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Stretching on the body is an annoying problem that occurs for various reasons, both for women and for men. They are formed on the abdomen, hips, buttocks, in the shoulder zone of the hands - as a result of pregnancy, sudden weight changes, hormonal disorders, lack of collagen in the skin.

Does the mummy help with stretch marks? This question worries many people who want to always and everywhere look aesthetically and have tried for this different ways. The full information on the beneficial properties of the mummy, the effect on the whole organism and the skin in particular will help to answer it.

Mumiye - a natural mixture of organic origin, which is formed in the highlands; contains organic and mineral components, microorganisms, excreta of animals. In appearance - a homogeneous substance of dark color, with a bitter taste and a specific smell. Locals collect the mummy in the cracks of the rocks and are called respectively: mountain tar, juice and even blood of rocks. The name adopted by us comes from the Greek language: it is less imaginative and translates simply: "preserving the body."

Indications of the mummy from stretch marks

Mummy has long been known for its curative, preventive, cosmetic. For the first time, healing properties were discovered and actively used in ancient Oriental medicine; in our time, the mummy is combined with the achievements of modern pharmacology and cosmetology. Thanks to this ancient medicine has acquired a second wind.

For preventive purposes, the natural mixture has a beneficial effect on the whole organism:

  • stimulates immunity;
  • promotes regeneration;
  • enriches with useful substances.

Mumiye with a therapeutic purpose is used for many diseases (in the list - several dozen diagnoses). An important indication for the use of mummy from stretch marks is high efficiency in the treatment of skin diseases and defects: it helps to straighten the skin, heal wounds, reduce stretch marks, relieve acne, allergic manifestations, and increase elasticity.

Effect of mummies on the skin:

  • Aligns defects;
  • restores fat metabolism;
  • heals, increases elasticity;
  • sates with vitamins.

Mummy is easy to apply at home, it does not cause allergies and is suitable for all skin types.


Release form

The natural mummy is an exotic and somewhat mysterious substance. The resinous plastic mass chemically represents a water-soluble, unique set of various components. When stored, the mass hardens from loss of moisture.

There is as yet no unequivocal opinion about the origin of the substance.

In addition to natural mummies, pharmacies and beauty salons offer more convenient forms of release:

  • pills,
  • capsules,
  • plates,
  • briquettes,
  • ointments,
  • creams,
  • gels,
  • lotions,
  • home remedies.

Particularly effective is the whole substance: 1 g equals 50 tablets.

Creams, ointments, scrubs with mummies from stretch marks can be prepared independently, using tablets, ready-made pharmacy and cosmetic products, vegetable oils-flavorings and other ingredients.

Cream from stretch marks with mummies

The cream from stretch marks with mummies has a healing, renewing, anti-inflammatory, tonic effect. Removes irregularities, pimples, scars, smoothes and brightens stretch marks, saturates the body with useful ingredients.

From pharmacy creams women's attention is enjoyed by:

  • with mummies and beeswax;
  • Numio Organics.

Unfortunately, ready-made creams with this component quickly deteriorate, especially when in contact with the air. In this regard, often practicing self-preparation, portioned, to the extent of the need.

The cream is prepared from a tableted mummy and a favorite cream (child, anti-cellulite):

  • 2 tablets mixed with a spoonful of boiled water (until completely dissolved), then mix until homogenous with a cream squeezed out of the tube. To drip favorite aroma. Transfer to glassware, insist and store (but not for long) in the refrigerator. Adding honey enhances the effect on long-lasting stretch marks.

The cream is best absorbed into clean, steamed skin. To rub it is necessary in circular motions or a massage platen, to wash off in 3 4 hours. Use two or three servings per week for 3 to 4 months. To accelerate the effect, twice a day is allowed.

Suitable oils are mint, rose, citrus, grape seeds. According to reviews, lavender, bergamot, coffee oil enhance the unpleasant odor.


Ointment mummy from stretch marks

Between creams and ointments, the mummy from the stretch marks is practically no difference. Information on pharmacy ointments with mummies could not be found, and home remedies with mummies are prepared on children's, nutritional, anti-cellulite creams. Here are some recipes:

  1. With cream "9 months"
  • 4 grams of whole substance mixed with a teaspoon of warm water, until the consistency of iris;
  • pour into a glass jar;
  • vyporozhnit tube, stir mass, place in a cold place;
  • Before use, stir again;
  • rub in the evening, keep all night, wash off in the morning and apply another portion.
  1. With baby cream
  • 3 - 5 grams of mummy, a spoonful of water, cream - stir;
  • insist 15 minutes;
  • rub into warm skin, do not rinse.

Capsules mummy from stretch marks

In capsules, the mummy from the stretch marks contains a dry extract in a mixture with lactose. It is obtained by repeated extraction of natural raw materials at a temperature that preserves bioactive components. The process involves purification from insoluble ballast.

The medicine is used in two ways: inside and in the composition of ointments prepared by oneself. The capsule protects the constituent components from premature dissolution. Drugs have the right effect on stretch marks if they are taken regularly for three to four weeks (while eating, two per day).

Quality products are produced by Indian and Ukrainian producers (Shilajit capsules from raw materials mined in Nepal and in the Tien Shan mountains). The agent acts as a natural biostimulator of a broad spectrum of action. It is useful as an additional drug in complex therapy: the manufacturer recommends taking 1 capsule once or twice a day, half an hour before a meal. Course - up to three weeks.

Before applying, as well as for a second course, you should consult your doctor.

Scrub with mummy from stretch marks

Especially popular is the coffee scrub with mummies from stretch marks. Preparation of scrub:

  • on a teaspoon of ground coffee and mix the mummy, flavored with fragrant oil;
  • add a spoon of water, cream against cellulite;
  • stir until all substances have dissolved.

Rub into problem areas for five minutes, leave for another 10 minutes and rinse with a jet of cool water.

Coffee particles, when rubbing the body, activate blood circulation, purify the skin of dead epidermis. Mumiye promotes smoothing of irregularities and other skin defects. Apply mummy from stretch marks this way is useful twice a week.

Gold mummy from stretch marks

There are several color shades of mummies. Gold mummy from stretch marks - red color.

A drug called "Golden Mummy" is produced by the pharmaceutical company Evalar. It is included in the formulation of home remedies.

  • A 100-gram portion of the cream is mixed with two grams of mummy, thoroughly stirred. Apply every day.

Practical tips for using mummies:

  • Fresh (color) defects will soon disappear if procedures are started before they turn white.
  • Before the first use, it is recommended that allergy tests are performed (on the wrist).
  • With vigorous rubbing, the mummy is absorbed better.
  • Optimum time for application - before bedtime, after hygienic procedures.
  • Essential oils enhance the effectiveness of the gold mummy from stretch marks (in an amount of 10 drops per 2 g).

Mummy Altaic from stretch marks

There are several varieties of mummies. The most popular are brown and copper, the best quality is black. The quality can be determined visually and to the touch: a good substance is shiny, plastic.

The natural Altai mummy from stretch marks is packaged in small bags, it is convenient to prepare means effective for various skin problems. Usually, for a portion of the external agent, enough quantity of a match head.

Mumiye Altai is a part of the cream "Golden Altai mummy / collagen / elastin". Applying cream with mummy from stretch marks:

  • reduces color intensity, relief and length;
  • has a local anti-inflammatory
  • and a general strengthening effect.


Due to extremely useful properties, harmlessness and safety, the substance has long been used in medicine and cosmetology. In particular, apply the mummy from stretch marks, because it:

  • brightens skin color,
  • reduces the depth, length and number of stretch marks,
  • nourishes the skin with natural nourishing and other useful ingredients.

Pharmacodynamics mummy is quite complicated. The complex of organic and mineral components actively influences the entire vital activity of the organism. Biologically active substances regulate metabolic processes, accelerate reparative and adaptive reactions, have a beneficial effect on the immunity and functioning of the liver.

Under the influence of mummies in the blood, cholesterol, lipids, hemoglobin, leukocytes and erythrocytes are normalized. Increases the protection of the body from infections.

When applied to the problem skin, the positive effect of the mummy is not only on the epidermis, but also on the deeper layers of the skin, and the damaged dermis is restored much faster.

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The pharmacokinetics of mummies have not been studied.

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Use of the mummy from stretch marks during pregnancy

Contraindications and prohibitions on the use of mummies during pregnancy do not exist, since the issue has not been specifically studied. Mumiye is a natural and non-allergenic product, but it is unlikely that a woman in a position should take risks and use mountain tar inside.

With regard to the external method, there are two opinions:

  • application is allowed, with the permission of the doctor;
  • application is undesirable in any form.

To prevent stretch marks during pregnancy, the cream is used twice or thrice a week. At the same time, it is absolutely impossible to massage the stomach. If the skin shows signs of allergy, the procedure should be stopped immediately. Long-term use is also not recommended - due to the presence of biologically active substances, as well as the expected, but not studied, toxicity of the mummy in large doses.

To eliminate stretch marks after pregnancy takes time and patience. Cream from stretch marks with mummies is a soft and harmless way; it should be rubbed into problem areas daily. It is the regular procedures

  • get rid of minor defects,
  • significantly reduce the deep stretch marks,
  • prevent repetition of the problem.

It is more useful to use a fresh home remedy. At 2 - 3-fold application in a week the positive effect is manifested in a month. The simplest recipe is to mix 1 g of the substance with a tablespoon of pink (or other) oil, rub at night in problem areas.

Of the finished creams use a cream with mummies from stretch marks during pregnancy Numio Organics. You can use (twice a day) from the second month, as well as with lactation; Do not apply in the chest area, so that together with milk the mummy does not get into the baby's body.


Contraindications to the use of mummies from stretch marks:

  • individual intolerance;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • urolithiasis disease;
  • with tumors;
  • with bleeding;
  • with hypertension.

Mumiye is not recommended for children under 12 (or up to 14 years). The use of mummies is incompatible with the use of alcohol.

Some experts believe that a moderate amount of mummy is harmless in any case. If there are clear doubts, you should weigh the benefits and risks. Caution should be used mummy elderly.

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Side effects of the mummy from stretch marks

There is an opinion that the mummy has no side effects, except for individual characteristics. Possible local allergic manifestations.

Discomfort during application can cause stains left by the mummy from stretch marks. They are removed from the skin with lemon juice or a makeup remover, stains on clothes are washed off with a mixture of laundry soap and lemon juice.


Dosing and administration

The way of applying the mummy from stretch marks depends on the form of the remedy. In most cases, these are external means; they are applied to steamed and peeled (scrub, washcloth) skin, rubbed in a circular motion, clockwise.

Strengthen the positive effect possible with more frequent application (morning and evening, after a shower), using a massage roller. Cosmetic effect is enhanced if parallel peeling is used.

Capsules are consumed inside, according to the prescribed dosage.

Wrapping with mummies from stretch marks

For wrapping with mummies from stretch marks, a cream with such a formulation is effective:

  • 2 - 3 g of mummy;
  • portion of cream;
  • 2 - 3 drops of essential oil.

Mix, insist in dry non-metallic dishes before dissolving solid particles.

From cellulite and chronic problems three times a week apply a wrap with aspirin and mummy from stretch marks:

  • The same amount of the drugs crushed in the mortar should be combined with the same amount of water, add Boro-plus ointment, spread on problem areas and wrap in food film. Lie under the veil for two hours, then wash it off.

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Massage with mummy from stretch marks

Massage improves blood circulation, lymph drainage and nutrition, breaks down fats, normalizes the structure of the skin. Application of the mummy significantly increases the effectiveness of the procedure. The results of massage with mummies from stretch marks depend on many factors, but the changes are usually seen in a few weeks - if the procedure is done daily.

Massage is carried out according to a typical scheme: from the limbs - to the heart, on the stomach and chest - clockwise. Useful (except for the chest area) are various massage techniques.

Mummy is insoluble in fats. Before you mix it with cream, you must first dissolve it in warm water (one or two tablets are used per serving). For the aroma is added essential oil.

Massage with stretch marks must be done daily, but not more often than once a day. Prior to the beginning, the place is cleaned with a scrub. Massage is more convenient and cheaper to do on your own, and not in the cabin. The procedure at home does not take long, and with constant execution becomes a kind of ritual.

Recipes mummy from stretch marks

Creams of industrial production are considered ineffective, they quickly lose useful properties, so they are better prepared independently, from a quality natural product and ready-made cosmetic preparations.

In recipes with mummies from stretch marks, pharmacy or cosmetic creams, milk, tonic are taken as a basis. It is better to take less fatty remedies.

  1. Tube baby cream mixed with a solution of mummy (2 grams per teaspoon of water).
  2. 1 g of the mummy is mixed with a tablespoon of rose oil (to prepare a portion quantity in this ratio).
  3. The liquid substance should be diluted in a proportion of 4 g of mummy per 500 ml of base.
  4. The base cream consists of a natural product dissolved in water, mixed with a baby or other cream. To it add oil aromas which improve a smell and useful properties of a cream. Stir twice: immediately and after infusion in the refrigerator.

Mint oil softens and soothes, grape seed - moisturizes, pink - heals and eliminates irritation, citrus oils are useful for cellulite, ylang ylang oil is an excellent aphrodisiac.

Mask with mummy from stretch marks

Masks are especially effective in the treatment of chronic stretch marks. Masks with mummies from stretch marks are prepared on any cream.

  • Powder the mummy dissolve and mix with cosmetic cream. Proportion - one part of the solution in two parts of the cream. The viscous brown mixture should be applied to the skin for 30 to 40 minutes.

Chocolate mask with mummy from stretch marks:

  • Take an equal amount of cocoa powder and mummy, baby cream, mix and apply to the skin with stretch marks. After 15 minutes, wash the massage. The procedure should be performed twice a week. Do not apply in the presence of white and blue stretch marks, as well as when allergic to chocolate.

From the stretch marks and to increase the elasticity, wrapping with mummies, Cambrian clay, Dead Sea salts is used.

  • The named ingredients plus water are taken in equal parts, stirred to a viscous state, applied to clean, dry skin, covered with a film. After an hour, rinse with water.


The natural mummy and its preparations are sold without a medical prescription.

There is evidence of mild toxicity - with prolonged regular use.

Official data on the overdose of mummies from stretch marks in available sources is not available.


Interactions with other drugs

Mumie should be used with caution, if drugs with eufilin are simultaneously used.

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Storage conditions

Home creams and ointments with mummies from stretch marks must be stored in the refrigerator, tightly closed in glass jars. Storage conditions for pharmaceutical forms are dry, dark, inaccessible to children, at a temperature of:

  • for capsules - from 5 to 25 degrees,
  • for tablets - from 8 to 15 degrees.

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Shelf life

Mummy, as a natural substance, has a limited shelf life. When in contact with air, this term is reduced.

Creams with mummies from stretch marks, according to the instructions, retain their fitness for two years, after the opening - six months.

Home creams are usable for 14 days, with frequent contact with oxygen - only a week.

Shelf life of capsules, tablets - 3 years.

Modern science, perhaps, has not sufficiently studied the unique gift of nature - the mummy. Its popularity is based more on eastern legends and practical results when using this substance, formed in ecologically clean conditions of high mountain climate. The use of mummy from stretch marks confirms its effectiveness in the treatment of skin defects.


To simplify the perception of information, this instruction for use of the drug "Mummy from stretch marks" translated and presented in a special form on the basis of the official instructions for medical use of the drug. Before use read the annotation that came directly to medicines.

Description provided for informational purposes and is not a guide to self-healing. The need for this drug, the purpose of the treatment regimen, methods and dose of the drug is determined solely by the attending physician. Self-medication is dangerous for your health.

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