Serious relationship with a man: 5 main rules

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Many girls complain that they do not manage to have a serious relationship with a man. For such relations to take place, we must first of all decide on them internally. Often happens so that the girl thinks that she wants a serious relationship, but does not really want. This is called "social desire" - something that meets the standard requirements of society, but not your own.

How to find a man for a serious relationship?

Serious relationships for girls do not work for at least two reasons. The first reason - there is no suitable man, and the second - a man is, but he does not agree to a serious relationship. Let's first consider the first problem. If you can not find a suitable man for yourself, you must first model his image in your thoughts. And it's good to imagine who you want to see next to you.

Emphasize those qualities that you want to see in your man. These qualities need to be divided into two areas: appearance and character. Think about it. Which man you like more in terms of appearance. Write down these qualities on the leaves. Now think about what kind of character you want to see in your chosen one. Write them down on a piece of paper. And now cross out those qualities that mutually exclude each other. For example, "my man earns a lot" and "my man is always at home, next to me." Decide what you want more: material wealth or a sitting home of a caring husband?

Do not forget to mention any aspect of the relationship: intellectual compatibility, career, sex, attitude towards you, desire or unwillingness to have children, general health, love or dislike for sports.

When a man appears that is as close as possible to the image you have chosen, you can compare the original with a dream and determine whether it suits you or not. And then a completely different work begins: you will build a serious relationship with the man of your dreams. What are the mistakes in this way? In addition, you need to take into account these mistakes and in the case specified above: a man you already have, but a serious relationship with him is not obtained.

How to believe in a serious relationship?

According to psychologists, a person pushes people around to those circumstances that he wants to see. Roughly speaking, if you do not have a serious relationship with a man, it means that you either do not believe in them, or do not want them. Then these relationships are exactly the same: they are at a great distance, he is married or he is free, but he does not take you seriously.

The Rule of Faith

To establish a serious relationship with a man, they must first be believed. Very often, because of psychological trauma, a woman is afraid of starting a new relationship in order to avoid pain. And then she subconsciously repels from herself those men who can be reliable partners. Or builds a relationship with a man on the principle of "It's temporary," keeping it at a distance and making you take it lightly. So, principle one: believe that you will have a new true love. To help yourself in this, write down all your thoughts, actions and decisions only in a positive aspect. Gradually, you change your mindset as much as you want positive and serious changes in your personal life.

The rule of getting rid of unnecessary

Suppose you have a few fans left (who does not have them?). And suppose that you have affection for some of these fans, and you all expect that he will change, he will start giving you presents, inviting you to expensive restaurants and then you will start living together. But these dreams take away your time, energy and most importantly - free space for the man who really could make you happy. After all, love settles only in an unoccupied heart.

So learn once and for all: if a man does not meet your requirements, immediately translate it into a friend's category and do your personal life for real. If you still do not have a serious man, take care of yourself - you can improve yourself to infinity. And the main thing is a very grateful and interesting work. To a girl like you - cheerful, self-sufficient, contented and well-groomed - necessarily pay attention to a man with the same qualities.

The rule of freedom of action

This rule means that you will not control your man 24 hours a day. This will not stand anybody - unless he is a masochist, and you play an interesting game. But this game will not last long, if each of you does not have the freedom of your own choice and your own actions. This does not mean that you need to do everything that pleases, but this means that in no case can one impose on one another any actions and to criticize his man only because he is "your".

The Rule of Emotional Fidelity

If you are a self-sufficient girl, you will not rush from one man to another in search of evidence of your attractiveness and need. Emotional betrayal is bad not for a man, but first of all for you. You need to clearly and decisively establish your own place in the life of this or that man, and most importantly - to understand your role and your behavior in your relationships.

If you waste your energy on men you do not need, then it will not get to yours. Thus, you will not get serious relationships, because you will be tossing from one shore to another. Decide and calmly confidently go to your goal.

Error Rule

Both you and your man have the right to make a mistake. This means that you have the right to forgiveness. And this is normal. Forgive your man for his mistakes, and in return let him forgive you. This is the basis of a long-term serious relationship with a man. We wish you, that you had such relations.

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