Therapeutic shampoos for dandruff for children

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Last reviewed: 10.08.2022

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The time has long passed when on the shelves of our stores there were several primitive jars with a head wash called "Lada", "Ivushka" and children's shampoo "Qua-quack", and people used mainly laundry soap. In the modern world, the diversity of manufacturers, packaging forms, labels, and the purpose of this product is amazing. In the struggle for the consumer, all groups of the population, age, type of hair are covered. You can buy shampoos for their strengthening, growth, volume or straightening, blondes and brunettes, with a coloring effect, adults and children, with and without conditioner. Medicinal shampoos for dandruff have also been developed, including for children. [1]

Indications Dandruff shampoos for kids

Dandruff is called white flakes that exfoliate from the epidermis of the scalp. It comes in two types: dry and oily. In the first variant, the hair becomes brittle, dull, redness appears on the skin, peeling and itching occur. With oily dandruff, the head also itches, the hair looks untidy, quickly becomes oily, and their basal part is covered with a yellow layer. [2].  [3]. [4]

Such symptoms are an indication for the use of medicated shampoos.

Release form

Shampoos for getting rid of dandruff can be both for children and for all ages. The most popular of them are produced under the following names:

  • Chicco - suitable for the smallest, the "no tears" formula will make the hair washing procedure pleasant, and the calendula in its composition will soothe the skin, relieve irritation, and gently cleanse the hair of pollution;
  • Pediatric BABE - hypoallergenic shampoo, does not contain mineral oils, salicylic acid in its composition balances the synthesis of sebaceous secretion, accelerates cell regeneration, calendula extract counteracts inflammation, has a healing effect;
  • Mustela - components of natural origin relieve redness well, moisturize, gently wash away dirt and dandruff flakes, the child's hair becomes soft and shiny;
  • La Cree - signs of seborrheic dermatitis disappear due to the antiseptic effect of salicylic acid, fat production is neutralized by jojoba and olive oils, they also moisturize the dermis, licorice and violet extracts eliminate the inflammatory process, wheat proteins promote renewal and growth of healthy skin cells.

For children, you can also use therapeutic adult shampoos, because they do not contain fragrances, dyes and other components harmful to children's health. Among them are Nizoral 2%, Dermazole, Fridermtar, Librederm, Sebozol.

What is safe for babies is also suitable for expectant mothers. All of these funds can be used to combat seborrhea during pregnancy.


The appearance of many dead cells in children can be caused by several reasons: dysfunction of the sebaceous glands, a consequence of infection, most often fungal, less often psoriasis.

Detergents for dandruff are divided into several types:

  • antifungal - contain components that stop the growth and reproduction of fungi (zinc pyrithione, clotrimazole, etc.);
  • exfoliating - designed only for oily skin, with the help of sulfur, selenium, salicylic acid, menthol in its composition gently remove dead skin particles, excess fat, soothe the skin, relieve irritation and itching, and prevent the growth of fungal spores.

Both natural remedies for dandruff have both effects. As medicinal ingredients, birch tar and tea tree oil are used, which have anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, regenerating, anesthetic, antifungal properties. They are applied to children, although they do not always "work".

Dosing and administration

Medicated shampoos should be prescribed by a doctor and carried out in short courses. The method of application is determined by the recommendations placed on the package. As a rule, the detergent is applied to wet curls, foamed and left for 3-5 minutes, then rinsed thoroughly.

The frequency of its use is 2-3 times a week, the course of treatment is 14-30 days. To consolidate its action and prevention within 1.5-2 months, you need to resort to it every 7 days. Subsequently, you should switch to shampoos with a neutral pH.


Means for washing hair from dandruff for children are contraindicated in case of increased sensitivity of the child to their components. If the child is injured, there are wounds on the head or other damage to the dermis, then you should refrain from using them until complete healing.

The manufacturer's warning about adult use is an undeniable taboo for children.

Side effects Dandruff shampoos for kids

Hair treatments designed to get rid of seborrheic scales can cause side effects in the form of allergic manifestations: irritation, even more itching, redness of the skin.

Storage conditions

Anti-dandruff shampoos do not require special storage conditions, as long as the air temperature is within 5-25ºС plus. They usually sit on a shelf in the bathroom. The packaging always indicates the date of manufacture and end use. Conventional hair detergents have a temporary supply of several years, because they contain sulfates that prolong their life.

In our case, their shelf life is shorter and the opened package should be used within a year.


Children's medicated dandruff shampoos received only positive feedback from parents. In fact, dandruff is a difficult problem that causes considerable discomfort in a child, which can only be dealt with by special therapeutic agents.


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