How to experiment with a bikini

Sexy underwear, such as a bikini, is really important for making love. You can experiment with bikinis in different ways to look incendiary and sexy in bed. What can be sexual entertainment with a bikini?

Playing with bright colors

If you are on the beach or in the pool, on any of the pleasant resorts or the hotel, you must purchase several bright bikinis of different colors. And then all views will be riveted only to you. Bikini is an amazing thing. It can make you more sexual and relaxed.

Different colors, psychologists have proved, affect the human psyche in different ways. Bikini black is incredibly tempting. Bikini red color can instantly ignite animal passion. A white bikini is an embodiment of innocence, but who knows what a devil can be hidden behind the image of an obedient girl.

Fire and bikini

Weekends you can spend in laziness and bliss if you follow your own schedule. Arrange yourself and him a lazy Sunday, especially romantic it looks in the afternoon. With the help of bikini you can just knock out boredom. How? Very simple. Call him on a shish kebab or grill, which will be cooked in a bikini. Fire and a girl in a bikini are a dream of any man who will immediately get from the backstreets of his brain something ancient and animal. Your night will be unforgettable - and all this thanks to experiments with a bikini.

Approach the bikini creatively

A girl in a house in a bikini and a hairpin is another way to experiment with this "outfit." You can slowly undress in front of your boyfriend, release hair from under the hairpin ... Not paying attention to him. Be sure, at this moment of your sex appeal, any star envies. Look at how he reacts - maybe these moments will become the brightest in your life.

Blow up his brain

If you want to make your boyfriend a pleasant surprise or melt his brain - step into the bikini to the mirror and take a couple of pictures. Untie the ribbons of the top of the bikini and ask at this moment to take a picture of you by the mirror. Or take a picture yourself at the time of untying the ribbons on the bra or panties and send it to his mobile phone with some hot text.

Bikini and ice

Bikini - it's not just clothes, but the opportunity to bare, not exposing. If you are in the heat, put on a bikini and ask him to massage your open body with ice cubes. Let your guy observe what these cubes turn into on your body. Guess how this ice massage can end.

Bikini - more than clothes

Bikini - small strips of tissue on your chest and thighs. But it's not just clothes. If you like to play and experiment, use a bikini and make your sex unforgettable.

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