Fertilization is the first stage of embryogenesis, as a result of which the union of male and female sex cells leads to the appearance of a diploid ovum, the zygote.

Perhaps you will be interested to know how this egg turns into a blastomer, and the blastomer into a trophoblast and an embryoblast, not necessarily. And most likely, you are not interested in what morphological changes occur in the embryonic mesoderm during gastrulation ...

But those who are still unsuccessfully trying to become a mother, as well as those who want to avoid unwanted pregnancy, the information in this section will be useful. Fertilization occurs only in favorable conditions.

Home pregnancy test with iodine: how to do and check?

The absence of menstruation in time for some women causes joy, in others the fright. In today's world, it is easy to determine whether a pregnancy has come, special tests are sold in pharmacies.

Basal temperature immediately after ovulation

At first glance, this seems like a futile exercise - measuring basal temperature, but in fact this figure allows you to plan your life.

Pregnancy after laparoscopy

Pregnancy is a natural and expected process in the female body. However, not all women are happy to become pregnant at the first attempt at conception: many, in order to become a mother, one has to wait months and even years.

What is ovulation in women?

Every month the woman's organism lives according to the rhythms, determined by nature, all biological processes must take place in the given regime, preferably without failures and changes.

What is ovulation?

The fact of pregnancy or, more accurately, conception is the fusion of a sperm with a mature female egg

Child Conception: Advice and Guidance

If parents care about the future of their son or daughter, they, in the first place, should take care of themselves, as they lay the basic foundation, which in the future will become the basis for the normal development of the baby.

Fetal endocrine system

The formation of most hypothalamic hormones begins in the prenatal period, so all the hypothalamic nuclei differentiate to 14 weeks of pregnancy. By the 100th day of pregnancy, the portal system of the pituitary gland is being completed, and the hypothalamic-pituitary system completes the morphological development by the 19-21 week of pregnancy.

Development of the human embryo

The first week of embryo development is the period of division (division) of the zygote into daughter cells. During the first 3-4 days the zygote is divided and simultaneously moves along the fallopian tube towards the uterine cavity. As a result of the division of the zygote, a multicellular vesicle is formed - a blastula with a cavity inside (from the Greek blastos - a sprout).

Pregnancy and Fertility

Most doctors consider the first day of the last menstrual period to be the beginning of pregnancy. This period is called "menstrual age" ...
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