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The absence of menstruation in time for some women causes joy, in others the fright. In today's world, it is easy to determine whether a pregnancy has come, special tests are sold in pharmacies. The simplest of them are test strips. Collecting the morning urine and dipping the test in it, the confirming result is the staining of both strips. Perhaps this is due to the reaction to the hormone, which begins to be synthesized from the first day of cell fertilization and attachment to the wall of the uterus. How to find out about it in an environment where there is no pharmacy nearby or far from civilization? It turns out that there are alternative methods of determination. One of them is a pregnancy test with iodine.

The norm of iodine in the urine during pregnancy

Iodine is a very important chemical element in the functioning of a person. It is involved in the production of thyroid hormones, thanks to which there is stimulation of growth and development of the body, regulation of many metabolic processes and biochemical reactions. Especially it is necessary in pregnancy, when the parameters of the future person are laid: muscular, blood, nervous, bone system. The deficiency of iodine, like the surplus, is dangerous for the fetus. Deviations from the norm can cause various pathologies, up to the child's mental retardation, early childbirth. Most of it gets into the body with food. Particularly rich in iodine fish, including freshwater, and seafood. The amount of iodine in the urine depends on nutrition: on the day of greater consumption of iodine-containing products, the analysis will show a higher figure and vice versa. Therefore, doctors recommend taking it several times every other day to get a plausible result. The normal microelement in the urine for a pregnant woman is 200 mg. Indirectly it also reflects a blood test for hormones thyroxine and thyrotropin.

Precision of the pregnancy test with iodine

Testimonials tested on a pregnancy test with iodine advise not to rely too much on it. Sometimes, applying it to men and children in the family, received a positive result. There were cases that he showed a lack of pregnancy when it was available. Therefore, it is most likely an experiment before buying a pharmacy test or going to the doctor. Sometimes even a test with iodine can deceive women with serious pathology and write off everything for pregnancy, which means losing time and putting the health of the danger of irreversible consequences.

Determination of pregnancy by iodine

There are two methods for determining pregnancy by iodine. In both cases, morning urine and iodine itself are involved. Before its carrying out it is necessary to wash well, dry it dry and collect urine.

The first option involves the participation of a sheet of clean white paper. It is wetted in urine, iodine is poured into a pipette and dripped onto paper. Staining it in purple or blue indicates pregnancy, brown color - about its absence.

The second option - to collect urine in the morning in a container and very carefully from a short distance to drop there iodine. If the drop does not immediately spread, but plunges a little, then it emerges to the surface and spreads in the urine, then there is pregnancy. To check up pregnancy by an iodine in house conditions it is possible only up to its 10th week.

Why is this happening? In pregnant women, the acidity of urine changes, the hormonal background and various reagents react to this in their own way, including iodine. Since this is influenced by other factors, then no one gives a 100% guarantee of the effectiveness of the test.

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How to determine pregnancy without iodine?

The surest way to determine a pregnancy without iodine is to go to a gynecologist, undergo an ultrasound procedure. Physiologically, it can be felt by changing taste preferences, nausea, drawing short-term pain in the lower abdomen, swelling of the mammary glands, changing the smell of your body, mood swings, rapid urination. In the people "go" and other recipes for determining pregnancy:

  • with the help of soda - to collect urine, to put a spoonful of soda into it. If urine foam, there is no pregnancy, if precipitated - there is;
  • people believe that the dreamed fish indicates the imminent birth of a child;
  • there is evidence that pregnancy can be determined by a curled egg, broken into urine;
  • the measurement of basal temperature for several days is the lowest body temperature during rest, in particular night sleep. The method is based on the fact that during ovulation it rises by 0.25-0.5 0 C. To conduct this test from the evening, you need to prepare a thermometer so that you do not get up in the morning. Lie down to insert a thermometer into the anus, hold for 5-8 minutes, record the indicators. If the period of ovulation has passed and the temperature has remained within 37 and has not decreased to 36.6 0 -36.7 0 C, the probability of conception is very high. In fact, if everything is done correctly, this is the most accurate method of diagnosing pregnancy.
  • popular electronic tests to determine pregnancy.

Useful links

  • Urine test with tincture of iodine, a new pregnancy test https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/14954761

It is important to know!

The electronic pregnancy test allows to establish the fact of its onset (or not offensive) simply, quickly and, most importantly, is practically unmistakable: manufacturers of such tests assure that the level of their accuracy is not less than 99%. Read more..

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