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Elderly man and family

No one species of living beings of the highest development and complex organization has a connection between "grandparents" and "grandchildren", especially "great-grandchildren". Perhaps, we are still just learning love and relationships in such a complex structure as an elderly person and a family that unites up to four generations with completely different life experiences.

Love at a distance: 6 reasons for parting

The first months of romantic relationships are cloudless, filled with passion and optimism. It seems to lovers that they have a whole life ahead of them - happy and serene. But what if people for some reason can not be physically together and have to maintain a relationship at a distance?

Serious relationship with a man: 5 main rules

Many girls complain that they do not manage to have a serious relationship with a man.

What if I fell in love?

Very often, guys can not answer their own questions about what to do if they fall in love? Love covers with the head and it seems that you can not live without this girl, that this love will burn you and kill you and that it will be infinite.

What is polygamy?

The term "polygamy" comes from the Greek term πολύς - "numerous" and γάμος - "marriage", which in translation means "many marriages"

Five Ways to Keep New Relationships Fresh

Every minute of every day you can live like a feeling of free fall. Here are five basic principles that love couples can apply to keep the new relationship fresh and exciting.

11 ideas on how to arrange a romantic evening

Perhaps your relationship is not as fresh as before, or you are just a romantic person, and in your life there is so little romance. Organizing a romantic evening for you and your partner is a great way to improve your love relationships. But how to do it right?

How to experiment with a bikini

Sexy underwear, such as a bikini, is really important for making love. You can experiment with bikinis in different ways to look incendiary and sexy in bed. What can be sexual entertainment with a bikini?

Love games

Love games in the language of sexologists are called the first phase of sexual contact - a prelude.

Why does sexual incompatibility occur?

Sexual incompatibility is the second most common cause of disintegration. In the first place - full emotional incompatibility. Why there is sexual misunderstanding and what to do about it?


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