Medical supervision of pregnant women

Medical supervision of pregnant women is conducted from the moment of establishing the fact of pregnancy during all nine months. Its goal is to help a pregnant woman maintain a normal health condition, which is an indispensable condition for the formation of a healthy fetus.

Carrying out medical supervision, obstetrician-gynecologists examine their patients who have no complications, once a month (in the first half of pregnancy), and from the beginning of the third trimester, that is, from the 28th week, twice a month.

Measuring blood pressure, weight gain and height of the standing of the womb, as well as listening to the heartbeat of the fetus, doctors monitor the development of the future baby and help to avoid possible complications.

Value of the basal temperature measurement method

Basal temperature is the temperature that is noted when a person wakes up before activity begins. It is measured in bed, without getting up, by taking a thermometer from the bedside table.

Normal basal temperature in pregnancy: chart

If you trace the graph of basal temperature during the first phase of a woman's cycle when planning a pregnancy, you can see how it gradually decreases during the first week

First and second late pregnancies: what are the difficulties?

The first late pregnancy is considered a serious problem, as the chances of having a baby decrease with age. Although the childbearing function of each woman has some individual characteristics.

MOM during pregnancy by week

The letters MoM, which are incomprehensible to patients, mean Multiple of Median, which means “multiple median” in English. The median in this situation is an average indicator corresponding to a certain period of pregnancy. G

Diagnosis of brown secretions during pregnancy

Only a doctor can soothe a pregnant woman or set her up for the inevitable after the final diagnosis is made, which will clarify the situation.

Analysis of TSH in pregnancy in 1, 2 and 3 trimester: interpretation of indicators

Thyroid function control is very important for healthy women and women with already existing thyroid dysfunction. After all, the development of the child depends on the function of many organs of the woman, including the function of the thyroid gland.

Basal temperature at approach of pregnancy: schedules in the morning and in the evening, norms or rates

Almost every woman knows about the existence of basal temperature. However, not everyone understands what exactly is talking about, and for what reasons the basal temperature during pregnancy is so variable. Let's try to explain in detail and answer the main questions that are related to this concept.

Analysis of AFP in pregnancy: how to conduct and what the study shows

Deviations in the development of the child in the intrauterine period earlier could be detected only after the appearance of the baby. Later, there was an ultrasound, which gave enough information about the gross anomalies of fetal development, starting from 10-14 weeks of pregnancy.

Changes in hCG in ectopic pregnancy and their diagnostic value

During pregnancy, multiple changes occur in the woman's body. Some of them are visible to the naked eye, while others are so hidden that they can be identified only through ultrasound or laboratory diagnosis.


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