Ketone bodies during pregnancy

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Ketone bodies during pregnancy is another analysis that must be passed to the expectant mother. Ketone bodies are in the urine, and allow you to determine how the pregnancy proceeds, whether there is an infection in the body, or if everything is in order. It will be useful for any woman to find out why, during pregnancy, so often to pass urine tests, and what can be learned from it. Let's take a look at what ketone bodies are, how they affect pregnancy, and what their rate is in the urine of a pregnant woman.

Ketone bodies during pregnancy should be contained in small quantities in the urine. As a rule, excretion of ketov bodies into knocks is from 20 to 50 mg. In general, the analysis of urine, these indicators are almost invisible. Therefore, every pregnant woman must pass special tests to determine this indicator.

  • The increased value of ketone bodies in urine is considered pathology, that is, ketonuria. Ketone bodies during pregnancy are manifested if there is an infection in the female body as well, they can talk about early toxicosis.
  • Ketone bodies poison the body of a pregnant woman with acetone, this complicates the process of carrying a baby. Jumping of ketone bodies can be observed with a sharp decrease in the weight of the pregnant woman, but this is observed in the first months of pregnancy, during the period of toxicosis.
  • Sometimes ketone bodies say that a pregnant woman has problems with the liver, as well as the digestive system due to improper, unbalanced nutrition.

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Norm ketone bodies during pregnancy

The rate of ketone bodies during pregnancy is their absence. Although, the day the body produces about 20-50 mg of ketone bodies, which are excreted in the urine. If ketone bodies were found in the analyzes of a pregnant woman, this may indicate:

  • In addition to ketone bodies, there is sugar in the female body, that is, most likely, the pregnant woman is ill with diabetes.
  • Ketone bodies in the urine may indicate that before the test was taken, the woman had nutritional disorders. A pregnant woman ate fatty food, which was the reason for the increase in those ketones.

Ketone bodies during pregnancy is an indicator that helps control the course of pregnancy. In order for the ketone bodies to be normal, it is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to maintain a balanced diet.

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Ketone bodies in urine during pregnancy

Ketone bodies in the urine during pregnancy - a substance that is formed during the oxidation of proteins and fats in the body. That is why, during pregnancy it is necessary to carefully monitor the diet and not to eat salted, smoked or fried. If the indicator is too high, but everything is in order with the female body, then the problem may be in taking medications or vitamins. In this case, the pregnant woman should stop taking the medication and pass the repeated analysis.

Ketone bodies include acetoacetic acid, beta-hydroxybutyric acid and acetone. In the body of a pregnant woman, the rate of ketone bodies may increase due to glucose deficiency, which leads to a number of pathologies. Problems with ketone bodies can indicate that a pregnant woman is ill with:

  • Diabetes mellitus (decompensated).
  • Severe infectious processes in the body.
  • Elevated levels of corticosteroids.
  • Tyreotoxicosis.
  • Eating with a small amount of carbohydrate or even starvation.
  • Girke disease or coma.

Do not forget that the energy processes in the body of a pregnant woman occur very quickly, so the unborn baby, like his mother, may have a lack of glucose. To prevent this from happening, and all tests were normal, a pregnant woman should ensure that her diet is complete, balanced and regular.

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