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Beautiful hair - the dream of every person. In the struggle for the beauty of the hair, women do not spare either money or time. In addition to genetic factors, are important care and quality of the means by which it is carried out. 



When is hair bow used? In cases where the following problems occur:

  • poor hair growth and weakness;
  • loss of varying intensity;
  • dry and fragile tips;
  • dimness, fading color;
  • with dermatitis and some skin diseases;
  • to nourish the skin, stimulate blood circulation and follicles;
  • for hair restoration;
  • against flaking and dandruff;

One of the indications - coloring in light colors, which is obtained by using onion peel.

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Hair bow against hair loss in men and women

The habitual vegetable, which is daily present on our table, is an excellent cosmetic drug. A bow for a woman's hair is effectively used to care for weakened, thinned, problem braids. Men in this way can not only prevent the earlier bald patches, but also restore the density of hairstyles.

Hair bow from hair loss in men and women restores structure, accelerates growth, maintains a healthy appearance, provides beauty, treats dandruff and seborrhea. Phytoncides resist pathogenic fungi and bacteria, glycosides activate blood flow and the supply of nutrients, vitamins increase local immunity, biologically active substances heal and relieve diseases.

The presence of pungent compounds in a spicy vegetable makes it necessary to respect the proportions of the masks and precautions during the procedure. In order to avoid burns or allergies, onion juice in its pure form is used only occasionally, and in most recipes it is combined with softening or neutral ingredients, which, moreover, enhance the desired effect on the skin and hair.

  • It is best to start the course in the harvest season when there is plenty of fresh vegetables on the market. Sensitivity testing is recommended before the first mask.

It is better not to wash the hair, but for additional exposure to provide a thermoelectric effect with a plastic film and a towel. Duration depends on the condition of the hair: the drier they are, the shorter the time; on average from 10 to 30 minutes.

For masks suitable any variety, and even onion peel. In accordance with the recipes, take a mush or juice; As a rule, one bulb is enough for one time.


Hair Growth Bow

When the hair does not grow, break and dull severely, consult alternative medicine. It was with her help that the old beauties grew lush long braids, which were considered a shame to be cut off. Today, long hair is also in trend, so it's time to remember the secrets of the beauties of the past. One of them is the use of onions for hair growth.

  • The effects of onions are due to the vitamins and minerals that literally fill this vegetable. They are easily digested, provide nutrition, hydration of the skin and hair. Irritants improve blood flow, and this improves the delivery of beneficial components to the hair follicles.

Hair bow is applied both in pure form and in mixtures. One of the best compositions is onion, aloe, yolk and honey. On a teaspoon of onion juice, take a tablespoon of honey and aloe juice, one fresh yolk. Rubbed into clean, dry hair, kept under the film and a towel for half an hour, washed with warm water. It is useful to rinse the hair with a decoction of husks, nettles. For a result, one session per week is sufficient.

  • Juices can not mix, and apply alternately: first onion, and after 10 minutes - freshly aloe. Do this before washing your head, and wash off with infusions of herbal preparations: mint, nettle, lemon balm, yarrow.

Onion gruel is also used to stimulate growth. It is easier to cook, but harder to wash out. You should also be aware that the smell from the porridge lasts longer than from the juice. For the prevention of aroma include banana or lemon juice, and for neutralization - essential oils, vinegar or citrus juice.

Hair Strengthening Bow

Cosmetics intended for hair, today more than ever. However, it is difficult to find a girl or a woman who is really satisfied with her braids and which can boast of their beauty, thickness and strength. Typically, these beauties do not ignore the experience of moms and grandmothers using alternative means, including onions to strengthen the hair. What is a fortress and what does it depend on?

  • In the composition of each hair, keratin prevails - a protein of an elongated structure, which is distinguished by its super-strength. In nature, mechanically stronger than his only chitin, from which the shells of various animals are built.

The rest is water, lipids, pigments. Outside, keratin is protected by a special sheath - cuticle. It consists of scales arranged like roof tiles. Due to this structure, a healthy hair has flexibility and elasticity. If there is plenty of keratin in the body, then the hair is strong, it does not break off and falls within the normal range: 50–150 pieces per day.

Keratin is formed from the components that the body receives from food, as well as locally, from the outside, with cosmetic and therapeutic agents. Hair bows are most often used as masks, alone or in more complex recipes. It is suitable not only pure juice or an onion crushed into a mush, but also a husk.

Balanced fortified food, healthy digestion, high-quality care, the absence of bad habits, local application of natural ingredients - all this together guarantees the strength and silkiness of your hair.

Bow for thick hair

Thick hair - the dream of every person, but not always for its implementation need expensive shampoos. To help man, nature has created enough tools that are effective and safe for the body. Especially useful bow hair, acting in several directions.

Why use onions for thick hair? For several reasons.

  • The burning juice acts as an irritant, stimulating the hair follicles. Growth is accelerating, hair becomes thicker.
  • Onion mass gives shine along the entire length of the hair, resists loss.
  • Acting on the skin, the mask moisturizes and softens it, eliminates dandruff.
  • Phytoncides destroy fungi and bacteria.

With intensive loss make such a mask: a teaspoon of yeast is dissolved in 2 tablespoons. Warm water, insist 10 minutes. Mixed with the same amount of onion juice and a spoon of vegetable oil (olive, castor, burdock). The mixture should be distributed on the hair, hold for about an hour, then rinse.

  • The same power possess green feathers. Grind them to a mushy consistency helps blender. Green mass impose on the head, wrap it for an hour, then washed off with water.

One of the old ways to care and grow thick hair is onion peel. She also relieves dandruff. Prepare a useful decoction in a water bath, applied to the head after cooling and filtering.

Hair benefits

All who are interested in this topic have heard about the benefits of hair bows. The onion mask can be applied daily, including during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The action of the active components is aimed directly at strengthening the bulb, so that the hair stops falling out.

What is useful for hair bow?

  • accelerates growth;
  • restores the structure;
  • prevents fragility;
  • returns natural shine and beauty;
  • beneficial effect on the skin: softens and eliminates dandruff;
  • enriches with vitamins and minerals;
  • gives color shade.

In the absence of individual contraindications, a bow for hair can be used by anyone who has enough patience and perseverance in achieving the goal. After all, lasting results are achieved not after one or two, but sometimes even after 40 procedures. Fluctuations in one direction or another are associated with the individual characteristics of each person.

  • The mask is applied to the unwashed head, so that the natural fatty shell protects the hair from aggressive components.

It is applied to the skin, avoiding contact with long hair. Warm a terry towel and plastic wrap, hold for 20 minutes, and if you feel itchy and burning, then wash off before.

A separate topic is the elimination of the characteristic odor remaining after the onion mask. The "fragrant" effects of some women are so scary that they refuse a knowingly effective way of strengthening their hair. About the fight with unpleasant odor will be discussed below.

However, onions - not a panacea. Therefore, one should not expect a miracle from him if the hair falls out for genetic reasons, after chemotherapy or drug treatment.


Do not think that the procedure using natural components has no contraindications. There are situations where the bow for hair should be used carefully or not at all. Thus, injuries or ulcers on the scalp can cause such acute pain that it is hardly worth suffering. It is easier to wait until all the sores have healed.

  • Acutely reacts to onions very dry, as well as delicate skin. She may feel itching, burning, irritation.

There is an allergy to a spicy vegetable or other ingredients, which makes it undesirable not only in the diet, but also for external use in the form of masks.

Masks on alcohol can be dangerous for hypertensive patients. In any case, you can not take low-quality alcohol or moonshine.

Of the possible complications are overdrying hair, skin burns, and allergic reactions. After applying the hair bow, a persistent odor remains that needs to be removed.



Hair bow, applied over the entire length, can overdry them. To get shiny healthy hair, expose them to such procedures rarely. More harm than good, bring procedures with onions to those who are prone to allergies to spicy vegetables, who have damaged hair or skin on the head.

  • To prevent unpleasant consequences, testing cannot be ignored. It is carried out on the inner bend of the elbow, with a few drops of juice. If you feel a strong burning sensation, the procedure is stopped, the juice is washed off.

Under the harm can be conditionally implied and persistent smell, which lasts after the procedure. Vibes increases wet weather. In order to avoid unpleasant situations you should not use a bow on the eve of important events in which you need to participate. To minimize the aroma, you can use the following actions:

  • Apply pure juice, not mush.
  • Add emollient ingredients.
  • Rinse hair after the procedure without soap and shampoos or add essential oil to shampoo.
  • Rinse with special ingredients (lemon juice, 1 tsp vinegar per liter of water).

The smell usually disappears after several washes and weathering.

Fans of alternative recipes pay tribute to natural ingredients, using, including, bow for hair. The use of spicy vegetable seasoning is recognized by professional cosmetologists.

Indian hair bow

The botanical name of the plant is the caudal poultry, and it is a relative not of the onion family, but of the hyacinth family. Onion Oriental Exot is called due to its external resemblance to a native spicy vegetable. Juice contains glycosides, colchicine, active substances and substances that have a strong effect on living organisms. Painkillers, stimulates blood circulation, treats boils, fungus and warts, prevents herpes. Indian hair bow is a raw material for cosmetic preparations, an ingredient in alternative medicine.

Exotic onions restores the structure of hair follicles suffering from a lack of collagen. For the procedures, a preparation of 100 g of leaves and 1 liter of boiling water is prepared. Half an hour later, the infusion is put on a cold where it retains healing properties for up to three days. During this time you should rinse your head with drained liquid every day after washing. You can resume such procedures after a 2-week break.

  • Onion is unpretentious: it grows well on the soil and at home. A properly planted plant, along with an onion, completely “crawls out”: only the roots remain in the soil.

Using Indian hair bow, you should be aware of its toxicity. So, even a drop of juice can cause irritation of a wound or mucous membrane, and when ingested it causes poisoning, accompanied by typical symptoms: vomiting, pronos, weakness, edema, kidney damage. A prolonged exposure is a chemical burn.

And, of course, it is impossible to experiment with a little-studied plant for those who are waiting or nursing a baby. This can lead to allergies and various disorders in the baby’s body.

Red bow for hair

What is the difference between red hair bow and ordinary onion, except for color? Virtually nothing. The properties of this type of hair bow are identical, as is the purpose of the application.

Before the procedure, the head should be washed with shampoo and dried without a hair dryer, and rub the onions, grind in a meat grinder or blender. Apply the mass on the hair, then rinse and rinse with warm water acidified with lemon or vinegar.

  • Red onions not only strengthens and adds shine to hair, but also tints in a characteristic reddish tone. To fix the effect, repeat the procedure three times, with a three-day break.

Knowledgeable people do not even throw away the husk. It is used for dyeing hair, and on the eve of Easter - as a dye for Easter eggs and krashanok. For a golden brown color, half a glass of husk is boiled in a glass of water for 20 minutes (longer for longer hair, but in the same proportion), the cooled and strained liquid is poured onto clean hair without washing it off. Naturally looks such a shade on light brown hair.

  • Red onion as a remedy is recommended for intensive hair loss, acute skin pathologies, dermatitis. And it is not recommended for the tendency to allergies, in particular, on the bow itself.

The secret of its usefulness is that the bulb accumulates in itself vitamins and nutrients in the spring to give them to green shoots. Rich in vitamins C, B, essential oils, flavonoids. It is a natural antibiotic, contains iron, potassium, sulfur, manganese, glukinin, which reduces blood sugar.

Bright bulbs stimulate digestion, purify the blood, increase immunity. On the table, they not only whet the appetite, but also decorate salads, fish and vegetable dishes.

Onions for hair

Speaking of hair bows, we first of all mean bulb varieties. This is a tried-and-tested remedy, possibly undervalued in our time, when cosmetics are sold at every step, as if capable of coping with all aesthetic problems. However, onions for the hair and today should not be discounted - including men who have the problem of alopecia is much more urgent than women.

  • Onions contain live keratin, which is necessary for each hair. It fits any type of skin and hair, unlike “cool” shampoos, lotions and other cosmetics.

Regular procedures, once every two days, have a beneficial effect on any hair. 30 and more procedures beyond recognition alter the condition of the hair, making it shiny, thick and truly luxurious.

Run the onion mask is easy on their own, in a comfortable home environment. In combination with other natural products, it resists loss, strengthens the roots, stimulates growth, eliminates dandruff. Recipe vs dry seborrhea:

  • Take equal amounts of regular onion juice, castor oil and vodka, rub into the scalp before washing. Thoroughly wash off after an hour.

With high fat content do without castor oil. The onion is simply poured with vodka, and after 2 weeks it is used in the same way: rubbed before washing the head. Do it twice a week.

One of the ways to avoid the annoying smell of onions is to add a banana to the mass and rinse with acidified water.

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Onion juice for hair

The main advantage of onion juice for hair is that, unlike gruel, it does not irritate the unpleasant smell. That is, the smell is not so intense and persistent. Hair bows are treated when the hair needs to be treated or repaired. Prepare it yourself, without any difficulty.

  • Peel and chop a few large onions using a meat grinder or blender. Place the succulent mass in cheesecloth, separating the liquid from the solid ingredients.

The procedure is best performed at night. Onion juice rubbed into the hair roots, massaging the scalp. Tie hair with a handkerchief, and in the morning thoroughly wash with shampoo. To neutralize the smell add a little fragrant oil. Such procedures improve the condition of the skin and the appearance of the hair, restore the follicles and structure.

  • By adding various ingredients to the juice, you can effectively deal with skin and hair problems, live, nourish and moisturize without resorting to expensive cosmetic preparations.

Onion juice in combination with olive oil (2: 1) can moisturize and enrich the skin with nutrients, accelerate the growth of healthy hair. Keep this mask should be a half to two hours, then wash off with plenty of water with shampoo.

Castor oil, mixed with onion juice in equal volumes, effectively resists baldness and activates the activity of hair follicles. Such a mask for hair growth is applied to an unwashed head, so that sebum protects the epidermis from the aggressive factor, such as onions. An hour later, the head is washed with water and shampoo.

To check the sensitivity of the body, before the first use a little clean onion or mixture drip on the elbow bend. If in this place there is no burning, redness, severe itching, then an allergy does not threaten you.

Hair Husk Husk

If everyone has heard about the hair bow, then the husk has not been given such attention. As a rule, it is ruthlessly thrown away, without reflecting on the fact that the bulb “wrappers” can be used in cooking and in alternative medicine.

Onion husks for hair no less useful than juice or pulp. It not only paints, but also treats hair for some diseases: a decoction favorably affects the blood vessels, strengthens the immune system, serves to prevent strokes. What is it useful?

Dry onion peel contains phytoncides, flavonoids, vitamins, trace elements, organic acids. Especially useful quercetin, which has antihistamine, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, anti-edema, antitumor properties. It includes the formulas of drugs against burns, frostbite, inflammation, bronchial asthma, cancer. Beauticians use a substance to rejuvenate the skin.

  • A decoction of the husk colors blond hair and gray hair, improves the structure, gives a healthy shine and fluffiness.

It also effectively affects the skin: it nourishes the hair follicles, so that the hair becomes stronger and more beautiful. Massaging the tincture is used to prevent hair loss. Very useful procedures with a decoction of husk and birch leaves. At 300 ml take on art. Spoon raw and cook 10 minutes. For rubbing cool and filter. Course - 2 months.

If a person started to go bald, the same decoction will help him, but with oak leaves. At 1l of water take 2 tbsp. Spoon and husk of oak leaves, cooked for an hour and apply warm. The procedure must be repeated daily for 2 weeks.

  • To mask the gray hair is better to take a yellow onion: a decoction will turn out more intense color. Blond hair will turn golden, making gray hair almost invisible.

And the composition of the decoction, unlike some chemical dyes, will positively affect the health of the hair. The longer it keeps on the hair, the brighter the shade, and the addition of glycerin contributes to even better coloring. The effect occurs at 2-3 times a week.

  • Husk can not only paint over gray, but also change the shade of healthy hair. After the procedures, they acquire a pleasant golden color.

For this, a concentrated decoction is necessary: boil 50 g daily for 50 minutes in a glass of water. Resistant brown tint with a golden sheen requires an even stronger broth. Glycerin (2 tsp) is also added to the cooled liquid. Course - 3 weeks.

The lovers of reddish-red hair should take 30 g of husk per serving, and for chestnut broth is prepared as follows:

  • At 0, 5 l need a husk of 1 l; it is boiled for half an hour and applied to clean dried hair. For a uniform dyeing, the head is wrapped in film and warmed for 2 hours.

Brunette husk will not lighten, but as a remedy will bring undoubted benefits.


Tincture of hair bows

Essential substances present in bulbs of various varieties have a specific taste and a strong odor. They are the main active ingredient, because of which people use a bow for hair.

Spicy vegetable is rich in other substances that are important for nourishing, moisturizing, softening hair and skin. Onion-based tincture for hair on the basis of alcohol, which is used in alternative medicine, also contains useful ingredients. It is a diuretic, mild laxative, used to prevent constipation, stimulate the gastrointestinal tract and cardiac activity, and treat some pathologies.

Tincture is recommended to eliminate dandruff. There are several ways to prepare.

  • 1. On 100 g of finely chopped onion, take 0.5 liters of vodka or 40% alcohol. Insist in a dark place for 20 days.
  • 2. Head onions insist week in 1 liter of vodka.
  • 3. In 70% alcohol, insist chopped onion (1: 1) for 2 weeks, periodically shaking the jar.
  • 4. Pour tightly filled husk jar with diluted alcohol or vodka. At the bottom of the pre-put a little cloves. To hold the closed vessel in a dark case 2 weeks.

Regardless of the method of preparation, after insisting the contents are filtered and poured into a jar or bottle for storage in the cold. Therapeutic fluid has a beneficial effect not only on the hair, but also on the skin of the head.

The procedure is carried out on unwashed hair. Before applying the tincture is heated to 40-50 degrees. The course is up to three weeks or until the loss stops, and the condition improves markedly.

Green hair bow

With the benefit of using not only white onions, but also green onions for the hair. To do this, cut the greens into pieces. Uniform gruel of onion feathers for hair is prepared by a blender.

With increased fat content, the mass is diluted with alcohol (vodka, brandy), with dryness add sour cream or vegetable oil. Rubbed into the roots with massaging movements. Then for an hour the head is covered with foil and warmed with a scarf.

  • Flushing is an important point in such a delicate matter as an onion mask.

The vegetable particles are not only badly washed out, but also cause a persistent onion smell, which can hardly be called pleasant. Some women even refuse such an effective procedure because of it. The following tips will help warn him:

  • Add banana pulp or essential oil (a few drops) to the mixture.
  • Apply the green mass is not the entire length, but only on the roots of the strands.
  • After warm water, use orange or lemon juice in half with water.

This recipe is especially recommended for women who often color their braids and do curls. From this they become stiff, dry, difficult to comb and stack. Regular procedures with a bow are able to “restore” hair, to restore its former beauty and pomp.

Onion and nicotinic acid for hair

Nicotinic acid stimulates growth, moisturizes, prevents hair loss. This is the second name for vitamin PP. Synonyms - niacinamide, nicotinamide. The substance has nothing to do with harmful tobacco products. On the contrary, hair is a necessary component.

  • Nicotinic acid is found in a certain amount and in ordinary bulbs.

For home procedures take pharmaceutical ampoules of vitamin PP. When added to the mask, the vasodilating property of the substance is manifested, thereby improving the local blood supply and hair growth. The same drug restores dyed hair, making it thicker and stronger.

The contents of the ampoule are poured onto washed and wiped hair with a syringe without a needle, in small portions. It is not necessary to wash off, because the liquid is non-greasy, without color and smell. At the same time, a slight tingling is felt, the skin is warmed up due to a rush of blood. If the pain is too severe or dandruff is generated due to the procedures, this reinforcement method is not suitable.

  • If the hair is in order, then nicotinic acid and onions, along with mustard, garlic, pepper, are used as a prophylactic agent.

Ready-made masks with onion extract and nicotinic acid for hair are produced by Apotek`s brand. Designed to combat brittleness and baldness, relieve dryness, enhanced nutrition of hair and skin. Extracting onions enriches the composition with vitamin C and biologically active compounds.

Apotek`s mask with a bow for the hair is distributed over the washed wet hair, aged for several minutes and washed off with water. The plus of an industrial product is a minimum of odor, unlike homemade masks.

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Castor oil and hair bow

Among natural products, castor oil and hair bow are in the first places to stimulate their growth. And if the main task in care is to grow long thick curls, then we are here: to find out how best to apply castor or other oil and hair bow.

  • Castor oil is a long-standing scythe care product. And today's popularity is also due to this, and not the direct property of the drug.

Castor oil consists of a mixture of fatty acids, which make hair smooth, shiny, protected from aggressive external influences, including drying.

If you combine the oil with onion juice, then the film, which is excessive with high fat content, is less noticeable. Vegetable makes the follicles more actively perform the function of growth. It has a more benign effect than mustard or pepper, so burns or severe pain practically do not occur, especially when used in conjunction with vegetable oil.

For a classic procedure take 1h. On 2 juice of onions. The required amount depends on the density of the braid. On average, enough spoon-two of each component.

The oil is heated - in a liquefied state, it is better absorbed and "falls" on the surface. After heating it is placed in a glass dish and mixed with onion juice. Special brush evenly applied over the surface. To feel warm, put on a special cap and handkerchief or towel. At the same time, a strong onion odor will be reduced.

  • The procedure time is 15 minutes for the first time, then gradually build up to one hour. In order to wash off the mask and the smell, it will take several washes. If the hair does not wrinkle, they quickly become dirty.

If desired, the castor-onion mixture is additionally enriched with products useful for hair: yolk, kefir, honey, and various aromatic oils. Course - 10 sessions, 2-3 per week. It is recommended to return to the procedures after a 2-week break.

Bow and Lemon Hair

Lemon occupies an important place in the list of fruits that are particularly beneficial to humans. And among the food, and as a medicine and cosmetic. In particular, for protection against colds, skin and hair care as part of various preparations. In combination with a bow for hair, citrus is able to nourish and moisturize, eliminate excess fat, remove dandruff and add a healthy shine.

Use juice, pulp, citrus essential oil. Masks with onions and lemon for hair include ingredients depending on the type of braid. In particular, sour cream, various oils are useful for dry.

Features of the use of lemon masks:

  • do not leave overnight;
  • when using the pulp, thoroughly wash out the remnants that look dry on the hair unaesthetic;
  • essential oil is washed off with shampoos designed for deep cleansing;
  • with frequent procedures, the hair is lightened;
  • lemon partially eliminates odor.

For damaged hair, make a foam mask-wrap from the juice of 1 onion, lemon juice, burdock oil, shampoo (1 tablespoon in all) and 2 tablespoons. Honey The weight brought down by the mixer resembles foam, which is rubbed for 2 hours. The head is warmed with polyethylene and a towel. It is really possible to restore hair in 2 months, with a frequency of 2 treatments per week.

Bow and Aloe for hair

Professional cosmetics have long used phytocomponents to get rid of hair from various defects. The properties of plants that make hair bright and beautiful, full and elastic are well studied. Hair bow is the most popular product, despite the “fragrant” effects in the form of an unpleasant smell. But they successfully fight with him, with the help of various natural substances.

Bow and aloe for hair - a great tandem. If a lot is said about onions above, then aloe is used locally in such cases:

  • for the treatment of thinned dry braids;
  • if intense baldness occurs;
  • to eliminate dandruff;
  • with burns and head injuries.

Juice, oil, aloe tincture can be obtained independently, following the rules for preparing raw materials, or you can purchase the finished product at the pharmacy. This substance is an excellent conditioner, which, by the way, can not be washed off, as well as an ingredient for masks. Funds with aloe play the role of a powerful biostimulant; the plant activates inactive follicles, urging them to perform growth functions. After several sessions, baldness stops and a healthy shine appears on the curls.

The recipe includes aloe juice, honey, vegetable oil and 1 tablespoon, 2st.l. Burdock broth and onion juice. Keep the mixture on the hair under the cap or cap for 1 hour. To neutralize the smell rinse with acidified water.


Despite the usefulness of onions for the hair, the mask with the use of this vegetable is not as popular as the other, less fragrant. According to reviews, the smell negates the unique properties possessed by onions. Few people are willing to fight with him daily or not to leave the house for weeks.

Those with conditions that allow them to perform onion procedures are undoubtedly pleased with the results: the hair and skin really improve their health, and without special financial expenses. Try at least once is for everyone who cares for their hair.

Together with similar products consisting of vitamins and burning substances, hair bows can do a good job: restore damaged ones, protect healthy ones, reduce the risks of deterioration of normal braids. There is a reason to try onion masks even in seemingly hopeless cases. And the unpleasant smell is removed by other natural substances and repeated abundant washing with water.



To simplify the perception of information, this instruction for use of the drug "Hair treatment onions" translated and presented in a special form on the basis of the official instructions for medical use of the drug. Before use read the annotation that came directly to medicines.

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