcibly on the root of the tongue. For dogs weighing 1-5 kg, you need a whole tablet, more than 5 kg, but less than 10 kg - 2 tablets. At a weight of more than 10 kg MilbeMax is given for adult dogs. For dogs weighing up to 25 kg, one tablet of the drug for adult dogs is sufficient. At a weight of 25-50 kg, 2 tablets are given. Diet and laxatives before taking are not needed. It is possible to use pregnant females under the supervision of a veterinarian in exceptional cases.

Rarely, but there are side effects, such as depression, paresis, uneven gait.

Envir - yellow tablets, having a specific smell. Included in the composition of tablets Feibantel blocks the life of roundworms. Pirantel causes spastic paralysis. Praziquantel increases the activity of muscles in banded helminths. Destroys the outer cover of parasites. Do not take Envir with piperazine. Do not give it to animals that have a sick liver. Overdose can cause diarrhea and blood picture disorders. Do not give the drug to puppies for up to 1 month. A weight of up to 2 kg is enough for a quarter of the tablet, with a weight of up to 10 kg - 1 tablet, for dogs weighing 11-20 kg - 2 tablets. For the largest dogs, the dose can be 4 pills of Envir.

In case of an overdose, the dog refuses to eat food, it has a gastrointestinal disorder. In this case, you need to remove the medicine as soon as possible from the body. The pesticide is incompatible with piperazine.

We recommend getting a veterinarian's advice before giving the drug to the dog. Some tablets do not fit a certain breed. Some drugs damage the outer shell, while others destroy the parasite cells.

It is impossible to vaccinate a dog infected with worms, since the weakened organism reacts badly to vaccination.

Tablets from worms for puppies

You can know for sure if the puppies have worms, on dry and sparse wool. If the puppy has diarrhea alternating with constipation, it is also, most likely, worms. Puppies can even suffer from seizures. In puppies, if there are many worms, they can be weaved in a tangle. Therefore, after you have given the puppy a medicine, check that the parasites come out. If this does not happen, give your pet a laxative. You can feed the animal 2-3 hours after you gave him a pill. Vaccination should be done after sweeping the worms.

For puppies, a good tool is Drontal Junior - a suspension especially for these babies. It must be introduced with a dispenser or together with food. It's sweet, so it's usually like puppies. Periodicity of administration - 2, 4, 8 weeks and 4 and 6 months.

Kanikvantel Plus - you can use them in puppies of dogs of large breeds, weighing more than one and a half kilograms. It is enough to give the puppy a quarter of the pill. In two weeks the expulsion of the worms should be repeated.

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