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Love games in the language of sexologists are called the first phase of sexual contact - a prelude. Prelude is needed to ensure that a man and a woman with different sexual temperaments can control their sexual intensity and achieve orgasm at the same time.

Features of women in love games

Love games depend entirely on the imagination of partners. They can be spent anywhere - at least on a chandelier. Bed - the most common and most common way of carrying out the prelude, but not the only one. Feature of love games in that. That a couple can have different temperaments, and if one partner needs to ignite their doing, then the other way around, you need to restrain your love zeal.

In the process of love games, a couple can apply touches to erogenous zones, hugs, kisses, vibrating stroking, gentle words, biting. In love games, a man by nature is more inventive than a woman. She's more of a host. Biologically, a woman is more secretive in the manifestations of her emotions, and it is important for a man to take this into account. But she is more sensitive and deeper and longer experiencing her sexual emotions.

If a woman in a pair is more active than a man, then her caresses are more refined and gentle than men.

The Most Sexy Kisses

In the cultures of different nations, kisses are interpreted in different ways. For example, some African peoples have no kisses at all, or are considered highly indecent. For example, on the island of Fiji and today, lovers instead of kissing rub their noses and puff. It is an expression of love. Most couples, according to sexologists, do not know how to kiss. This deprives the sexual intimacy of the heat of sensations. Meanwhile, for a woman, the irritants of the erogenous zones are to a greater extent the lips and tongue of the partner than his hands.

Some couples prefer kissing the inside of their lips. From this they experience pleasure. A variant of such a kiss can be a kiss in the lower lip, when a man grasps it, touching the tongue. The same can be done with the upper lip as an option. Sometimes the mouth covers both lips. If the partner's tongue touches only to their surface, such a kiss is intimate to call it very difficult.

The most intimate is the so-called French kiss, when partners kiss half-open mouths, moving their tongues. These kisses are distinguished by duration and intensity. They can be short, long, sharp, gentle, soft, biting and so on. Everything depends on the desire of partners. If the kiss does not like, it can not make the feelings of both more intense, but, conversely, can cause rejection and a reduction in the heat.


To excite a partner (partner), one kiss is not enough. Embrace in sex is as important an element as kissing. They can be different in duration and intensity. Embrace can be long, strong, like a jerk, short, gentle. Many women prefer different in intensity embraces and kisses. For example, the embrace is short and strong, and the kiss is long and gentle. What and who likes sexual intercourse, can only be determined in practice, in an experiment.

A unique biological individuality and upbringing can conflict, and then a woman and a man need to release their true essence. Then there will be no sexual coldness and ignorance of what to do with the partner (partner), if they show complete indifference to your hot actions.

The most common mistake of men (and sometimes women) is the expectation that their actions will be followed by an immediate response, the hottest reaction. In fact, this is often not the case. If sexual arousal is increasing gradually, the partner needs to have patience and tact to not wait for immediate response, and continue to experiment with the partner until she really feels excited.

Erogenous areas of a woman

In the classic of the sexual game, after kissing and embracing, there is an effect on the erogenous zones. Usually, from the top down: first head and neck, then shoulders and hollows under the armpits, then one of the most powerful erogenous zones is the mammary glands. And, finally, genitals, hips, feet.

The common mistake of men is that, in their opinion, the sensitivity of the female breast depends on its size. This is far from the case, since the most sensitive part of the breast is the nipple and the area around it, the so-called areola. Excitation of the breast quickly comes when stroking, tingling, pressing, vibrating touch and so on.

The most sensitive erogenous zones of a woman are the small labia, the area around them, the clitoris and the entrance to the vagina. Correct (not rough) touch to the clitoris can cause in women not only a strong excitement, but also an orgasm. The clitoris is one of the most powerful levers for controlling the sexual behavior of a partner. If a man knows this, he will easily bring the partner to the state of orgasm.

Some men mistakenly think that the most erogenous zone of a woman is the inner surface of the vagina, as well as the cervix and vaults located inside. But this is not so - the clitoris is beyond competition.

How to find a clitoris?

The famous point G, which, according to conversations, is in the woman, then and there, most likely it is on the clitoris. More precisely, it is the same point. But not all men know how to stimulate a woman's clitoris correctly. When the clitoris is at rest, it is practically invisible. Most of it is under the woman's external genitalia. A tiny part of the clitoris in the form of a tubercle can protrude in the upper part of the labia. When a woman is excited, the clitoris is seen more. He comes to a state of erection in the same way as the male's sexual organ, filled with blood. And then it increases.

A man can detect a clitoris only if he gently presses on this bump. In this, a woman can help him - she knows the location of her sexual organs better. Despite the fact that the clitoris is very sensitive, one pressure on it is not enough. To stimulate a partner, you need to apply a light massage - long or short in time.

Love games and stimulation of the clitoris in the process prepare the partner for sexual intercourse. While this love game is in progress. It is important not to be in a hurry and not give in to stereotypes. During a love foreplay, a man should not form events, and a woman should succumb to this and pretend that she is ready, if it is not. The result should be the excitation of both, so the prelude sexologists call the excitation phase.

How to determine if a partner is aroused?

For a man, excitement is easy to determine - his penis will tell about everything, which increases and becomes elastic. A woman can feign excitement and orgasm, but nature can not be fooled. If the partner understands the signs of arousing a woman, he will notice the following:

  • General reddening of the facial skin or partial
  • A woman can burn cheeks, dimples on the cheeks, ear lobes
  • The pulse rate is
  • Strain muscles of the abdomen
  • A woman can be covered with "goosebumps"
  • Strained and sticking nipples
  • The clitoris is strained, and the labia is no longer compressed as tightly as the shell shells - they are slightly opened
  • The external genitalia (small lips) swell from the tide of blood
  • Their sensitivity greatly increases
  • The vagina is expanding
  • The uterus straightens
  • From the vagina, transparent mucus can be released - this is a lubricant that indicates the woman's readiness for intercourse

The last sign (grease) is a trouble-free sign that a woman is ready for intimacy with a man.

This phase usually ends the excitement phase, which lasts an average of 15 minutes. Sometimes - longer. A long love game is also not good. She can tire both a woman and a man, especially if during this time both had time to experience an orgasm.

If the partner is not ready ...

If a man still failed to ignite a woman's passion during the prelude phase, he can use the so-called multistage method of stimulation. He is that a man closely follows the reaction of a woman to his caresses, but he does not bring himself to orgasm. When the woman calms down, he continues again, and so on in 2-3 rounds, until the woman is ready for coitus. This is a multistage method.

If during the initiation of a partner the man still did not restrain himself and got an orgasm, and she - no, you can not immediately demand from him the next sexual intercourse. The physiology of men is such that they need time to get excited again. This pause is up to 20 minutes. To the woman did not feel a feeling of displeasure and pain in the ovaries at this time, the partner can bring her to orgasm by stimulating the clitoris.

Here are the features of love games - the first phase of a full-fledged sexual act. After it comes the next phase, coition, or in the language of doctors it sounds like a plateau. About it - in our next publication.

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