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Pancreatitis onions

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Last reviewed: 14.03.2019

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It is impossible to imagine cooking without onions, and many people love it and just raw when it comes to salo or borscht. However, not every health condition allows you to use this vegetable. This applies especially to people with pancreatic disease. The absolute ban on onions exists in the acute period of pancreatitis, since it contains essential oils and acids that increase the synthesis of pancreatic enzymes. As a result, they begin to break down their own tissues, exacerbating the pathological process, which is unacceptable. The chronic course of the disease in remission allows its use in the diet. Therefore, to answer the question whether onions can be used for pancreatitis is definitely not possible.


The benefits of onions

Completely abandon the onion would be a mistake, because The benefits of it are enormous and are as follows:

  • glukinin in its composition reduces insulin production;
  • due to phytoncides an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal effect occurs;
  • its fiber increases intestinal motility;
  • he normalizes sleep;
  • supplies the body with vitamins and minerals;
  • prevents atrophy of pancreatic tissue;
  • strengthens the immune system due to antioxidants.

Types of onions

There are many varieties of onions, ranging from edible and ending with decorative varieties. In our food culture the most used is bulb, shallot, leek. Ways to prepare them are also quite diverse. Consider the impact of the individual on the pancreas, pre-stipulating that the exacerbation of the disease eliminates any fresh onions:

  • boiled onion - onion added to the first, meat and fish dishes, sauces, where it is essentially cooked. This is possible during the period of attenuation of a pancreatitis outbreak, when other vegetables are allowed;
  • green onions with pancreatitis - different aggressive essential oils, which makes it undesirable even with the reduction of inflammation. Blanching or boiling, he gets a chance in small amounts to be present in dishes, because this reduces the amount of oil. If no unpleasant consequences occur, then you can continue to add it to the diet, because it is a source of potassium, ascorbic acid and other useful substances;
  • garlic in case of pancreatitis is like seasoning, it is loved by many, but its chemical compounds are not acceptable to a sick pancreas either in its raw or thermally processed form;
  • stewed onions with pancreatitis - stewing vegetables minimizes the negative impact on the body, and at the same time retains many of its properties. Reasonable doses do not harm the pancreas;
  • baked onions for pancreatitis - he is assigned the role of a healer: by eating one head baked in the oven in the morning before eating for a month, you can significantly improve your condition.

Another recipe is associated with the preparation of onion syrup: chopped onion, covered with sugar and placed in the oven to obtain a brown tint mass (for 1 kg of onion 2 cups of sugar). A tablespoon three times a day will bring a therapeutic effect on the diseased organ;

  • leek with pancreatitis is a valuable nutritional product, which includes vitamins B1, B2, C, E, folic acid, carotene, salts of magnesium, iron, potassium, sodium. It has a good urinary and choleretic effect, it prevents the formation of cholesterol plaques, reduces the risk of cancer, has a beneficial effect on vision. With such characteristics, it is impossible to refuse from pancreatitis from it, but to apply it only after heat treatment, except frying.


Onions, mostly fresh, can harm other pathologies, including digestive organs: gastritis, ulcers, colitis.

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Risks and possible complications

The use of onions can increase the acidity of the stomach, cause a rise in blood pressure, provoke attacks of asthma.

It is important to know!

In acute pancreatitis, the blood and urine amylase rises by a factor of 10-30. Hyperamilazemia occurs at the onset of the disease (after 4-6 hours), reaches a maximum after 12-24 hours, then rapidly decreases and comes to normal on the 2-6th day. Read more..

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