Pregnancy and low blood pressure

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In the life of almost every woman there comes a period when she is ready to become a mother. What a great feeling of joy she feels when she sees on the test coveted two strips or hears from her gynecologist the cherished "yes." Pregnancy is the happiest time for a future mother. Even if the couple was preparing for pregnancy - the realization of this fact leads to an easy stupor. In a loving couple, this stupor quickly passes, and future parents begin to feel joy because in 9 months their child will appear in their family.

But still, pregnancy is not so simple. The woman embraces the fear of changing the figure, the feeling of pain at birth, whether she will cope with the little man, how things will be with health. This is not all the cares of the future mother. Waiting for the baby to come into the world also requires a lot of preparation, both physical and moral. To survive the so-called "nesting" period is worth nothing. How to equip the baby's room, what wheelchair to buy, where the child will sleep, what clothes to buy.

When the young mother has gone over all the options for the arrangement of life for her future offspring, a new problem is approaching. In order for the pregnancy to flow joyously, the births passed easily and quickly, and the child grew healthy, you need to decide with the doctor who will lead the woman in childbirth all the time. Nowadays we have a large selection of hospitals and doctors, the main thing is to find the only specialist you will trust.

Here, finally, when it seems that all problems are solved, changes in the body come. Most pregnant women experience uncomfortable symptoms: abdominal and breast pain, insomnia, anemia, pain in the pubic region and back, discharge, hemorrhoids, heartburn, gum bleeding, malaise, loss of consciousness, skin irritation, heaviness in the legs, convulsions, nausea and vomiting, fatigue and drowsiness, pressure changes. Despite all these problems with the first touch of the baby you will forget about everything.

Symptoms of low pressure in pregnancy

When a pregnant woman does not feel well, it's bad for everyone who surrounds her. I want to help my close person and even two, when my mother is in bad shape, then the baby also feels unwell. Complaints of dizziness, weakness, fatigue, poor health can be signs of low blood pressure in a pregnant woman. Therefore, in order not to make a mistake in the diagnosis, one must know the symptoms well.

The most elementary causes of low blood pressure during pregnancy: a woman stands for a long time, is in a stuffy room, takes a hot bath, is hungry. These factors are easy to remove and correct. To the reasons for which pressure falls, you can include increased sensitivity to heat or cold, insomnia or nausea, heart palpitations, a sense of lack of air. These factors are no longer dependent on us, this must be reported to the doctor. Pressure can remind of itself a dyspnea or short wind, when the pregnant woman goes much.

In pregnant women under reduced pressure, headache, ringing in the ears, drowsiness, fatigue, darkening in the eyes, hunger, physical and mental fatigue, stressful situations can be observed.

The well-known fact that pregnant women are very moody, their mood changes, frequent depressions are observed, these too can be symptoms of low blood pressure in pregnant women. Similar symptoms can be in all pregnant women, but those suffering from low blood pressure are more often and more pronounced.

How to increase pressure during pregnancy?

Every visit to a doctor for a pregnant woman begins with a pressure measurement. Figures in many ways determine the state of mother and baby.

They say that low blood pressure is a guarantee of a long life. Maybe, but not when another body develops in your tummy, which needs to grow and gain strength to enter the new world. Hormonal restructuring during pregnancy helps to reduce pressure. In this condition, the body produces progesterone - a special hormone that causes relaxation of the walls of blood vessels, which disrupts blood circulation in the placenta. The kid begins to lack nutrients and oxygen, starts to starve and suffocate. The consequences can be very negative.

Dear future moms, listen to your doctors and do not play with fire. Try to follow all the recommendations of a specialist and your condition will necessarily improve. Medications that help under reduced pressure, pregnant women are strictly contraindicated. Drugs can harm a baby, but there are exceptions, and the decision is made only by the doctor after a detailed examination. To begin with, try to normalize blood pressure without traditional drugs. For this you need to follow simple instructions.

  1. Do not rush to get out of bed. A sharp transition from horizontal to vertical position is fraught with dizziness and a fit of nausea. Do not rush off the bed, lie in a warm bed, wake up and stretch properly. Also try to sleep on a high pillow.
  2. Easy snack without getting out of bed. About this you should take care of the evening. Keep water, cracker, bread, nuts, fruit on the bedside table. A small snack will help to avoid unpleasant sensations.
  3. If you feel sick due to low blood pressure during pregnancy, try to lie down and lift your legs up. The blood will depart from the legs and return to the upper body. To all, this is a good prevention of varicose veins.
  4. Will help to lower the pressure of wearing compression (massage) stockings. They need to be bought at the pharmacy.
  5. Try to take a contrast shower.
  6. Do not forget about easy physical activity. It can be and employment on fitbole, easy run, dances, swimming.

For the treatment of low blood pressure during pregnancy, first of all, use the transition to a healthy lifestyle, and then drugs. To drugs that do not harm, include vitamin B6 and magnesium tablets. They are harmless and help at the same time.

Often pregnant women with low blood pressure are advised to buy herbal tea. The herbs that you are going to use should be of high quality and shown to the doctor. Do not self-medicate, even if it's grass.

Smoking and alcohol abuse are detrimental to the mother and child. In pregnant women with low blood pressure, smoking dramatically increases the risk of premature birth, birth of weak children, and perinatal mortality.

Treatment and prevention of low blood pressure during pregnancy

If you have been diagnosed with low blood pressure during pregnancy, you should definitely be treated. If the pregnant does not worry about low blood pressure in the first trimester, then this does not mean that you can forget about it. It is better to resort to prevention.

In the first trimester, treatment is more to be in the open air, to make indefatigable walks and proper nutrition. Pregnant with a reduced pressure is good to visit the pool under the supervision of the coach. You should try to reduce the time spent working at the computer. A future mother should be surrounded by good people and positive emotions, attending exciting events, reading your favorite books and watching interesting movies.

You can also try to use plants, camphor, hawthorn, laurel, basil and rosemary in the oils quite well help when a woman has low blood pressure during pregnancy. Be careful not to cause allergies.

Low blood pressure is a serious enough phenomenon in the second and third trimester. At this stage you need to be especially attentive to yourself and to the baby. Be sure to pay attention to what you eat. Proper nutrition will help you relieve unpleasant symptoms at low blood pressure. When you feel nauseous and it seems that you can not take a sip, still make yourself take a sip of fruit juice, eat a cracker or fruit. This is what your body will feel and feel better.

The first assistant, however strange this may seem, is the salt. During pregnancy, under reduced pressure, it is not recommended to limit table salt. On the contrary, raise to 9 grams per day. The secret is that salt will cause thirst. Accordingly, you will want to drink, and with the increase in the fluid you drink increases the amount of blood circulating in the body. In the diet of a pregnant woman with low blood pressure, protein must be present. This is the foundation of any organism. Using not only meat, but also all products of animal origin (for example, milk and eggs), do not forget about cheese and nuts. It is very good to eat moderately salted broth for breakfast. Provide the body with energy fats and carbohydrates. As you know, fats of vegetable origin are absorbed more quickly. They are found in nuts, sunflower seeds, oatmeal. From animal fats, you should use butter, cream, sour cream. Make sure that your diet contains vegetables, fruits, berries that normalize the pressure. Many products are known for this: carrots, cabbage, beans, corn, mushrooms, radish, ripe tomatoes, potatoes, onions, celery root, apples, strawberries, nuts, almonds. Also do not forget about porridges - buckwheat and oatmeal.

Is it possible to drink coffee with reduced pressure? At pregnancy with the lowered pressure to coffee it is necessary to concern cautiously, and to accept it or him as a medicine. Drink only when your body asks and preferably with milk.

Future moms, stick to all the recommendations of this article and proper nutrition. And then low blood pressure will not spoil your enjoyment of pregnancy.

It is important to know!

Orthostatic (postural) hypotension is a sharp drop in blood pressure (usually more than 20/10 mm Hg) when the patient makes a vertical position. For a few seconds or longer, fainting, loss of consciousness and confusion, dizziness, and visual impairment may occur. Read more..

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