Quarrels of lovers are associated with lack of sleep

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06 November 2017, 09:00

Scientists have found that couples who do not regularly get enough sleep, quarrels happen much more often. Couples who give a full sleep less than the recommended time (about 8 hours), worsen not only their health, but also their relationships. Such a conclusion came from psychology specialists from the University of Ohio. They investigated more than 40 couples who were in a relationship and periodically quarreled. If both the man and the woman slept not enough time, they communicated with each other mostly in high tones, with obvious notes of ill-will. If only one person did not sleep out of the pair, then the danger of quarrel was reduced by about half.

Psychologists during the study paid attention to the intonation and gesticulation of quarreling people, as well as to the content of interleukin-6 in the blood, as well as the anti-inflammatory protein (tumor necrosis) factor: the circulation change of these substances often leads to the development of various chronic pathologies. Scientists have found out: only such a factor as a deficiency of full sleep did not affect the increase in inflammatory markers. As a result of poor and inadequate sleep, men and women have often entered into conflicts: quarrels provoked a stress disorder that, in turn, adversely affected the state of immune protection. In addition, the specialists managed to prove that a quality sleep affects a good mood and even an adequate sense of humor: well-rested cells have a beneficial effect on many areas of the brain - and, in particular, on the area responsible for decision-making. It is almost impossible to find the best way out of this or that situation, without using logical thinking, irony, willingness to listen to your opponent. It is also not accidental that in the first months after the birth of a child, young parents often go through a personal crisis. The reasons for this are the same: a man and a woman just need to sleep well and well. Of course, lack of sleep does not always lead to similar results.

Describing the results of the study, the authors are talking about chronic, long-term sleep deprivation: the human body invariably suffers, irritability and negativity accumulate, which sooner or later affects the attitude towards one's partner. One sleepless night will not do much harm to the body, however, for several nights already, without a quality sleep, worsen the perception of reality, block the need for communication, and inhibit cheerfulness. If lack of sleep becomes permanent, then the person is already threatened with more serious consequences: isolation, apathy and even depression. In some men and women, sexual attraction may decrease, immunity may worsen. Such consequences are really serious. So is it worth risking your health and the quality of the relationship? It is better to talk with each other and solve the problem even before it starts to make its own adjustments to your life.

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