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One of the vulnerabilities on the female face is the eyelids. They are in a hurry to give out their age, pushing youth farther and farther away. A woman can not talk about how difficult it is for her to accept this. And in his heart he feels with bitterness every new wrinkle that makes the look dimmer and duller. But the years lived are not always to blame. Where dramas and tragedies are more active, life is not sparse. Its contribution is made by ecology: it is also "generous" to wrinkles with a problematic environment and "gifts" of gassed megacities.

The pharmacists and cosmetologists are helping to erase or, at least, smooth the signs of time and stress. Over the creation of the newest effective means for caring for the face and body are working whole institutions. Among such remedies and a cream for eyelids from wrinkles, prolonging a woman's youth.


Indications of the creams from wrinkles for eyelids

Every woman has a "CH" time. Once in a mirror she will see her reflection, which will not please her. Especially the skin around the eyes. She lost elasticity, ceased to be elastic, there was a swelling. These are obvious symptoms or indications for the use of eyelid cream. The sooner a woman decides which cream will help fix the situation, the more effective the result will be. But it would be more correct to begin to feed the eyelids after 20 years. At this age, it is enough 2-3 times a week at night to apply an eye cream for wrinkles. Such replenishment will be a good prevention, it will push back the critical state of the century.

Release form

To help a woman as long as possible to remain attractive, the entire industry is called upon to preserve youth. Thousands of specialists - cosmetologists, pharmacists, technologists in the constant search for effective means for face and body care. And today they provide quality products, tested and certified by laboratory research. Women are well-known for the name of wrinkle creams and manufacturing companies:

  • "Black Pearl";
  • cream "Vichy";
  • cream "Faberlic";
  • cream "Oriflame";
  • eye cream from dark circles;
  • cream Yves Rocher BIO Culture (6 herbs) from 25 years;
  • cream "Philorg" from 35 years;
  • eye cream with avocado from Kils;
  • cream for eyelids from wrinkles with their own hands.

Choose a cream that would be the most suitable for this woman, it is not easy. Annotations and recommendations of professional cosmetologists will help.

Black Pearl Cream

The Russian manufacturer "Kalina" creates a series of cosmetics. Eye cream "Black pearl" among them. It is issued for different age groups. Hence - different components in the composition. By the time of application of the "Black Pearl" it can be day and night.

"Black pearl" is opposed to puffiness, dark circles, "inhibits" the appearance of the first wrinkles, tones up the skin and works against swelling. These properties provide vitamin E, retinol, hyaluronic acid, protein A, antioxidants, aloe extract, avocado oil, almonds and other ingredients. Some of them are part of the cream for 25-year-old women, others - for older age - 56 years and above. This should be guided by choosing a cream for the eyelids "Black Pearl".

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Cream "Vichy"

For most women, cosmetics from Vichy are already a guarantee of quality. This is a well-known French company in the world. And by definition is trustworthy. If you analyze the reviews of those who prefer the entire gamut of Vichy creams, their vast majority. Cream "Vichy" for the eyes is different not only the effectiveness of the impact on the problem skin age. It has a light structure, so the eyelids do not shine and do not seem sticky.

This tool is a set of natural ingredients, environmentally friendly and safe for the epidermis. In its composition, retinol or vitamin A, which helps the growth of epilar cells, thereby correcting wrinkles. And adenosine entering here can be compared in effectiveness with botox. It prevents wrinkles from contracting, which, in turn, creates an obstacle to the appearance of age folds near the eyes. A big plus of this cream is hyaluronic acid and terminal water: they perfectly moisturize the skin. And more: Vichy for eyes is issued with a special applicator, which helps to apply the cream correctly and economically in the eye area.

"Vichy" for the eyes is classified according to the age gradation. But this cream for any age tones the skin of the eyelids, gives them freshness.

Cream "Faberlic"

For daily care of the skin around the eyes, you should pay attention to "Verbena" - cream "Faberlic". Its main characteristic is the nutrition of the delicate skin of the eyelids, the smoothing of the "crow's feet", the lightening of the dark circles. Another proven advantage - the cream helps lift the upper eyelids, which makes the look open. In addition, it strengthens the protective barrier of the skin on the eyelids.

In eye creams from Faberlic, plant stem cells of gardenia are used. They actively participate in stimulating the synthesis of collagen, reduce the level of its destruction, make the skin more elastic.

Applying the cream strictly according to the instructions, you can achieve a good result. The cost of it is quite adequate and acceptable. By the way, this cream with a sufficiently long shelf life - 18 months.

Cream "Oriflame"

This brand is not only on hearing, but also most in demand. The company produces Oriflame cream in several versions. One of them is considered the most popular - "Royal Velvet". The name is accurate, in full accordance with the effect produced. It is provided with iris isoflavones. This is not just a natural supplement. It is a powerful stimulant for reducing wrinkles and enhancing the elasticity of the skin around the eyes. And helps the iris retinol, actively smoothing the skin, restoring her elasticity.

Guaranteed by the manufacturer, the effect of wrinkle smoothing by 15 percent is achieved after 4 weeks of applying this cream.


Eye cream from dark circles

The appearance of dark circles around the eyes - from this is not guaranteed neither the young girl nor the woman of Balzac's age. To search for the reason it is necessary with the help of the doctor. But if all the blame for fatigue, nocturnal lifestyle, stress, there will cope and eye cream from dark circles.

Leading among such creams is Gel Contour des Yeux, Clarins. His popularity has already exceeded half a century. But professional cosmetologists, and women who care for their faces, are faithful to him. The quality and effect of the cream from dark circles provide extracts of apricot, dog rose, needle, palm and dentate rose water. The cream "works" to eliminate swelling and swelling of the eyelids, lighten their skin, soften and moisturize it, giving the capillaries tone.

The only condition: to choose it correctly. It is more reliable with the help of an experienced cosmetologist. It is possible and independently, but with careful study of the description of the cream itself, its action and method of application. Different manufacturers of such a product are united in that the composition of the cream should include an obligatory group of components, where there are natural oils, collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. The proportions are different. But they do not affect the normalization of lymph flow and circulation - on the contrary, contribute to their intensity. As a consequence, the dehydration of the skin of the eyelids decreases, its tone rises.

Eye cream with avocado from Kiels

Those who want to fix the problem skin around the eyes, an anti-aging eye cream with avocado from "Kiyls". Its ingredients are not only effective avocado oil. This includes vitamin A and fatty acids, with which the skin is actively moisturized. Another feature of this cream, which is worth paying attention to: the manufacturer has excluded fragrance and dyes from the composition. Eye cream from "Kiels" has successfully passed dermatological and ophthalmological testing. Thus, received a guarantee of safe use by those who have problems with allergies and skin.

In application, the cream differs also in that it does not spread and does not get into the eye mucosa. The texture is oil-watery, so it is easily applied to the eyelids.

Age cream for eyelids: from 25 to 35 years

A differentiated approach to the composition of eye creams, when the most suitable components are used for a certain age, now determines the strategy of all known firms. They develop and produce cream for the ages of 25 years, cream for the ages of 35 years and above. In the technologies of such creams natural ingredients, most effective for the ages of women of different ages, are laid. The unifying factor of such cosmetics is high-quality natural oils and vitamins.

For example, a refreshing phyto-cream for the eyelids "Clean Line" - a well-known Russian brand, which in its composition contains a mulberry extract and cornflower. These components help the skin get rid of toxins, brighten the eyelids, relieve dark circles or significantly reduce them. A cell activator, WHATIN, is an alternative to caffeine, but with the advantage: it does not deplete the cells.

"Doliva" is a cream with a light consistency. It is easy to apply. It absorbs quickly. The "valley" does not provoke irritation and swelling. Thanks to hyaluronic acid, olive oil and vitamin E, the cream restores the water balance in the cells, successfully resists the dryness of the eyelids and the skin around the eyes.

Many fans who have crossed the 25-year-old line, at the cream for the eyelids "Cora". He is appreciated for helping to care for the skin of the eyelids and restoring the epidermis, which already has age-related problems. The same cream acts against the wrinkles around the eyes. Its components are olive oil, cornflower and parsley extracts, shea butter. Cream "Kora" is produced without additives of preservatives and harmful components. Therefore it is suitable for all skin types and even for those who are allergic.

In order not to risk, it is worth studying the detailed composition of the incoming components in the description of each cream. Cosmeticians are advised to use the cream, given the age threshold indicated on a particular cream.


Behind these terms are the properties of eye creams and the mechanism of action on the skin. Pharmacokinetics explains how exactly this cream works: the principle of its distribution in the skin of the upper and lower eyelids, absorption, excretion of the received substance from the body.

Cream for eyelids, regardless of name and manufacturer, is necessarily tested for the above indicators. When choosing a cream, you need to focus on these indicators.



Pharmacodynamics reveals the mechanism by which the cream acts on the skin of the eyelids, the effectiveness of such an effect and the presence of a biological effect.

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Use of the creams from wrinkles for eyelids during pregnancy

A pregnant woman must give up much. And tested, favorite cosmetics here is not the last place. All 9 months must be subject to the birth of a healthy child. Therefore, neither the obstetrician-gynecologist who observes it nor the professional cosmetologist will say that the use of even the best quality eye cream during pregnancy is safe. It is not necessary to be under the delusion that the eye cream is applied externally. His skin still absorbs. And do we need a component imported from the outside to the future baby? The question is rhetorical. The risk remains. That is why contraindications to the use of eye cream for wrinkles begin with pregnancy. Then - the individual intolerance of one or more components. A more detailed list should be made in company with a doctor. Or, at least, carefully studied the description of the composition of the cream, its effect and potential threats.

Side effects of the creams from wrinkles for eyelids

Laboratory research and practical application give grounds to say that the side effects of eye creams from wrinkles are absent. They are well tolerated and give the expected effect. But there are exceptions: confirmed allergies. Sometimes this can trigger a burn from an eyelid cream from wrinkles. Those who do not suffer from allergies, rashes or other reactions occur from the use of this or that cream. This is an excuse to stop using it. In addition, if there is a scratch in the eyelids, wounds or an ulcer, any cream can not be used. Do not let it get into your eyes.

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Dosing and administration

How to apply the cream around the eyes, everyone knows. Movements should be soft, sparing, from the inner point of the upper eyelid through the outer to the lower eyelid from the inside. At the same time, clapping movements are necessary, so that the cream is completely absorbed. This is a universal way of applying eye creams against wrinkles, eliminating overdose.

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Interactions with other drugs

A facial care culture is a cosmetic product of the same firm. In this case, dissonance of components is practically eliminated. And the interaction with other preparations of eyelid cream from wrinkles will be organic. If circumstances do not allow the use of facial care products from one manufacturer, there is only one way out: analogues are needed. To search for them it is necessary in the description of creams or having addressed to the cosmetician.

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Shelf life

It is enough to focus on recommendations on the condition of storing eye cream for wrinkles and for the period of validity. The latter keeps track of the date of release of the cream. Both the term and the storage conditions accompany each package of the cream.

Best Eye Cream for Wrinkles

No rating on this score. There is no leader. Just can not be in principle. The best eye cream for wrinkles every woman has. If she checked in practice that helps is not expensive, domestic, effective "Black Pearl", he is for her the best. Many fans at the eye cream from Vichy: the French create a really high-quality tool. And someone achieves an excellent result, using the same domestic "Verbena". Define the "most-most" eye cream from wrinkles can only be applied in an application. But only after a careful study of the composition, the recommended age and method of application. When all factors coincide, the chosen cream will necessarily "work", helping to smooth wrinkles, to remove puffiness, to rejuvenate eyelids.


To simplify the perception of information, this instruction for use of the drug "Eye creams from wrinkles" translated and presented in a special form on the basis of the official instructions for medical use of the drug. Before use read the annotation that came directly to medicines.

Description provided for informational purposes and is not a guide to self-healing. The need for this drug, the purpose of the treatment regimen, methods and dose of the drug is determined solely by the attending physician. Self-medication is dangerous for your health.

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