Healing properties of ginger

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Last reviewed: 11.04.2020

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For many people, the medicinal properties of ginger are a discovery: the usual spice, which we habitually add to many dishes and pastries, it turns out, is also a medicine! And what! A unique combination of useful properties makes it possible to use ginger in the treatment of various disease states.

Ginger - not only an exquisite oriental seasoning, but also a rich storehouse of useful substances. It contains many vitamins, microelements, amino acids, antioxidants, essential oils. Ginger can be used for both treatment and prevention of a variety of diseases.

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Contraindications to ginger consumption

Any product, spice or drug may have a number of contraindications to use. In this regard, before applying the ginger root, you first need to know in which cases its use is not recommended:

  • erosion and ulcers of the digestive tract. All spices that have a burning taste, can exert an irritating effect on the mucosa of the digestive tract. This can aggravate the erosive and ulcerative process and cause pain, heartburn, indigestion of food;
  • oncology of the digestive system. By irritating the wall of the stomach or intestines, the spice can have a stimulating effect on the growth of cancer cells. With oncology of other localization, ginger is not contraindicated, and even vice versa, it is welcomed;
  • acute stages of hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver with elements of tissue necrosis. With such pathologies, the use of ginger is not recommended because of the likelihood of activation of the process;
  • various hemorrhages (hemorrhoidal, internal, intrauterine, nasal). Ginger is able to thin the blood, which can increase bleeding.

The intake of ginger during the lactation period is not forbidden, it even stimulates the production of milk from a woman. However, it is necessary to observe the behavior of the child: ginger, which got to the baby with milk, can provoke a bad dream and heightened anxiety.

Allergic sensitivity of the body is a direct contraindication to the use of the product. If you have found an allergy to ginger - you, unfortunately, have to give up using this spice.

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Healing properties of ginger root

Addition to ginger food favorably affects digestion, improves digestion, activates the secretion of gastric juice, stimulates intestinal peristalsis.

In ARI and ARVI also helps ginger: it facilitates coughing, warms the body, depresses the growth of bacteria, relieves the inflammation of the throat, and includes the defenses of the body.

Use drugs with ginger and in the fight against helminthic invasions.

Increased gas formation in the intestines, gall bladder pathologies, skin diseases - all this cures ginger.

This spice is a wonderful vascular means, strengthening and cleansing vessels, reducing the amount of "bad" cholesterol, preventing the formation of blood clots. Removes symptoms of atherosclerosis and improves brain activity and memory. You can take ginger drinks in hypertension: the spice not only stabilizes the pressure, but also gives vigor and strength.

Ginger can relieve the soreness of the joints, muscles, remove swelling, even during pregnancy. In addition, during the period of gestation, this spice helps to fight with toxicosis: relieves of jerky twitching of the muscles during sleep, eliminates nausea, weakness, bad mood.

Some experts are inclined to believe that ginger can even serve as preventive measures in oncology, as it inhibits the growth of cancer cells.

Therapeutic properties of ginger for weight loss

Obesity and overweight are often associated with impaired nutrition and metabolism. If you set a goal - to lose weight, then you have to cope with nutrition issues yourself: limit sweet, fatty and flour products, salt, fried foods. It is desirable to drink more liquid, and even better - ginger tea.

Ginger drink will help to regulate the slowed-down metabolic processes, increase the fat consumption of tissues, improve the digestion of heavy and mixed foods, ensure the removal of excess fluid from the tissues.

In order to effectively lose weight, you need to be patient and regularly, regularly drink a drink from the root of ginger. From the use of this natural medicine for several days, there will be no use: the effect of ginger is not immediately apparent, but it is long and persistent.

If ginger tea seems to you too harsh and tasteless, then you will need time to get used to it. In the meantime, the addictive process is not complete, just add ground ginger to all dishes that are served to your table: soup, vegetable, meat and fish second courses, side dishes.

The constant presence in the diet of ginger promotes effective weight loss, provided that the balanced diet and moderate physical exertion.

Therapeutic properties of ginger for men

Ginger spice strengthens the strength of men, increases libido, removes signs of damage to the prostate gland. This property of the ginger root is very appreciated and extolled in the countries of the East: there the spice is considered the personification of masculine possibilities, increasing the internal energy of the organism and giving strength and confidence to the man.

Oriental men add ginger to coffee, food, or simply chew the pieces of the root after a meal.

Ginger spice is an excellent source of sexual health and a stimulant of male potency. It is used as a medicine in the treatment and prevention of inflammation of the prostate, as ginger improves the blood supply of the prostate gland, supports immunity and removes signs of inflammation.

Another ginger - a powerful tool that enhances sexual desire and facilitates the enjoyment of sexual intimacy. It is recommended to use ginger just before the scheduled date: a fresh or dried spice, added to tea, coffee or wine will enhance your senses and mutual attraction.

The healing properties of ginger and cinnamon

The properties of cinnamon and ginger are similar in many respects: it is an anti-inflammatory, anti-cough, and contributes to a decrease in body weight.

Cinnamon and honey - a fairly common combination, especially useful for the body. Adding to this complex also ginger, you can achieve a much greater and faster effect:

  • reduce the sugar content in the bloodstream;
  • get rid of colds and viral infections;
  • solve problems with digestive system disorders;
  • lower the level of "bad" cholesterol;
  • strengthen the heart and blood vessels;
  • cleanse the body of toxic substances, unnecessary microbes and worms;
  • get rid of excess kilograms and extra centimeters in amounts;
  • cure inflammation of the bladder;
  • to increase vitality, to cheer up, drive away depression and depression.

Cinnamon in combination with the ginger root is remarkably in harmony when added to coffee, tea, mulled wine. They complement each other in the production of baking, making desserts. Nutritionists consider this mixture to be a rejuvenating organism and bringing health and youth.

A complex combination of these spices will help to achieve your goal faster and more efficiently.

Therapeutic properties of ginger for colds

Ginger - one of the first alternative means in the fight against catarrhal and viral diseases. Drinks with ginger facilitate expectoration, soften cough, relieve pain in the throat, reduce the laryngeal edema, perfectly warm and stimulate the body.

The active components of this spice inhibit the growth and multiplication of bacterial cells, soothe and remove the inflammatory reaction.

For the treatment of colds with ginger, you can use the following alternative recipes:

  • compresses. Mix 1/2 tsp. Hot pepper, ch. Powdered ginger and slightly warmed vegetable oil to the state of thick gruel. Put the mixture on gauze or cloth and attach to the nasal sinuses (with sinusitis) or to the throat (with symptoms of laryngitis). Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes! Compress to hold no more than 10 minutes;
  • medical baths. In a prepared bath with moderately hot water, add a liter of decoction of three parts spoonfuls of ground ginger, which was boiled for 10 minutes. Such a procedure will save from chills, feelings of aches, relieve muscle tension;
  • with sore throat. It is enough to cut a small plate of fresh ginger root and chew until you feel a tingle in the throat. Swallow ginger should not. This recipe for chewing ginger can help with dental pain.

Ginger hot drinks also have anti-cold effects: they are useful to add honey, raspberry jam or garlic.

The healing properties of tea from ginger

Ginger tea is a universal and healthful product. It can be drunk both for preventive and therapeutic purposes, by establishing an acceptable combination of spices and their dosage.

For the preparation of tea, you can use both fresh and dry ground ginger. Fresh usually rubbed on a small thertle; Ground is simply poured with tea brewing, using only 1/3 of the required amount of fresh root.

Ginger teas improve brain activity, increase its productivity, strengthen the vascular wall, purify and dilute the blood. With regular use of tea, the general circulatory system is activated, causing metabolic processes to accelerate and use fat stores as additional sources of energy for the body.

To enhance the effect of tea, you can add cinnamon, honey, cardamom, cloves, lemon, orange, turmeric, nutmeg, mint or jasmine.

Ginger tea can be cooked on the basis of ordinary boiled water, or green or black tea.

The healing properties of ginger are diverse. However, everyone finds something of their own in this spice, accepting, as a gift of nature, the healing power of such a simple but very interesting plant.

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