10 hindrances to female orgasm

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Last reviewed: 20.11.2021

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If during sex women do not reach orgasm, they, as a rule, accuse lovers of it. However, orgasm can "go away" for other reasons.

His "kill" themselves are representatives of the fair sex, or rather, their sweet weakness.

Tight underwear

Stringing and corsets, of course, look sexy. However, they prevent you from enjoying making love. Uncomfortable, squeezing chest and crotch clothing disrupts blood circulation. The pressure in the vessels does not reach its maximum (which is a necessary condition for orgasm), and as a result, there is excitement, but unfortunately, there is no satisfaction.

Flabby muscles

The muscles of the vagina should be regularly pumped, as well as the press and buttocks. Otherwise, with time they atrophy and will not be able to give pleasant sensations (orgasm is achieved by contraction of the muscles of the vagina and uterus). Paradox, but the best training of intimate muscles is just the same sex. An alternative way of training is vumbilding - a set of special exercises aimed at improving women's health. Classes can be held independently at home or under the guidance of a coach in the gym.

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Irregular sex

To intimate muscles have always been in good shape, sex should be studied at least 3 times a week. Otherwise, the vagina loses its elasticity, the glands produce poor lubrication, etc. Etc.

Full stomach

Engage in sex, after having eaten "in full", is not recommended not only because in the process lovers will experience unpleasant sensations. The danger lies in the other. Digestion of food requires increased blood supply, that is, the "focus" of the body will be the gastrointestinal tract, not the genitals. What happens when there is a lack of blood supply in the intimate zone is already described above. Experts advise to eat three hours before the scheduled sexual intercourse. Just before the sexual act, lovers can eat only a few aphrodisiacs.

Vegetosovascular dystonia

To orgasm "went away" for a long time, just a small malfunction in the nervous system, which is responsible for the heart rhythm, regulates heat transfer in the body, maintains blood pressure, etc. Therefore, women who complain about the disappearance of satisfaction during sexual intercourse should get a doctor's advice.


Yes exactly. In the huge list of consequences of nicotine consumption, anorgasmia appears.


Despite the fact that, being under the influence of alcohol-containing drinks, women start to think about sex more often, and at the end of a merry evening they are ready to give themselves to the practically first comer, in sex they do not get much. It's not even that alcohol affects the coordination of movements. Drinks that contain a "degree", acts on the female body as an anesthetic. The sensitivity of the erogenous zones is markedly reduced, and to achieve orgasm both to the woman and her partner, it takes a long time (in most cases, ineffectively) to try.


Medical preparations

Means for lowering blood pressure, tranquilizers, antidepressants, antispasmodics and diuretics have one very interesting side effect, which for some reason is not written in the instructions. Components of these drugs "kill" an orgasm, and it returns only when a person finishes taking medication. Important: the same side effects have antiallergenic and antiviral powders and tablets.

Stuffed Toys

Between children's toys and women's orgasm there is a strong connection. Psychologists talk about the influence of children's "taboo" on the subconscious of an adult. Seeing a plush hare, bear, etc., the ladies return to their childhood. And in childhood they had no orgasm, of course, was not.

Cold feet

The temperature of the female legs affects the power of orgasm. This discovery was recently made by Dutch scientists who argue that the warmer the legs of a mistress, the more likely she will reach the peak of pleasure. That's why foot massage should be an integral part of love foreplay.


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