How to get rid of dandruff with salt?

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Last reviewed: 10.08.2022

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In the fight against dandruff, both cosmetic products specially developed by manufacturers to solve this problem, as well as numerous alternative recipes, are used. One of these is the use of salt, especially sea salt, based on its many beneficial properties.

Indications Dandruff salts

As you know, dandruff can be dry and oily. Brittle, dull and split curls, abundantly crushed with white "flour", itching of the skin, its obvious peeling indicate the first type of seborrhea. The second is characterized by rapid contamination, the presence of sticky yellowish flakes and a constant feeling of discomfort.

It is oily dandruff that is an indication for the use of salt.


The pharmacological effect of salt on the epidermis is to stimulate blood circulation, saturate it with useful minerals, and have an antiseptic effect. This leads to healing of the skin, its drying, the awakening of new follicles, their strengthening.

Sea salt, in addition to sodium chloride (95%), is rich in iodine, it contains magnesium, potassium, iron, selenium, silicon and a number of other minerals, which will make up for their deficiency and balance the work of the sebaceous glands.

Dosing and administration

How to use salt to get rid of dandruff? Beauticians recommend using it to massage the head, apply salt masks. For procedures, you should take fine salt or grind coarse salt in a coffee grinder to this state.

Sea salt is preferable for dandruff. Before the massage, the hair is moistened, salt is taken in the palm of your hand and rubbed with massage movements into the hair roots. The duration of the procedure should be 10-15 minutes. After it, the hair is left in this state for the same time, and then washed off.

For masks with salt, they also resort to other components that can not only get rid of the problem of skin peeling, but also improve and strengthen them. Here are some options:

  • combine a tablespoon of salt, egg yolk and a teaspoon of honey, mix well;
  • add directly to the salt a few drops of one or more essential oils (cedar, eucalyptus, mint, tea tree, juniper). These are suitable even for dry, weakened strands;
  • mix salt with kefir or yogurt;
  • salt and soda are effective "partners" in the fight against dandruff. Soda cleans very well, therefore, together with salt, it acts as an excellent scrub, eliminating numerous dead skin particles. In addition, it is a well-known antiseptic, relieves inflammation, prevents the reproduction of fungal infections, eliminates itching, normalizes the acid-base balance of the skin, makes hair soft and silky.

All masks are applied to wet hair by sequentially dividing them into strands and applying the composition to the partings. Covering the entire surface of the head, it is covered with a cellophane film and left for 30-40 minutes, after which it is washed off with warm running water.

Use Dandruff salts during pregnancy

Topical application of salt to combat dandruff is one of the safest methods both during pregnancy and for children.


Salt can not be used for hair with excessive dryness, the presence of damage to the skin.

Side effects Dandruff salts

Frequent exposure to salt on the epidermis of the scalp can make the hair stiff, lead to a loss of shine and elasticity, and dry the skin and cause irritation.


Special pharmacy shampoos and other alternative remedies help get rid of dandruff. A very good alternative to salt is tar soap or even ordinary laundry soap. Gives a good result rinsing the hair with decoctions and infusions of herbs such as sage, calendula, mint, as well as oak bark, onion peel.


Many appreciate the positive effect of salt in eliminating dandruff, but emphasize the need not to thoughtlessly use recipes, but in accordance with the type of hair. In this case, remind of the advisability of applying to fatty. It also makes sense to pay attention to internal problems, to establish a possible cause of dysfunction of the sebaceous glands.


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