Push-ups on parallel bars


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Push-ups on parallel bars are an important strength exercise for triceps. It develops all three triceps heads (long, lateral and medial), as well as the muscles of the chest and shoulders.

The mistake most men make is that they lean too far forward, which increases the load on the large pectoral muscle and the front beams of the deltoid muscles and makes the exercise less effective for your triceps.

If you can not squeeze the weight of your body, first use a special stand. When the exercise becomes easier for you, pinch the dumbbell between your feet or hold a weighty pancake between your legs, tying it to the weightlifting belt.

  • Grasp the bars with a neutral grip and straighten your arms. Your hands should be on each side, not in front of you.
  • Bend your knees and cross your ankles. Pull in your stomach.
  • Slowly lower the body straight down until the shoulder portion of the arms is parallel to the floor.
  • Again, rise up to almost full straightening of hands, but do not shorten your elbows.
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