General information about sex

Точка U

Point u is an ode from the erogenous zones on the body of a woman. Let's look at where point u is and how to properly stimulate it. And also a lot of very useful information about the hypersensitive zones on the body of women - points a and g.

Точка G

Point G is a special erogenous area, which is both in women and men. The peculiarity of the point g is that with proper stimulation it is possible to get an unforgettable pleasure. Let's consider what is the point g, where it is located in women and men, and how to properly stimulate it.

7 способов избавиться от скованности в сексе

Ilive has prepared 7 tips to help you cope with self-doubt, maintain relationships and overcome your internal problems.

10 способов улучшить интимную жизнь

If in the intima there is absolutely no place to grow and sex has become not a bright event, but a boring duty, diversify it with the help of these simple tips. So, what are the 10 best ways to diversify sex?

Что такое платофаза в сексе?

Platophase is the second phase of full sexual intercourse, namely the very penetration of the male penis into the woman's vagina.

История развития науки о сексуальности (краткий очерк)

Psychiatrists, psychologists and psychotherapists for a long time find out the significance of sexuality for individual well-being. In the late XIX and early XX century, a number of sexologists made a great contribution to understanding sexuality ...

Цикл сексуальных реакций

Human sexual function is the result of a complex interaction of the autonomic nervous system that regulates the vital functions of the body without conscious control ...

Эротическая мода: Женское белье

Modern industry is able to satisfy any, most refined or most bizarre inquiries in this field. For example...

Секс партнеров с большой разницей в возрасте

This plot is considered piquant, although it should be considered typical. In any case, not rare. No wonder he is so fond of literature of all countries and times ...

Роль поцелуя в сексуальном взаимодействии

Is the role of the kiss in sexual interaction also culturally symbolic or is it due to certain physiological causes ...


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