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The body of a man needs the same useful substances as a woman and a child, but only the amount of vitamins consumed must be much higher. Especially it concerns fat or experiencing constant stress of representatives of a male. A separate conversation will be about athletes, workers in the mental sphere and people engaged in heavy physical labor. It is quite natural that a certain group of vitamin complexes is often required to maintain specific processes with age. Maintaining men's health, namely: the normal functioning of the prostate gland, spermatogenesis, hormonal balance provide vitamins for men after 30.

In order to prevent cardiovascular problems and prevent aging, men need antioxidant substances. An important place in the diet should be occupied by group B, which participates in the assimilation of protein and triggers synthesis processes to form a strong muscular apparatus, improve the quality of the seed, and so on. For the period of planning a child, men and women should take folic acid, which increases the chances of conceiving a strong baby. Male half of 30 can not do without vitamins A, F and E, helping to produce testosterone and normalizing potency. In the case of negative addictions (tobacco, alcohol) should lean on medicinal compounds for the liver (acid lipoic or N).

The concept of vitamins for men after 30 includes a set of organic substances with a pronounced vitamin activity, supporting the normal performance of a specific functional load of the body of a man during the period of his life.

Indications for use of vitamins for men after 30

Predisposing factors in the selection of vitamin complexes will be the properties of pharmacological agents, the state of health, the expected results. The presence of any pathology serves as the basis for the admission of specialized drugs, for example, in disorders of the cardiovascular nature, it is recommended to drink vitamin C. Early baldness, poor hair and nails indicate a lack of vitamin N. Zinc preparations are classified as a separate category that helps to normalize the potency, improve the quality of sperm.

Indications for the use of vitamins for men after 30 vary according to the situation, lifestyle and body characteristics. The most important and common cases are:

  • vitamins of the baby's planning period - help normalize the production of male hormones, improve the quality and activity of spermatozoa. The necessary substances for preparation before conception will be folic acid, as well as vitamins E and C. As a rule, the intake of tableted drugs starts in advance (minimum 3 months) before the expected time. You can choose a multivitamin complex or take them separately. Among the known drugs - Sperm Active, Complivit, Selzinc +, Duovit;
  • with the aim of increasing the potency - A, E, affecting the speed of production and the accumulation of testosterone. As additional substances take C (increases protective forces), F (prevents the destruction of cell membranes, including the tissue of the genital sphere). Copper, zinc and selenium also help maintain potency;
  • vitamins for men after 30 should necessarily include complexes aimed at strengthening immunity. To counter the infection and reduce the recovery time, pharmacological preparations Vitrum, Duovit, Multi Tabs, Alphabet Classic with vitamins C, D, Group B help;
  • to stimulate hair bulbs and prevent baldness are vitamins E and H, which are used not only inside but also externally in the composition of masks;
  • with increased physical activity and professional athletes, daily expendable forces, at least for two hours of training, funds are recommended to accelerate the processes of metabolism and synthesis, which activate the digestibility of food. Indications are signs of vitamin deficiency (fatigue, drowsiness, lethargy), increased intensity of training, physical overstrain, a metabolic disorder (against diabetes, excess weight, etc.). Balanced complexes include Animal Pak Universal Nutrition, Armor-V MusclePharm, CultiVate SAN, Fish Oil SoftGels Optimum Nutrition and others.

Thanks to this classification it can be understood that any vitamin preparations serve a certain, often narrowly targeted, purpose. Therefore it is very important to realize what tasks you have set for yourself and consult a specialist if necessary. This is especially true for professional sports, where the entire pharmacological variety requires the most competent and accurate pick up vitamin supplements.

Form of issue

All available pharmacological agents are divided into mono- and multivitamins. The first drugs represent a combination of vitamins, and the latter are single-component substances. There are also pharmaco vitamins for men after 30 and biological active supplements (BAA). Preparations from the laboratory - synthetic drugs, contained in a pill. BAD - a natural plant or animal origin extracts, tinctures, extracts, etc. Synthetic substances are strictly dosed and the occurrence of active components in them is accurately known. Calculate the same quantitative component of a number of biologically active additives is very difficult.

The most convenient and common form of release is tablets or dragees. There are also water-soluble, effervescent and chewable tablets, powders (soluble in liquids or serving for preparation of vitamin cocktails), capsules (including prolonged action), drops, injectable solutions, medicines, oil extracts, concentrates and even ready-made drinking bottles. The form of release depends on the method of application, dosage and effectiveness. For example, liquid preparations can be mixed with food and drink. Tableted vitamins are swallowed without chewing at the same time as the main meal. In order not to get confused in the variety of vitamin complexes, it is better to consult a specialist before starting the treatment. The doctor will choose the composition and form of the drug that is appropriate in your particular situation.

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Pharmacodynamics of vitamins for men after 30

Vitamins for men after 30 are combined into complexes or taken separately according to the developed scheme in accordance with the indications and situation. Synthetic origin of vitamin preparations are divided into fat (A, D, E) and water-soluble (C, group B, etc.).

By vitamin A is meant a retinoid group that penetrates into the cell nucleus, thereby affecting protein synthesis. And each retinoid (retinal, retinol or retinoic acid) fulfills its function in the body - participates in the process of epithelial differentiation and the synthesis of sex hormones, normalizes reproductive function, etc. Vitamin D, or rather its metabolites (hormone-like substances) by regulating protein metabolism affect the phosphoric-calcium process. Pharmacological preparations with vitamin E are involved in the regulation of gene expression.

Without vitamin C, most biochemical processes are impossible. Thiamine or B1 regulates various metabolic reactions, including the metabolism of carbohydrates. Vitamin B3 takes an active part in tissue respiration and metabolic metabolism.

Pharmacodynamics vitamins for men after 30 on the example of the popular vitamin and mineral complex Alphabet, which includes all important and daily essential elements for the strong half, as well as Siberian ginseng, organic acids, carotenoids:

  • tone and strengthen the body;
  • normalizes the functioning of the reproductive system;
  • activates physical and mental abilities.

All substances are divided into three tablets of the appropriate color:

  • pink - morning intake of vitamins B1, A, C, minerals and other components;
  • blue - a daily portion of vitamins E, B2, B6, PP, minerals and carotenoids;
  • green - an evening dose of vitamins B12, folic acid, H, D3, K1, minerals.

Pharmacokinetics of vitamins for men after 30

The pharmacokinetics of vitamins for men after 30 depends on the type of vitamin taken. For example, vitamin A in synthetic preparations, where it is represented by ethers, is absorbed by the hydrolase (produced by the pancreas and small intestinal mucosa). Absorption is due to the consumption of fatty foods, and bioscoring is possible by approximately 12%. The drug in the blood binds to the protein. In the absence of communication, the substance becomes toxic. Biotransformation of vitamin A into active metabolites occurs in the liver with the subsequent formation of inactive components, which are excreted by the kidneys and intestines.

The distal part of the small intestine is the site of absorption of vitamin D, and the quality of assimilation is affected by the amount of fat consumed and bile secretion. Vitamin binding in the blood plasma is observed with alpha-globulin, a protein synthesized by the liver. Excreted into the intestinal tract with bile, where its partial digestibility acts. A small fraction of the substance is excreted during urination, semi-elimination of synthetic vitamin D occurs within 10 hours.

Vitamin E is absorbed in the middle section of the small intestine provided there is a sufficient number of fat and bile. Excretion is produced in the intestines due to bile, excretion by urination. Vitamin B2 penetrates as much as possible into the liver, myocardium, kidneys, brain and other organs, and the intensely yellow color of urine will indicate the excess of the drug administered.

Alphabet - vitamins for men after 30 - contain a compatible set of vitamins and minerals that are easily absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract and are well distributed in the body. If you take the drug correctly, so that between the tablets of different colors there was an interval of at least 3 hours. The effect of each is due to the time of day: red - wakes up in the morning, green - has a calming effect and favors a strong sleep, blue - for peak activity during the day.

Contraindications to the use of vitamins for men after 30

Ironically, any drug has a list of side effects and contraindications. Not exception and vitamins of synthetic origin, as well as biologically active additives. Contraindications to the use of vitamins for men after 30 by example:

  • Alphabet - is not recommended for thyroid hyperfunction, in case of hypertensive manifestations, excessive nervous excitability, high blood pressure, sleep disturbances;
  • Sperm Active - has special instructions for diabetes mellitus, is forbidden with uremia against a background of kidney failure, in case of chronic liver pathology;
  • ABC Spectrum - allergic reactions;
  • Selzinc - it is contraindicated if the anamnesis is sensitive to lactose;
  • Duovit is an individual intolerance.

It should be noted that vitamins for men after 30 are much worse if the male representative has gastrointestinal problems. Most synthetic drugs have a pronounced toxicity limit, and some of them (for example, B12, K) have such high toxicity that it is impossible to determine its level. Extreme caution should be observed when using vitamin A and D, which refers to an overdose if the allowable dosage is exceeded and as a result of prolonged intake (contributes to negative accumulation in the body).

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Side effects of vitamins for men after 30

Vitamins for men after 30 are needed in sufficient quantity, in accordance with the lifestyle and tasks set (for example, child planning). However, an overdose or abuse of vitamins and minerals has negative consequences. Excessive consumption of vitamin D is fraught with hypervitaminosis, absorption of calcium from the intestine and dissolution of bone structures. The result will be hypercalcemia, the signs of which are the deposition of calcium salts in soft tissues, vessels, heart valve, etc. Against the background of such changes, an excess of free radicals of oxygen develops, which causes dysfunction of cell membranes and a disruption in the transport of magnesium and potassium. Thus, arrhythmia, heart problems, the appearance of micronecrosis, etc. Are noted. The phenomenon of hypervitaminosis, associated with the intake of vitamin E, is expressed in a toxic effect on the cells of the liver, intestines and kidneys. The introduction of vitamin E intramuscularly can cause swelling, calcification of soft tissues and erythema.

Thiamine (B1) is recognized as the most toxic of all water-soluble vitamins. The negative effect of the synthetic drug is reflected in the activity of the central nervous system, accompanied by cardiac arrhythmia, the problems of muscle contractions (including respiratory ones), causes allergic manifestations (even anaphylactic shock) and inhibits enzymatic activity of the liver. B12 is able to increase blood coagulability, cause pain in the heart, tachycardia, allergies and increase the excitability of the central nervous system. Overabundance of folic acid is associated with insomnia and seizures, renal dysfunction, dyspepsia.

The side effects of vitamins for men after 30 are varied and vary according to the individual sensitivity of the organism, sometimes causing mild irritation of the intestine (with stool discomfort, flatulence, vomiting, heartburn), and in the most severe cases require washing of the intestine or cause anaphylactic shock.

Names of vitamins for men after 30

The modern pharmacological market is represented by vitamin complexes characterized by the quantitative content of active components and the specificity of the action.

The popular and most popular names for vitamins for men after 30:

  • Alphabet for men's health - in addition to important minerals and vitamins, the drug includes herbal extracts that have a beneficial effect on sexual function. Effective and at the same time affordable means contains three different in color palette. This separation of components can increase digestibility and yield tangible results. Recommended Alphabet in the period of exacerbation of respiratory-viral infections, with avitaminosis, hair loss, decreased libido;
  • Duovit - is shown with increased mental and physical activity, for the normalization of health in the off-season. The vitamin complex has proven itself as part of the therapy to eliminate sexual dysfunction, as well as in the treatment of prostatitis. Duovit removes acne on the body, favorably affects the health of the dermis, strengthens the nails and hair;
  • Velmen is a combined preparation based on the most important vitamins and minerals. It is shown to the strong half with active physical and mental load, with hypovitaminosis. Some male representatives note the presence of nausea after taking the drug.

The most effective, easy-to-use and safe vitamins for men after 30: Azal, ABC Spectrum, Amiton-Magnesium-Calcium, Velmen, Metovit, Multifort, Napravit, Oksilik, Orange Triad Controlled Labs, Selzinc, varieties of Centrum.

Dosing and Administration

For the purpose of full absorption, the intake of fat-soluble vitamins requires the obligatory presence of bile and fat in the body. Substances of the fat-soluble group are absorbed simultaneously with the lipids that enter the liver (as a component of the chylomicrons) through the lymphatic channel. The presence of intestinal infections, problems with the secretion of bile and lipid metabolism, entails the loss of the suction activity of vitamins. It should be understood that the assimilation of vitamin complexes depends on the state of the gastrointestinal tract. Any violations in the digestive system lead to a decrease or lack of the expected effect.

Vitamins for men after 30 are recommended based on the characteristics and needs of a particular organism. Calculate the duration of the therapeutic or maintenance course with an accurate dose of the missing substance must be a competent specialist. The fact is that an independent, uncontrolled intake of synthetic vitamins or vitamin supplements can harm male health. It is not possible to determine the daily necessity of a substance at home.

The method of application and dose are based on complaints, test results, the presence of allergic phenomena, as well as the form of release of the vitamin-mineral complex. Some vitamins should be chewed and washed down with water, others - drink before / during / after meals, others - on a special schedule. The admission scheme is signed by the doctor in each case individually. If there are no separate instructions for taking the drug, then the reception is done according to the instructions.

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An overdose of vitamin complexes is often expressed in hypervitaminosis, which symptoms are: Vitamin name Symptoms A urge to vomit, drowsy condition, skin rashes, intracranial pressure increase D signs of hypercalcemia, heart rhythm disturbance, intoxication symptoms, decrease in myocardial contraction E, blood clotting and phagocytic property of neutrophils, decrease in platelet count Thiamin allergies B12 heart rate increase, increase in blood coagulability, hyperexcitability C impairment of outgrowth insomnia, pancreatic insufficiency, restlessness, sleep problems, sugar detection during laboratory blood and urine tests, oxalaturia detection, increased blood clotting Niacin gastritis of erosive type, blood sugar increase, increased uric acid in blood serum, nausea Pantotent acid attacks nausea, vomiting reflex Pyridoxine vomiting, gastritis of erosive nature Synthetic vitamins for men after 30, "grown" in the laboratory, in fact, are active th molecule, which acts as a natural component. Therefore, the risk of overdose, allergies is high, especially in the case of spontaneous and uncontrolled reception. Unfortunately, the pharmacological industry offers a small percentage of vitamin products based on plant extracts. For this reason, the choice of synthetic drugs should be handled by an experienced specialist.

Interactions of vitamins for men after 30 with other drugs

Vitamin E is often prescribed in parallel with A and D, which increases the effectiveness of the latter and prevents the development of their toxic effects. B1 (thiamine) is not used together with B2 (due to increased excretion of the latter with urinary excretion), B12 (provokes allergic reactions from thiamine), vitamin C, as well as with penicillins, furosemide and other drugs. B2 should not be drunk with hormones that include iodine (eg, thyroxine), and a number of psychotropic substances (aminazine, amitriptyline, etc.). Active accumulation of vitamin C in the body in turn contributes to the elimination of B2, B12, B6.

Independent attempts to improve well-being and normalize health can be unfavorable, even deplorable. At ignorance of elementary compatibility vitamins for men after 30 turn to a poison. For example, vitamin E poorly combines with iron, zinc adversely affects the transport of folic acid, iron reduces the absorption of chromium.

Interactions of vitamins for men after 30 with other drugs are given in the instructions for the use of the vitamin complex, which should be carefully studied before taking the medication. The optimal solution is a preliminary consultation with a specialist.

Vitamin storage conditions for men after 30

The storage conditions for vitamins for men after 30 differ little from the storage of other pharmacological agents. The main conditions: unavailability for children, protection from sunlight, with respect to the temperature range and humidity level specified in the insert instruction, and preserving the integrity of the "native" package.

Shelf life

Shelf life is indicated on the package. On average, vitamins for men after 30 have a shelf life of two years from release.


To simplify the perception of information, this instruction for use of the drug "Vitamins for men after 30" translated and presented in a special form on the basis of the official instructions for medical use of the drug. Before use read the annotation that came directly to medicines.

Description provided for informational purposes and is not a guide to self-healing. The need for this drug, the purpose of the treatment regimen, methods and dose of the drug is determined solely by the attending physician. Self-medication is dangerous for your health.

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