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Diseases of cats

Diseases of cats affect all systems and organs of animals: from skin to the genitourinary system. Sometimes the presence of a disease tells the behavior of the cat, which, for example, went to bed in a new place or began to eat less. Despite its natural resistance, cats often suffer from dermatitis, conjunctivitis, parasitic intestinal diseases. Cats have cystitis and urolithiasis, cat ear ear scabies and infectious panleukopenia. Such diseases of cats as rabies and toxoplasmosis are dangerous to humans.

It is necessary to take seriously the slightest manifestation of the disease of cats and seek the help of qualified specialists.

Лямблиоз у кошек

This disease can damage the intestinal flora of the body. This phenomenon is caused by the presence of lamblia, it does not belong to the number of worms, bacteria or viruses.

Зубной камень у кошек

Everyone knows the need for regular preventive examination at the dentist and this is an indisputable fact. However, not every owner of furry pets will come up with the idea to bring his pet to the dentist.

Изменения поведения у пожилых кошек

When cats grow old, they often suffer from abnormalities in body activity, including cognitive functioning.

Безопасные обезболивающие средства для кошек

Analgesics are drugs that are used to relieve pain. There are many classes of painkillers. All of them should be used with caution on cats.

Лечение проблем поведения у кошек

As with dogs, many behavioral problems in cats can be solved by changing the care of the animal or its living environment.

Как давать лекарства кошке

Do not give the cat any medicine until you talk to the veterinarian to make sure that this medicine is suitable for the cat and is appropriate in the circumstances ...

Инфекция верхних дыхательных путей у кошек

The upper respiratory tract of the cat - the nose, throat and paranasal sinuses - are susceptible to infections caused by a number of viruses ...

Рвота у кошек: причины и лечение

The most common cause of vomiting is ingestion of hairs of wool or other inedible material, for example, grass, which irritates the stomach.

Выпадение шерсти у кошек

The fur of cats grows in cycles. Each follicle has a period of rapid growth (anagenic phase), followed by a slower growth and then a rest phase ...

Заболевания мочевыводящих путей у кошек

Diseases affecting the lower part of the urinary system, often prevent the normal emptying of the bladder, and can even lead to a deadly ...


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