VV creams: methods of use and rating

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Last reviewed: 09.08.2022

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VV creams are considered an innovative solution to the age-old problem - the fight against imperfection of the skin of the face. According to the annotations, they eliminate several defects at once, protect against unfavorable factors, while remaining almost invisible on the surface of the skin. Advertising promises, with regular use, and completely complete disappearance of spots, wrinkles, color improvement - in general, the approach of the face to the ideal kind.

Indications of the vV creams

  • recovery and healing after plastic surgery;
  • excessive pigmentation, redness;
  • inflammation, dryness and irritation of the skin;
  • wilting, wrinkle formation;
  • need for protection from ultraviolet radiation;
  • tendency to acne and other problems.

VV creams combine moisturizing, protection, regenerative and anti-inflammatory effects, mask and eliminate shortcomings. In some formulas, 3 in 1, 5 in 1, 7 in 1 and so on are designated.

The pioneers in this area are Korean cosmetologists.

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Release form

"Cream for imperfections" - this is roughly how the generic name BB of creams "Blemish Balm" is translated. For convenience, a reduced version of bb or BB cream is used. Probably, therefore the word "perfection" is present in some names of BB creams ("The Secret of Perfection", "Perfect Skin").

The modern achievement of the cosmetic industry is also called "Photoshop in a tube," and many are abandoning the usual tonal tools in favor of a new miracle cream.

Other names:

  • Cream Ideal Solucion,
  • Colistar Magica bb absolute perfection energy SPF 20,
  • Dior Hydra Life SPF 30,
  • Clinique Age Defense SPF 30,
  • L'Oreal, NUDE MAGIQUE,
  • Lancome UV Expert GN-Shield High Potency Active Protection SPF 50,
  • Missha,
  • Baviphat,
  • Biotherm White D-Tox SPF 25,
  • Vichy Aera,
  • Estee Lauder Day Wear Anti-Oxidant Beauty Benefit Creve SPF 35,
  • MAC Prep + Prime SPF 35,
  • Maybelline Dream Fresh.


VV Garnier cream "The secret of perfection" is created taking into account the features of the skin of Europeans. This is the first version of the product, different from Asian cosmetics. The formula is designed for owners of oily and combination skin.

The company offers two versions of the beige shade: natural and light. According to reviews, cosmetics fit perfectly on the skin, quickly absorbed, hides the red, matiruet and keeps dullness for four hours. Smoothes, but does not clog pores and does not tighten the skin; protects against ultraviolet, absorbs moisture.

The disadvantages include a liquid consistency and a high alcohol content.

The line "The Secret of Excellence" also includes other BB products:

  • moisturizing,
  • against greasy shine,
  • anti-aging.

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Meybelin offers such VV creams:

  1. Dream Peer - with a tonal effect for oily, combination, problem skin

The product guarantees sufficient moisture, masks defects, leveling out the tone. Creates a super-light layer that gives naturalness and radiance. Salicylic acid in the composition helps to eliminate redness, reduce pores, improve the complexion. The line includes three shades.

  1. Dream Fresh - with a tonal effect for dry and normal skin

The product has the same properties as the previous IV cream, but the composition is enriched with vitamin E, extracts of aloe and chamomile. These components contribute to sufficient moisturizing, careful care for dry skin.

To apply VV product Meibelin follows delicate strokes, shade in circular motions with the help of fingers, brushes or sponge.


BB cream from the French brand Nude Magique Loreal promises good hydration, smooth and smooth shade, preserving the natural appearance throughout the day. The white mass of the cream adjusts to the skin, the pigment capsules instantly adapt to contact with it: merge, smooth the tone, hide the small errors.

Tonalnik new generation provides a quality daytime make-up, light consistency allows you to apply BB cream daily. Thanks to the means a person acquires

  • dullness,
  • smoothness,
  • well-groomed appearance,
  • healthy glow.

Like others, the brand Loreal cares, moisturizes and protects from exposure to UV. For qualitative masking, the agent should be applied several times.


Toned IV cream with matting effect Avon Nutra Effects is part of the innovative series of "green cosmetics". Ultra-light translucent texture of the product instantly masks imperfections, gently tones and improves the condition of the surface. Under the influence of useful components, the skin becomes velvety.

The active ingredient is the seeds and extract of Chinese dates, which support moisture and renew the cells of the dermis. Sunscreen filters prevent photoaging.

The cream is intended for all types of skin, from 18 years.

Avon also offers a cream "Perfection" (matting and moisturizing), light and cream shades.

Clean line

Cosmetics brand "Clean Line" contains natural ingredients, useful for skin and hair, helping to care, nourish, saturate, emphasize the natural beauty. "Clean Line" takes into account the individual characteristics and age requirements of the skin.

The company offers a product marked BB "Ideal Skin" 10 in 1. This is a light cream that combines the benefits of cream care and tonalnika. Contains useful substances of a rose, vegetative and mineral pigments, the sun-protection filter.

Ten directions of action of the cream:

  • matiruet for the whole day,
  • narrows the pores,
  • gives a fresh and radiant appearance,
  • protects from ultraviolet radiation,
  • protects from aggressive external factors,
  • masks defects, without forming a "mask"
  • provides moisture and nutrition for a day,
  • reduces fat content, protects from acne,
  • levels the shade for a day,
  • eliminates toxins.

The cream can be applied at any time of the day to the problem skin of 18 years. Apply in small strokes, shade in circular motions from the middle to the periphery of the face.


Mark Vichy presents his own version of BB cream - "Ideal." Its purpose is toning, correction, care, moisturizing for normal, dry, problem skin from 25 years. Cream is used as an independent tool or supplemented by usual care. There are two tones: light and medium.

The difference from analogues of other manufacturers is that "Idealia" actively operates at the depth of the dermis. Super-light consistency, together with special particles, is well absorbed and provides the skin with radiance. The tea extract of the kombucha variety, together with other active ingredients, maintains the moisture level, smooths out wrinkles, and removes stains on the face. The inherent protection against UV radiation. As a result of using Idealia, the skin becomes supple and velvety, with a beautiful and healthy color.


Faberlic produces several BB creams.

  • "Oxygen Shine" (multifunctional)

Has an even tone and a weightless coating, it keeps its invisibility; a good tool for day makeup. It is used for any skin, except very dark. The skin continues to breathe, it is comfortable and easy throughout the day. Hides minor flaws, pores, perfectly refreshes the face. Tonalnik produced in a glass bottle with a lid and plastic pomp. It is represented by one shade.

  • «Porcelain dullness» spf 15

Contains oligosaccharides, oxygen complex, betaine, vitamins, plant extracts. The cream is created for oily and combination skin; eliminates defects, excess sebum, but does not overdry the face. The texture is compared with a light veil, and the fragrance is compared with an expensive perfume. The result of application exceeds all expectations: the skin becomes tender, smooth, fresh and beautiful.

  • "Best result"

Faberlic produces two shades (beige and light beige), both creams provide a comprehensive action:

  • rejuvenation,
  • protection from the sun,
  • adaptation to natural color,
  • humidification,
  • radiance and freshness,
  • masking the shortcomings,
  • anti-inflammatory effect.

In the arsenal of Faberlik, there are other VV means: "Magic transformation", "Perfect humidification", Air Stream.


Nivea Visage SPF10 - the first of VV creams produced by the company Nivea. Created on the principle of "five in one", therefore combines several functions:

  • tint alignment,
  • masking the shortcomings and tired appearance,
  • ensuring the effect of radiance,
  • optimum hydration,
  • protection from irritants.

The composition of the cream - shea butter and provitamin B5, which provide moisturizing, nutrition, regeneration, as well as colored micro-pigments, designed to adapt to the natural complexion.


VV Oriflame promises to fulfill several desires at once and create a perfect image:

  • to correct a complexion,
  • moisturize and straighten the folds of the skin,
  • refresh and improve shade,
  • hide pores,
  • protect from UV rays,
  • give a young look.

The multifunctional explosive agent from Oriflame (three shades) does not contain oils and does not provoke the formation of comedones.

Willows Roshe

The Yves Rocher brand offers its clients the "Perfect Skin" cream in six in one - for all skin types and age groups.

Active ingredients are white tea, toning pigments, hood afloy with protective, adaptive, masking properties. Make-up using cream gives the person a natural beauty due to quick action in several directions.

"Perfect skin" of different shades:

  • moisturizes for 24 hours;
  • hides shortcomings;
  • Aligns color and terrain;
  • gives a young look;
  • returns the shine;
  • protects from adverse factors.

To the shortcomings of the cream, some women attribute a persistent sweetish smell.


BB cream brand Lumen with vitamin C replaces several products at once: it gives a radiance and smooths the shade of the face; differs in ease of application and good masking of defects.

The cream formula combines two main active substances: nectar and cloudberry seed oil, which have antioxidant, detoxifying and protective properties. The composition contains light-reflecting pigments, on which the state of freshness and radiance depends.

Lumen product for all skin types:

  • slows down aging,
  • moisturizes,
  • hides shortcomings,
  • adapts to the shade,
  • protects from adverse factors,
  • gives shine.

The agent is applied to a clean face, applying in two ways: either to a foundation, or as a day care.


Belita produces a cosmetic line "Perfect Skin", including the self-correcting BB correction. According to the annotation, the tonic enhances the color and improves the skin.

  • Corrective substances smooth out the relief and tone, turning dullness into radiance.
  • Protective factor prevents premature wilting.
  • The know-how complex Epidermist stimulates cell renewal, reduces pores, softens the skin.
  • The effect tends to accumulate and lasts for a long time.
  • The maximum improvement occurs with the integrated use of the entire line.
  • "Perfect skin" is recommended for any skin after 25 years.

Belita also produces a comprehensive daytime BB cream 7 in 1 two tones: natural and light tan.


The Korean brand Missha produces more than 600 high-quality and affordable cosmetic products for women. Among them are creams that are gaining international popularity.

  • MISSHA A'PIEU Egg Filler SPF 35

The cream formula contains extracts of yolk, algae, camellia flowers, as well as powder and silicone. Excellent fills wrinkles, pores, other irregularities, making the skin velvety. Moisturizes, strengthens muscle fibers, regulates the production of sebum. Contains protection against external factors. Packed in a convenient tube with a dispenser, it is easily distributed over the surface.

  • MISSHA M Perfect Cover SPF42

A natural multifunctional product for all skin types, including problematic and sensitive. Improves nutrition, hydration, texture thanks to the content, including, extracts wormwood, pumpkin. Protects against the harmful effects of sunlight; suitable as a make-up base.

  • MISSHA M Perfekt Cover

Tone honey beige makes this product ideal for tanned or yellowish skin of a sensitive type. Plant and nutritional ingredients saturate the skin with moisture, useful ingredients, cover well the irregularities, give silkiness. Like other products of this brand, it is a multifunctional cream.

La Roche

Specialists La Rosh produced an innovative tool - moisturizing BB cream for supersensitive skin, fully adapted to its needs. The product created by the French is suitable for any type of problem skin, because:

  • carefully hides defects,
  • eliminates dullness and fatigue,
  • smoothes the skin, makes it shine.

The use of the cream makes the skin soft, tender, supple, maximally moisturized. Thermal water has a beneficial effect on sensitive skin, and the filtration system with level 20 keeps from aggressive ultraviolet.

Black Pearl

Tonal BB cream «Black pearl» Self-rejuvenation 9 in 1 combines masking of defects and everyday skin care. Main advantages:

  • light and beautiful tone,
  • natural skin color,
  • masking of defects.

In addition, the product deeply moisturizes, protects from the sun, delicately cares, improves the skin condition; has a pleasant texture, contains anti-aging substances.

  • The shade of "natural creamy" is suitable for women with fair skin, hair, eyes.
  • The shade of "vanilla-pink" is intended for light-haired women with fair skin and green or light brown eyes.
  • The shade of "gentle peach" is preferred for brown-eyed women with dark skin and chestnut hair.


BB cream company Clinic is designed for aging skin, its composition:

  • contributes to the preservation of youth,
  • effectively hides shortcomings,
  • has a high level of protection from the sun,
  • smooths wrinkles,
  • retains moisture.

Laminaria extract provides normal activity of sebaceous glands, therefore the product is suitable for oily and combination skin. Caffeine soothes irritated skin, oxides of iron and mica visually hide defects. For uniform application it is necessary to use a special brush.

The clinic also offers a placental IV cream - with high sun protection and yeast hydrolyzate. It is able to start the process of cell renewal, to neutralize the appearance of age-related pigmentation and wrinkles. Has a lifting effect, restores the turgor, prevents inflammation and allergic reactions.

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Tony Moth

A relatively young Korean company Toni Moli advertises its products as progressive cosmetics. Its formulas are based on the use of medicinal properties of the gifts of nature: fruits, plants and their extracts, as well as components inherent in traditional Korean medicine. BB Tony moth creams also have protective properties.

  • Triple Long Cover Perfection SPF40

Created on an innovative recipe, the product (babassu oil, royal jelly, colloidal gold) perfectly moisturizes the overdried and normal skin, preserves the ideal coating for 12 hours.

  • The Oriental Gyeol Goun SPF46

Cream of triple action: protection from the sun and temperature changes, moisturizing, anti-aging effect. It is based on 35 natural ingredients, fermenting for a long time. A rich composition includes even such an exotic ingredient as the extract of medical leeches, which is very effective in withering skin.

  • AC Control SPF30

The line is created specifically for oily skin prone to acne formation. Novelty contains zinc oxide, rice extracts, bergamot, blueberries, aloe, lemon. Prevents the penetration of germs that provoke inflammation and rash.

  • Delight Petit Cotton BB Cream SPF36

Designed for dry and sensitive skin, soothes irritation, eliminates acne. Matiruet in beige tone, strongly protects from ultraviolet, nourishes and cares for problem areas.

BB cream 5 in 1

The composition of BB cosmetics involves a combination of the best qualities of cream-care and tonal funds. BB cream 5 in 1 - is the five directions of exposure, usually:

  • humidification,
  • tint alignment,
  • concealment of defects,
  • giving a healthy appearance,
  • protection from UV rays.

BB creams 5 in 1 different shades produced by Garnier, Nivea, Oriflame, Letual, Erborian, Astor and other cosmetic companies.

Vivien Sabo

Toned IV cream Vivien sabo is very careful. Contains sprouted wheat oil, vitamins E, C, A, additional ingredients. Such a composition

  • protects against aging,
  • tones and strengthens the dermis, blood vessels,
  • updates cells,
  • eliminates inflammation,
  • saturates with useful substances,
  • improves skin color.

The consistency of the product allows filling the pores with a thin layer, smoothing the color and relief, while remaining invisible. The ideal result lasts a long time. Recommended for any skin from 18 years.


VV cream Idealia is produced by the French company Vichy. Cosmetic is classified as medicinal.

This is the first explosive cream created with Anti-Gray technology. Active substances adhere to the deep layers of the skin, ideally combining moisturizing and toning. Achieves the effect of velvety, elasticity, softness, natural color. Disappear age wrinkles, excessive pigmentation. "Idealiya" complexly cares for various types of skin, gives a quick result at any age.

The main active ingredient is extracting kombucha tea. The formulation also includes vitamins, fruit acids, useful microorganisms, light-reflecting micro-particles that dissolve on the skin.

The cream can be used at any time of the day for women with dry, normal, combination skin. Age - from 25 years.


Estelle specializes in professional hair cosmetics. All products of the brand are certified according to international requirements. Own research laboratory allows the company to create unique developments.

One of them is the Otium line "Velvet Season" for everyday hair care: at an affordable price for premium quality.

BB cream from Estelle is also designed for hair, not face, like other BB cosmetics. Rich with nutritional ingredients, the formula completely satisfies the needs of hair, gives them professional care, conditioning, protection.

With constant application to the hair, the "Velvet Season" promises:

  • restoration along the entire length,
  • natural shine and smoothness,
  • elimination of the problem of cross-section and hair loss,
  • visual increase in density and volume.

Silk proteins, camellia oil, vitamin E strengthen the hair shafts, balance the moisture balance, protect against the adverse effects of the environment.

"Velvet season" is distributed over wet hair without washing off.


Gidrian - the first BB cream on the thermal water of La Roche-Posay. The formula is designed for sensitive skin. A drug:

  • moisturizes,
  • soothes,
  • improves the tone,
  • protects against UV,
  • creates an effect of flawless skin.

Due to the use of the cream, the skin acquires a beautiful natural color, becomes soft and tender, and signs of fatigue disappear. It exists in two colors.


Korean-French cosmetics Erborn produced by special formulas from natural ingredients, whose task - the transformation of the skin for the better. Conceptually, this is a combination of Korean recipes based on medicinal plants (ginseng, south, ginger, ginkgo biloba) and the achievements of French cosmetology.

Erborian BB cream with ginseng is today a hit for many women, including French women. The popularity of the means is confirmed by numerous awards. Several types of explosive products are produced, which combines the functions of care and correction.

  • The Clair variant has a consistency that masks the flaws, remaining invisible.
  • The Dore variant, with the same properties, is designed for darker skin.
  • The Light variant is ultra-light: the texture is very delicate, easily applied and distributed on the face. It gives the skin a natural healthy appearance.

All the rulers have at least two effects: shining and "baby's skin". Useful for problematic skin.

Perfect skin

"Perfect skin" - Belarusian BB cream-corrector (Viteks). It combines the main advantages of IV creams - delicate toning plus gentle care.

Cosmetics of this type are used both as an independent tool, and for a make-up basis. Corrective pigments emphasize the benefits of healthy skin, smoothing the surface and shade of the skin. SPF-component reliably protects from unwanted ultraviolet radiation, and the patented Epidermist complex promotes cell renewal, tones up the skin, reduces pores.

Cream-corrector has a complex effect:

  • keeps youth,
  • protects from aggressive factors,
  • gives a healthy and well-groomed appearance.

"Perfect skin" is suitable for any skin, age - from 25 years.

BB cream series Air Stream

BB cream series Air Stream produces Faberlic called "Oxygen Shine." Packed in a glass bottle with a dispenser, the universal tone, SPF-factor 15. In addition to the qualities common to all BB products, it has the following features:

  • penetrates deep layers;
  • strengthens the potential of the dermis;
  • accumulates antioxidant effect.

After applying the cream on the face instantly there is a matte radiance; A special active complex does not allow the formation of redness and clogging of pores. It is recommended to use as a normal day cream, for any type of skin.

A small disadvantage is that the product, like other tonal make-up, leaves prints on clothes, mobile phones and so on.

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Normaderm BB cream - corrective firm product Vichy for the combined and fatty problem skin. Specialists of the company, when creating new products, proceed from the fact that the skin reflects the general state of the body and constantly depends on internal and external factors. Formulas contain dermatologically active ingredients in the most effective combinations to correct the processes and protect from the negative.

The recipe includes:

  • salicylic acid,
  • mineral pigments,
  • Vichy thermal water.

A weightless texture without oils allows effectively masking the shortcomings of the problem skin, two shades are able to merge with any complexion. The action lasts a whole day, and after a month the number of deficiencies decreases noticeably. Suitable for separate use, and for combination with day care.


Holika Holira is one of the young South Korean brands that produce BB creams. It's easy to distinguish the company's products by design with characteristic attributes reminiscent of magic: black cats, gloomy colors, bottles that look like bubbles with a magical potion.

  • Face 2 Change Roller BB SPF30

Moisturizing roller cream is created on the basis of deep ocean waters, oils of Moroccan argan tree, hydrolyzate of silk. Roller technology provides an even, thin, smooth distribution even on uneven areas of the face.

  • Naked Face Covering BB SPF

Masking cream contains vegetable oils, extracts, vitamins, other useful ingredients that have a beneficial effect on the skin. A thin membrane creates the effect of porcelain, silkiness, natural radiance. The skin becomes young, soft, resistant to aggressive external factors.

  • Petit BB Cream

The line of this series is represented by four BB creams for various skin types. The formula of each tool takes into account these features.

  • Petit BB Creav Bouncing SPF30

Nutritious anti-aging cream helps brighten the stains, eliminate wrinkles, increase turgor. In addition to masking, it has a lifting, protective, regenerative effect.

  • Sweet Cotton Pore Cover BB

It is designed to mask extended pores, but well hides other shortcomings. The skin covered with a cream thus continues to breathe.


Libriderm created an explosive cream with hyaluronic acid All in One, which combines the functions of a caring and tonal means. The application provides several effects:

  • matiruet,
  • nourishes,
  • moisturizes,
  • aligns the structure,
  • protects from adverse factors.

Thanks to hyaluron it retains moisture for a whole day. Rozhikova acid enriches nutrients, provides a sense of comfort, vitamins stimulate metabolism, improve the skin.

The cream is also used for make-up. When applying, special attention should be paid to problem areas.


BB cream brand Dior contains extracts of black rose, centella, zistenin, nylon powder, protective filters. Such a composition possesses camouflage, softening, elasticizing properties. Keeps from the negative influence of ultraviolet. Designed for young skin (18 - 30 years). Absorbed very quickly; this should be taken into account when distributing the cream on the skin.

Nude DD Cream SPF 10 is especially useful for masking redness with tanned skin. Moisturizes, does not form a mask. The tone "medium" is enriched with extracts of lilac, hibiscus, white, red, black tea.

A tester is attached to the product, which will help to test the cream for compliance with the individual skin features.


The brand Guerlain created his BB cream one of the last. It has a very long name, containing a maximum of information about the composition and quality. If you retell in your own words and highlight the main of the colorful description on the package, then the action boils down to these points:

  • fusion with skin,
  • alignment,
  • light hydration,
  • protection from the sun (SP filters 30).

Comfort on the skin provides a polymer micro-mesh of fibers of flax and silk, moisturizing - the classic hyaluron. The cream is thick, but not greasy, easily spread over the face, withstanding several layers.

Produce two shades of remedy; Packing - tubes with dispenser.


In the market of products, the Italian brand Kolystar is represented by the product Magica SPF 20 with anti-aging and UV-protective functions for women after 40 years.

An important property of the cream is the slowing down of wrinkles, thanks to effective protection from negative radiation. Active ingredients also help to retain moisture in skin cells and provide optimal tone.

The cream should be used regularly, on cleansed skin. As a result, the skin will look young, get a healthy and blooming appearance.


Elite Japanese BB Shiseido Perfect Hydrating cream is advertised as a means to achieve the effect of the "porcelain" skin of Asian women, which is admired by many Europeans. The tonal basis of SHisejdo is called to level a tone, to hide inconsequential lacks, gently to groom, to sate with a moisture and nutrients.

When applying cream, the skin gets well-groomed and healthy radiance. Reliable filters resist negative rays, and the extraction of apple leaves effectively exhibits antioxidant properties. The cream is recommended to use from 18 years.


Moisturizing BB cream of the French brand ZHivanshi is classified as an elite, harmoniously combining toning, moisturizing, protection. Givenchy Cream:

  • excellent matiruet,
  • hides shortcomings,
  • provides care,
  • gives a pleasant feeling,
  • preserves from UV rays.

The composition includes transparent pearlescent particles, the finest pigments, a special moisturizing complex, vitamins and filters against the influence of free radicals and the sun. The formula was created taking into account the prevention of photoaging.

The product is represented by the universal color light beige. Apply it should be on the entire face, except the zone around the eyes.


Dermatological Laboratory Bioderma (France) is a pharmaceutical company known for the production of cosmetics for skin care. Is one of the leaders in the market of medical cosmetics and offers products for the patient and problem skin, prevention of exacerbation of chronic skin diseases.

The laboratory cosmetics are represented by nine lines. VV production enters the Sensibio line. VV Bioderma cream is indicated for people suffering from temporary (allergic, emotional) or persistent (couperosis, telangiectasia) hyperemia.

The abstract claims that this is the first dermatological IV cream, under the influence of which "in one step" redundant redness decreases. Preventing and reducing the intensity of redness occurs due to a special patented complex that affects the problem areas.

Bioderma also

  • hides defects,
  • gives velvet, radiance,
  • removes greasy shine,
  • moisturizes and soothes the skin,
  • protects from unwanted exposure.

Medical cosmetics can be used independently, but in some cases it is necessary to consult a specialist.


The French brand Letual is known as a world manufacturer of perfumery and cosmetics, offering very demanding customers affordable luxury at a reasonable price.

  • Orlan VV cream is a new generation of products created by cosmetologists for gentle care of the face, as a result of which the skin looks rested, beautiful and healthy. The full name is a cream for tired skin (absolute recovery of SPF 25).

The cream performs all the functions typical for IV creams, and the innovative action is to stimulate the renovation and protection processes. Cream is useful for all skin types, with regular application protects from early wilting.

Este Lauder

Toning Moisturizing BB cream of the American trade mark Estee Lauder DayWear SPF 35 is a multifunctional product for improving the appearance and condition of the skin. Represents elite decorative cosmetics.

The description promises an impeccable skin condition - thanks to excellent moisturizing, toning, protective properties. Cream

  • has an airy texture,
  • makes the skin soft and silky,
  • perfectly hides imperfections,
  • saturates with moisture and useful components,
  • controls the production of fat,
  • is manifested by gentle radiance,
  • does not form boundaries,
  • perfectly merges with the natural tone.

The composition of the cream - an impressive list of various ingredients. Two color shades are produced.

Eva Mosaic

BB cream of Korean production Eva Mosaic combines the properties of several products at once. A special formula contains substances that make you feel comfortable for the whole day. The skin remains sufficiently moisturized, well-groomed, active components effectively hide defects and protect against harmful radiation.

In the composition of the cream from Eve mosaic - natural oils and extracts (peppermint, rosemary, tea tree, shea, chamomile, lavender). According to reviews, the cream is pretty close to the eastern, authentic BB products. Suitable for all skin types. There are three shades: ivory, beige, honey.


BB cream with ginseng

Ginseng is not only the most famous aphrodisiac, but also an adaptogen that helps a person adapt to physical and mental stress, which increases the body's resistance. In the manufacture of IV creams use substances from the six-year-old root of ginseng.

BB cream with ginseng is golden - a product of Korean cosmetologists, improved by French specialists. It is designed to give the skin a natural and attractive look. A gentle, melting consistency creates an ideal skin effect and supports it for 12 hours. Protects from the sun. Contains "chameleon pigments".

Action of the cream:

  • tonic treatment,
  • tone alignment,
  • moisturizes,
  • nourishes,
  • relieves of wrinkles,
  • softens the skin.

The instant effect of the "ideal skin" is also provided by the BB cream with ginseng light. The Erbornian complex with Korean ginseng perfectly tones up, fills the skin with energy. Suitable for the skin of the European type, consistent with the trends of the world's cosmetic brands.


The composition of IV creams of the new generation includes a maximum of useful components. All of them are researched and approved for use in cosmetology. However, despite the similarity of formulas, IV creams may differ in individual effects, so it is important to choose the most suitable means for yourself.

Features of Korean cosmetics are: exclusivity of active ingredients; integrated impact; a combination of scientific developments and traditional medicine.

The main ingredients of BB creams:

  • silicone base,
  • titanium dioxide (sometimes together with zinc oxide),
  • organic extracts and plant oils,
  • protective factors from ultraviolet,
  • natural dyes.

Additional ingredients serve for moisturizing, enhancing elasticity, lightening the skin (hyaluronic acid, collagen, anti-aging substances). Diamond or ruby powder creates a radiance effect. Sometimes the formulas include parabens - the safest cosmetic preservatives. But companies are increasingly abandoning them, in order to avoid adverse reactions with sensitive skin.

Also, the use of mineral oils, synthetic dyes, benzophenone, and alcohol is reduced for cosmetic purposes.

Properties of the cream

The main properties of IV creams are simultaneous skin care and toning. The creators of the product are considered to be German dermatologists, thus solving the problem of eliminating postoperative skin defects.

However, the popularity of BB creams has gained thanks to women who recognized their cosmetic, rather than curative qualities. The first creams experienced actresses, and the mass distribution of BB cosmetics was in Asian fashionistas, wearing a specific make-up.

Properties of the creams:

  • imperceptible toning,
  • care,
  • Sun protection,
  • giving a natural tone,
  • adaptation for any shade,
  • ideal masking of small shortcomings,
  • an excellent foundation for make-up,
  • moisturizing, increased elasticity and tone,
  • regeneration,
  • whitening,
  • prevention of wilting,
  • enrichment with vitamins,
  • medicinal properties (elimination of rash, narrowing of pores, other skin problems).

Experts believe that Asian drugs are somewhat different in terms of directions, and the development of Western companies resemble sunscreen toners rather than classic VV creams.

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The pharmacokinetics of IV creams in available sources have not been published.

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Dosing and administration

When choosing an IV cream, you should take into account the shade, type, individual features of the skin.

  • BB creams are able to adjust to the shade of the face, but it is better to immediately choose a tone close to the natural. It is useful to use a probe, take light into account.
  • It is commonly believed that cosmetics of this type are universal. But cosmetologists advise to pay attention to the composition: dry skin to select creams with a predominance of moisturizing ingredients, greasy need a dull effect, and for normal, a standard or bleaching product will do.
  • It is proved that the skin of people living in different parts of the world is somewhat different. Therefore, American and Asian cosmetics can act differently than the European.

It is necessary to consider the possible reaction of the skin to other ingredients of the cream. To do this, you need to study the composition, and also buy cosmetics in safe places.

A feature also in how to use BB cream? It is applied to the face not as a habitual foundation, but rather as a foundation for make-up. And the powder is no longer needed, because most IV creams contain a matting component.

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Basis under the cream

Basics for IV cream is not required, since the agent itself serves as such a base. If this rule is violated, the effect stated in the annotation can be spoiled: there will be no merger with the skin or a therapeutic effect (when using a drug product).

Preliminary application of the base is allowed only with too dry skin; it may be a toner, lotion or a special serum.

It should be remembered that IV creams are applied in layers, each subsequent intensifies the effect, remaining invisible. And the maximum result is achieved after a few minutes, when the cream "will sit down" on the skin. Stimulates this process by spraying with thermal water.


How to apply the cream?

How to apply BB cream? There are several ways:

  • brush;
  • sponge;
  • fingers.

When applied with a brush, the heated product shimmers on the face. This method is suitable for dry skin and liquid consistency of the cream.

Sponge is used for oily skin. It is useful to pre-moisten with thermal water or a spray for the face, heat the mass on the arm, transfer it to the sponge and rub it over the skin.

The cream with the consistency of balm melts from the warmth of the hands. Distributing the cream with your fingers, it is heated, and then applied to separate areas of the face and evenly shaded. Usually, five portions of the size of a coin are applied: the center of the forehead, the tip of the nose, the cheeks, the chin.

Apply IV creams in a thin layer, but not with streaks or smears. Drive into the skin with the index and middle fingers: from the forehead to the middle of the cheeks, then to the nose and chin, then to the cheeks. Especially gently you need to act in the eye area. For reliability after drying on problem areas it is possible to put an additional layer.

Washing of IV creams also has features. The usual means for removing make-up are not able to clean the face qualitatively. The flushing procedure involves the use first of hydrophilic oil, and then ordinary milk or a moisturizer.

Use of the vV creams during pregnancy

Women in a state of pregnancy are not advised to experiment with cosmetics and even more to abuse its quantity. Before using IV creams during pregnancy, it is recommended:

  • consult with a dermatologist or beautician;
  • to acquire only quality products and in reliable places;
  • give preference to natural substances.

IV creams during pregnancy are not prohibited, but there are restrictions: you should use the remedy with the lightest texture, and then not every day.


  • hypersensitivity to the components of the cream;
  • too young age;
  • unsuitable skin type;
  • skin diseases.

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Side effects of the vV creams

With individual intolerance, an allergy to individual ingredients of the IV cream is possible.

Unsuitable for skin type cream can cause irritation or other side effects.



The facts of an overdose of IV creams are not known.

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Interactions with other drugs

Interactions with other drugs are not described. It is known that BB cream of each brand is perfectly combined with the rest of products of the same cosmetic lines. When applying a different base for IV cream, it can roll down or not show its best qualities.

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Storage conditions

VV creams should be stored at a cool temperature, in a dry and sheltered from the sun. Keep away from children.

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Shelf life

Shelf life of IV creams ranges from 6 months to 3 years. After opening the package - no more than a year (in a cool place).


Rating of creams

One of the ratings of BB creams for 2015, taking into account the ratio of "price-quality", the first place was put by the product Evelyn, and by efficiency - Lumene with vitamin C. Other places were occupied:

  1. Revlon Photoready Skin Perfector 30;
  2. Clean line "Ideal skin";
  3. Clarins Skin Perfect;
  4. Yves Rocher 6 in 1;
  5. Tony Moli "Dear me";
  6. Garnier;
  7. Maybelline NY Dream Fresh;
  8. Missha Perfect Cover;
  9. Vichy Idealia;
  10. Loreal Paris
  11. Magique Nude.

When choosing any product, you should critically evaluate the advertising texts. Even the best cream can not transform the skin with a single stroke. The human face and skin are unique, therefore they require an individual approach. To look young and beautiful, except for regular cosmetic care, you need a healthy diet, active rest, full sleep.


To simplify the perception of information, this instruction for use of the drug "VV creams: methods of use and rating" translated and presented in a special form on the basis of the official instructions for medical use of the drug. Before use read the annotation that came directly to medicines.

Description provided for informational purposes and is not a guide to self-healing. The need for this drug, the purpose of the treatment regimen, methods and dose of the drug is determined solely by the attending physician. Self-medication is dangerous for your health.

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