Sexual Health

Половое созревание мальчиков

In the age group from 11 to 13 years, the young male representative starts the mechanisms of producing a specific hormone gonadoliberin in the hypothalamus of the brain.

Улучшение качества спермы

Negative effects on sperm have an ecology, as well as the presence of inflammatory processes of the genitourinary system of men.

Половое созревание девочек

Start of puberty is carried out by means of signals sent by the brain to the sexual glands of girls - the ovaries.

Как повысить потенцию?

With a slight decrease in sexual desire can help decoctions and infusions of medicinal herbs. For example, a decoction of the seeds of clover meadow.

Травы, повышающие потенцию

Herbs that increase potency are natural, herbal remedies that help to cope with the problems of male sexuality and the ability to intercourse. Let's look at what kinds of herbs are, how to properly brew them, and how effective the treatment of potency problems is with the help of herbs.

Как повысить уровень тестостерона?

Before you learn how to increase testosterone levels ...

Женское здоровье и тренировка интимных мышц

Along with convenience and comfort, like constant trips by car, a computerized workplace, technical progress has brought - a sedentary lifestyle, malnutrition and inferior sleep.

Что такое женский презерватив и как его применять?

A female condom is one of the newest contraceptives, however, it is not a very cheap option. It is called a femidom or condom. If a man does not even want to talk about a means of protection, and the very idea of a male condom causes him hysteria, you can take care of yourself and buy a female condom.

Девственная плева: Что нужно знать мужчинам?

Many men know about the hymen only what it is. But this small body of the female body is full of mysteries and secrets that can be revealed. If only carefully read about the anatomical features of the hymen.

Как избежать боли при дефлорации?

Deflowers are afraid of girls, and many young men, because it is widely believed that it is accompanied by pain. In fact, the pain in defloration is not at all and not always - it depends on the anatomical features of the girl and the way the sexual act was performed. How to avoid pain during defloration? This can be done if you know how to properly conduct the first intimate contact.


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