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Moisturizing creams against dryness and flaky skin

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Last reviewed: 25.06.2018

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Cream of dry skin helps with the appearance of peeling, constricting sensations, constant irritation. The skin becomes dry due to the fact that the water-lipid metabolism is disturbed, there are problems in the work of the sebaceous and sweat glands.

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Indications for use

The drug Belobase is used in case of the increase of the dryness of the skin caused by the following factors:

  • Dry air in the premises;
  • Effect of cold wind;
  • Constant contact with various cosmetic preparations, chemically aggressive detergents and cold water.

It is also prescribed for dryness caused by dermatological diseases (such as neurodermatitis, psoriasis, various dermatitis, and eczema ) and as a preventive method for moisturizing the skin, which is prone to dryness.

Indications for the use of the drug Bioderma Atoderm - protection and moisturizing of sensitive dry skin.

Medicine Zinokap appoint in the case of pronounced dry skin.

The drug Bepanten is used to restore dry skin and prevent the occurrence of manifestations, if this breaks the integrity of the skin.

Cream Clear is prescribed for patients with an increased dry skin index.

Cream Mustela stelatopia is used for everyday washing, as well as washing children (newborns too), having a congenital tendency to allergies and dry skin.


Pharmacodynamics of the preparation Bepanten. The substance of dexpanthenol in skin cells is converted to pantothenic acid, which is present in CoA. It is extremely important in the process of tissue formation and healing of disorders in skin tissues. This component of the cream from the dryness of the skin stabilizes the metabolism of cells and helps to restore the skin.


Cream for dry skin Bepanten has the following pharmacokinetics - it is very quickly absorbed into the skin, then converted into pantothenic acid. In tissues, the drug combines with plasma proteins (mainly albumin and beta-globulin). In the body, pantothenic acid is not subjected to the metabolic process, so it is removed from it in a completely unchanged form.

Use during pregnancy

When a child is pregnant, the estrogen background increases for women, which increases the possibility of skin rashes and allergies. Often the skin is also irritated and dry.

The use during the pregnancy of preparations for skin care should be such that it does not have a negative impact on the child and his mother. Therefore, use only natural medicines that effectively nourish the skin and prevent its dehydration. These medications should contain information that they are allowed to use during childbearing, as well as breastfeeding.

Also for this purpose, a moisturizing cream for skin dryness or special cosmetics, included in the series "For moms and children", can be used. The goods of this group are subject to more stringent quality control, therefore they are safer.

Contraindications for use

Contraindications to the use of the cream Belobaz - if there is an individual intolerance of any of the components that make up the drug.

Bioderma Atoderm among contraindications has only high sensitivity to the components of the cream, but, since its composition is hypoallergenic, such a reaction happens very rarely.

If there is a high sensitivity to some components of the drug Zinokap, you must immediately cancel its use and consult with a doctor. Contraindicated in children under the age of 1 year.

Cream for dry skin The cleavine is completely made on a natural basis - from various herbs, therefore, among the contraindications to its use, one can distinguish only allergy to some components due to individual intolerance. In this case, there is burning, flushing, and itching. Symptoms of allergy disappear immediately after stopping the use of the drug.

Stelatopia can be used at any age. The only contraindication is hypersensitivity to any components of the drug.

The preparation Bepanten can be forbidden to use in case of hypersensitivity to the contents of the cream.

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Side effects of the cream on dry skin

Among the side effects of the cream from dry skin Bioderma Atoderm - a rare local allergic manifestations.

After using Zinocapa, it can sometimes cause burning or itching. Occasionally, allergic reactions occur.

Cream Clear is not a cure for systemic action, so its use does not affect the body negatively. The components of the medicament are not deposited and do not accumulate.

Stelatopia has no negative feedback, which would indicate that this drug causes an adverse reaction. Only sometimes, some of the constituent cream can have an allergy. If the skin condition worsens during the application of the drug, its use should be discarded.

Names of creams from dry skin

Medicines that contain tar, zinc and naphthalene, have a calming effect on the skin. The drugs, which contain zinc, also soften it, making it more susceptible to the effects of other substances. Thus, it will be correct to use them together with medicines containing moisturizing and skin-feeding components.

Cream of dry skin, among the components of which is royal jelly, is used to care for excessively dry, fading, prone to irritation skin. Thanks to this substance, the cellular metabolism and skin circulation improve. Also, this component affects the process of cell renewal and the stabilization of the functioning of the sebaceous glands. It can prevent wrinkles.

The names of creams from dry skin, in which there are ceramides - it's Doliva, Dr.Jart + Ceramidin, etc. Keramides are called fatty substances similar to wax, produced by the body. They are found in sebum together with fatty acids, thereby creating a kind of protective film on the skin. When these lipids are not enough for the body, the skin is irritated because of the sun, cold water, severe frost. It begins to lose its elasticity, to dry, to grow old.

Baby cream

Before buying a baby cream, you need to find out what is the reason that the skin of the baby has become dry. One of them may be atopic dermatitis. If the skin in the child is not only dry, but also flaky, this may be a sign of an allergy, which you need to treat with separate methods, so first you need to consult an allergist, as well as a dermatologist.

For dry skin, constant moisturizing is necessary, so a quality baby cream should be applied to the dryness of the skin, which has a moisturizing and softening effect, and contains Vitamins B5 and E. Vitamin B5 and E can also be used. Medicated children's cosmetics can also be used. Apply the cream at least twice a day after the bathing procedure.  

In the composition of children's cream often contains beeswax, which, by its action, resembles cutaneous fat. When exposed to the skin, it forms a protective film that prevents dehydration.

Another component is lanolin, which eliminates peeling and softens the skin. It promotes skin absorption of active additives and is well absorbed.

Glycerin in creams is used as a moisturizing component, which also has antiseptic effects. It can be replaced with propylene glycol.

Among the herbal substances in creams are usually bisabol and azulene, which are derived from chamomile. They are good for removing inflammation, redness and irritation.

Cream for dry hands

Since the skin of the hands itself contains little moisture, because there are almost no sebaceous glands, it increases its vulnerability and susceptibility to dryness. Because of this, she needs a thorough constant care.

Creams from dry hands are excellent for daily application to the skin. These preparations contain a lot of moisturizing substances (for example, sorbitol and glycerin, as well as lactic acid). At the age of up to 30 years for application on hands the simple humidifying cream will approach. After reaching this age, you need to start using drugs that have sunscreens that prevent the formation of pigment spots on the skin.

According to the recommendations of qualified cosmetologists, the cream for dryness of the skin for hands should be used after each procedure of washing them. It will be very good if such cream contains plant extracts. It is also necessary to protect the skin on the hands from bad weather, especially in winter and spring. To do this, apply a protective skin cream on it before going to the street.

Cream for dry feet

Often, a lack of moisture, in addition to the lack of regular care, contributes to the fact that the skin of the legs begins to peel and dry. Poor moisturizing reduces its elasticity, thereby allowing external stimuli to exert negative influence on the skin.

Cream from the dryness of the feet Neutrogena is very nutritious and rather fatty, so it perfectly copes with the dryness of the limbs, as well as the cracks that form on the heels. It effectively moisturizes and nourishes the skin. Among the components of the drug - an extract of aloe, vitamin E, panthenol, as well as glycerin.

Cream Caudalie very effectively fights against dry skin. It contains extracts of ginkgo biloba, red grapes, as well as grape seed oil and other ingredients. The texture of the preparation is powdery, because of what it does not leave a fat film on the skin.

The skin dryness cream called L'Occitane is able to effectively soften and moisten dry areas, so it is excellent as a means of standard care for your feet. Among the components of the cream are almond and essential oils, as well as karite. Essential oil from mint leaves the fatigue well and gives the limbs a fresh feeling.


Cream for dryness of the vagina

Dryness in the vagina is often inherent in women during menopause. In such cases, hormone replacement therapy may sometimes be prescribed as a treatment, although this option does not help everyone - the symptoms of dryness disappear only in half of the patients.

Therefore, you can use vaginal suppositories containing estrogens or vaginal cream against vaginal dryness. These drugs can not only remove the feeling of dryness, but also prevent the possibility of losing its flexibility. In general, vaginal gels, suppositories, and creams containing glycogen, lactic and hyaluronic acids are often used in such cases.

When using a vaginal cream containing estrogen, you need to consult a doctor. Dosages in such cases are selected only on an individual basis. To facilitate the process of administration and application of the drug, a special applicator is used.

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Home cream for dry skin

There are alternative means that help prevent dry skin. Below are the recipes for the manufacture of such drugs.

Nourishing cream for dry skin, made from cocoa butter. It is necessary to melt 1 tsp. Beeswax and add 1 tsp to it. Cocoa butter. The mixture should be heated before the components are completely dissolved. Then add 0.5 tsp. Vaseline ointment, 2 tbsp. Grape or peach seed oil and 3 tbsp. So-called rose water (a tincture made from rose hips or pink petals without the addition of alcohol). Instead of this water, you can use herbal decoctions (calendula, chamomile, linden). We keep the solution for 2-3 minutes on the fire, and then beat it with a mixer.

Moisturizing home cream from dry skin: melt for 1 tsp. Beeswax and glycerin. Stir the mixture and add 2 tablespoons. Roses. Water, and in addition to this, 1 tbsp. Boiled water and olive oil. Mix the resulting solution with a mixer.

Nourishing cream from aloe extract: melt 1 tsp. Beeswax, we add oil from the bones of a peach (2 tablespoons), 1 tsp. Glycerin, 1 tbsp. Extract and 2 tbsp. Boiled water. About a minute we hold on fire, stirring, and then whisk until the mixture cools.

Method of application of the cream against dry skin

Cream Beloderm Atoderm should be applied 1-2 times / day. On clean skin, and then gently dry it. Its moisturizing effect will intensify if the drug is applied to slightly moist skin.

Cream of dry skin Belobaza plaster a thin layer on the cleansed skin 2 + times / day. The drug is evenly applied by massage movements. The frequency and amount of application depends on the degree of dryness of the skin, as well as its features. Therefore, usually the dosage is selected individually.

Zinocap used 2-3 times / day. A thin layer of the substance is applied to the inflamed areas with mild circular motions.

The way of applying the cream from the dryness of the skin Clevin - it needs to be applied 2 times / day. Rub in circular movements before it is completely absorbed. For the result to be stable, doctors advise to use the drug every day. The effect will become visible after 1-1,5 months. The cream is rubbed into dry clean skin. Those sites, the skin on which is more dry, need to be treated with a lot of cream. If the skin is wet eczema, do not apply the drug there.

Bepanten rubs into the inflamed or damaged skin 1-2 times / day. If the breastfeeding mother has dry breast, you need to apply the cream to the nipples after feeding the baby. Breast children are medicated in the process of changing diapers.


Preparations in the form of a cream, used in the treatment of dry skin, do not have data on any overdoses.

Interactions with other drugs

Cream for dry skin The enema does not interact with other medications (it is minimally absorbed from the skin).

Other creams also have no interaction with other drugs.

Storage conditions

  • The drug Belobaz should not be frozen. It should be stored in a temperature range of 15-30 ° C, in a place that is inaccessible to children.
  • Cleansing cream for dry skin Bioderma Atoderm is kept in a room temperature in a place closed from small children.
  • The storage conditions of the cream Clearwater - temperature within 5-25 ° C.
  • Bepanten can be stored in a temperature not exceeding 25 ° C in a place where there is no access for children.

Shelf life

All creams for dry skin on average have a 2-3-year shelf life.

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To simplify the perception of information, this instruction for use of the drug "Moisturizing creams against dryness and flaky skin" translated and presented in a special form on the basis of the official instructions for medical use of the drug. Before use read the annotation that came directly to medicines.

Description provided for informational purposes and is not a guide to self-healing. The need for this drug, the purpose of the treatment regimen, methods and dose of the drug is determined solely by the attending physician. Self-medication is dangerous for your health.

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