The biological process of aging usually begins in the second half of life, although the first age-related changes in the face can be observed from the age of 28-30. Changes in the amount of elastin and collagens and their percentage sooner or later lead to the formation of wrinkles and folds of the skin, which determine mainly the external signs of human aging. The aging process affects not only the skin, but also the underlying tissues: fatty, fascial, muscular, aponeurotic, bone. In connection with this, a significant number of methods for rejuvenating the face and neck have now been developed and are being applied, allowing them to affect not only the skin but also the globular structures, to obtain a more pronounced and long lasting cosmetic effect. Facelift is a very frequent operation today.

Подтяжка бровей

The attractiveness of a woman is a combination of many details, and eyebrows occupy an important place in attractive appearance.

Контурная пластика

Correction using contour techniques is an injection of youth and beauty that are included in the category of effective methods, such as mesotherapy, Botox injections and biorevitalization.

Контурная пластика щек

Contour plastic cheeks is based on the introduction of special biopolymer drugs - fillers, also one of the options for plastics can be lipolytic when the patient's own fat tissue is introduced into the neck area.

Контурная пластика носа

Modern aesthetic medicine strives for the most comfortable and effective ways of correcting the defects of appearance, and in order to correct visual defects, it is sometimes not necessary to resort to serious operations.

Контурная пластика шеи

No matter how young the face looked, the woman's age often betrayed her neck. Wrinkles, loose skin on the neck worry not only the ladies, but also the men who are watching their appearance.

Контурная пластика скул

Contour plastic cheekbones, cheeks - these are specific methods that allow you to change the face oval, adjust its contour as the lady wants.

Контурная пластика носогубных складок

Contour plastic nasolabial folds helps restore the old, fresh appearance. Nasolabial folds are rather deep, visually noticeable wrinkles that start from the wings of the nose and can end below the corners of the mouth.

Контурная пластика лица

To restore the skin to youth and radiance, to correct the oval of the face, to smooth the mimic and deep wrinkles the contour plastic of the face will help.

Контурная пластика губ

Lip contour plastic is a cosmetic procedure that allows you to regain / give lip volume or adjust the shape. We suggest you get acquainted with the features of this and the procedure and with all the subtleties of contour lip plasty.

Морщины лица и шеи: методы их устранения

On the second place after patients with deformities of the nose according to the frequency of treatment for help to doctors-cosmetologists are persons who complain about facial and neck facial wrinkles.


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