Child Conception: Advice and Guidance

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Last reviewed: 01.06.2018

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Conception of the child is very responsible, as well as one of the most important decisions in a person's life. And here everything is not so simple, as many people think, because the health of the future baby is predetermined long before its conception, and also is largely formed in the process of fetal development. If parents care about the future of their son or daughter, they, in the first place, should take care of themselves, as they lay the basic foundation, which in the future will become the basis for the normal development of the baby. Even if you are completely healthy, be sure to get advice from a doctor (just in case).

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Conception of the child: preparation

The first thing that is required of future parents, if they decided to have a child - to give up any type of contraceptive. Moreover, if the means of protection were nonhormonal, then there are no time limits. But if you took a different kind of pill, there is no point in thinking about conception during the next cycle of menstruation. Many doctors claim that hormones can have a negative impact on the sexual system of the future of a small person. But, as experts say, such deviations are not a regularity and have a place to be, fortunately not so often.

In addition, the conception of the child requires that the parents are also healthy. It is necessary to refuse in advance both from taking alcohol and from smoking. This, to an equal extent, applies to both women and men. It is also very important to lose weight as much as possible, especially for women, because excessive fat deposits hinder not only the process of conception, but also the normal development of the fetus.

There is no need to adhere to a specific regime (especially strict), and it is not necessary to increase sexual contacts, as frequent sex work is reduced, and not increased, as many mistakenly believe, the chances of becoming pregnant. The reason is that multiple sexual contacts significantly reduce the number of male spermatozoa each time. Simply put, the body of a man simply does not have time to produce a new seed.

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Conception of the baby: determining the day of ovulation

It is very important for future parents to remember the need to adhere to all the recommendations that were prescribed by the doctor. However, it is worth remembering that even if all the requirements are met, the chance of conceiving a child is only 25 percent. Many erroneously start to worry because of this fact. But doctors reassure future parents - there is nothing supernatural about this, it is absolutely normal and natural phenomenon. Only after a year of unsuccessful attempts it is necessary to contact a specialist for individual consultation.

So, back to the original question - how do you determine the day of ovulation? Here everything is very simple - every day (in the morning) it is necessary to measure the temperature directly in the rectum. On ordinary days, it will be just below 37 degrees, on the day of the release of the egg, it will have to rise. The standard jump is half a degree.

But what about the age of future parents. It is advisable for a woman to go to the birth of the first child in the period up to 30 years, since it is during this period that the organism of the future mother is maximally predisposed to bearing the fetus. After 35 years, the possibility of difficulties not only with the removal of the child, but also with the possibility of its conception, is possible.

In men, everything is much simpler, since high activity of spermatozoa persists up to 45 years of age, and many more later. Some members of the stronger sex retain the opportunity to become fathers even after 60 years. So, the conception of a child is not a problem for a healthy man of any age.

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It is important to know!

The menstrual cycle in women varies in duration from 22 to 32 days. Despite such a significant difference (about 10 days), in the body of any woman there are absolutely identical processes. Read more..

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