Giardiasis in cats

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Last reviewed: 17.10.2021

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Giardiasis in cats is not so common. This disease can damage the intestinal flora of the body.

This phenomenon is caused by the presence of lamblia, it does not belong to the number of worms, bacteria or viruses. Rather, it is a microorganism that is a common parasite among animals. Even a person can be infected.

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Causes of Giardiasis in Cats

The causes of Giardiasis in cats are very doubtful. So, the animal can get infected through water, food or as a result of washing. Licking the legs after visiting the tray is also the main cause of infection.

A cat can become a carrier of the disease after swallowing a cyst of a parasite. Gastric acid in the animal body significantly weakens the cyst shell, but after they are in the intestine, they transform into trophozoids.

This active form is gradually attached to the intestinal wall and begins to feed. Then the process of reproduction and division takes place. After a lot of parasites in the body, the disease begins to manifest itself.

It is important to monitor the hygiene of the animal. The tray must always be cleaned. It is in it can be parasites. Infection can occur even without contact with the "sick" animal. To develop a microorganism is able in ordinary home conditions. Giardiasis in cats can appear if hygiene rules are not respected, so the animal's tray and its bowl with food should always be clean.

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Symptoms of Giardiasis in Cats

Symptoms of Giardiasis in cats may not appear immediately. If there is not enough parasite in the animal's body, then there is no symptomatology. When their number reaches a maximum, the first signs begin to appear.

It should be noted that the degree of manifestation of Giardiasis can vary. Much depends on the age of the cat and the infecting dose. Naturally, immunity and other social factors play an important role. In the risk zone are animals that are often on the street.

Symptoms of the disease can be implicit. Often they manifest as an intestinal disorder or general malaise. In some cases, clinical manifestations are completely absent.

The chair can be either soft or watery. In this case, there are yellowish or greenish shades. There is a repulsive smell, sometimes there is blood or mucus. Periodically, diarrhea may occur.

If the course of the disease is long, then there may be a deficit of fat and vitamins. This leads to excessive dryness of the skin and fragility of the coat.

Lamblias cause poisoning of the body, so the animal may have allergic reactions of various kinds. In some cases, vomiting occurs and activity decreases. Giardiasis in cats is a common disease, which must be timely eliminated.

Diagnosis of Giardiasis in Cats

Diagnosis of Giardiasis in cats is to confirm the presence of lamblia in the body. Usually cysts and other parasites are found in feces. It is worth noting that Giardia can not come out with every dose of feces. It is likely that they are so small that it is difficult to see them with the naked eye.

To confirm the presence of Giardiasis, you need a few days to observe the feces. Research should be carried out continuously. For diagnosis, a flotation method or smear analysis method is used.

You can carry out the diagnostics yourself. It's enough just to watch the feces. Only the attending physician can provide detailed information. He draws certain conclusions on the basis of the smears received.

To detect the presence of lamblias, special tests are carried out. This is an enzyme immunoassay and an immunochromatographic test. Based on them, you can quickly and reliably diagnose. The most accurate way of diagnosis to date is the polymerase chain reaction.

It is important to start worrying about the health of the animal in time. After parasites can strongly oppress the body. Subsequently, the cat becomes less active, poorly eats and generally feels tired. If you delay with diagnosis and treatment, you can kill the animal. Giardiasis in cats should be rectified in a timely manner.

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Treatment of Giardiasis in Cats

Treatment of Giardiasis in cats should be done on time, and most importantly, correctly. If the pet has the first symptoms of the disease, you need to go to the veterinarian for help.

Lamblias belong to the number of parasites, therefore it is necessary to eliminate them by antiparasitic agents. Metronidazole, Nifuratel and Albendazole are excellent at coping with this phenomenon. It is necessary to understand that these are medicines intended for a person. Therefore, giving them in such a dosage, which is described in the instructions is dangerous for the life of the animal. Regarding the taking of these drugs, you should consult a doctor.

Together with the medicines described above, enterosorbents are used, they excrete toxins from the body perfectly. It is necessary to drink a course of probiotics, to improve the intestinal microflora. It is advisable to follow a special diet.

The course of treatment is 7-10 days. To ensure the effectiveness of treatment, repeated tests are performed. It is worth noting and the fact that lamblia in cats actively resist treatment. Therefore in some cases it is necessary to undergo not one course of treatment. Giardiasis in cats is treated with the selection of effective drugs.

Prevention of giardiasis in cats

Prevention of giardiasis in cats is the most common hygiene. It is advisable to wash your hands more often, especially after cleaning the tray. Permanent disinfection of surfaces is necessary. This is suitable for ordinary chlorine bleach.

In those places where the cat is most often worth cleaning and drying. The tray must always be treated with boiling water. A similar procedure is also carried out with bowls.

In this case, avoid the epidemic of the disease can be easily. It is important not to ignore these requirements. After all, many people do not particularly watch their animals. Therefore, about the presence of some diseases in them, one can only guess.

Timely hygiene measures, adherence to preventive rules and proper nutrition of the animal will not harm him. On the contrary, this attitude will help to ward off unwanted diseases. Giardiasis in cats is not easy to cure, it must be understood and not subject the animal to this disease.

Prognosis of giardiasis in cats

The prognosis of giardiasis in cats is positive, if the treatment was started on time. It should be understood that lamblia is a parasite that harms the animal's body. If you do not pay attention to the symptoms and do not treat, the cat can die.

When the first signs of the disease appear, it is worthwhile to take the animal to the vet. This will allow timely diagnosis of the disease and begin treatment. In some cases, the disease passes without any clinical manifestations. That is why a systematic examination by a veterinarian must be present. It should be understood that giardiasis is not always amenable to treatment the first time. Sometimes it is necessary to go more than one course on the road to recovery.

Naturally, not many people give enough time and attention to their animal. In that case, why start it up? The cat must be monitored and treated on time. Otherwise, the animal can be lost. Giardiasis in cats is quite common today, therefore it is necessary to eliminate it quickly and effectively.

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