Remedies for colic for newborns: list of drugs

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Remedies for colic for newborns are drugs that are used to treat colic in infants. The frequency of this problem makes parents often use such drugs. But, like all medicines, these drugs have a number of negative effects and application features that you need to know about.

What are the preparations for colic?

Before you start treating colic, you need to know the cause of their occurrence. It is known that a child is born with an immature system of digestion and physiological features of the processes of digestion of food. The intestine of the newborn child has a more compact structure and a rather large length. Therefore, it has a significant number of bends, which allows food to stay longer in the intestines and is one of the factors of increased formation of gases. The mucous layer of the small intestine in babies has a significant number of glands, but the muscle is not developed enough. In the muscle shell there are two layers of longitudinal muscles, and the transverse layer is practically not developed. Therefore, when peristalsis of the intestine, many gases are formed which are difficult to remove. Because of the weakness of the muscle layer, an increased amount of gas causes bloating of the entire belly of the baby and this causes unpleasant sensations. This increased gas formation is colic. Also improves gas formation and bloating of the maternal nutrition during breastfeeding. This is one of the most important principles of the normal well-being of the child. After all, the products that mother eats, the child, after four hours of receiving milk. Because of the unpreparedness of the gastrointestinal tract of the child, he can not perceive all products, so at least something extra is already causing discomfort in the child. That is why the best remedy for colic in newborns is the proper nutrition of the nursing mother. There are general rules for such nutrition:

  1. Mom must necessarily exclude all spices from the diet with salt restriction, as well as fried foods;
  2. You can not drink whole milk, at least in the first month of your baby's life;
  3. the requirements for calcium and phosphorus can be provided by cottage cheese and kefir, which should not exceed 250 grams per day;
  4. Coffee should also be excluded, tea can only be green without any additives;
  5. chocolate and sweet baked goods should also be excluded;
  6. in the diet should be a sufficient number of vegetables, fruits.  

Colic begins to disturb the baby already in the third week of life and is accompanied by a spasmodic pain in the abdomen. Therefore, they manifest themselves by shouting the child for several hours a day, restless sleep, and an excellent state of health between seizures of colic. It is very difficult to calm a child, so there is a need to use special medical devices.

From the mechanism of the formation of colic and emerges the mechanism of action of most drugs for treatment.

Effective remedy for colic in newborns is very difficult to find, because there are individual characteristics of the child's body, and different drugs in their own way act on different children. The rating of funds for colic in newborns is headed by preparations based on simethicone. This is the active substance of many agents for the treatment of colic and is a polymeric content that is stabilized by silica. The mechanism of action of such a drug is to reduce the surface tension of the gas bubbles that form in the intestines of the child. Due to this, they burst and reduce pain in the abdomen.

The names of preparations based on simethicone differ only by the producer firms, and the active substance is the same for them. These include: Bobotik, Espumizan L, Colicides, Infakol.

Among other drugs that are used to treat colic, drugs based on herbal extracts containing fennel, dill, chamomile are known. These herbs have the property of reducing the severity of gas formation due to the effect on motility and peristalsis of the intestine. To such medicines concerns: Bebinos, Bebi Kalm, Plantex. Inexpensive means of colic in newborns are prepared from herbs at home. To do this, it is better to buy a herb of fennel and chamomile in the pharmacy and prepare a weak aqueous solution. You can give the child five drops. But it must be taken into account that the use of such a drug greatly increases the risk of allergic reactions in the child, since the drug is not accurately dosed. Therefore, parents can use such inexpensive means at their own peril and risk.

Features of taking drugs against colic

Indications for the use of drugs against colic is confirmation of colic, if there are no other reasons for the child's anxiety.

The form of release of different drugs is slightly different.

Bobotik  - remedy for colic on the basis of simethicone. The form of release is an emulsion, which is dosed in drops. 1 milliliter of the drug contains 66 milligrams of simethicone, which corresponds to 25 drops. Therefore, the dosage for a newborn is 16 drops at a time, the method of administration is given from a spoon before feeding or diluted with a mixture.

Espumizan  L is  available in the form of a solution of 30 and 50 milliliters. 1 milliliter contains 40 milligrams of the active ingredient. The dose for one dose is 25 drops, the method of application is the same.

Infakol  is a suspension that is produced in 50 and 100 milliliters. 1 milliliter contains 40 milligrams of the active ingredient. At the same time, the necessary dose is 0.5 milliliters before meals.

The simplex (SAB Simplex)  is an American remedy for colic for newborns, which also includes simethicone. Dosage is slightly different - 15 drops at one time before feeding or during.

Kuplaton   is a Finnish remedy for colic and bloating for newborns. The active substance, which is used here - dimethicone, is similar in mechanism to simethicone. Dosage of the drug - 4 drops before each feeding.

Pharmacodynamics of all preparations based on simethicone or dimethicone has the same principles. Medicines act only through physical reactions and do not react with the intestinal wall or blood flow. The drug is a surface active substance that reduces the tension of gas bubbles and promotes their elimination.

Pharmacokinetics. Substances are not absorbed into the systemic circulation, therefore they do not have a systemic effect.   

Contraindications to use - congenital malformations of the gastrointestinal tract, intestinal obstruction.

Side effects can only be in the form of allergic manifestations. Overdose of the drug in the observations did not reveal any effects. Interactions with other drugs are not observed, since there is no systemic effect. Storage conditions - without direct actions of weather conditions, term - no more than two years.

As for other herbal preparations, they also have features of release and reception.

Bean  is a remedy that includes fennel extract, chamomile and coriander. The drug works by reducing the spasm of the intestinal muscle fibers and reducing the amount of gases. The method of administration and dose is 3-5 drops per dose no more than three times a day inside. Side effects can be in the form of allergic reactions, so you need to adhere to the dosage. The shelf life of the open vial is reduced from three years to one year. Overdose can cause the opposite effect and intensify peristalsis and gas formation.

Plantex  is a herbal preparation that reduces spasm in the baby's intestines and speeds up the removal of gases. The composition of the drug includes fennel extract. The form of the release is granules, which must be dissolved in warm boiled water before use. The dose of the drug for newborns 2-3 bags per day. Side effects may manifest as an allergic reaction. Granules need to be dissolved in water, and only after that take.

Speaking of colic and their treatment, the main thing that parents should know is that these are temporary phenomena that disappear after three months. Colic is not a disease, but a condition in which a child simply needs to help relieve it. Therefore, the treatment of colic with medications can be ineffective, the greater importance is the nutrition of the mother and her patience.

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It is important to know!

Almost all newborns - about 90% to some extent suffer from intestinal colic. The reason for their occurrence is of a physiological nature and is explained by the period of adaptation of the digestive tract of the child to new conditions for him. Read more..

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