Extension for triceps in slope

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Last reviewed: 23.04.2024

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You will need:

A bar and an incline bench.



  • Initial position

Lying on an incline bench, the head and back are adjacent to the bench. Take the grip in hand, the distance between the hands is no more than 16 cm, and squeeze it up until the hands are fully straightened.

PLEASE NOTE: Use insurance until you are used to this exercise. The palms should look up, and the neck is directly above the head.

  • Basic movement

Bend your arms in the elbows, lowering the crossbar by the head.

PLEASE NOTE: The shoulders and forearms should remain immobile. Slide the bar along the semicircular path.

  • Final position

Fix for a second, then lift the crossbar to the starting position.

PLEASE NOTE: Make sure that you do not use too heavy a weight. Drink plenty of water during exercise - this is necessary for muscle growth.


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