11 ideas on how to arrange a romantic evening

Perhaps your relationship is not as fresh as before, or you are just a romantic person, and in your life there is so little romance. Organizing a romantic evening for you and your partner is a great way to improve your love relationships. But how to do it right? How to make your partner's eyes burn, and your heart beat faster? And yours too.

Romantic evening of "lux" class

  1. If you decide to have a romantic evening for you and your partner, first of all make sure that no one will disturb you, whether it be parents, children, friends, etc.
  2. It is better to choose the last working day for this evening. Even if you are tired after work, thoughts about the upcoming weekend will give you strength. Besides, both of you will not think that you need to go to work the next morning.
  3. Romantic evening should be beautiful and your appearance should correspond to this situation.
  4. Take care of the romantic music, which would be ideal for this situation. This music should be loved by both you and your partner. For this, it would not be out of place to learn about his tastes beforehand.
  5. Do not overdo it with preparation. It may well be that after all the preparations you will not have the strength for a romantic evening.
  6. Forget about phones and television. All you need is your partner.
  1. Do not cook much. Your romantic evening is not meant to kill the hunger. It is important to maintain the overall atmosphere of the evening. Also, do not overeat, because if you both want to later make love, stuffed stomachs can become a serious obstacle.
  2. Advice for women: try to look stunning. Think about your dress, evening make-up, sexy women's underwear, etc.
  3. Romantic evening is a rest for both of you. You should create an intimate atmosphere with the help of playing light and shadows: light candles, aroma lamps. But you can replace them with lamps, especially spectacular lamps with red or blue light.
  4. You can replace the romantic evening in the room by staying outdoors. How excitingly together you can walk under the stars, stop at the beach with a bottle of champagne (of course, if possible), etc. Use your imagination ...
  5. Think about the continuation of your romantic evening. Make love incredibly tender or, on the contrary, show your extraordinary passion (do everything possible to please the partner, but do not overdo it).

After you have spent such a bright romantic time together, you can suddenly realize that your love is still strong, that it has not lost itself in everyday vanity. Romantic evening alone ... One thought of it tomorrow, on weekdays, can ignite your sexual passion - your and your partner.

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