How to find perfect shoulders in a short period of time



More power

Variable bench press from the shoulders will help you to get a perfect physical shape. Since you develop each hand separately, both sides of the body are trained evenly - which will help to avoid muscle imbalance.

Bulletproof Torso

This exercise is aimed at the rotator cuffs of the shoulder - the main stabilizers of your shoulder joints. Since the shoulders are the most unstable joints in your body, these exercises will help protect you from injuries and allow you to lift more weight in your upper body exercises.

Pumped muscles

This exercise program includes a series of exercises called the Yavorok complex, in honor of the coach of the Romanian Olympic weightlifters István Yavorek. It develops your shoulders from five corners, speeding up the blood supply of your muscles, so your upper body will appear more immediately after doing the exercises.

Recipe for success

How strong are your shoulders?

This classic army press strengthens the largest shoulder muscles, including deltoid muscles, rotating shoulder cuffs and trapezoidal muscles, so this is a great exercise to assess the strength of your shoulders.

Sit on the bench, your feet on the floor, pick up the hollow crossbar slightly more than the width of the shoulders. (Use insurance). Keep your back straight, squeeze the crossbar over your head until your hands are fully straightened, then lower it to your chest. Do 10 repetitions, rest 60 seconds, then add 4-9 kg and repeat the approach of 8 reps. Rest again, add another 4 kg, follow the third approach this time from 5 repetitions. Continue by adding 4-19 kg of weight - increase the rest periods from 2 to 3 minutes - until you reach the heaviest weight, which you can lift 5 times. This is the so-called 5-time maximum. 

Keep track of your progress

Record your 5-time maximum. Then follow the exercise plan and check your results in 2 weeks.

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