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Point u is an ode from the erogenous zones on the body of a woman. Let's look at where point u is and how to properly stimulate it. And also a lot of very useful information about the hypersensitive zones on the body of women - points a and g.

The female body is fraught with a lot of erogenous zones, first of all, this is the well-known point g, in connection with which, and to this day, there are disputes. In addition to the point g, there is a point u and even a point a. But this is not all the sensitive areas that are on the female body. The peculiarity of erogenous zones is that, with their proper stimulation, a woman can get an unforgettable pleasure and orgasm.

Point u is a soft erectile tissue, which is dotted with nerve endings. Point u is located between the entrance to the vagina and the urethra. You can find such an erogenous zone on your own, while taking a bath or shower. It's not about masturbation, first you need to find the coveted erogenous area and understand what stimulation gives you more pleasure, whether it's gentle touches or easy stroking. After you have found your u, you can let the partner to stimulate the sensitive area.

Note that the stimulation of the u point does not always end with intercourse. Very often, simple finger caress and stroking, can bring a woman to an incredible excitement and even to orgasm. Since the point is near the clitoris, with proper stimulation, it will become a new source of pleasure.

Gua points

The gua points are the supersensitive erogenous zones on the female body. Let's take a closer look at each of the points, their features, rules of stimulation and location.

  1. G - the most famous erogenous point. Zone g is for both women and men. In women, it is located on the front wall of the vagina, 5-6 centimeters deep, and in men in the rectum, between the anus and the prostate. Stimulate the sensitive area with your fingers, and during the process of sexual intercourse. There are special poses that allow you to maximize g during sex.
  2. U - in contrast to the above-described erogenous zone, less known, but no less sensitive. Of course, the point of calling u is not entirely correct, since it represents a rather large area. The erogenous zone is located above the urethra, on either side of it. According to the results of the studies, the point u is not sensitive in all women. That is, not every woman enjoys and is excited by her stimulation. Point u is an erectile tissue that is strewn with nerve endings. With the proper stimulation of the erogenous zone, a woman has a strong sexual arousal and a urge to urinate.
  3. Point A is a cluster of sensitive tissues in the front of the vagina, between the cervix and the bladder. A special excitement when stimulating point a, occurs at the time of contraction of the tissues surrounding the uterus. Stimulation of the zone a is possible when the penis penetrates the cervix, about 3 cm. At this point, the partner can feel a strong contraction of the woman's muscles and a significant moistening of the organs. If this happens, then point a is found correctly.

The gua points are special erogenous zones on the female body. Proper stimulation of these points leads to excitation and unforgettable pleasure. But the main rule of finding and stimulating, sensitive gua is trust in the partner.

U point for women

The u point in women is a little-known erogenous zone. The erotic and exciting potential of the point was recently studied by clinical studies in the United States. Its name, the point u received from the English Urethral spot, that is, the point of the urethra. So, according to studies, u is another erogenous zone on the body of a woman, with the correct stimulation of which it is possible to bring a partner to an orgasm and a pleasant excitement.

U is located outside the urethra, that is, above the opening of the entrance to the vagina. The point is slightly below the urethra, between it and the vagina. Anatomically, the point u is defined as the Skin gland or in the form of the spongy body of the canal.

Skin's glands are named after Alexander Skin, who first discovered and described this erogenous zone in the medical literature. So, according to the researches of the scientist, the point u is called small vestibular (paraurethral) glands or in other words - the female prostate gland. Point u is located throughout the spongy body of the canal and is similar in its structure, that is, homologous to the prostate gland of a man. Point u captures the urethra, the clitoris and the entrance to the vagina. All this suggests that, with the right stimulation of the u point, a woman can get a crazy pleasure that surpasses the classic vaginal orgasm.

Where is the point u?

Where is the point u and how is it right to search? First of all, it is worthwhile to know that the point or zone u is a special area of soft erectile tissue. Excitation is due to the fact that on this site there are a lot of nerve endings. U is located between the entrance to the vagina and the urethra.

The sensitivity of u is individual. In addition, for each of the fair sex, the zone u has its location. So, in some, the point is in the middle of the urethra, others are closer to the entrance to the vagina. It is from the location, the sensitivity of the point u depends.

As a rule, during intercourse, the point u is not stimulated and not even affected, so for additional stimulation, it requires separate attention and stimulation. To get unforgettable sensations you can try to work immediately on all erogenous zones. For these purposes, the ideal position is ideal when the woman is on top and slightly inclined forward. In this case, the impact will be on the u point and the female prostate gland, that is, the Skin gland. In any case, when searching for a u point, a woman will get a lot of fun.

How to find the point u?

How to find the point u, a question that interests many women who want to get even more pleasure from sexual intimacy. The search for the u point is also interesting for men who are looking for more and more ways to please their partner. Its name, the erogenous zone u received from the English word urine, that is, the urethra or urethra. Proper stimulation of the u point promotes the production of the hormone of serotonin happiness.

Find the point u is very simple, for this it is sufficient to stimulate the areas on both sides of the urethra. Stimulate u woman can independently, with light touches and strokes of the fingertips. Point u can be affected and during intercourse. For this, a woman must push the pelvis to the man's thighs, so that the erogenous u touches the penis.

If you still doubt the sensitivity of the u point, then try to lightly touch the erogenous zone. Note that the point u captures the clitoris and the entrance to the vagina. That is, with stimulation u, you can get a tremendous clitoral orgasm. It is recommended to stimulate the point u in several ways. First of all, it is masturbation, when a woman independently studies the sensitivity of her body. Petting and preliminary caresses of the partner is another way to find the point u and to give pleasure.

Orgasmic points gua

Orgasmic points gua - a zone of the female body with increased sensitivity. Stimulation of each of the points separately, and all at once - is a great opportunity to diversify the sexual act, make sex more intense, exciting and exciting. Each of the orgasmic points is a bundle of nerve endings that spread throughout the female body and deliver an indescribable pleasure.

Point A

This erogenous zone is considered second in sensitivity, after g. The point is in the front of the vagina, between the cervix and the bladder. Supersensitive a - a cluster of tissues with nerve endings, a touch of which is carried by pleasure and a light tremor throughout the body. With sufficient excitation and proper stimulation of point a, the surrounding tissue of the uterus begins to contract.

The real name of the point is AFE (Anterior Fornix Erogenous). The erogenous zone was opened in 1994 by a gynecologist from Malaysia Chua Chi Ann. Since point a is deep in the vagina, it can only be stimulated with the help of a vibrator or during sexual intercourse. If the point is detected, then grease begins to be actively allocated, which indicates the approaching pleasure. Very often, even the penis does not reach the point a, so without sex toys a woman can never feel how sensitive her body is, especially point a.

The point U

Orgasmic point u is located near the urethra at the entrance to the urethra. Simply put, the point u is located between the entrance to the vagina and the clitoris. The erogenous zone is responsible for the production of a female ejaculate (a liquid released during orgasm and associated with a squirt). During the stimulation of the u zone, urge to urinate. This is explained by the fact that with the massage of the point u under the influence, the Skin glands also enter, that is, the female prostate gland located on the spongy body of the urethra.

To get an orgasm, u you can stimulate yourself with your fingers or ask your partner about it. The best option to enjoy the stimulation of u is cunnilingus, that is, stimulation with the tongue. For this, the partner needs to do soft circular motions. With orgasm from point u, a woman feels fast cramps and trembling all over her body. During normal sex, the point u is not affected. The erogenous zone can be stimulated with fingers or use a position when the woman is on top and tilted forward. By the way, this position allows you to get and stimulate all orgasmic points gu a. •

The point G

The most popular erogenous zone is a small seal on the front wall of the vagina. Point g got its name in honor of the German gynecologist Ernst Grafenberg, who opened it, groping for a depth of 5-6 cm behind the urethra and pubic bone. G, like point u - the most sensitive erogenous zones on the female body. The point can be stimulated manually, thereby delivering an unforgettable sensation to the woman or using special poses that will stimulate g during sex.

But at the same time, the point g is not so well known for the clitoris, and not many women dare to look for the cherished g. The most interesting is that the g zone is in men, they have it in the anus, between the anus and the prostate gland. In women, the point g is like a pea, which swells during stimulation, while the male g resembles a chestnut that can be felt at a depth of 4-6 cm in the anus. The stimulation and pleasure of the male and female g is completely dependent on the trust in the partner and the emancipation, that is, the willingness to have fun.

Stimulation of the point u

Stimulation of the u point can be carried out during masturbation or during sexual intercourse. Good options for stimulating this erogenous zone is the missionary posture, or the pose in which the girl is on top. But the most ideal variant for stimulation u is a cunnilingus, that is massage by language. What else can you touch such a sensitive area, if not with language? In addition, the man independently controls this process, focusing on the reactions and wishes of the partner.

Stimulation of the point u can also be done with a finger. Male fingers play one of the decisive roles during petting and preliminaries, stimulating every part of the female body. In order to stimulate u with a finger, it is enough to draw from the tip of the clitoris to the beginning of the vagina. But do not push hard on the erogenous zone, because instead of pleasure it can cause pain and refusal of a partner to continue to participate in such kind of caresses. The finger movements should be both vertical and horizontal, for greater pleasure, you can use a lubricant, that is, lubricant.

As for stimulating the point u with the help of a language, this method is more complicated than stimulation with a finger, but it is much more effective. The whole problem is that not all men agree to give oral caresses to their partner. Influence on the point u can also be a sexual member. To do this, you can use the pose when the woman is on top or just caress the sensitive area with the tip of the penis.

The erogenous point u

The erogenous point u is a section of erectile tissue with increased sensitivity. Point u is located on both sides of the urethra, slightly above the entrance to the vagina, but below the clitoris. In the process of studying and studying the erogenous potential of point u, it was found out that the sensitive zone can be stimulated and fondled by fingers during the process of masturbation, by language or by the penis in the process of sexual intercourse.

Since the point u is part of the urethra, that is, the urethra, it is not superfluous to recall the female ejaculation. For example, in men, the urethra is the canal on which moves like seminal fluid, that is, sperm, and urine. Many mistakenly believe that a female urethra displays only urine, but it is not. With a powerful orgasm, some of the fair sex can allocate a special fluid from the urethra, but this is not urine.

With the proper stimulation of the erogenous point u, the Skin glands get under the influence, which produce an alkaline liquid, similar in its chemical structure to male sperm. The amount of such a liquid can be from a few drops, up to 2-4 table spoons. With a strong contraction of the pelvic muscles, the fluid comes out like a jet, and a similar phenomenon is called squirting. The most interesting thing is that such a manifestation of complete pleasure and an illustrative example of the orgasm obtained, can cause complexes and even quarrels among partners. Since some men who are not educated and are not indicated in the nuances of female orgasm, take squirting for a stream of urine.

Orgasm of the point u

Orgasm of the point u is often associated and compared with clitoral orgasm. This is due to the fact that during the stimulation of the urethra and the point u under the influence, the clitoris also enters. This kind of orgasm can be experienced by every woman. In addition, in the postpartum period, the orgasm of the point u and the clitoral orgasm is the only available way to satisfy the woman, since contacts with penetration can be prohibited.

But most often the orgasm of the point u occurs when masturbating. To achieve orgasm from stimulating the point u, you can use your fingers, penis or do cunnilingus. To achieve orgasm, you can use special postures, for example, posture 69, when each partner receives oral caresses. To stimulate u will help the pose when the woman is on top and tilts slightly forward or any other position in which the woman or sexual partner can stimulate the point u with her finger. Many sex therapists recommend using sex toys that allow you to diversify your sex life and work out all the erogenous points and zones on the female body.

Massage point u

Massage of the point u, that is, stimulation of one of the supersensitive female erogenous zones should be correct. First of all, you need to be excited, for this pre-petting or petting is suitable. It is at this point that a man can start massaging the u point. In order for the massage to become the cause of orgasm, it is recommended to use the technique of cunnilingus, that is, the effect on the erogenous area with the tongue. In addition to oral caresses, you can stimulate u with your fingers. This can be done both independently during masturbation, and entrust such an intimate affair to the partner.

But do not get upset if during the stimulation of the point and orgasm has not been reached or no special exciting sensations have appeared. Each woman is unique, so one is able to experience a frantic orgasm from mild stimulation of the erogenous point, and for another, an orgasm is possible only with a full sexual intercourse.

Point u is one of the supersensitive erogenous zones on the body of a woman. Stimulation of this point is able to give a pleasant sensation of excitement and a long orgasm. There are several ways of stimulation, each of which allows to reveal the female erogenous point u. The main thing is not to be afraid of experiments and trust your partner.

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