Creams from cellulite - active helpers in the difficult struggle with the "orange peel"

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At all times, women have paid much attention to their appearance. And although in different time periods there were standards of female beauty, the question of compliance with these standards was always relevant. It is the struggle for the beauty of the skin and the need to create specialized products, the most popular of which is the cream from cellulite.

Snow-white skin, rounded shoulders, full thighs and a thin waist - the ideal woman of the XVIII-early XIX centuries - went into oblivion. A beautiful tan, full breasts and slender legs are what modern women seek. His contribution to the correction of the standards of beauty makes and fashion, more and more exposing these very legs and making them more and more claims. And now, not only their proportions, but also the beauty of the skin are important. "Orange peel", or scientifically "cellulite", certainly does not paint female legs, as, indeed, other parts of the body.

Indications of the creams from cellulite

The fact that in the Renaissance, the admiration and worship of the stronger sex, namely small bumps and dimples on the delicate female skin, in our strict and well-adjusted sports age is called hostile "cellulite". Women tirelessly struggle with it, wanting to have a smooth and elastic skin, appropriate to the sporting style. Why women? Because cellulite is a truly female problem associated with the action of female sex hormones.

Most often, cellulite is caused by hormonal changes in the body of a woman: sexual maturation, pregnancy, menopause. Contribute to its appearance and improper diet with an abundance of indigestible food, and the presence of bad habits, and a sedentary lifestyle. Heredity, poor environmental conditions and constant stress contribute to the development of this pathological process.

In response to negative causes, the sex hormones in women begin to negatively affect the metabolism in the subcutaneous fat layer, causing changes in its structure that appear externally in the form of tuberosity of the skin. It is the tricks of female hormones called for the use of a cream against cellulite and other methods to combat it, improving the delivery of oxygen to the tissues of the body and promote the removal of fat and harmful toxins from it.

Creams from cellulite, undoubtedly, help to correct some skin imperfections, and yet, relying only on them, women often do not get the desired result. And the whole point is that the indications for the application of these creams are the early stages of cellulite development. Strong skin irregularities require other methods of treatment, and sometimes even the best cellulite cream can not rid the landlady of the "orange peel" from this unpleasant aesthetically unattractive defect.


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Release form

The names of the cellulite creams, as well as their composition, action and user feedback, can be different, but to get a decent result it is important to choose the cream that suits you. And this is better done with the participation of a specialist.

Fitness Body Cream-active

The manufacturer of the Russian cosmetic company Floresan. The cellulite cream helps to effectively combat external manifestations of cellulite and optimize metabolic processes in the deep layers of the skin.

The basis of the cream are plant components: extracts from plants (centella, fir, laminaria) and oils (camphor, juniper, mint). Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of the cream is determined by the properties of its constituent components. Laminaria from the depths of the White Sea saturates the skin with essential minerals, improving the water-salt balance in the subcutaneous fat layer and toning the skin. Fir has an antiseptic and sedative effect, and also stimulates metabolic processes, promotes the regeneration of body tissues. Camphoric oil improves the skin and has a warming and fat burning effect. Centella in combination with essential oils cleaves and removes fats and toxins from the body, tones up and strengthens the skin.

A good effect is the use of the cream "Fitness" in conjunction with other products in this series: gel-elastic against stretch marks, anti-cellulite scrub, mud mask for problem areas, etc.

Vitex, Xistan and Flourish against cellulite

The Belarusian cream from cellulite of the cosmetic company Belita along with an affordable price has an extraordinary effect in the fight against cellulite in the first and second stages of the development of the process. The composition of the cream includes algae caffeine, which promote the synthesis of collagen and strengthen the skin, activating intradermal metabolic processes. And also the oil extract of cayenne bitter pepper and essential oils of grapefruit, magnolia vine, orange, rhodiola rosea and rosemary, which have excellent anti-cellulite effect.

"Vitex" - a warming cream from cellulite. The warming effect is achieved by introducing into the cream of burning pepper, which enhances blood circulation. Under the influence of heat, fats and harmful substances quickly leave the body, and the skin becomes smooth and supple.

The cream from cellulite "Vitex" is used as a massage cream, since it is not designed for long-term exposure. The presence in the cream of pepper, which can cause burns, limits the range of its use. Such cream can not be used as a nutritious and moisturizing agent, which remains on the skin until it is completely absorbed and subsequently not washed off. "Vitex" after massage procedures must be washed off immediately with warm water.

A popular procedure in the fight against excess fat and manifestations of cellulite is the wrapping of problem areas with a film, under which warm anti-cellulite mixtures are applied. In this capacity, the cream "Vitex" won a special recognition among women, despite some discomfort during the procedure.

Cream with red pepper should be used carefully with sensitive skin. During the application of the cream, you can feel the burning sensation in the application area. This is a common side effect for preparations containing pepper that does not require withdrawal of the drug.

Another brainchild of the cosmetic industry is the Chinese cream from cellulite with red pepper company Xistan. In addition to the oil of pepper in its composition there is an extract of fucus, propolis, vitamin complex. The cream causes a noticeable burning sensation. Apply it twice a day. Used for easy massage and wraps, if there are no contraindications and allergic reactions.

Well peppered was a Thai cream from cellulite Flourish, containing several types of hot pepper: black and chili. Due to this, it has the strongest heating effect and burning, continuing and after the cream is washed off the skin. Not everyone can withstand such a procedure. In addition to pepper, the cream contains carnitine, mineral oils with vitamin E and green tea, which effectively soften the skin, make it smooth and supple, and also prevent stretch marks.

Effective cream on the first 3 stages of cellulite when used twice a week for wraps. Do not use on sensitive parts of the body and in the presence of varicose veins and a vascular network.

Typhoon - the enemy of cellulite

The invention of the Ukrainian specialists means "Typhoon" - another cream from cellulite with a pronounced warming effect. In the cream you can find a red cayenne red pepper familiar to us, stimulating blood circulation and optimizing metabolism, as well as extracts of guarana and lotus, laminaria, coffee bean oil and Siberian cedar seeds, carnitine, lecithin.

The extract of berries of guarana stimulates cellular nutrition and energy exchange, which facilitates the rapid removal of toxins from the body. Lotus flowers strengthen the walls of blood vessels, normalizing blood and lymph circulation. Laminaria (seaweed) is involved in the processes of removing excess fluid from the tissues of the body and repairing cells. A enzyme lipase, which is part of brown algae, is responsible for the breakdown of fats.

Caffeine in the coffee beans is also able to break down fats and improve metabolism in the subcutaneous layer. In addition, it positively affects the skin condition, making it supple and elastic. The coffee oil in the cream softens the aggressively active effect of red pepper.

Cedar oil serves to stimulate blood circulation, strengthen blood vessels and normalize the water-salt balance in the body. It also prevents the return of cellulite in the future.

Carnitine is a natural substance present in the human body and stimulates the production of lipase. It is akin to the vitamins of group B. It is an excellent fat burner, which also prevents the accumulation of adipose tissue and the formation of cellulite. Lecithin is also able to deliver the active ingredients of the cream into the deeper layers of the skin.

In the cream with seaweed and red pepper "Typhoon" we use the amazing Speed Slim technology, thanks to which the active components of the product are enclosed in liquid crystal lattices, which keep them on the skin for a long time. Thanks to this design, the cream lasts up to 8 hours.

Turboslim in the struggle for smoothness of the skin

"Turboslim" - another Russian cream from cellulite with a slightly controversial composition. It combines menthol with its irritating and cooling effect, due to which, at its use, there is a noticeable chill on the skin, and aminophylline, which has a pronounced warming effect, actually dissolving the fat cells and then removing them from the body.

The rich composition of the cream helps to burn fat and smooth the skin at the application site. Grapefruit oil has a refreshing effect, increases blood flow. Benzyl nicotinate also has an identical effect in the composition of the cream. Provitamin B5 smooths the skin and promotes its regeneration. Carnitine promotes the natural conversion of fats into energy. Vitamin E improves cellular respiration, optimizes metabolic processes in cells. Ginkgo biloba stimulates the removal of fluid from the fat layer, strengthens the vessels. Spiny loam strengthens the drainage effect of the previous component.

But the most interesting component is, of course, the extract of fucus (brown algae), which optimizes water-salt metabolism in the subcutaneous fat layer, stimulates the active withdrawal of toxins and excess fluid from the body tissues, improves skin tone, making it smooth and supple.

Cream with brown seaweed "Turboslim", like the previous means of cellulite, it is more appropriate to apply 2 times a day, actively rubbing into the skin of problem areas.

Medications and cellulite

They help in the struggle for the smoothness and beauty of the skin and some medicines originally intended for other purposes: Capsicam, Aminophylline, and Eufillin. Anti-cellulite properties of these drugs were noticed accidentally, when when applied to the skin showed a smoothing effect. And the thing is that these medicines have a warming property, like many anti-cellulite drugs.

"Capsicum" - ointment with anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, used in the treatment of osteochondrosis, arthritis, muscle spasms and some other diseases. Thanks to camphor and turpentine oil, a warming effect is achieved, some other active ingredients help to relieve inflammation in the tissues, which is also important in the treatment of cellulite.

The use of ointments as wraps and rubs in the skin can cause both non-hazardous (redness and slight burning) and unwanted (swelling, itching, rashes on the skin) side effects. The second can be associated with both an overdose of the drug and with individual intolerance. Other contraindications to the use of ointment are the age of up to 16 years, pregnancy and breastfeeding, skin lesions.

Ointment is used 2-3 times a day in a volume of 1-3 g. Such treatment of cellulite can last no more than 10 days. Using a larger volume of ointment, it is necessary to reduce the number of applications. Wraps with "Kapsikam" are akin to salon procedures and give a similar effect to them, if you carry out wraps regularly in combination with diet and exercise.

Apply ointment "Capsicum" as a cream from cellulite in its pure form is undesirable. Most often it is mixed with a thick enough cream for the skin, anti-cellulite or baby cream. The option with caffeine is good for wraps. For this, a third of a teaspoon of ointment is mixed with 2 ampoules of pharmacy caffeine and a teaspoon of any cream. The mixture is applied to problem areas, tightly closed (wrapped) with a film and additionally insulated. The wrapping procedure is carried out for 30 minutes, after which the skin is cleaned with warm water and moistened with a special cream.

For rubbing it is better to use any fatty baby cream mixed with ointment (4: 1 ratio). To the composition, you can add 5 drops of essential oils of mandarin, grapefruit, lemon.

"Aminophylline" - a medicinal product intended for the treatment of bronchial asthma. Produced in the form of tablets, solutions and cream. The latter is just used to get rid of cellulite. The drug, like the previous one, has a warming effect, which increases blood circulation, speeds up metabolic processes in tissues, due to which the excess fluid is actively removed and the skin becomes more smooth and elastic. As you remember, it is aminophylline found in the effective means of cellulite "Turboslim", as well as in many other expensive means of famous brands.

To prepare the cream at home, you can use a solution of aminophylline in ampoules. Home cream from cellulite on the basis of this drug can be prepared in several ways. Most often use a mixture of the drug with vegetable oil, petroleum jelly or baby cream (proportion 1: 1). In another version of the anti-cellulite cream, 10 mg of aminophylline (1-2 ampoules) should be mixed with 10 ml of composition-enhancing dimexide and 40 lean cream. If you have an anti-cellulite cream without aminophylline in your home, you can improve its effect by adding 10 mg of this drug to 50 g of cream.

For wraps, you can use mixtures of aminophylline with massage cream or with dimexid and essential oils of citrus (plus cream for the desired consistency).

"Eufillin" - an analogue of the previous drug, which is manufactured by the pharmaceutical industry in tableted and liquid (in the form of ampoules with the drug) form. The active substance is aminophylline.

Using "Eufillin" as the main component, you can also prepare yourself a good cream to fight cellulite. For this purpose, you can use the above recipes in the same proportions and volumes.

Both drugs help to easily cope with external manifestations of cellulite, if applied as part of a comprehensive program to get rid of this problem, i.e. In combination with massage, special exercises, a healthy lifestyle and diet. However, it must be taken into account that these drugs have multiple contraindications for use: acute and chronic renal failure, gastritis and ulcerative gastrointestinal diseases, liver and heart diseases, epilepsy, etc. It is undesirable to use them both during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

If during the treatment of cellulite you are taking any medications, then it is necessary to take into account the interaction of the above drugs with other drugs in order to avoid side effects, overdose and not to reduce the effectiveness of treatment.

The use of drugs after the expiration date may also have undesirable consequences. The shelf life of these medicines in ampoules is 2 years (Euphyllin) and 3 years (Aminophylline), in tablets - 5 years, subject to strict observance of storage conditions. Store dosage forms must at room temperature (20 to about C for up to 30 ampoules of C Pill) away from moisture and light.

The healing gel "Horsepower" was also developed as an anesthetic and anti-inflammatory agent in joint diseases. But by nature, attentive women noticed in its effect the effect is similar to the salon cold wrap and began to use the gel to treat cellulite. In this case, the effect is noticeable after a week of using the gel.

Ingredients: horse chestnut extract (strengthens blood vessels and eliminates blood clots), medical leech, menthol, camphor, bee propolis, a little pepper plus plant extracts. Amazing natural gel for a month of application will not only save you from early cellulite, but also significantly reduce the manifestations of varicose veins, bringing a double benefit. A good anti-cellulite action is achieved when using a gel for hourly wraps.

Creams of cellulite of famous brands

Probably, there is no such popular brand of cosmetic products that would bypass the problem of hated cellulite, because this problem worries the modern women. Walking in step with the times, cosmetic companies are developing more and more anti-cellulite products that make life easier for women.

Gel and cream from cellulite of the domestic brand "Clean Line" has become popular with many women as a relatively inexpensive, but effective tool for combating the "orange crust." Carefully selected natural components of the cream help to significantly reduce the appearance of cellulite, despite the fact that a low price raises doubts about its effectiveness. And in vain. Selecting the composition of the cream, the developers relied on the knowledge and achievements of Tibetan medicine, which is famous throughout the world.

The main component of the cream "Pure Line Anti-Cellulite" is rhodiola pink, or golden root. And although this plant is unable to remove fat from the subcutaneous layer, its oily extract as a whole positively affects the skin, nourishing and renewing its cells, making it whiter than smooth and less flabby.

The next component of the drug is a ginseng extract. Who would have thought, but it also possesses anti-cellulite properties due to its ability to simply draw fluid from the tissues of the body, increase blood circulation and normalize the exchange of proteins.

Dandelion extract is also not an extraneous in the cream "Clean Line". It is able to significantly soften the skin and remove excess fluid from the cells, thereby achieving a smoothing effect.

Perhaps this cream against cellulite and does not have the speed, because it is more caring cream for the body, and not therapeutic cosmetics. Nevertheless, applying it daily on a warm massage and cleansed skin for 3 months, you can achieve a significant positive effect and significantly improve the appearance of your skin in problem areas.

Do not stand aside and the French cosmetics company Vichy, a cream from cellulite which is not just a caring, but a curative and preventive tool. The unique composition of the cream, based on lipocedin, helps accelerate the regeneration of muscle tissue by activating the production of collagen. The extract from coffee beans helps to increase blood circulation in problem areas for active burning of fat, and the special substance of the aquatoril significantly moistens the skin, giving it a well-groomed appearance.

Super Vichy cream has a significant speed and does not require everyday use. To quickly achieve the result, it is sufficient to apply it to the zones affected by cellulite 2-3 times a week.

Anti-cellulite cosmetics Guam (Guam) - a professional tool to combat cellulite and stretch marks on the skin, and it includes not one cream, but a whole line of anti-cellulite creamy products.

Created on the basis of brown algae, coffee, clay, essential oils, therapeutic muds, vitamins, these products help to effectively and safely combat various manifestations of cellulite, both external and internal. Remarkable action of creams render in treatment of a cellulitis of 1-3 degrees.

45-minute wraps with a cream of Guam are very effective in this direction. Hot wraps are designed for the early stages of the "orange peel". Cold are more suitable for later stages of cellulite and in the presence of varicose veins and a vascular network on the skin.

The result from the use of cosmetics Guam is visible after a month from the beginning of application. Numerous positive reviews confirm the effectiveness of these funds. And it is not surprising, because anti-cellulite program is a priority in the development of the Italian company, which occupies an honorary place in the world cosmetics market for 26 years.

A long and well-established American company with numerous production bases Avon also contributed to the struggle for the beauty of the female figure. According to consumers' reviews, anti-cellulite cream from Avon Cosmetic Company "CelluSculpt" (Body Sculptor) is inferior in performance to the previous ones, but it is quite suitable for full-fledged skin care and cellulite prevention. It also contributes to the reduction of body volume. Similar reviews about the body lotion "Freedom from cellulite", while many consumers are confused by the presence of a large number of chemical additives in it.

The composition "Body Sculptor" includes L-carnitine, caffeine and vegetable extracts of hawthorn, chaykhu herb from China, Korean grass of the court. The effect of these components is aimed at increasing blood flow, removing fluid from the tissues, softening and enhancing the tone of the skin.

This cream does not belong to a warming or massage series. It should be simply rubbed into problem areas.

With all responsibility, the Polish cosmetic company Evelyn took up the task of ridding women of the "orange peel". In its assortment there are more than 20 different anti-cellulite serums, gels, scrubs, peelings and creams of the Slim Extreme 3D series to solve this delicate problem.

A bright representative of this series is a thermoactive cream-gel from cellulite with a warming effect, which actively burns fat in problem areas, reduces the appearance of cellulite and corrects the figure. This cream can cope even with the neglected forms of cellulite, penetrating into the deep layers of the epidermis thanks to the unique complex of Isocell Slim.

Special formula Thermo Fat Burner provides warming of tissues in the right places, strengthening blood circulation and stopping the development of fatty deposits. Caffeine in the cream is a kind of iron, removing from the tissues of the body excess moisture and smoothing the skin. Zentella and kelp optimize metabolism in the subcutaneous fat layer, activate collagen synthesis, moisturize and saturate the skin with useful substances.

The cream shows very good results, but since it is warming up, its application is undesirable for varicose veins, vascular network, weakness of vessels and sensitive skin.

The cream from cellulite of the well-known company Niveja "Good-bye, cellulite" is a slightly different plan. It is already a cooling cream against cellulite, which has no contraindications, except for hypersensitivity to its components.

In its composition, we can already see the usual L-carnitine and caffeine - the main elements of metabolic correction, as well as new components such as white tea extract and anise. The latter, along with caffeine, causes a cooling effect.

The cream is applied with light massage movements and is not used for wrapping.

Multicomponent gel-corrector 2 in 1TM Black pearl is one of the inexpensive means of cellulite, which allows not only to reduce the appearance of cellulite, but also to reduce body volumes to desired ones.

Among all components of the cream, there are three that help the cream enter the category of anti-cellulite. Fucus extract helps to smooth the skin and collagen synthesis, giving the skin elasticity. Biocreatine stimulates metabolic processes in tissues, gives the skin firmness. Chestnut extract moisturizes, strengthens blood flow and protects the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays.

The cream can be used both for rubbing and massage, and for wraps.

Professional natural series of anti-cellulite products

Russian Scientific Center for Revitalization and Health within the framework of cosmetics The compliment has developed two interesting creams from cellulite with the opposite effect: with cryo-effect (cooling) and thermal effect (warming up). Gel-lifting Compliment Slim 5D contains carnitine, caffeine, bioflavonoids, unique plant complexes and formulas that enhance their effect, 2 types of algae, saturating the skin with trace elements and energy.

In the cosmetics of TM Elancyl you can find not only a variety of creams and scrubs, but also various concentrates and balms that allow you to approximate your skin and silhouette to the ideal. Anti-cellulite cosmetics are created on the basis of plant extracts with drainage and fat burning properties.

The Italian cosmetics brand Kolystar is not yet sufficiently developed in the CIS countries, however, a good indicator is that the company's products use pharmaceutical knowledge and conduct dermatological research. Another important feature for women is the production of Kolystar - a pleasant fragrance of cosmetics.

A range of anti-cellulite products Kolystar is represented by several products with different natural composition. These are gels with cryo- and thermo effects, and thermal cream with horse chestnut, and salt, and dirt for wraps and much more. There is even a night serum in the company's assortment, which increases the elasticity of the skin during sleep. In all anti-cellulite products Collistar natural substances are used, showing outstanding abilities in the fight against the hated "orange peel".

Home creams from cellulite

A cheap but no less effective cream against cellulite can be prepared at home, using safe and familiar ingredients. Such components of creams from a cellulitis it is possible to name favorite by many coffee and a mummy (mountain pitch). Consider several recipes for effective home remedies for combating orange peel.

  • A simple cream with coffee and oat flakes.

Freshly ground coffee and grinded with a coffee grinder oat flakes take in equal proportions. Add a mixture of sour cream or yogurt to the mixture, so that it has acquired the consistency of the cream. Use the cream for a 10-minute massage, applying it to the heated skin, and rinse with water. Procedures are conducted the day before the desired effect.

  • Coffee cream mask.

Cosmetic clay and ground coffee, mix in equal amounts and dilute with water until the mask of medium density. Application: first massage with cream for 10 minutes, then wrap the problem spots with cream film and wrap them for 1 hour. After the time has elapsed, wash off the mask with warm water.

  • The simplest cream with mummies.

5-6 tablets mummy is dissolved in a small amount of water until a liquid slurry is obtained. We add the solution of mummy to 100 g of any cream (better children's) and diligently mix. The cream has a sharp odor, so store it better in tightly closed containers. It is applied daily for massage.

  • Cream with aromatic oils and mummies.

To the tube of baby cream, add 10 drops of effective oils from cellulite (citrus, juniper, cinnamon) and mix thoroughly. Add 2 crushed mummies to the mixture and mix the mixture again. We get a wonderful massage cream for daily use.

  • Coffee scrub with mummy.

Mixing the same parts of ground coffee, sour cream and any moisturizer and adding to the composition of 2 g of mummy, we get a beautiful cream-cellulite cream that strengthens blood circulation, normalizes metabolic processes, exfoliates dead skin, stimulates skin renewal processes.

Use of the creams from cellulite during pregnancy

Uncontrolled use of creams from cellulite during pregnancy is also not welcomed by doctors. The use of creams with essential oils and chemical additives can complicate the course of pregnancy and harm the unborn child. The destruction of fatty deposits is accompanied by the entry into the body of a woman of certain harmful substances dangerous to the fetus.

Under the control should be the amount of vitamins supplied to the mother's body, since an excess of some of them can lead to an abnormal development of the fetus. But most creams contain a certain amount of vitamin substances.

All these nuances do not indicate that during pregnancy you do not need to watch yourself, letting the process of natural formation of fatty deposits take care of itself, but only confirm the need to consult a doctor about this problem. This will help a woman to maintain beauty during a happy expectation of a baby's birth without harm to her health and fetal health.

In addition, creams from cellulite have a warming or cooling effect on the skin. The former are more popular because everyone knows that cellulite is "afraid" of heat, however, people who suffer from varicose veins may be more harmed by the use of such drugs than good. Varicosity, in turn, is a frequent companion to pregnant women.


The use of creams at random also does not contribute to an early and effective solution of the problem. First, the creams from cellulite have both general and individual contraindications for use. Usually, these creams have a rich composition, and some of their components can cause allergic reactions. Therefore, before you deal with the treatment of skin from cellulite, you need to consult on this topic with a doctor-cosmetologist, so as far as possible to exclude negative reactions.

Damage and sores on the skin are also contraindications to the use of various anti-cellulite creams, and even more so wraps using these products. These creams do not have a healing effect, but to cause additional irritation and inflammation of the skin at the site of damage are quite capable.

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Dosing and administration

Many women, buying by the advice of their friends or a cream of cellulite, simply do not read the annotations, but smear the remedy on the skin and expect a positive effect. Without waiting for this, they start writing negative reviews about creams in various forums, knocking down other fans of beautiful skin from the true path. In fact, the reason for the lack of effect from the use of the cream is often hidden in its incorrect application and not using methods to control the "orange peel" that enhance the action of anti-cellulite drugs.

An important factor in the effectiveness of funds from cellulite is the preparation for applying the formulation to the skin. Even the most effective cellulite cream will not be able to help you solve the problem, if you apply it to a skin that has not been previously scrubbed with a scrub or special lotion. After all, the components of the cream will not be able to penetrate deep into the epidermis through the dirt, dust and hardened skin, to begin there fighting against fat deposits and accumulated liquid in them.

As for the use of the anti-cellulite drugs themselves, some creams and gels are effective if they are rubbed into the skin with light massage movements, others require more active massage. Usually the method of application can be found directly on a tube with a cream or look on the Internet.

Healing creams from cellulite are often used for hot wraps, when a layer of cream is applied to the skin cleaned and warmed by massage, turns into a film and wrapped. At the same time, the temperature in the site of action of the cream is increased and the fat burning effect is enhanced. With varicose veins, sensitive skin, weak blood vessels and the presence of a vascular network from the use of such creams should be discarded.

Some creams are more suitable for cold wraps. In this case, the cleansed skin is applied to the cream and covered with a film without additional warming. Such wraps have no contraindications, except for hypersensitivity to the cream.

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An important condition, which is worth paying attention to, is the time of exposure to the cream for various methods of application. The regularity of using anti-cellulite funds is also not a tip for the "tick". If you think that more frequent use of the cream than indicated in the annotation will give the best result, then you are very wrong. It is better to supplement the action of the cream with regular physical activity, a low-calorie diet, massage and water procedures than to rape the skin, using the cream against cellulite uncontrolled, especially with hot pepper. Believe me, in this case, the positive effect will not take long.


To simplify the perception of information, this instruction for use of the drug "Creams from cellulite - active helpers in the difficult struggle with the "orange peel"" translated and presented in a special form on the basis of the official instructions for medical use of the drug. Before use read the annotation that came directly to medicines.

Description provided for informational purposes and is not a guide to self-healing. The need for this drug, the purpose of the treatment regimen, methods and dose of the drug is determined solely by the attending physician. Self-medication is dangerous for your health.

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