Face cream with tanning effect

Sunburn is a protective reaction of the body to ultraviolet rays. Face cream is two in one. They contribute to quick and high-quality tanning and at the same time protect against UV irradiation. Depending on where to sunbathe, you need a cream of one of two categories: for sunbathing in the sun or for sunbathing in a solarium. These products are different in composition and purpose, they can not be confused or replaced with each other.

Indications of the face cream

Indications for the use of face cream:

  • to get a beautiful tan at any time of the year;
  • to mask local depigmentation, other defects;
  • for the treatment of certain diseases.

Release form

Creams for sunburn face are distinguished by the degree of protection, composition, additional properties, value. Names of brands and creams with the effect of sunburn:

  • Alivita San Kea;
  • Cream from Uryazh;
  • Sun Zone from Oriflame;
  • Sun Energy Panthenol Green;
  • Avene Solaires SPF 50;
  • MATIS Reponse Soleit SPF 20;
  • Vichy Capital Soleit SPF 50+;
  • Avon SPF 50;
  • Photoderm of Bioderma;
  • Biocon;
  • Amber Soler from Garnier;
  • Loreal;
  • Green Mom;
  • Mary Kay;
  • Myrrh;
  • Willow Rosh;
  • Clean line;
  • Bark;
  • Clinics;
  • Lancaster;
  • Niveja;
  • Chanel;
  • Este Launder;
  • Babor Anti-Aging Sun;
  • Dior bronze;
  • Faberlic.

Face cream in the solarium

The procedures in the solarium are strictly metered and monitored. The skin here is exposed only to ultraviolet rays, therefore the solarium is shown and in those cases when sunbathing is not recommended. He helps mods and women of fashion look tanned not only in the beach season or after the resort, but all year round. And with some skin pathologies, the solarium performs therapeutic functions.

There are several conventional groups of cosmetics for artificial sunburn, the most popular - basic, bronzer, tingle-creams. Their formulas contain additional components: nourishing, moisturizing, softening. SPF-filters are absent for the clear reason: solarium skin is not threatened by sunburn. In addition, they are designed for a short-term procedure, and not for a long hours of beach vacation in the open air.

Base creams are relatively inexpensive, they are applied before the procedure and washed off after it. So do with the tingle-creams for sunburn face, which cause burning of the skin. This action is not liked by everyone, as evidenced by the fact that they are acquired less than basic and bronzers. This kind of cream is not washed away for several hours after the solarium. It is he who gives the perfect tan color.

  • Autosunburn is a special paint for the body, a kind of decorative remedy. Does not affect the production of melanin, that is, a natural tan.

Bronzers in the composition of the face cream in the tanning bed are exposed to ultraviolet light; they act as an auto tan, so that the effect manifests itself more quickly. After washing off the paint, the sunburn is left on the skin. The cream for the tanning salon is applied to the skin immediately before the tanning session.

Creams for the tanning of the face in the solarium are also used for a general tan of the whole body. Overview of creams of different values:

  1. Choco Max Sun Action Germany: contains a complex of autosunburn, makes the skin chocolate. The effect is evident after the first procedure.
  2. Flame from Solbianca with a warming effect: provides a super-dark tan thanks to the extract of pepper, which activates microcirculation and skin nutrition.
  3. PROVOCATEUR from Playboy: gives a quick and persistent tan due to the presence of ultra-bronzers, opposes photoaging.
  4. Coconut Dream: promises a tropical tan and perfect care. Uniform rich skin color lasts for a week.
  5. Gelee tanning accelerator with natural bronzant: the best option for dry, unflavored skin. Moisturizes, nourishes, rejuvenates.

Many take sessions in the solarium without cream. Perhaps not everyone knows, but creams in the solarium are needed not only for sunburn. They moisturize the skin, protecting the face from over-drying with ultraviolet light and premature aging. Humidified skin is better resistant to irradiation, while retaining youth and elasticity. Refuse the cream should only allergic people and people with problem skin, taking in the solarium therapeutic procedures.

After a tanning bed, the skin also needs care. Special creams fix the result, soothe and protect the skin from adverse effects from the outside.

Face cream for sunbathing in the sun

Face cream for sunbathing in the sun protects the face and the rest of the body from the harmful effects of the sun. It is about penetrating into deep layers of the skin UV rays such as A and B, which is fraught with skin burns, collagen destruction, followed by wrinkles and early aging. For the sake of truth it is worth noting that none of the means guarantees 100% protection, but the indicator of 90+ is much better than total absence of protection.

Unlike the solarium, on the street a person is exposed to uncontrolled irradiation of the entire spectrum of sunlight. That is, both useful and harmful rays. Therefore, facial creams for sunburn in the sun perform two main tasks:

  • protect from harmful rays;
  • enhance tan.

In addition to the formulation of these creams, components are introduced to moisturize, soften, nourish, saturate the skin with all kinds of useful substances.

Choosing such a cream, you need to consider several factors, the first thing - a photo and age of the skin. Take into account your own expectations: what tan is like: gentle or intense. For lips and ophthalmic zones, it is recommended to use special protective equipment.

  • Depending on the skin color, hair, eyes, there are four phototypes. The lighter the person, the stronger the need for protection. For example, creams with a protection of 50+ allow blondes to sunbathe in the sun for up to 3 hours. At the same time, blacks are free to stay in the sun for about 5 hours if they use a face or body tanning cream with a low index: only 10.

With age, the condition of the skin worsens. It becomes thinner, more prone to allergies, inflammation, pigmentation. Suitable for mature skin cream should have a high level of protection, stimulate the production of collagen and regulate the formation of melanin.

The face tanning cream is recommended not only on the beach, but the whole season, from spring to autumn, during the hours of the most active sun.

Cosmetologists recommend to remember and care of the face after solar procedures. To saturate the skin with dried moisture, soothe and remove any irritations, there are special creams after sunburn. They should not be ignored if you want to have beautiful and healthy skin.

Lancaster cream for face tanning

Brand Lancaster was the first to produce cosmetics designed to protect against harmful rays of the sun. Today, the company produces a whole line of products for use before, during, after exposure to the sun and without the sun.

  • It is known that ultraviolet has a negative effect on the skin, in particular, accelerates aging. Lancaster succeeded, it would seem, impossible: to combine anti-aging qualities with sunscreens. This became possible due to the scientific study of the problems of solar radiation and the discovery of innovative technologies.

Lancaster face cream relieves women from the agonizing choice between the risk of aging and a beautiful tan. The protection of SUN AGE CONTROL allowed to keep tan under control and to enjoy sunbaths without aging the skin. And the company Lancaster brought the well-deserved reputation of an expert in the market of sunscreen cosmetics.

In the arsenal of the brand - oils, balms, gels, lotions, concentrate, milk, creams for face and body sunburn, as well as other sunscreen products. One of them - a cream for shining skin with anti-aging effect. Has a low-fat texture, does not stick. Contains SPF 50+, which allows its users to use the sun-sensitive skin.

The cream has a number of advantages:

  • protects against UV rays A and B type;
  • stimulates cell renewal;
  • fights melanin spots;
  • moisturizes and smoothes the skin;
  • maintains elasticity;
  • gives radiance, freshness and youth.


Pharmacodynamics of facial tanning creams is not described.


The pharmacokinetics of facial tanning creams is not described in detail. It is known that they are absorbed at the site of application.

Use of the face cream during pregnancy

In the process of bearing a child in a female body, various transformations take place. For example, a hormone that affects the formation of melanin is activated. The result is the notorious pregnancy spots that plague women in this happy period of life. Under the influence of the sun, local hyperpigmentation only intensifies.

Another problem is the loosening of connective tissues, which generates such phenomena as varicose veins.

Although a pregnant woman is preferable to partial shade, rather than the sun, it should not be forgotten that solar procedures are useful for mother and fetus, at least in the context of producing vitamin D, increasing immunity and mood. Therefore, in the use of facial tanning creams during pregnancy, one must seek a compromise, and the cosmetic industry offers the possibility of such a solution. The choice must be approached with full responsibility.

  • Choose a cream you need for the same criteria, as in other cases (taking into account the phototypes). It is important to pay attention to the composition, so that it does not have components that are potentially harmful to the future baby. Recommended creams based on herbal ingredients and thermal water, with a SPF factor of at least 50 - to avoid irritation and allergic reactions.

You can stay on a preparation with a lighter texture - spray, mousse, lotion, preferably without a smell. Before applying to the entire face, it is necessary to test the cream on a gentle area of the skin: the wrist, the inside of the elbow. In the case of a visible reaction, the cream can not be used.

If everything is normal, then the cream should be applied for 20 - 30 minutes before the woman leaves the street. If there are doubts, it is better to consult a local obstetrician-gynecologist.

When you visit the beach, the mother must protect not only her face, but her tummy - with shorts or a light dress made of breathable fabric, and her head with a wide-brimmed hat.


Contraindications to the use of face cream:

  • hypersensitivity to ultraviolet and a component of the cream;
  • skin diseases;
  • injury to the face.

Side effects of the face cream

With the right choice, the side effects of facial tanning creams are almost non-existent. In some cases, such problems are possible:

  • Formation of comedones from waterproof creams on oily skin.
  • Increased pigmentation in pregnant women.
  • Allergic reactions to sunlight or components of the cream.

Dosing and administration

Methods of using facial tanning creams are described in the instructions. They depend on the skin type, composition and level of SPF cream. When combined skin in different areas should be applied to different creams.

  • In order not to get burnt, blondes and redhead Europeans need creams with a maximum SPF index at first. Next, you can limit SPF 20. The same recommendations should be followed by light-skinned chaots and brown-haired women, and after the first solar procedures they should use a sunblock cream with a SPF index 15.

European brunettes, as well as people with typical Asian, Caucasian, Indian appearance, sunbathe without problems. However, to prevent the loss of moisture and other undesirable effects of sun exposure, they recommend the use of face cream with a minimum UV protection.

Creoles, mulattoes, Africans have a natural protection against the sun and do not burn. It is enough to apply moisturizing creams.

On the beach, the cream should be periodically renewed - after bathing or every two hours. A broad-spectrum cream should be used, from both types of rays. Makeup on top apply only in extreme cases.

Children under 6 months of age should not be exposed to the sun. Children at an older age during the walk or beach rest are greased with a cream (open areas of the body).

When using the cream Avtozagar the contents of the bottle are evenly sprayed onto the face, then rubbed with hands. Before and after the procedure, hands are washed thoroughly.


An overdose of retinol (vitamin A) and its derivatives, which are constituents of facial tanning creams, is dangerous to the fetus, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Interactions with other drugs

Interactions with other preparations of facial tanning creams are not described. If there are problems, it is advisable to agree with the doctor.

Storage conditions

Conditions for storing creams for sunburn of the face - a dry dark place, the temperature is up to 25 degrees.

Shelf life

Shelf life of the face tanning cream "Autosunburn" is 2 years. Other means - up to 3 years, unless otherwise indicated on the packaging.

Creams for face tanning are usually resistant to light, so after opening the suitability is long retained. Do not use the remedy only if it smells strange and looks.

Stratification of the cream indicates the destruction of the emulsifier. In this case, the preparation must be shaken before application. If other components are destroyed, the cream loses its effectiveness. It can be applied, but it must be remembered that the SPF index will be lowered.


Many positive reviews about the cream from Evelyn. Most women share a positive experience with the use of facial tanning creams - both on the beach and in the solarium. Weak effectiveness is shown in cases with very light skin.

A beautiful suntan has long been in fashion, so those wishing to look stylish can not do without facial tanning creams. They need to be selected competently, so that in pursuit of fashion not to harm the skin. Modern cosmetology offers great opportunities to combine pleasant with useful, physical beauty - with health and good mood.

It is important to know!

The sun for a future mother is a source of well-being, energy and mood. After a summer holiday, many women cease to suffer from toxicosis and go depressed. But in some cases, tanning during pregnancy is contraindicated. Read more..

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