Upbringing and caring for a child under 3 years old

Adaptation of the child in kindergarten

Parents pay little attention to the problem of adaptation to kindergarten, alas, this is true. Why does the child have frequent colds, respiratory diseases, a bad mood and loud, long crying, hysterics before going to the kindergarten?

How to teach a child to a pot?

How to teach a child to a pot - this question is asked by many parents. And do not always know how to correctly answer it. Meanwhile, for each child the accustoming to the pot is strictly individual and by age, and by mood, and by development.

How to disaccustom a child to suck a finger?

You are not happy with the fact that your child is sucking a finger, although he is already 5 years old? And you have been thinking about how to disable a child from sucking a finger? Of course, this habit is sometimes useful as an act of self-determination, it has remained since the moment the child was in the mother's belly. But when a child sucks a finger 5-6 years, it can become an object of pity and ridicule.

How to wean a child to bite nails?

“How to wean a child to bite his nails?” - many parents ask themselves this question... And cannot find an answer to it.

Children's room for the boy: how not to be mistaken in the design?

How to arrange a children's room for a boy? There are a lot of options, especially since a lot of special toys are being produced now, which can be a decoration of the children's room. But the main thing is that this room - the room of the future man - was not only beautifully designed, but also functional, and environmentally friendly.

Baby room for a girl: how to transform the smallest room?

How to arrange a children's room for a girl so as to show maximum taste and that in this room the child was comfortable?

How to teach a child to sleep in his crib?

To teach a child to sleep in his crib, you need gradualism. It is impossible to immediately take and send the baby to another room. It will cry, stress hormones will destroy neurons - brain cells, and the baby will grow and develop worse.

How to disaccustom a child from bad habits?

Let's be honest: the children have a lot of bad habits, from picking their noses to the habit of gnawing their nails. There may be something primitive in each of these events, but they are absolutely not hygienic and socially not welcomed. That's why the earlier you disaccustom your children from bad habits, the better it will be for them and for everyone around.

How to wean a child from a bottle?

You can not take the child out of the bottle in one day. This will take time. As well as weaning the child from a nipple or pacifier, this process needs to be stretched a little, so that the child does not get stressed. If a child often used a bottle while on artificial nutrition, then immediately take away from him this familiar and beloved thing will be simply inhuman. We need gradualness.

How to wean a child from a dummy?

As soon as your baby arranges his first hysteria in the supermarket, because his favorite dummy has stayed at home, you probably want to wean the baby from the dummy forever. But how to do that? How to wean a child from a dummy?


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