7 ways to get rid of stiffness in sex

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Last reviewed: 23.04.2024

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Probably few things can make a person feel more vulnerable than lack of clothes when there is nowhere to hide and nothing to hide behind. Emotional vulnerability can damage relationships and even lead to parting with your loved one. A person who is insecure and shy of his body, with horror stepping over the threshold of the bedroom, can fall into hysterics even from the innocent remarks of the partner. Ilive has prepared 7 tips to help you cope with self-doubt, maintain relationships and overcome your internal problems.

Walk naked

Walk naked

In the most intimate moments, most people focus on their beloved person and their feelings. But there are some who can not forget about their nakedness. To feel comfortable with a partner, first you need to find peace within yourself, so go home at home. Well consider yourself in the mirror and understand once and for all that your body is absolutely symmetrical and proportionate, so there's nothing to be ashamed about and it's time to get rid of the habit of turning off the light in the bedroom during sex.

Study your body

Masturbation is a normal way of knowing your own sensations and body. Many people do this from their teenage years. With the help of self-satisfaction, a person can understand what and how he needs to do in order to feel the whole range of sensations.

Visit to the doctor

Visit to the doctor

If you feel pain during sex, then it is better not to postpone visiting a specialist, because this may indicate a serious problem. Do not hesitate to ask the doctor about what's bothering you, he will certainly give good advice, because he had to deal with similar problems for the first time.

Do what you like

If you like to talk during sex, you do not need to restrain yourself, but if you want the partner to talk in great detail about what will do with your body, then ask him about it. The same applies to your sexual desires - you have to voice them, otherwise you will never get rid of stiffness and insecurity.


If you are embarrassed that you do not all go to bed, then there is nothing wrong with that. The main thing is time and practice, just like with the first kiss - the more experience, the better the skill.


Do not grow the habit of hushing up problems. If you do not say that something does not like and causes discomfort, it will only lead to the fact that problems and discontent will accumulate and eventually destroy relations.

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Sex - is not only a way to continue the family, but also a way to receive satisfaction and enjoyment. If the intimate relationship does not bring you pleasure, then be sure to find out why this is happening. If the partner reinforces your insecurities by adding fuel to the fire, then this is not the person who really supports and understands, so think, is it worth your attention and time? Unfortunately, life is not that long and it's not worth spending it on listening to jokes about cellulite or any other stupid remarks.

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