What is the plateau in sex?

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Last reviewed: 20.11.2021

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Platophase is the second phase of full sexual intercourse, namely the very penetration of the male penis into the woman's vagina. Platophase - is the continuation of a love game or petting - as the couple will have. What are the features of the platophase, or full-fledged sexual intercourse?

What should be the plateau?

What should be the plateau?

The introduction of the penis into the vagina should be gentle, affectionate, and most importantly - painless. If a man allows rudeness, hurries, not sure of himself, and a woman is not yet ready for coitus, the sexual act will not bring mutual pleasure. Before the man's sexual organ penetrates into the woman's vagina, there must be a foreplay phase that prepares for sexual intercourse of both, kindles their passion. The prelude phase lasts an average of 15 minutes.

When both - man and woman - are ready for coitus (penetration of the phallus into the vagina), the male's sexual organ penetrates there easily, and the woman perceives it without the slightest effort, since there is enough lubricant in her vagina. It is the lubricant that indicates that the woman is ready to enjoy further.

What should be the frictions?

Frictions are the movements of a man during the penetration of the phallus into the woman's vagina. Usually the first frictions are deeper and slower. Then the frequency of frictions accelerates and can reach 100 beats per minute. The intensity of frictions can then accelerate, then slow down at a pace that is pleasing to both. As a man physiologically agitation grows faster, and a woman - more slowly, he can control the pace, delaying his own orgasm and bringing the partner's orgasm closer.

A woman during the movements of a man can help him with the body, regulating the partner's sexual behavior and the pace of his movements. During frictions, the excitation of both partners is approximately at the same level, and this is called the plateau phase. Excitation can be stimulated, the man at this time is most excited by a small area under the coronary groove of the head of the phallus, and the woman has a clitoris or an entrance to the vagina. If the frictions are slow and not very frequent, these areas are most excitable.

At the first frictions, both partners can leisurely have fun, they are easy to control with certain skills and knowledge. You can occasionally stop the frictions, and then resume them again, increasing the duration of the act. When both partners are strongly excited, controlling the frequency and intensity of frictions becomes more difficult, they become more sharp and strong, in the form of jerks. It is less and less possible to control this process and finally comes the orgasmic phase - the phase of orgasm.

If a man is experienced enough, he can caress an orgasm with a woman already during the prelude and the next stage - the platophase. Therefore, he or a partner before the onset of orgasm can engage in stimulation of the clitoris - this will increase the excitement of a woman and bring her closer to orgasm.

What changes occur during the platophase?

If a woman is sufficiently excited, during the coitus she has the following features.

  • Nipples increase, they are extremely tense
  • Abdominal skin becomes pink or even red
  • The skin of the chest and even the occiput can turn red
  • The clitoris decreases slightly, but the tension does not decrease
  • Large labia may slightly increase, as the outflow of blood in the veins decreases
  • Small labia become much larger - 2-3 times
  • Greases can be allocated more due to active work of bartholin glands
  • The muscles of the outer part of the vagina shrink, the cavernous bodies in the uterus area become more dense, and the male member is covered more strongly - this is called in women's orgasmic cuff
  • The vagina is strongly stretched in width. Expanding, so the penis can move in it without difficulty

The man in the stage of the platophase also changes, but small. His nipples also strain, and the penis, as a rule, remains in constant tension, the erection does not hesitate any more. The head of the penis becomes red from the tide of blood, the testicles increase and are pulled upward. From the urethra, droplets of a transparent liquid can be secreted, which is called excretions of the Cooper glands.

The platophase, like the phase of excitation, is not necessary to delay, otherwise the sexual act will not bring pleasure - the partners are only exhausted. The phase of coition should last 2-5 minutes. There is an unwritten rule that is known to experienced lovers: the love game lasts about 4 times longer than the platophase (the act of coition itself). This time the couple can regulate as she pleases, if only both were good. Doctors say that you should not worry if the coition phase lasts only 1 minute, if both reach orgasm.

The result of properly conducted plateau phase, that is, the phase of coition, will be an orgasm. In women and men, it can last from 10 to 15 seconds, for particularly passionate the duration of orgasm can reach 30 seconds. The brightness of the sensations of both partners is a reward for the generosity of caresses and feelings.

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