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Every man has encountered skin irritation at least once in his life. This phenomenon has many causes - weather conditions, the use of inappropriate or overdue cosmetics and perfumes, household chemicals, clothes and shoes from inappropriate materials, plants, food, stress and even water.

The surface of the skin is irritated in response to the intrusion of foreign toxic elements. Inflamed skin can not realize its protective function, they are an open gate for infection.

Irritation is manifested by redness, dryness, small cracks and even blisters may appear. Skin covers during this period inadequately react to external stimuli - air temperature, ultraviolet rays, synthetic tissues, and touches. Therefore, with such manifestations, the normal skin condition must necessarily be restored.

To make the skin again clean, no longer scratching and cracking, first, it is advisable to think carefully, to establish the cause of the appearance of irritation and to eliminate contact with the stimulus.

Secondly, do not engage in self-medication, and consult with a dermatologist.

Thirdly, until the skin functions are restored, it is recommended to abstain from alcohol, sweet, fatty, smoked, spicy and exotic food, include more vegetables in your diet, and try to be less nervous.

The process of skin regeneration needs help. The easiest way to do this is with the help of soothing irritating creams, prepared on the basis of natural ingredients. Skin on inflamed areas must be cleaned with hypoallergenic soft agents. Do not use alcohol-containing lotions and tonics.

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Indications of the cream from irritation

Indications for the use of special creams from skin irritation: redness, excessive dryness and flaky skin, rashes on the skin, skin itching, the presence of cracks and diaper rash.

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Use of the cream from irritation during pregnancy

The use of creams from skin irritation during pregnancy and lactation is acceptable in the absence of intolerance to the constituents of the cream, it is recommended to consult a doctor before starting the use.


Cosmetic creams from irritation practically have no contraindications and are used as needed. Simply you should carefully read the composition of the cream before use, and in case of intolerance of any of its components, give preference to another brand of the product.

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Dosing and administration

If there is no other indication, the cream for skin irritation, particularly for children, can be used several times a day as needed.

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Baby cream

Tender and sensitive to external influences, children's skin requires daily attention and proper care. For this, children's cosmetic products have been created, the most famous of which is a baby cream. It is designed to protect the skin of the child from the adverse effects of the environment.

Anti-inflammatory, softening and soothing functions are provided by the components of the children's cream.

Effective ingredients of the cream intended for children are, first of all, natural fats and oils, which nourish the surface of the skin, supply it with vitamins, protect against loss of moisture and inflammation, softening and soothing. Animal origin - mink and badger fat, shea butter. Vegetable oils - sesame, coconut, olive, from sprouts of wheat, peach bones.

The composition of the cream for children's skin usually includes medicinal herbs:

  • extracts of chamomile and string soothe the receptive and irritated skin;
  • extracts of calendula, lavender, celandine, sage, mother-and-stepmother give the cream anti-inflammatory properties;
  • extracts of nettle and thyme are known in phytotherapy as antiseptics.

In addition, medicinal herbs also have a high content of vitamins required for the skin of a child.

Manufacturers of children's cream include in its recipe zinc, as a drying agent in the case of cotton; panthenol and glycerin, preventing skin overdrying; beeswax, well cope with its microdamages.

Children's cream reduces the coefficient of acid-base balance of the skin (this figure is overestimated in children), and also prevents too much respiration of the skin, creating protection from adverse external influences in the form of a thin surface film. It is these properties of children's cream that are useful for children's skin, negatively affect the skin of an adult, denser, oxidized, not so actively breathing.

It makes sense to carefully read on the package components that are included in the formula of a baby cream, its functions are determined by the first five ingredients.

Among the components of children's cream should not be sulphate, in quality cosmetics used natural lecithin. A component that prevents damage to a cosmetic product should be potassium sorbate, which is made from berries of mountain ash.


Cream Ushany nanny

From the first days of the life of the child, his skin is subject to the influence of the environment, it does not yet allocate the necessary amount of fats that protect it. A small child often has inflammatory conditions: peeling, dry skin after taking a bath, sweating - reddened rashes in the heat, intertrigo.

A good assistant in caring for the condition of baby skin is the cream "Ushasty nanny". After its application, the skin becomes soft and velvety, clean (without rashes and peeling), does not cause the baby to comb it.

Cream "Eared Nanny" has a fine texture, easily spreads over the skin, absorbs well, creates a thin protective film on the skin of the child, performs the function of a protective cream for the motions in bad weather.

The baby cream is packaged in a tube with a safety membrane that provides the contents with sterility before the first opening.

"Eared Nanny" - hypoallergenic cream without dyes, alcohol and banned components.

The main active substances of the cream "Eared Nanny":

  • alpha-bisabolol - a derivative of chamomile medicinal, has a soothing, softening, antimicrobial effect, restores the elasticity of the skin, protects against penetration of pathogens;
  • Extract of calendula flowers - has antimicrobial, regenerating, astringent action;
  • Peach oil - improves the nutrition of skin cells and blood circulation;
  • olive oil - softens, vitaminizes, prevents the loss of moisture from the surface of the skin;
  • allantoin - has anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, moisturizing, regenerating and protective properties.

Moisturizing cream "Ushastyi nanny"

It is used as a moisturizing and soothing baby skin for repeated daily use.

Has a long moisturizing and light anti-inflammatory effect, prevents loss of water from skin cells, provides the skin with a normal pH level.

Does not interfere with the supply of oxygen to the skin, has a fine structure, can be easily distributed over the skin and absorbed well.

The baby cream is packaged in a tube with a safety membrane that provides the contents with sterility before the first opening.

"Eared Nanny" - hypoallergenic cream without dyes, alcohol and banned components.

The main active ingredients of the cream of children's moisturizing "Ushasty nanny":

  • alpha-bisabolol - a derivative of chamomile medicinal, has a soothing, softening, antimicrobial effect, restores the elasticity of the skin, protects against penetration of pathogens;
  • Extract of calendula flowers - has antimicrobial, regenerating, astringent action;
  • Peach oil - improves the nutrition of skin cells and blood circulation;
  • moisturizing oil ingredient - has a softening effect, prevents loss of water from skin cells.

Uryazh cream Cu Zn

A universal cream for the care of an irritated skin for various reasons, with a tendency to atopic dermatitis.

Apply in cases of redness, dryness and itching of skin areas, the risk of re-infection, snoring, dermatitis in the nose, mouth and eyes, in the inguinal area from using diapers for both children and adult bed patients, atopic dermatitis.

Cu-Zn Creme Uriage has the ability to instantly soothe and dry out irritated skin areas, regenerate the surface of the skin and reduce the area of injury, prevent the secondary infection of damaged skin. Quickly returns comfortable state.

It is applied 2-3 times a day after cleaning treatment sites with gel Cu-Zn. There are no age restrictions. Suitable as a baby skin from the first days of a child's life, and mature. Used for application on the face, body, in the groin and buttocks. Used autonomously or in combination with other drugs.

Active cream substances:

  • complex TLR2-Regul - stimulates natural immunity to suppress inflammatory reactions caused by pathogenic microorganisms;
  • Thermal water Uryazh - has soothing properties;
  • gluconates of copper and zinc - regenerate the skin damaged by the inflammatory process, normalizing the balance of microflora on its surface.

Vaginal creams from irritation

Inflammation of the vaginal mucosa or vaginitis, often with the added inflammatory process of the external genitalia (vulvovaginitis) causes a lot of trouble. There is irritation, discoloration of the mucosa, itching, burning, discharge with an unpleasant odor. The causes of vaginitis can be different: intolerance of any components of detergent powders, soaps, means for intimate hygiene, certain types of toilet paper, synthetic underwear and vaginal contraceptives.

Often, irritation in the genital area - these are signs of diseases requiring treatment. Therefore, when there is discomfort in the vaginal area, you need to turn to the gynecologist to determine the cause of this phenomenon, since such a state can be triggered by either allergic reactions or a deficiency of estrogen, and infectious diseases caused by various microorganisms.

When estrogen deficiency is usually prescribed vaginal cream Ovestin, the active ingredient of which estriol is a natural estrogen, normalizing its level in the body.

Ovestin regenerates epithelial tissue, the natural state of the vaginal biocenosis and mucous membranes, removes the symptoms of disturbance of the process of urination.

The result of using this cream is to eliminate atrophy of the mucous membrane of the vagina and increase its resistance to infection.

When topical application of estriol is absorbed almost completely, its maximum concentration is detected in the blood plasma after 1-2 hours. A higher level of concentration is observed with the use of vaginal cream than the tablet form of this drug.

It is excreted (about 98%) by the kidneys.

Use during pregnancy and during lactation is contraindicated. In addition, like many other drugs, Ovestin cream has a number of contraindications, and it can cause some side effects. A thorough information about it can be gleaned from the instructions to the drug.

When vagina is infected with some microorganisms or protozoa, the vaginal cream Metronidazole is prescribed in combination with antibacterial agents . It has the ability to destroy anaerobic bacteria and protozoa by interrupting the process of synthesizing nucleic acids in their cells.

Intravaginal application is more effective than oral. Absorbed slightly more than half of the active substance, is excreted, mainly by the kidneys.

Use during lactation and in the first trimester of pregnancy is contraindicated, in the second and third - in cases of extreme necessity.
This drug has a number of contraindications and side effects, which can be found in the instructions for its use.

Also in cases of infection of the vagina with anaerobic and aerobic bacteria, fungi use vaginal cream Clindamycin. It can be used in pregnancy, tk. Complications in this case is not documented, whether this drug penetrates into breast milk with topical application is not known. Has a number of contraindications and side effects.

The vaginal creams presented in this section are effective medicinal, not cosmetic. Their use is possible only in case of appointment by a doctor.

Vagisil cream does not belong to medicines, it can be used without restrictions. It is a cream from irritation in an intimate zone, having a gentle structure and safe composition, normalizing the natural acid-base balance.

Cream Vagisil relieves of discomfort in the intimate zone, caused by increased sweating, monthly, restraining clothes. Retinol, tocopherol acetate, calciferols, which are part of the cream, relieve irritation, reddening of mucous membranes; Aloe extract removes the burning sensation, soothes itching. Vagisil prevents dehydration, moisturizes and softens the dry surface of the skin.

Cream can be used to eliminate dryness in the vagina before intimacy.

It blocks unpleasant odors, for a long time there is a natural moisture, freshness and comfort in the genital area.

It is characterized by speed. Does not leave traces on the linen.

Contraindicated in the presence of hypersensitivity to the components.

Cream for irritation in the intimate area

Any manipulation in the intimate zone (in particular, shaving) almost always ends with the appearance of irritation on the skin, to get rid of which is often not easy.

Cosmetic cream-care Intimate has a delicate structure, quickly absorbed, permanently retains a feeling of moisture and freshness. Removes unpleasant sensations, carefully cares for sensitive skin and mucous intimate area, restoring to them natural elasticity and elasticity.

The main active ingredients are:

  • oil vaseline - a fat base of cream;
  • glycerol - extracts moisture from the surrounding air and fills it with the surface of the skin,
  • sunflower oil - contains monounsaturated fats, vitamins E and K, restoring the structure of the skin and improving its appearance;
  • grape seed oil - shows antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, healing, antipruritic properties;
  • wheat germ oil - moisturizes, nourishes, tones, rejuvenates the skin;
  • extract of passionflower - a medicinal plant-tranquilizer;
  • essential oil of patchouli - an aphrodisiac with a characteristic odor, has anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, healing effect;
  • essential oil of rosemary - has a pleasant fresh scent, purifying and antioxidant properties;
  • essential oil of ylang-ylang flowers is an aphrodisiac with a sweet, warm, spicy aroma, eliminates irritation, tones up the skin;
  • ethylhexyl stearate - has a softening effect, prevents the drying of the skin;
  • cetearyl alcohol - makes the structure of the cream more gentle and soft, protects the skin from harmful surroundings;
  • purified water - water based cream.

Cream for the care of irritated skin of the intimate area is applied until complete absorption.

If you can not get the cream from irritation in the intimate zone, you can use a cream from irritation on the face or after shaving cream for sensitive skin.

Cream from irritation on the face

With the problem of irritation of the skin of the face there are all, someone is permanently struggling with this flaw, someone - occasionally has to get rid of it. Skin on the face is always open to the influence of external stimuli, and also many pathological processes inside the body are reflected on the skin condition of the face. Not only that irritation on the face spoils the appearance, it is also accompanied by itching and soreness.

Ignore problems with skin on the face is impossible, to mask them unreasonably, the result will be lamentable. It is necessary to get rid of irritation as soon as possible, using special means.

In such cases it is recommended to use a hypoallergenic cream for sensitive skin that helps to calm irritation, remove soreness, redness, dryness, itching sensation, softening and moisturizing.

The cream from irritation on the face must meet certain standards - to have a maximum of hypoallergenic natural components. Ingredients of the cream should be able to eliminate inflammation and prevent its spread, prevent secondary infection in places of inflammation, regenerate irritated skin, moisten it and prevent dehydration, saturate with necessary nutrients. The cream should not only protect the surface of the skin from relapses of the inflammatory process, but also stimulate the natural protective function.

Usually the cream from irritation on the face has in structure:

  • extracts of medicinal plants that have the ability to remove inflammation, antimicrobial, astringent properties, saturating vitamins, microelements, normalizing metabolic processes at the cellular level;
  • natural fats and oils - nourishing and moisturizing ingredients that make the skin elastic, smooth, rejuvenate and revitalize it.

Creams from irritation of the skin of the face or sensitive skin prone to irritation are presented in many cosmetic lines, so it is not difficult to choose a cream suitable for its price and quality.

According to reviews from the irritation on the face of a good help creams under the diaper, which is not surprising. For example, Uryazh cream Cu Zn is also intended for use on irritated areas of the face and from diaper dermatitis.

Irritation on hands and feet

Any irritation of the skin on the limbs can be caused by infection of the skin, obliterating atherosclerosis, varicose veins and other non-skin diseases, allergy to medicines, unsuitable food, household chemicals, clothing, pollen and plant juice, cold, sunlight, etc. . In either case, you first need to establish the cause of the appearance of irritation. Having established it - to eliminate, and help the skin to recover.

The cream from irritation on the hands and feet should contain vegetable (base) oils and provitamin B5, forming a thin fatty skin on the skin, which retains moisture on the surface of the skin. The basis of the cream for skin regeneration is most often natural vegetable oils, produced from seeds and seeds of plants. This and the usual sunflower oil, and oil from the seeds of peaches, grapes, avocados, sea-buckthorn, nut oils - almond, coconut, hazelnut, calendula oil, dogrose.

The composition of this cream includes herbal extracts, vitamins; antipruritic action intensify tar, naftalan, salicylic acid, zinc. Propolis activates propolis, but these agents should be used with caution, since an allergy to propolis is quite common.

Not bad cope with irritation of the skin on the hands and feet Losterin cream, used for dermatitis with manifestations of inflammation, dryness, scaling of the skin surface, accompanied by burning and itching. The cream does not contain hormonal ingredients, fragrances and dyes. It is a special remedy for everyday use from irritation and itching of the skin.

Almond oil regulates water-lipid balance, restores skin cells, vitaminizes, softens and cleanses. White desalted naftalan stimulates metabolism and stops inflammatory processes in skin cells. With the help of urea, nutrients are carried into the deep layers of the skin. Salicylic acid, interacting with naphthalan and urea, eliminates burning and itching.

The cream is applied two or three times a day to the affected areas of the skin. Used in pediatric practice. It is applied by courses, the duration of which is 0,5 -1 month. The break is determined individually.

Contraindications - intolerance to the ingredients of the cream. Side effects are unknown.

It can be used in complex therapy with hormonal drugs for external use. When combined, the required dose of hormonal drugs is reduced, the period of exacerbation is shortened.

Keep two years, observing the temperature regime of 5-25 ° C.

Skin itching is a companion to skin irritation. It gives a lot of trouble from the infection of the combed surfaces to nervous disorders. Serious struggle with the itch is possible only after diagnostic procedures and establishing its cause.

The cream of irritation and itching in our days can save a person from unpleasant manifestations quickly enough, but on condition that the factor causing it is correctly determined.

If the itch of irritated skin is caused by an allergy, then a cream with antihistamines will help.

For example, Gistan cream contains a complex of natural components, the main active ingredient of which is the antihistamine Betulin. Does not contain hormones.

Use of Gistana during pregnancy and lactation is not recommended.

In cases of itchy allergic dermatitis, Nezulin cream gel is suitable. Extracts from plants in combination with oils of basil, lavender, mint and provitamin B5 relieve the skin of symptoms of irritation, improve health. The composition of Nezulin includes exclusively natural ingredients that stop itching, inflammation and disastrously acting on microorganisms. There are no hormonal components.

It is used for moisturizing the skin, healing minor abrasions. The cream has a gentle consistency, easily penetrates into the upper layers of the skin, can be used for skin irritation in children.

Itching of the skin can result from an excess of ultraviolet that causes the skin to dry out and sun allergies.

In this case, you can use cream D-panthenol. This cream eliminates dehydration of the dermis, itching, irritation, sunburn, restores the skin surface.

It is used from birth, babies from diaper rash caused by diapers.

With a skin itch associated with diseases of the internal organs, one must treat the underlying disease. Creams from irritation and pruritus are used as a means to relieve the skin condition.

Antihistamine creams can help eliminate the irritation caused by insect bites, but special medications are needed to kill the scabies.

Fungal infection is accompanied by irritation and itching, anti-mycotic drugs are needed to kill the fungus.

Itching, which occurs when healing the injured skin, can be eliminated with the use of softening creams.

Cream for skin irritation and redness

The appearance of reddened areas of the skin is caused by various causes, for example, erythrodermia occurs when the vessels close to the surface of the skin expand because of the influx of blood to them. Treatment is not required, redness disappears itself, when the vessels come back to normal.

Redness also occurs as a result of skin diseases of various genesis, when the skin not only turns red, but it itches, flakes and becomes inflamed.

Redness and irritation of the skin can be caused by a deficiency in the body of vitamins A and E, diseases of internal organs.

Redness of the skin as a result of increased sensitivity to natural or synthetic substances after contact with them (contact and allergic dermatitis), usually accompanied by irritation and itching.

The cream from the irritated reddened skin is quite capable to quickly improve its condition. It should include components that eliminate redness:

  • complex of vitamins of different groups;
  • components that prevent dehydration of the skin;
  • oils from seeds and seeds of plants, nut oils - nutritious and emollient ingredients;
  • extracts of medicinal plants of anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, soothing effect;
  • allantoin and provitamin B5 relieve redness of the skin.

You should carefully study the composition of the cream, so as not to acquire a remedy that includes any allergen. From the redness and irritation help the above described creams: Uryazh Cu Zn, Nezulin, Ushasty Nyan.

It helps to eliminate irritation, redness, peeling and itching of the skin. It does not contain hormones. The main components of the cream with anti-inflammatory effect are zinc pyrithione (possesses fungicidal activity) and dicalcium glycyrrhizinate (an active ingredient in licorice that removes inflammation, itching and practically no side effects even with prolonged use). The basis of Tsinovit are natural oils of vegetable origin (olive, jojoba, shea). There are no mineral oils and lanolin in the composition.

Used for allergies, insect bites, contact, atopic, etc. Dermatitis, burns, including. From the sun.

Apply to the irritated areas of the face and body evenly twice a day. Duration of use - without restriction, until the symptoms disappear.

And expensive, but, judging by the reviews, a very effective cream against redness and irritation GiGi Recovery Redness Relief Cream.

The cream instantly removes redness and irritation. Its texture, light and low-fat, imparts a feeling of comfort to the inflamed skin. Continuous use normalizes the natural functions of the skin, strengthens the walls of the vessels and increases the protective properties of the skin to negative external influences.

Antiallergic components of the cream have been clinically tested. They help to increase the immunity of the skin and eliminate redness, hypersensitivity, relieve swelling and tension. The composition of the cream includes ingredients that mimic the natural protective function of the skin, ensure the normal functioning of the skin, inactivate the enzyme that destroys the walls of the capillaries, thereby stabilizing the nutrition and hydration of the skin. Prevents the formation of rosacea.

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Cream for irritation due to diapers

In young children, the skin is tender, thin, not giving off enough fat, prone to drying out and irritation. Deficiency of cutaneous fat is especially noticeable on the areas of the body, closed diapers, which are most often irritations and intertrigo.

In cream protective under the diaper Eared nanny are connected two elements - cream and powder. This cream forms a protective film on the skin area, breathing, however, blocking the penetration of stimuli. Has anti-inflammatory, drying, astringent and disinfectant effect.

It is applied to places with rashes, redness and diaper rash as needed and under the diaper in order to prevent the appearance of irritations.

The composition does not include dyes, alcohol and banned components.

Hypoallergenic agent.

Active substances:

  • Zinc oxide - has a local anti-inflammatory, soothing, drying effect;
  • zinc stearate - has antimicrobial, healing effect;
  • Peach oil - softens, nourishes the skin, eliminates peeling, heals cracks, makes the skin soft and supple;
  • extract from flowers of calendula - has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial activity.

The leader of popular creams from irritation due to the use of diapers is cream Bubchen (Germany). The main components of this remedy are: zinc oxide, wheat germ oil, extracts of medicinal plants (resids, chamomiles), beeswax, vitamin E and panthenol. It eliminates diaper rash, irritation and inflammation of baby skin from diapers, does not cause allergies, there are no dyes and forbidden preservatives in the composition.

Italian cream Chicco baby moments removes diaper rash, irritation, protects the child's skin from irritation due to the use of diapers. The main components of this remedy are: zinc oxide, panthenol, extracts of medicinal plants. There are no harmful components in the composition. The disadvantage of this cream can be called its price, which significantly exceeds the cost of similar products of other brands.

Swiss Bepanten cream, including provitamin B5, lanolin, beeswax, chamomile and string extracts, has a good healing effect and a safe composition, since it is addressed for use in both diaper rash and diaper rash and nipple cracks during lactation (hence , the possible ingestion of a small amount of cream through the baby's mouth should not harm him).

The inguinal area of the skin from the irritation caused by the diaper can also be treated with the Uriyaz Cu Zn cream described above.

Summarizing, we can conclude that the best cream for skin irritation is the one that suits you. You can find it only by one method-trial and error.

Owners of sensitive skin need to stop their choice of hypoallergenic skin care products, protect it from external influences: ultraviolet radiation, drying in the heat, from wind, frost. It is necessary to use gloves during cleaning, work in the garden, wear clothes made from natural fabrics, wash clothes thoroughly, do not get carried away with spicy, smoked, fatty, exotic food. Follow the reactions of your body - having studied them, you can avoid many troubles.

The main thing is not to forget that symptoms similar to innocuous skin irritation can cause pathogens of skin infections and some diseases of internal organs, so if irritation does not go away and is aggravated, you need to see a doctor immediately.

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Storage conditions

If there are no other indications, cosmetic creams are stored at room temperature.

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To simplify the perception of information, this instruction for use of the drug "Creams for skin irritation" translated and presented in a special form on the basis of the official instructions for medical use of the drug. Before use read the annotation that came directly to medicines.

Description provided for informational purposes and is not a guide to self-healing. The need for this drug, the purpose of the treatment regimen, methods and dose of the drug is determined solely by the attending physician. Self-medication is dangerous for your health.

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