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Cleansing creams for face skin

A person's face is open to all adversity, and in such insecurity is the main problem. It blows winds, fires frosts, irradiates ultraviolet. And from the atmosphere, alas, is far from sterile, the facial skin absorbs not only oxygen, but also dust, toxins, gases and all kinds of dirt. To remove dirt created special cleansing creams for the face.

Indications of the cleansing Face Creams

In addition to the listed climatic factors, cosmetics for make-up complete this "dirty business". In turn, contamination of the epidermis and blockage of the pores lead to a violation of respiration and metabolic processes in the skin, which most unfavorably affects the face. After all, everyone understands that dirty skin can not be either healthy or beautiful.

And even if it seems clean in appearance, then at a microscopic level, bacteria, dust, cosmetic remnants, various third-party substances are visible.

Thus, the accumulation of atmospheric and cosmetic mud is the main indication for the use of cleansing face creams. Pores are polluted and naturally, that is, they accumulate sebum, slag and other body products.

On a reasonable question, why not to use simple water for washing, cosmetologists answer: water for a modern woman - yesterday; it dries, pulls together, irritates the skin - so new products are being offered instead of water for effective skin cleaning and protection.

Cosmetic cleaning method is preferable for people with dry, sensitive and very sensitive skin, in the presence of irritations, cracks, damages. The cream has a particularly delicate effect on the skin, unlike milk or lotion, does not destroy the protective barrier.

As for normal and combination skin, there are disagreements: for example, some experts do not advise using facial cleansers for oily skin owners.

A qualitative cleansing face cream performs complex functions:

  • deeply cleanses the pores;
  • nourishes and moisturizes;
  • rejuvenates and gives elasticity;
  • stimulates local blood circulation and resolves plaques in vessels;
  • activates saturation with oxygen;
  • removes toxins.

What is the difference between a cleansing cream and a scrub that performs similar tasks? Scrubs act quite aggressively, using abrasive components. And in the formulas of creams, fruit (ANA-) acids are used as the cleansing component in the majority. They penetrate the skin, dissolving dead cells and harmful substances.

Therapeutic cleansing creams are indicated for atopic dermatitis - for the safe cleansing of the inflamed skin of the face. Before using such creams, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Release form

The first means for skin cleansing were in demand by the actors, they were used to remove the makeup from the face. Today, cleansing face creams are available to almost everyone, they are available in the catalogs of most of the world's cosmetics manufacturers.

The names of expensive cleansing face creams:

  • Derma Ecolia France;
  • Cleansing USA;
  • Gesichtswaschcreme Germany;
  • Le Prestige Switzerland;
  • The Skincare Japan;
  • Erborian Korea - France;
  • Facial Cleansing ANA Spain;
  • Exuviance Gentle Cleansing USA;
  • Cream Cleanser France;
  • Born to Bio;
  • UTENA Lamuca Plump;
  • Essence My Skin 4 in 1;
  • Uriage Crème Lanante;
  • Dr hauschka;
  • Cleansing face cream 7 herbs erborian;
  • Therapeutic Atoderm France.

Cleansing face cream derma ecolia

Cleansing face cream derma ecolia is a product of the French brand Dr.Pierre Ricaud. The active substance Derma Ecolia is derived from natural sugar. According to laboratory researches of the company's specialists, this substance has the ability to feed a useful microflora and maintain the microbiological balance of the skin.

  • The cream is created on a soap base, the texture is dense, with pearly tint. Economically consumed, pleasantly smells. In the morning, the cream is used for washing, in the evening - to remove make-up, as it excellently removes powder, mascara, tonal and other cosmetics. Recommended for normal and mixed skin. The cream is applied to the wet face with fingertips, massaging circles. Rinse with water.

Cleansing face cream for this brand does not irritate or dry the skin, does not tighten or flake your face. Provides gentle cleansing, matting, slightly narrows the pores.

Can be wary of the lack of natural ingredients in the recipe. However, there is an explanation: the brand Dr.Pierre Ricaud is not a producer of organic cosmetics.


Pharmacodynamics of cleansing face creams is not described.


The pharmacokinetics of cleansing face creams are not described.

Use of the cleansing Face Creams during pregnancy

Use during pregnancy provides for more gentle cleansing facial creams. This is due to the fact that the skin of pregnant women undergoes changes, becomes especially sensitive, and therefore needs special care.

It is important to pay increased attention to the formula so that you do not mistakenly choose a drug with toxic or potentially harmful components. Creams should only act on the surface, removing all unnecessary and not absorbed into the deep layers of the skin.

After applying a cleansing cream for the face, it is removed with a napkin after a few minutes. Dirt remains on the napkin, and on the clean skin should be applied moisturizing or nourishing cream.

To dangerous for pregnant women belong the following ingredients of creams:

  • retinoids in high doses;
  • salicylic acid;
  • parabens;
  • ethylene oxide;
  • hormones;
  • benzene;
  • perfume fragrances.

Doubtful from this point of view are essential oils, because their influence on the course of pregnancy is not sufficiently studied.

New brands of cosmetics for pregnant women should be tested on small areas of the body with delicate skin.


Contraindications to the use of cleansing face creams - individual intolerance of ingredients.

Side effects of the cleansing Face Creams

Of the side effects of cleansing face creams are possible local allergic manifestations. To prevent them, you need to make a trial application to the delicate areas of the skin.

Dosing and administration

The way to use cleansing face creams is different than for peelings and scrubs, which must be intensively rubbed into the face to mechanically pull out the contents of the pores.

Cleansing face cream is applied without rubbing, always along massage lines, after preliminary washing with water. The layer should be uniform and very thin. After half an hour, the cream is removed from the skin with a cotton sponge dipped in milk or in a special cosmetic product. These half an hour it is desirable to lie in silence, relaxing the facial muscles and the whole body.

Another way to apply cleansing face creams:

  • Moisten the face.
  • Squeeze the cream on the palm, mix with water until the emulsion.
  • Distribute the face, starting from the center, by pressing movements, but do not rub.
  • Moisten the palms and repeat the previous movement.
  • Rinse off with water at room temperature.

The recommended frequency is three times a week, but if the pores are heavily soiled, then more often. The mistake that women allow, and then complain about the ineffectiveness of this or that remedy, is to use the cream as a scrub: rub it and rinse it off quickly. To get the desired result, you should give time to the ANA-acids of the cream to show its cleansing properties.

To test the allergenicity of a new drug, it is tested on the wrist. In the absence of any reaction, you can safely apply such a cleansing cream on the whole face.

Mineral oils in cleansing creams dry out the skin, so after using them the face needs to be moistened or nourished with a suitable cream.


The facts of an overdose of cleansing face creams are not fixed.

Interactions with other drugs

Interactions with other preparations of cleansing face creams have not been studied.

Storage conditions

The storage conditions of cleansing face creams are dry, clean, dark place, protected from children. Temperature - room.

Shelf life

The shelf-life of cleansing face creams is indicated on the package. Usually in the packed form - 12 - 24 months; after opening the package - up to 6 months. Home remedies are prepared in small portions and stored in a refrigerator.


Reviews help you to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of cosmetic products, including cleansing face creams. In particular, many women recommend the product from Germany brand Dr Hauschka. Some consider unreasonably high prices for branded creams.

Cleaning the face is an important procedure in the skin care system. Cleaning of the face begins and ends every day. The use of special cleansing facial creams instead of water allows for effective procedures, while preserving the natural protection and beauty of the skin.

It is important to know!

Crustaceans (sea shallow crayfish Cymothoidea) cause painful bites, attaching themselves to the hands or feet of a person. In places where they attach, there is a pinpoint bleeding, then a dermatitis clinic develops, which regresses within a week. Read more..

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