Baby face creams for adults and children

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Everyone wants to look younger, but not everyone can afford to spend a lot of money on beauty. And quality branded cosmetics, addressed to women of a certain age, costs a lot, and you need to use it almost constantly. That's what many beauties are looking for economical options for rejuvenation and care. Children's face cream is just such an option.

Is it okay to use baby cream on your face?

Regarding whether it is possible to use baby cream for the face, among cosmetologists there is disagreement. Some consider it very useful for moisturizing, softening, getting rid of inflammation, protection from the sun, wind and cold, treating acne and soothing the skin. Baby cream for the face with these purposes are used in courses, to increase the effectiveness of mixed with essential oils and other useful components. Such creams in combination with mumie used to eliminate stretch marks.

Opponents of using the drug not for its intended purpose remind about the differences between the skin of an infant and an adult. So, if the film that is formed in the child is needed to protect the skin from adverse factors, then for a mature woman it is superfluous. Because it retains toxins, slows down metabolism, glues dead epidermal cells. This is fraught with slight swelling, which can be mistakenly perceived as smoothing of folds.

Against this background, tenderness and silkiness, which really appear thanks to lanolin, lose their attractiveness. Moreover, in the future, cells begin to lose moisture and become filled with toxic substances, and this inevitably leads to deterioration of the appearance and condition of the skin. Flaking, redness, increased sensitivity to temperature changes may appear.

What cosmetologists do not forbid is the use of the product in a solarium or on the beach. It reliably protects from UV and possible burns.

Benefits of baby face cream

The main benefit of baby face cream is that the formulas include natural extracts and oils of plants, the basis is lanolin or glycerin. They create a shell that protects the delicate body of babies from external aggression. However, such a shell interferes with mature skin: it does not allow it to breathe and can, with constant application, turn into a kind of harmful shell.

  • Using baby face cream periodically, you can solve individual skin problems: return velvety and softness, get rid of dryness and acne, protect against cold and wind.

The protective function also extends to UV light: lubricated skin is not subject to burns - neither on the beach nor in the solarium. But visually creates the effect of tightening sagging areas. And in a mixture with mumie creams are used not only for the face, but also to eliminate tightening on the abdomen, thighs.

Indications Baby face cream

Baby cream for the adult face is used for these purposes:

  • for smoothing;
  • moisturizing;
  • weatherproofing;
  • for daily maintenance;
  • to tighten the oval;
  • burn prevention;
  • for the prevention and treatment of cracked nipples;
  • against acne, weathered skin, sore corners of the mouth;
  • to eliminate small stretch marks (in combination with mumie).

Masks based on an oily product get rid of excess pigmentation. The presence of these problems is usually determined by the woman herself, because cosmetologists give preference to individual recommendations based on specific indications for use.

Talk about the harm of baby cosmetics for adults is based on the fact that the skin becomes softer and more delicate only for a while. Lanolin layer, which performs the function of protection on the body of newborns, is beneficial because the cells of a little person renew very quickly and protection does not have time to be produced. The protective film comes to the aid of natural processes. Adults, however, it is not necessary. On the contrary, inhibits metabolic processes, clogs respiratory pores, which over time leads to the opposite result - the deterioration of the look and condition of the face. Therefore, children's creams are allowed temporarily, only for therapeutic purposes, until the elimination of the problem.

Release form

Bübchen Baby Face Cream

Using "Gentle" baby cream bubchen for face German-made, the following results are obtained:

  • moisturizing;
  • mitigation;
  • nutrition.

That is, baby face cream of this brand provides complete care. One of its important advantages is the absence of dyes and fragrances.

Bubchen for babies is also used for diaper rash. It is excellent for relieving irritations and provides care for delicate areas, in particular during night sleep.

  • Zinc disinfects and dries problem areas, chamomile and panthenol soothes, wax protects from adverse factors and regenerates cells under the formed film.

Bubchen can also be adapted to adult skin, because almond oil and karite oil promote rejuvenation, soften the dry epidermal layer. But it is not recommended to use it for a long time, because there is a risk of swelling and hypersensitivity to other cosmetics. For example, if you use the cream continuously for six months, it becomes difficult to return to "adult" means. The face takes a long time to get used to them, reacting with redness and swelling. Staying for a long time with children's cosmetics is also impossible, because it does not provide mature skin with all the necessary components.

Tic Tac Baby Face Cream

Popular baby cream "Tik Tak" for face is used by many people, because it has been tested by several generations of women. The product contains natural extracts and oils that perfectly meet the needs of the delicate skin of babies. Features of baby face cream:

  • moisturizes, normalizes moisture balance;
  • soothes sensitive areas, eliminates redness and inflammation;
  • comfortable on the skin;
  • eliminates dryness and discomfort;
  • prevents it from getting weathered;
  • provides everyday care;
  • enriches with natural ingredients;
  • Does not include dyes or parabens.

In the formulation of "Tik Tak" - extracts of powerful healing plants: thyme, yarrow, calamus. It also includes lanolin, wax, glycerin, beta-carotene. Thyme heals damaged cells, treats inflammation. Yarrow fights inflammation, normalizes microcirculation, stimulates metabolism. Kalina strengthens, disinfects, removes dead cells and helps renew the skin; tones, strengthens, protects against the aggression of external factors.

By using Tic Tacs for adults, you can save on cost without risking allergies. It can be applied to the face and other parts of the body, winter and summer. It protects equally well against both burns and weathered skin. But there are risks, especially for oily skin: the film can cause pore clogging and lipid accumulation.

Baby nourishing face cream

Calendula extract is the main component of the WELEDA brand baby nourishing face cream of the same name. The company produces a series of children's products with calendula: shampoo-gel, baby oil, soap. The cream with nourishing and soothing properties is intended for everyday care of face and body, for lubrication of the changing area during diaper changes.

Does not contain synthetic and allergenic ingredients, but is rich in anti-inflammatory liquids - extracts of calendula and chamomile. Copes with mild inflammations and irritations, makes the skin especially gentle. Wax and lanolin protect from aggressive factors, leaving the skin to breathe.

Baby face cream for adults is used due to its naturalness and favorable effect on the cover. In many cases, it can benefit, make the skin smooth, moisturized, soft. Especially effective use on dry and hypersensitive skin. Fat skin is also "to face" children's cosmetics, because it has antibacterial properties, gets rid of acne, maintains the epidermis in good condition.

  • However, radical changes such as rejuvenation from children's preparations should not be expected. And to decide whether they can really replace "adult" cosmetics, should be decided on an individual basis.

Baby chanterelle cream for face

One of the reliable and time-tested - children's cream "Foxy" for the face. It is used for any age. Softens, moisturizes, protects young skin. Does not allow the formation of diaper rash, redness and peeling. And it is understandable, because the recipe is designed to take into account the peculiarities of children's skin.

  • Completely safe ingredients, non-allergenicity, low price - convincing arguments in favor of this baby face cream.

The active ingredient sunflower oil will remind many mothers of the times of shortages, when the scarce market lacked funds even baby soap and shampoo. Grandmothers advised to lubricate the skin of newborns with ordinary sunflower oil, after preliminary sterilization by boiling. And folk cosmetics worked perfectly. It also works in the composition of cosmetic preparations, such as "Chanterelles".

One of the best remedies is an extract of chamomile pharmacy, it is matched by eucalyptus oil. The components eliminate itching, redness, inflammation, soothe the upper layer of the skin, have antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory effects, heal and soften.

  • Lanolin is a substance close in quality to skin fat. It forms a light coating on the skin, preventing moisture loss and undesirable effects of external factors.

Vitamin A is very useful for the epidermis, as it eliminates dryness and its consequences, heals lesions and inflamed areas. It is effective against frostbite, chapped skin, weathered skin.

According to the reviews of women who use "Lisichka", the product is excellent for protection from cold and eliminating its consequences. It is suitable for lip protection, lubrication of heels, elbows, other rough spots. The only condition - do not use it constantly, for daily care: it does not contain components necessary for non-child skin, and lanolin film significantly impedes the breathing of skin pores.

Baby face cream for wrinkles

Compared to super-popular preparations, baby face cream for wrinkles has a number of advantages, starting with an affordable price. It can be purchased at any point where the relevant products are sold. Perfectly moisturizes not only young, but also too dry adult skin.

Lanolin base ensures hypoallergenic and safe baby cream for the face and for other areas of the body - even eyelids or nipples, where cracks form during infant feeding. Lanolin, included in medicines, treats skin inflammations of various etiologies, and the absence of chemicals makes the cream useful for allergies and sensitive skin.

  • Naturally, the reaction of adult skin to baby cream can be individualized in terms of effectiveness. All we can say is that younger or well-maintained skin will respond with a better effect than mature or neglected skin.

Nevertheless, children's preparations are really able to eliminate small folds and make deep wrinkles less noticeable. However, experts do not approve of the constant application of such products to the periocular areas.

  • Side effects are also possible, namely pore clogging, film formation and retention of harmful metabolic products in the thickness, as well as excessive gloss on the surface.

Strengthen the effectiveness of children's preparations can be independently, adding useful ingredients depending on the peculiarities of the dermis. Thus, essential oils enrich with vitamins, soften, moisturize. Mumie will make the face younger and fresher. Aloe will provide a gentle lifting. Some moms apply baby cream under foundation.

Baby cream Kroha for face

"Kroha", created by Vitex specialists, is made on the basis of vegetable oils of high quality, which soften, nourish, eliminate inflammation and irritation. They are also highly effective against diaper rash and rashes.

  • The product, judging by the name, is recommended for very young children, but thanks to this composition, as well as antioxidant activity, use baby cream for face and adults, mostly mothers of babies. It is easy for them to trace the beneficial effects of Belarusian children's cream "Kroha" for the face or its inexpensive analogs.

Chamomile, celandine, jojoba, eucalyptus - these are just some of the plant components that have been recognized by cosmetologists since time immemorial. Thanks to a successful composition of ingredients, the product perfectly shows itself when applied to an adult face: it protects from heat and cold, does not clog pores, is quickly absorbed, and also sparingly consumed, which is important for daily use.

Some women consider it multifunctional and successfully use it for hands and body, in particular, apply it after shaving legs. The advantages of this cream, as well as other Belarusian creams, include a light, unobtrusive fragrance and low cost at a fairly high quality.

Baby cream with panthenol for face

The Ukrainian manufacturer "Domashniy Doctor" is popular not only in Ukraine. Its products are characterized by traditional formulas with an abundance of natural ingredients. Cosmetics for children, in particular children's face and body creams, are used by many women - ready-made or to create their own homemade recipes.

For adults using panthenol face cream for kids, the key word is panthenol, which is beneficial to the dermis:

  • soothes sensitive and inflammation-prone skin;
  • heals microcracks caused by severe dryness;
  • additionally moisturizes and softens.

On adult skin, panthenol acts as a rejuvenating medicine. It is completely safe, so it can be used in pregnancy or during lactation. Other creams for babies also contain panthenol.

  • Moye Solnyshko Baby Panthenol Cream contains 5% D-panthenol. Intensively moisturizes, restores dry and exposed to aggressive factors skin, prevents irritation of sensitive skin. Protective film retains moisture and prevents UV rays.

Bubchen Special Protectant contains vitamin E and fish oil in addition to panthenol. Women use it for both face and hands. But not everyone likes the specific odor caused by fish oil.

  • Inexpensive "Children's nourishing" cream "Vesna" attracts mainly a minimal price and not bad quality.

"Sun and Moon" for face and body is created with sensitive skin in mind. It is used as an all-purpose product, including for elbows and knees.

Magic Herbs baby cream is an inexpensive soothing product that is two-thirds natural. Instead of water, herbal extracts are included in the formula. Suitable for newborns from the first days of life, including protection against mosquito bites.

Alice baby cream for face

Children's skin is exposed and vulnerable to various factors. Uncomfortable temperatures, ultraviolet light, hard water - just some of the factors that can break the protective barrier and cause a reaction in the form of redness, irritation, pain and other discomfort of the little man. After all, the skin glands, like other organs of the baby, do not work at full strength and can not prevent undesirable phenomena. For this and there are children's creams, for face and body. They are designed to fill the lack of such substances and strengthen the protection of the skin.

  • Adults have learned to utilize the right properties of baby cosmetics for their own purposes.

So, children's cream Alice for the face is used by many mothers and grandmothers of babies. Reasonably believing that if the drug is safe for infant skin, because it does not contain harmful ingredients, then adults will benefit.

The formula is enriched with yarrow, chamomile and thyme extracts with antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Mink oil, lanolin and vitamin A effectively nourish, soften and moisturize soft tissues.

The cream has a creamy consistency, it is easily distributed on the skin and absorbed without a trace - without leaving greasy traces, but leaving a visible positive effect. For care and prevention, the main thing is to apply it correctly: on a clean face after water procedures.


The pharmacodynamics of lanolin, one of the active components of children's creams, is described. It is useful for the face because it creates a protective shell that resists aggressive weather. When applied externally, lanolin and lanolin-containing creams are not absorbed into the systemic bloodstream.


Manufacturers do not provide information on the pharmacokinetics of pediatric facial creams.

Dosing and administration

Packages usually indicate the method of application and dosage of cosmetic products. Most children's face creams are applied daily to clean, dry skin. Kroha cream, for example, is applied several times a day.

  • For dry skin, this cream serves as a moisturizer. In case of rashes, it soothes, reduces inflammation. To accelerate the result, you can add a few drops of eucalyptus or calendula oil. When applying a thin layer twice a day, inflammation disappears after about a week.

It is important to apply creams in a thin layer, with delicate movements, without beating into the skin. To avoid swelling, do not leave on overnight. It is believed that a cosmetic product left on for more than 10 minutes prevents the skin from breathing and clogs pores.

If the skin does not need moisturizing, you should not strain it with baby face creams or other cosmetics of this kind.

Use Baby face cream during pregnancy

The question of using baby creams during pregnancy and after childbirth remains open. They are actively used by expectant mothers, and not only for facial care, but also against stretch marks, although experts vocally recommend the use of special cosmetics for pregnant women.

In favor of children's products is the fact that they do not contain substances contraindicated during the period of expectation of the child, and, obviously, is not able to harm neither the fetus nor the woman carrying it.


The main contraindication to the use of children's face creams - both for children and adults - is individual intolerance to the ingredients. In case of unhealthy shine, strong greasiness, acne, application of such a product should be stopped.

Side effects Baby face cream

Baby face creams rarely cause allergies. If there are side effects, their use should be abandoned.


Overdose is unlikely with temporary use of children's face creams.

Interactions with other drugs

No interactions of pediatric facial creams have been described.

Storage conditions

According to the instructions, the storage conditions for creams are from 0 to 25 degrees Celsius, individual children's face creams - up to 30 degrees Celsius. Moisture, dirt, careless use contribute to product deterioration.

Shelf life

Shelf life of children's face creams after opening the package - up to 6 months. Unopened jars and tubes retain shelf life up to a year, some - 18 months. If the optimal mode is observed, the drug can last longer.

Natural cosmetics are stored even less - up to 3 months. Change in consistency, color, aroma speaks not in favor of the cream. Using expired children's products is dangerous to health.


Mothers are actively exchanging reviews of baby cosmetics and creatively approach its use. In particular, they experiment on themselves, assuring themselves that in the children's face cream will not put anything bad. Then write about impressions from the application, which, however, sin subjectivity or outright advertising-anti-advertising. Therefore, when choosing a remedy is best to focus on the composition, expert advice and personal acquaintances.

Best baby face cream

Most rankings determine the best creams in terms of benefits for baby skin, particularly baby's problem areas. When lubricating baby skin, moms spontaneously use the remnants of baby face cream or apply to their own problem areas: elbows, knees, back of hands. Determine the best baby face creams more reliably by the reviews of those who have personally tested their merits in practice, as well as securing the opinion of competent experts.

Features of creams of different brands:

  • The Japanese brand PIGEON is highly praised for its reverent attitude towards babies. The innovative formula contains substances similar to the original lubricant.
  • The MUSTELA bebe line of hygiene products is recognized not only by the French, but also by loving parents in other countries around the world.
  1. "Gentle" cream with althea Weleda effectively used for reactive skin, as well as in atopic dermatitis. It is indicated for children from birth.
  2. PAPACARE contains a healing balm with a unique composition to treat inflammation, heal minor injuries, and improve defenses.
  3. German company TOPFER works only with natural substances. For children it produces a universal moisturizer, which is successfully used for the face by all members of the family, regardless of age.
  4. SANOSAN care line for babies is created in the laboratory "Mann Schroeder GmbH" by German cosmetologists and is characterized by an ecologically impeccable composition. It contains panthenol and can be used from birth.

Summarizing the results, we make a brief summary: children's face creams can be used periodically, to eliminate a particular problem: dryness, irritation, rash. For permanent use, it is necessary to select cosmetics that correspond to the type, age, features of facial skin.


To simplify the perception of information, this instruction for use of the drug " Baby face creams for adults and children" translated and presented in a special form on the basis of the official instructions for medical use of the drug. Before use read the annotation that came directly to medicines.

Description provided for informational purposes and is not a guide to self-healing. The need for this drug, the purpose of the treatment regimen, methods and dose of the drug is determined solely by the attending physician. Self-medication is dangerous for your health.

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