Love at a distance: 6 reasons for parting

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Last reviewed: 19.10.2021

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The first months of romantic relationships are cloudless, filled with passion and optimism. It seems to lovers that they have a whole life ahead of them - happy and serene.

But what if people for some reason can not be physically together and have to maintain a relationship at a distance? Some couples are able to overcome all difficulties, and even kilometers for them are not a hindrance, however, sadly, most such unions are doomed in advance. Ilive represents the 10 most common reasons that become for a relationship at a distance, real pitfalls, breaking all hopes and dreams of reality.

Lack of communication

Of course, many will say that mobile phones and Skype communication are an excellent way out, because people used to have weeks and months to wait for a letter from a loved one. However, technical progress will still not replace a person's tete-a-tete conversation, especially if the couple has been together for a long time and is now forced to communicate only in this way.

Phantom joint future

Phantom joint future

The phantom joint future is another reason why love in the distance crashes. If people can not decide to move, then it is hardly possible to make any plans for the future. Such a relationship, when no one wants to give in, usually does not last long.

Treason or the rules of one city

Lovers who are at a distance from each other, remain faithful ... Or, at least, try to do it. In fact, it's not so simple, because sometimes loneliness prevails, and interesting dating sometimes ends not just with friendship ...



If at the moment you are just maintaining a relationship with a loved one at a distance, then, most likely, after reading the previous paragraph, think about the loyalty of the lover. However, unreasonable confidence in a partner can put relations at risk and, in the end, destroy them altogether. In fact, it's unlikely that you will be able to find out if a person is changing you or whether you are faithful. The same can be said about ordinary relations. Being next to each other, people may not even suspect that their half is leading a stormy life on the side. Therefore, distrust and constant brainwashing are unlikely to help you build strong relationships.


How much does love cost?

How much does love cost?

People who are at a distance from each other, try to meet as often as possible, which, naturally, requires money. Traveling by train, bus, car or flight on an airplane, as well as paying for telephone bills - all this can serve as additional factors that will eventually turn a romantic relationship into a constant calculation of the cost of love. Many couples often differ for financial reasons.

Life goes on

Life goes on

When there is no other way out and circumstances can not be changed, then relations at a distance are the only way out. It can not be said that absolutely all couples are doomed to failure, odako many can not withstand a long separation, and become emotionally distant. But even if that thin thread that connects people is threateningly taut and tearing up, serious changes can not be avoided if the relationship is expensive and it's not just love.

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