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Point G is a special erogenous area, which is both in women and men. The peculiarity of point G is that with proper stimulation it is possible to get an unforgettable pleasure. Let's consider what is the point G, where it is located in women and men, and how to properly stimulate it.

For the first time, point G was discovered by a gynecologist named Grafenberg, in honor of which this erogenous region was named. In 1944, the German gynecologist was engaged in the study of female genital organs and determined that when stimulating a certain area on the front wall of the vagina, a woman feels an orgasm, and not a simple orgasm, but pleasant sensations that amaze with their intensity and duration. That's how the point G, responsible for the female pleasure was discovered.

But according to modern gynecological studies, in the female body there are several points G that give pleasure and orgasm. So, G point is an erogenous zone, which allows you to quickly get excited, enjoy sexual intercourse and get bright vaginal orgasms.

Point G on the human body

The point G on the human body is a special area responsible for the pleasure. In women, point G is located on the anterior wall of the vagina, about 5-7 centimeters in depth. The size of the erogenous point is not large, it looks like a pea, but, despite this, it is very sensitive. Sensitivity is explained by the fact that the erogenous zone develops from prostate tissues, which are laid at the stage of embryonic development.

As for the male point G, it is in the rectum, between the anus and the prostate. The erogenous point feels like a chestnut. In order to grope for the male G, it is necessary to insert a finger into the anus 4-6 centimeters, while the finger should be pointed with the pillow upwards, that is, towards the stomach.

Point G for men

According to many experts, there are G points for men. This erogenous zone is located in the prostate, that is, on the anterior wall of the rectum. Since G is located between the prostate and the anus, it is not so easy to get to it, but with the right technique and skill, everything is possible. What is the male point of G is a small bulge at a depth of 4-6 cm from the anus. To the touch and the diameter, G is like a chestnut.

Despite the fact that point G is a source of pleasure, many men consider prostate stimulation an unseemly pleasure that only non-traditional sexual orientation boys can afford. Such beliefs are erroneous, since the rejection of this kind of intimate experiments does not give you the opportunity to fully appreciate the possibilities of your body. In addition to pleasure, stimulation of the prostate gland is necessary for the production of an alkaline secretion responsible for the movement of spermatozoa.

G point for women

When it comes to a bright orgasm, they immediately remember about the erogenous zone - point G in women. There is this erogenous zone in the vagina, on its front wall. According to the research, it is 5-6 cm deep. In size, G resembles a pea, that is, the point responsible for vivid sexual feelings, a little more than one penny.

Many sexopathologists believe that every woman has zone G, even those who consider themselves frigid. But the sensitivity of this erogenous region, each lady is individual. So, for some, light stimulation is a guarantee of a bright and prolonged orgasm, but others do not get full pleasure when stimulating only the G point and require a full vaginal orgasm. The sensitivity of point G can only be checked by experiment.

Where is the point G?

Where is the point G? In women, this erogenous zone is located on the front wall of the vagina, behind the urethra and the pubic bone. Gynecologist from Germany - Ernest Grafenberg opened the zone G. Point G is considered the most erogenous and sensitive zone of the female body. With the help of proper stimulation and massage directed at the Graffenburg region, a woman gets pleasant sensations and a long orgasm. Influence on the point G can be manipulated or select sexual positions that provide contact with the erogenous zone.

As for the male point G, it is located in the prostate, between the anus and the prostate gland. The erogenous zone is a consolidation of glandular tissue, the stimulation of which brings pleasure and orgasm.

How to find the point G?

How to find the point G is the question of every man and every woman who wants to give unforgettable sexual feelings and vivid orgasm to their sexual partner. 

  • To search for the erogenous zone in women, it is necessary to make efforts. To find this area, the woman should be maximally excited, the clitoris must be swollen, since this is the optimal state for detecting the G point. 
  • During probing, a woman feels only pleasant movements within herself. To facilitate the search for G, a man should remember that she looks like a pea. The closer your partner's fingers to the coveted zone, the more pleasant the woman. 
  • As soon as the man groped for G, a woman may feel a slight discomfort and a urge to urinate. But you can not stop, the task of the man to continue to stimulate the point G. Do this need to be rhythmic, gradually increasing the force of depression. 
  • For an unforgettable pleasure, the task of men is to stimulate not only point G, but also the clitoris, as this is a guarantee of a rapid onset of orgasm, which lasts longer than the vaginal.

As for finding the coveted point G for men, the woman should buy lubricant, shear off long nails, in order not to injure a man and adjust the sexual partner to an unforgettable orgasm and new sexual experiments. 

  • A man is recommended to bend over in the back, that is, "stand up with cancer." If the partner is against such a position, then put a cushion under his pelvis and stomach so that the priest is at the top. 
  • The task of a woman, using a lubricant, gently begin to insert a finger into the anus, while stimulating the penis with the other hand so that the man is maximally agitated. A woman should move very carefully so as not to hurt her partner. 
  • At a distance of 4-6 centimeters from the anus is the point G. Stimulate it must be slow, gradually moving to a faster pace.

If you have not been able to find the G point and feel the excitement from its stimulation, do not be upset. A little practice, more trust to your partner and G will become a source of unforgettable pleasure.

What does the point G look like?

How does point G look like and how to understand what it is exactly it? In women, point G is like a pea, and with the right stimulation it increases in size and becomes like a lump. In this case, the size of the erogenous zone in each woman is individual. The most interesting thing is that in reality nobody saw the G point. The description of what it looks like is obtained through sensations when it is stimulated. Even during a gynecological examination, the front wall of the vagina is not inspected, that is, it is not possible to visually confirm the similarity of zone G with a pea.

But the male point G, which is in the prostate, looks like a chestnut. With stimulation, G increases in size, becomes denser and more elastic. The male point G is not visible when examined by a proctologist, therefore it is possible to confirm its similarity to a chestnut only by feeling during palpation and stimulation. The dimensions of this erogenous zone are individual for each man, and can vary depending on the degree of excitement.

Stimulation of the point G

Stimulation of the G-point is the easiest way to have fun. So, in order to stimulate the erogenous G zone, you need to choose a suitable posture, take a comfortable position, relax and get excited as much as possible. To stimulate the female G point, the girl should lie down, best on the stomach, but this is not very convenient, since there is no eye contact with the partner. For convenience, a man can put a roller under the woman's thighs. Stimulate G can be both fingers and penis. To the partner was really pleased, the man should stimulate not only point G, but also the clitoris and the woman's breasts.

Nature has not deprived men of point G, which can and should be stimulated. G is in the prostate gland, that is, the prostate, which in its essence is a continuous erogenous zone. But not all men are ready to entrust the most "holy", and not all women agree to such caresses. Nevertheless, it is worth knowing that when stimulating the prostate, a man is able to get a full orgasm, and there is no need to stimulate the penis. In order for the stimulation to be pleasant, it is recommended to get a lubricant, a minimum of manicure for a woman and complete relaxation and trust on the part of a man.

Stimulate G in men can be from the outside. For this, the woman should gently caress the area between the anus and the scrotum. To strengthen the sensations, do not forget about the penis. As statistics and practice shows, the point G and men and women are much easier to find and stimulate with the help of attachments and sex toys that will give real pleasure and diversify the sex life.

How to properly stimulate point G?

How to properly stimulate point G, so that a sensitive and erogenous zone brought real pleasure? To stimulate zone G it is possible independently or together with the partner. To stimulate the source of pleasure in women, a man should gently insert a finger into the vagina, 4-6 cm in the direction of the abdomen. As soon as you feel the area with densified skin, this is G. In the first seconds of stimulation, a woman may have a urge to urinate, but do not stop, as pleasant sensations and quick orgasm will not keep you waiting.

To increase the sensitivity of the G point, it is recommended to stimulate the clitoris, as this can lead not only to the vaginal, but also to the clitoral orgasm. The G zone should be stimulated with circular motions or movements up and down, gradually moving to an accelerated rhythm. G can be stimulated not only with your fingers, but also during sex itself.

With regard to the correct stimulation of the male point G, then you need to get a lubricant, the partner should have a short manicure, so as not to injure the partner. Before you start massaging the erogenous zone, a man needs to be well stimulated, so that anal caresses and stimulation G bring real pleasure.

Massage point G

Massage point G requires skill and patience from both partners. The first thing you need to know is how to find the erogenous zone, that is where G. Is located. The meaning is the right stimulation, which causes sexual arousal. When massage G in women, in the first minutes of exposure, urge to urinate, so before intimate caresses it is recommended to empty the bladder.

When massage G for men, the most important thing is preliminary caresses. It is recommended to make a partner an erotic massage. During the stimulation of the erogenous zone, it is necessary to use lubricant, in order not to inconvenience and discomfort to the partner. Massage point G is recommended to start with light circular movements and as the excitement move to more rhythmic.

Massage point G in women

Massage point G in women - this is an excellent opportunity to deliver unprecedented pleasure to your partner, improve and diversify your sex life. Massage G can be done manually with the fingers or during a classic sexual intercourse. 

  • The main rule of massage of the G point for women is full trust to the partner, relaxation and arousal. 
  • If G is stimulated during intercourse, then the size of the partner's penis does not matter. Since the point of Graffenburg, is available to men of any size of dignity. 
  • When massage G fingers, it is necessary to do translational movements, gradually accelerating as the excitation. At maximum excitation, G swells and it is easy to grope. 
  • Note that in all women, the most erogenous zone is at different depths and has a different degree of sensitivity. 
  • During the massage, the woman begins to feel the urge to urinate. If this arises, then this is a sure sign that they stimulate G, and the unpleasant sensations will go away with experience. 
  • In stores for adults, that is, in sex shops, sell special toys and stimulators point G, which will help develop sensitivity and develop a zone G.

Massage point G in men

Massage point G in men, begins with the preparation for the search for the most cherished erogenous zone. To begin with, you need to stock yourself with grease, trim a long manicure and set up a partner morally. Now you can start searching for zone G. The point is in the prostate gland and in its shape resembles a chestnut. It is located under the bladder, and you can reach it only through the anus. To do this, it is necessary to move forward by 4-6 cm and find a bulge on the front wall.

But before you start massaging point G, a man needs to be prepared. You can start with erotic massage and petting. As soon as the partner is excited, you can start to massage G. To do this, apply a little lubricant to the finger and slowly start to inject it into the anus, gradually moving towards the treasured G. Once the erogenous zone has been discovered, one can start to stimulate it. Massage should be neat and rhythmic, but not strong.

If a man is not ready for anal massage of point G, then the erogenous zone can be stimulated from the outside. Massage the area between the testicles and anus, stroke this patch or stimulate it in a circular motion.

Positions for stimulating point G

Positions for the stimulation of the G point allow you to massage the erogenous zone in a convenient and maximally suitable position for these purposes. Let's look at some sexual poses that open access to point G. 

  • Woman on Top

The most simple and favorite position in sex for many women. The advantage of this position is that the woman herself regulates and controls the degree and speed of penetration. That is, the stimulation of point G is easy and natural. If desired, a woman can change the angle or speed up the pace. In addition, this position is also convenient for men, since his task is to caress the female breast and enjoy the process. 

  • Merger

Excellent position, which allows you to maximally stimulate the point G. But this position is suitable for people with good physical fitness. The woman takes her hands behind her back and leans on them, raises her hips and spreads her legs. A man is holding a partner for a basin, kneeling. This position is similar to the above, but in this position, each of the partners can itself regulate the speed and degree of stimulation of the point G.

  • Doggy style

Strangely enough, but this position is considered the most convenient and most suitable for stimulating the female point G. The woman squats, back to the partner and properly bends in the back, so that the priest was on top, and the chest touched the bed. The man holds the woman by the pelvis and regulates the speed and degree of stimulation of the G. 

  • Back to the man

This pose is similar to the pose of a woman from above, only in this position the woman sits back to the man. The speed of movement and the degree of stimulation G depend on the woman. The partner can do circular movements with the hips or move up and down, if desired, you can try different angles of inclination. For convenience, a woman can hold on to her partner's ankles. 

  • Legs on the shoulders of a man

It is necessary to begin with the missionary posture, but after the partners are maximally excited, the woman raises her legs on the man's shoulders. In this case, the higher the legs, the more pleasant the woman and the more the point G is stimulated.

Point G is a source of pleasure, both for women and for men. With proper stimulation, zone G gives a bright unforgettable and most importantly long orgasm. But before you start stimulation, you need to learn all the theoretical aspects, learn to find G and correctly massage it. And do not forget, in order to enjoy the massage and stimulation of such an erogenous zone, you need to relax, trust your partner and enjoy the process.

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