What is a female condom and how to use it?

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The female condom is one of the newest contraceptives, although it is not a very cheap option. It is called Themis or condom. If a man does not even want to talk about the means of protection, and the very thought of a male condom makes him hysterical, you can take care of yourself and buy a female condom.

When and why was the female condom invented?

Where invented the female condom is not known for sure. It is only known that this simple but effective remedy was invented in 1990, and it appeared on the world market only after 3 years. The first to use it were the United States. The condom for women was selling poorly until it was positioned as an excellent means against unwanted pregnancy due to violence. It was then that women began to buy it, especially when information about AIDS spread throughout the world.

The female condom even began to vary: in order to protect African women from violence, the inventor Sonnet Ehlers came up with a model with teeth. He was called RAPEX. As soon as the abuser committed the first friction, his penis instantly ran across thorns into the victim's vagina and was injured. While the rapist writhed in pain, the victim immediately called the police and an ambulance.

The usual female condom is an excellent tool that protects against sexually transmitted diseases. AIDS and unwanted pregnancy. Its reliability is not inferior to the male condom and is 99.2% guarantee - the highest percentage of all existing contraceptives. At first, female condoms were made of polyurethane, then they began to make thinner and more durable - latex. They do not smell as unpleasant as polyurethane, and, moreover, are somewhat thinner than men, which allows a woman and a man to feel each other's genitals better.

How to use a female condom?

Themis, or the female condom, is easy to use, but you first need to practice. This is a transparent tube made of latex or polyurethane, which has a diameter of approximately 8 cm, and reaches a length of 18 cm. Rings are fixed at its ends. One of these rings, like a tampon, is gently inserted into the vagina, and the second ring of Themisoma remains at the entrance to the vagina. For the effect of protection against unwanted pregnancy, it is important that the femide is inserted into the vagina correctly. Its first ring must always be adjacent to the cervix, behind the pubic bone. When a girl removes a condom from the vagina, you need to turn it by the outer ring several times. So the sperm will remain inside, and there will be no risk of unwanted pregnancy and infections.

Removing a condom from the vagina can not immediately - and this is its charm. You can lie down, relax, and if sexual intercourse is no longer planned, you can take it out in 10 hours with a Themis. This distinguishes the female condom from the male, which is removed immediately. You can not go too far: use both female and male condoms at the same time, because they can damage one another. Yes, and not a pleasant feeling.

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Benefits of the female condom

Their mass. That is why the United Nations Commission on AIDS so actively promotes this subject of protecting women from infections and unwanted pregnancies. Female condom is good because it can be installed in the vagina in advance, a few hours before intercourse, than to keep the romance of relationships. The male condom has to be printed out and put on in the very process of a love game, and this somewhat reduces the fuse of both. Maybe. Therefore, many men and women are not thrilled with the use of male condoms.

The female condom is designed in such a way that it contributes to a better stimulation of the clitoris, which increases the woman’s excitability. This is especially good for women with weak and medium sexual temperament, which is not so easy to “start”.

The female condom is very good in that it can be used in any condition of the male penis - even if it is not erect.

Condom for women is designed so that it can cover most of the external genital organs of a woman, which protects her in addition.

Because of the environmentally friendly materials from which the female condom is made, it can be used by all women, even allergies. There are no contraindications. The only amendment: those who are allergic to latex should buy a polyurethane condom and vice versa: that the polyurethane does not accept, let them choose latex products.

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Are there any drawbacks to the female condom?

  • Of course, there is, like any product. Compared to the male condom, the female is much more expensive. It costs from 2 to 6 euros for 1 product.
  • Polyurethane condoms have a not very pleasant smell, especially when removed. But it evaporates quickly.
  • Female condoms are not very well suited to those with weak vaginal muscles. Under this condition, it can fall out.
  • It is also impossible to use a lubricant together with a female condom and it is especially dangerous to use petrolatum. Combined with petroleum jelly, condom rubber will loosen and soften. And then at the most unexpected and unplanned moment the condom can break.

If you really need a lubricant, you can buy female condoms with lubricant.

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