English diet for weight loss: essence, testimonials and results

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Pragmatic Englishmen traditionally prefer healthy food. It is no coincidence that the phrase "English diet" is associated with oatmeal. Just remember the phrase: "Oatmeal, sir!", Which made the famous game of talented actors. Is the diet in English built on oatmeal, and if not, then on what?

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The basis of the English diet - to eat only useful, nothing harmful or superfluous. Eating this way, you do not need to resort to exotic ingredients and surf the Internet in a feverish search for all kinds of diets. Health and ease will be with you every day.

Indications for the appointment of a diet in English:

  • for weight loss;
  • for purification from slags, radionuclides;
  • after prolonged use of antibiotics;
  • rejuvenation;
  • restoration of digestion;
  • To get used to constant good nutrition.

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For losing weight

Most diets are used for weight loss, the English diet is no exception. But it can also become a permanent way of eating - for people who want to eat healthy food in moderation.

The technique consists in repeating protein and plant foods. For many people, it is easier to withstand than monotonous mono-diets, greatly exhausting those who want to lose weight. The rules are simple, but before accepting them, consult a specialist about possible contraindications.

  • Start the day with a cup of clean water, you can salted.
  • For a day, drink up to 2 liters of water.
  • Eat four times a day, the last time - until 19 hours.
  • At night, take a sip of olive oil.
  • In the autumn-winter period, do not forget about multivitamins.

The English method pleases with a variety: cereals, vegetables, fruits, greens - a sufficient choice for a full-fledged diet. The scheme is as follows: 2 first days hungry, then in turn 2 protein, 2 days - vegetable. For the first days a set of products suits: a liter of milk, a glass of tomato fresh, 2 slices of bread. After six days, the days alternate.

It is important to eat by the clock, regardless of where you are - at home, at work, at a party. Make a menu of dishes to be eaten throughout the dietary period. There are enough recipes on the Internet not to suffer from malnutrition or tasteless food.

Good news for sweethearts and coffee lovers: a portion of a black drink with honey is allowed on all protein days, and tea with honey - in vegetable.

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General information of the english diet

The principle is based on the principle of alternation and calorie restriction. There are several options for the English diet, they are all popular, but differ in terms and rates of achieving the desired indicators.

The ration is made up of traditional products grown in private and private farms. Nothing overseas or exotic is required: ingredients - milk, eggs, legumes, bread. Well, oatmeal - without it. The essence of the diet is that protein dishes alternate with vegetable, rich in fiber, capable of eliminating all harmful components from the body.

  • An important place in the diet is high-quality water, it is drunk to 2 liters. So that it does not stay in the body, table salt in food is substituted for sea, and even better - for spicy plants, which actively promotes weight loss.

Change and the way of cooking: instead of frying, stewing is used. It is known that the English dine late. The English technique takes into account this tradition: breakfast is light, and late lunch is rather dense, because it replaces dinner.

English diet for 12, 14 days

If a week-long English diet is called royal, then other options are called easier. They are similar, but not identical. Perhaps the effect is somewhat inferior to some diets, but such a diet is able to become a new way of eating that brings maximum benefit. Consider the English diet for 12, 14 days.

Diets of this duration are based on monotonous unloading days. Specialists consider the technique to be rigid and do not advise to apply without special need. However, the adherents call convincing figures of weight loss: up to 10 kg for the period. However, the results directly depend on the number of extra kilograms: the more of them, the sooner they leave. The question is, for how long.

  • Observant diet should start the day with a glass of hot water or green tea with lemon.

The quantity is not limited, but extremely healthy and healthy food. Use onions, spices, garlic, parsley, herbs for teas, seasonal vegetables for salads. And give up sugar, sweet baking, alcohol, potatoes, bananas.

The first five days should be clearly followed by the menu and the regime, then options are possible, that is, replacing apples with other fruits, kefir with ryazhenka, eggs with fish or omelets. Vegetable salads are always useful.

Especially strict include a 12-day kefir diet, when during the whole period it is suggested to use only kefir, tomato juice, apples. For a reliable weight retention in the future you need to make a healthy diet constant. First, eat low-calorie food in small volumes, adding one of the dishes: light broth, liquid vegetable soup, boiled chicken, low-fat sour-milk food.

Getting out of the hard diets, you need to remember not only about caloric content, but also about the structure of foods: unaccustomed to hard food, the stomach will receive undesirable stress if it is fed incorrectly. Therefore, apples should be baked, carrots - cook or grind, cucumber peel.

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English diet for 5, 7 days

They say that the English diet was successfully used for 5, 7 days in the women's boarding houses, when the young ladies returned after the holidays, grown fat on household grub. It was used three times, after every vacation, that is, thrice a year. Modern dieticians also recommend the English diet, but only once a year.

The effect is provided by the stress that the organism undergoes under this regime. A reduced diet consists of small portions divided four times. Food with a minimum of fats and carbohydrates is cooked in a double boiler or on water.

In the morning of each of the five days - traditional oatmeal and tea. It is better if it is a black drink, naturally, without sugar. At noon tea also drink tea: on Tuesday and Thursday - with milk, on other days - without milk and sugar (if you start losing weight on Monday). Two more afternoon tea, in addition to tea, eat 1 fruit each.

For lunch, the following dishes are recommended:

  • Monday - unsalted broth, bread.
  • Tuesday - chicken breast, cucumber, tea.
  • Wednesday - broth with vegetables, bread.
  • Thursday - chicken's throat, tomato.
  • Friday is breast.

Dinner is served (on days): a sandwich with cheese, tea; vegetable salad with flaxseeds; pear and apple; boiled potatoes and cucumber; 2 apples. At night you can drink on a spoonful of olive oil.

Such a program is considered strict, since the daily calorific value is within 800-900 kcal. The five-day diet spares from 5-6 kg. Return to the usual menu should be gradually and then never take a great interest in digestive food.

The seven-day variant is easier to transfer - thanks to the fact that the calorific value increases to 1000 kcal. At loads - even up to 1200. Weekly menu is made, guided by calorie tables. Such nutrition is indicated for the treatment of cores, for a sudden drop in body weight before important events, competitions.

Read also about the English diet for 21 days in this article.

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Summarize and draw conclusions only after the English diet. What benefits of diet can be seen with the naked eye?

Dietary nutrition helps to activate metabolism and remove toxins. Thanks to this, many people who practice a diet are distinguished by a positive attitude, openness, constantly good mood.

  • A person feels a double lightness: both due to weight loss, and due to the positive changes that occur in the body.

After going through a dietary path of three weeks in length, the old woman becomes more confident in herself, which means that she is more attractive, feels moral satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. With a competent conduct, the dietary period has a positive effect on the skin, hair, nails.

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What can and what can not?

The list of allowed products for the English diet is quite extensive. What can you eat? Yes, almost everything! Eggs, fish, champignons, cheese, chicken fillet, various cereals, natural dairy products, pasta, fruit, broths and borsch. Drink - water, coffee, tea, milk, sour-milk drinks.

Of these ingredients, based on calorie tables, it is easy to make a meal plan in English, including food to your liking. It is important to use a lot of vegetable ingredients: vegetables, fruits, rich in fiber and vitamins. We need whole-grain products, sour and milk, and also water-tasty, high-quality and in sufficient quantities: up to two liters daily. Green will fill the lack of vitamins. A little honey is allowed.

  • The variety of products allows you not to torment yourself with hunger or fresh tasteless food, but to cook tasty, low-calorie meals. Loads are not required. But walks or simple exercises are welcome, as they accelerate weight loss.

Both during the diet and after it, one should remember the main rule of satiety: the feeling of satiety lags on the way to the brain for about 20 minutes. In order not to overeat, that is, not to overload the body with unnecessary food, it is necessary to eat slowly, enjoying the taste and process. Then the satiety signal will get to the brain on time.

To the usual diet to proceed not immediately after the end of the diet, but gradually, introducing two products a week. Such caution is justified: it will help to consolidate and preserve the result.

During the English diet all harmful products are prohibited. What you can not eat? As with other diet regimes, taboos for flour, sweet, fried, salty dishes. Alcohol, tobacco, soda, black tea and coffee, salt and sugar are unacceptable. Dried fruits, melons, grapes, figs, are undesirable. Potatoes are limited.

  • It's not as strict prohibitions as it might seem. Many harmful components are easy to find a replacement, for example, instead of salt, apply flavored spices, and replace black tea with green.

One of the important advantages - a balanced diet and a schedule that allows you not to starve until the next meal. Do not need to stand for hours at the stove and chase after exotic ingredients. It saves time and nerves. The English diet also does not require obligatory physical exertion.


A strict English diet has contraindications. In particular, these are diseases:

  • cardiovascular;
  • gallbladder;
  • kidney;
  • endocrine system;
  • gastrointestinal disorders associated with enzyme deficiency;
  • pregnancy and feeding;
  • an allergy to protein;
  • cancer.

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Possible risks

Because of the ban on favorite sweets or other goodies in losing weight on the English diet, the mood may decline, there may be weakness and discomfort. Accustomed to often snack at first may not be enough of these snacks.

In connection with the deficiency in food of some components, there are risks associated with the diet; in particular, there is a shortage of fats, vitamins, chromium. Because of this, the color and skin of the face deteriorate, the nail plates become weaker.

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Properly organized English diet should not cause fatigue, weakness, nausea, the urge to vomit, violation of attention. If this is observed, then what is being done is not right, or your body does not fit the diet in English.

Among the possible complications - sagging skin, flatulence.

The diet of physicians causes severe discomfort and poor health. May exacerbate the patient's chronic illnesses.

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Reviews of those who lose weight and the results

Positive feedbacks are thin and the results indicate that the diet provides weight loss and body cleansing from poisons and radionuclides. For example, Zarina, greatly replenished after birth, dropped 9.5 kg in 3 weeks.

The English diet stabilizes the pressure, normalizes sugar, lowers cholesterol. People write about the excellent state of health, lightness in the body, clean skin, strengthened hair.

Alternatives to the English diet

No wonder they say that the new is a forgotten old. In the race for fashion, mankind periodically returns to ancient traditions, including food. Often they become the basis of alternative theories. Let's get acquainted with alternative diets (briefly).

The most popular alternative to traditional food, as well as the English diet and similar methods, is vegetarianism. Limits the consumption of products of animal origin. Strict option excludes, in addition to meat and milk, fish, eggs, eggs. Softer tolerates products derived from living animals.

  • The benefits of curative starvation doctors have known for a long time. The method is based on dosed stress, which activates the functioning of many processes, including metabolic processes. Promotes rejuvenation, longevity, stimulates activity and mental activity.

The concept of ancestral nutrition is based on the assumption that humanity genetically inherited a propensity for food, untreated thermally. There are two varieties: raw food and dry eating, which in the rest are different, even contradict each other.

Separate food is built on the principles of product compatibility. Only gastric digestion is taken into account and the assimilation processes in the remaining parts of the digestive tract are completely ignored.

  • Adherents of the concept of the main factor are sure that the body needs to be provided with one or two food factors, everything else is unimportant. With what the official medicine absolutely does not agree.

Ophthalmic technique is based on nutritional value indices. Food is evaluated only on the basis of energy, without taking into account the chemical composition. The illusion of the interchangeability of qualitatively ambiguous ingredients is created.

The creators of the theory of "living" energy attribute the presence in living beings of certain structures for the transfer of this very energy. Nutritionists categorically do not support and do not recommend this diet.

  • The concept of "imaginary" medicines emphasizes special medicinal qualities in the usual products, extols and advertises them as a panacea for all occasions. According to opponents, this approach is unreasonable and inappropriate.

Absolutization of optimality - such an abstruse phrase guided by supporters, trying to create the optimal diet. In the trend - the newest attitude to food, combining the right way of life and modern success in its production and sale.

Each technique has contraindications and difficulties. Choosing your own, you need to know the state of health and follow the recommendations of specialists.

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Diet 3333

Among hundreds of fashionable ways to lose weight, the 3333 diet attracts attention with an unusual name. Even a synonym - an actor's diet - is inferior to her in originality. They say that the actor's diet was invented by nameless actresses who are striving for an ideal figure. Since leanness has not ceased to be fashionable, then the diet is still relevant. What is common between acting and English diets?

The common thing is that there are also kefir, vegetables, and protein foods. But the effect is built on dehydration of the body, which is not very useful and, besides this, is fraught with a rapid return of excess mass. Therefore, people with impaired pressure, nervous system, digestion is better not to experiment in such a way that stress does not provoke exacerbations of pathologies.

Diet 3333 allows you to eat green pears, sweet apples, kiwi, citrus, lean meat and sour-milk products, hard cheese, rice, juices and even red wine. And forbids fatty, salty, spices, sugar, dried fruits. A separate theme is drinks: water is drunk on the principle "the less, the better".

  • The ration is painted for 12 days, divided into four triples. Hence, in fact, the name.

The first three - kefir, the second fruit, followed by meat and then - the apotheosis: wine-cheese! Kefir and yogurt are chosen with minimal fat content, fruits - 3 types, meat - low-fat varieties. It can be replaced by fish, if losing weight prefers it. To the wine is served 200 grams of favorite cheese.

There are other diet options, it also promises maximum weight loss of up to 12 kg. The average figure is from 7 to 10 kg. Then you should very carefully leave the diet regime, gradually adding the usual food in small portions. Rules require patience for another two weeks, and every day include in the diet for one product. Otherwise, the body will soon make up for lost, very likely - with interest.

Hard restrictions made this diet "widely known in a narrow circle." That is, she does not enjoy much popularity, despite the intriguing name and generous promises.

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Chemical Diet

At first glance, the phrase "chemical diet" sounds daunting. In fact, it's okay, because it's about chemical reactions that occur in every living organism. Unlike the English diet, the chemical name is: Professor Usama Hamdiy, and also a synonym for "egg". This is a low-calorie low-carbohydrate diet with a minimum of salt. Contraindicated for people with abnormalities in the work of the kidneys, the heart, with increased cholesterol.

  • The peculiarity is that if a regime is violated, a chemical diet can be started first.

The creator developed the system, primarily for patients with endocrine disorders, causing excess weight. The task was to reduce weight to reduce the burden on the heart. He managed to make it so that by using special products, processes are started that turn fat stores into energy. A unique technique helps to cure even high-level obesity.

For maximum results, a 4-week course is recommended. It is convenient to start from Monday to paint the menu by week. Diet features:

  • The main product is a steep egg for breakfast; saturates with protein, along with grapefruit perfectly reduces weight.
  • Maximally limit the salt.
  • Cook without oil, on the grill, water or in the oven.
  • Drink at least 1.5 liters of fluid, at intervals between meals.
  • Coffee and tea - without sugar.
  • All fresh vegetables, in addition to potatoes, are suitable for all types of lean fish.
  • Exclude any alcohol.
  • Showing walks, physical education.

The decrease in mass is due to the use of reserves, since there are few energy products. An important factor is compatibility, so it is highly undesirable to replace these ingredients with alternatives. If something does not fit, it is better to exclude it than to replace it with an analog. In particular, lamb, date, grapes, banana, mango, figs are subject to exclusion.

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Diet for lazy minus 12 kg for 2 weeks

Diets for the lazy are called methods that minimally affect the eating habits of losing weight. The diet for lazy minus 12 kg for 2 weeks belongs precisely to such. The result is impressive, considering that special efforts are not required. In any case, much less than to comply with the English diet. It also suits those who want to keep the result obtained due to more severe diets.

  • The effectiveness of the diet is based on the properties of drinking water. It fills the stomach volume, reducing appetite.

The stomach filled with liquid suffices a small portion of food, and since there will be no thirst, there will be no temptation to satisfy it with harmful sweet drinks that contain excess calories. Such a technique is easily tolerated and does not harm health. The main dietary rules for the lazy:

  • Half an hour before each meal, drink half a liter of water.
  • After 2 hours after eating, drink a cup of green tea.

What is the role of water? It is diverse. In addition to the mechanical filling of the stomach, water activates the production of digestive juice, speeds up metabolic processes, and removes the resulting poisons.

The diet includes meat and dairy products, without visible fat, fruits, vegetables. And the rejection of "enemies of harmony" - fast food, semi-finished products, sweets, smoked and salted products.

The drawbacks of the diet include the fact that water, along with toxins, flushes and useful components. Vitamin complexes will help to fill this gap. It is not necessary to resort to such a technique in the presence of problems with the kidneys: organ overload is fraught with swelling and deterioration of well-being.

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Protein diet

The expression "protein diet" unites many diets and reflects their basic quality: an abundance of protein components with a minimum of carbohydrates and fats. On hearing, the following diets: the Kremlin, Atkins, Dukana, etc. Their positive is that protein food prevents the feeling of hunger and weakness.

Protein dishes are prepared from low-fat meat, fish and seafood, dairy products, eggs, some vegetables and fruits. The restriction applies to sweet, flour, potatoes, dairy and other fatty foods, sweet fruit. Different options offer their recommendations.

  • The peculiarity is that proteins are unable to accumulate, so they must constantly replenish with food.

The protein diet is good because the body receives all the useful substances, so it does not run out. But it uses reserve fats for the energy-consuming process of protein breakdown. Therefore there is a natural weight loss.

An indispensable condition is physical education: running, fitness, exercises. Movements are needed to ensure that proteins are used to build muscles, and do not become debris that clogs the body.

The popularity of this technique is not less than the English diet, in which activity is not necessary. It is relatively harmless, offers a varied diet, gives good results already for 2 weeks. However, it is not flawless. In particular, the complete exclusion of carbohydrates and sugar is dangerous, and the abundance of proteins creates a critical load on the kidneys.

Diet of physicians

What is the diet of physicians? Is it really a way to supply doctors and the rest of the medical staff? Of course not! This is a technique created by doctors for the urgent weight loss of obese patients who are undergoing surgery. Weight loss is necessary to prevent complications. Like the English diet, it promises different results, depending on the individual characteristics. So, a tough program for a week allows you to lose 10 kg, and a two-week program - to 13 kg.

Weekly program menu by days:

  • 1. 1 bt. Mineral water - drink for 6 times.
  • 2. 0.8 l of skim milk, in the evening - an apple.
  • 3. Again the mineral water follows the same pattern.
  • 4. Salad from cabbage, carrots, greens with a spoon of oil 1 l - divided into 3 portions; 2 cups of water or tea.
  • 5. Milk - 80 ml.
  • 6. In the morning, egg and a half of the tea, at 11 o'clock broth of vegetables, at lunch, 100 grams of meat and peas canned. Afternoon snacks, dinner and late dinner consists of an apple.
  • 7. During the day - 2 cups of milk, 0.5 liters of kefir, 100 g of cottage cheese. In the evening - tea.

The first 7 days of a two-week program are similar to the one-week method. Continuation of the program by day:

  • 8. Minvoda according to the same scheme.
  • 9. 1l of milk, in the evening - an apple.
  • 10. Mineral water.
  • 11. 1 L of salad (celery, dill and parsley, oil and salt).
  • 12. 1 liter of milk.
  • 13. Egg in the morning, cottage cheese in the afternoon.
  • 14. Minvoda.

Advantages of the program is that it does not require counting calories, searching for exotic ingredients and complex recipes. Another advantage is short duration.

Cons - rigidity and radical procedure, the likelihood of a return to previous parameters, a feeling of hunger, a potential health threat due to exacerbation of chronic pathologies. Losing weight is accompanied by constant irritability, headaches, impotence, upset of the chair, nausea. Owing to sharp slimming in places, the skin hangs.

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Japanese diet

The Japanese almost do not suffer from overweight and related problems. They constantly eat low-calorie healthy food, a lot of seafood, so the so-called Japanese diet is not for them at all. Created by scientists of Japan, the technique is intended primarily for other peoples who abuse unhealthy foods and fast food.

Like the English diet, the Japanese promises effective weight loss for a short time, without exhausting feelings of hunger and discomfort. But to observe it should be rigorous. There are three options: for 7, 13 and 14 days. The shortest has a drawback: in a week it can only take out excess water. The most popular is the 13-day option. 14-day principle does not differ from it in principle and is applied, as a rule, at the desire of losing weight.

  • Diet in Japanese includes rice, fish dishes, vegetables, legumes, fruit, green tea. All that is possible, it is preferable to eat without cooking. At the time you need to forget about salt, sugar, flour and confectionery products, alcohol. But you can drink plenty of water - boiled or mineral water.

Diagram of the diet should be painted on days. It is necessary to prepare already the day before: to have supper light food in the reduced quantity. Observe the same regime after the end of the diet, given that the stomach during this time will decrease in volume.

The output should last no less than the actual diet. For relief, it is recommended that the first time be eaten the same, only at lunchtime include a new product. Salt and sugar added by milligrams. And drink a lot of clean water let it become your lifelong habit.

The effect of the diet lasts for 2-3 years, which is due to the restructuring and detoxification of the body, the normalization of metabolism.

Japanese diet for 14 days: menu

Kill the two birds with one stone at once, that is, lose weight and normalize metabolism, helps the  Japanese diet  for 14 days, the menu of which in fact has nothing to do with Japanese cuisine. The name is related to the nationality of dieticians who developed its principles and rules. The essence of dietary restrictions is a low-calorie diet, without fatty and salty ingredients.

From the English diet and other common methods has a significant duration of the effect: 2-3 years - provided a properly organized regimen and a balanced diet in the following weeks. And also by the fact that not only cooked, but also fried in vegetable oil food (eggplant, zucchini, fish).

  • Prohibited products: salt, sugar, confectionery, baked goods, alcohol.
  • Allowed food: fish, chicken, eggs, beef, kefir, vegetables, green tea, fruit, coffee, crackers.

The menu is built on protein food. Carbohydrates are supplied with vegetables and croutons, fat - olive oil. Plant products enrich with fiber, natural drinks - antioxidants. By the way, useful drinks are not limited during the whole diet.

Doctors recommend turning to the Japanese method only for healthy people. Within 14 days it is possible to lose up to 8 kg; the lack of useful substances must be filled with vitamin complexes.

Ducan's diet

Pierre Duccan is a doctor, the creator of the eponymous diet, which is considered the result of his 40-year professional career. 100 natural products without restrictions - this is what the Ducane diet is. 72 products - protein, 28 - vegetables. The main ingredient is oat bran. But is it possible, when it comes to diet? The same English diet has entire lists of prohibitions and restrictions.

Ducan's method promises natural weight loss. Efficiency is based on a clear structure. It consists of 4 stages: two, aimed at losing weight, and two more - to maintain and stabilize the result. An integral component of the methodology is moderate load.

The first is the stage of attack; the consumption of protein foods contributes to rapid weight loss and enhances the motivation of losing weight.

The second is the stage of alternation, that is, the addition of 28 kinds of vegetables to the menu; pure protein days are alternately replaced by protein-vegetable. Slowly but surely, the desired weight is achieved.

The third is the fixing phase: new nutritional habits are assimilated in order to prevent the return of the mass. Energy products are allowed - at festive feasts. Thursday remains protein and helps weekly to control weight.

The fourth stage is stabilization; a characteristic feature - food without restrictions, with the following conditions in the future:

  • On Thursdays, eat only protein foods.
  • Eat 3 spoons of bran daily.
  • Daily walk for a minimum of 20 minutes, do not use the elevator.

Showing and additional physical activity - aerobics, bicycles, fitness and so on. Active pastime promotes the burning of fat stores, turns them into energy, strengthens the tone of the skin.

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Diet ballerinas

There are areas of activity where weight is a necessary condition for professional success. Ask the dancers how they manage to be constantly in shape, and they will reveal the secret: with the help of a diet of dancers. This food is suitable for other women who want to have the ease and grace of ballet dancers.

Unlike English, the diet for dancers consists of two stages: for a quick drop of excess weight and to support the desired. The second option does not require a special diet. It is enough to adhere to the principles of proper nutrition. The first thing to do is to permanently exclude sausages, mayonnaise, salinity, smoked and fried foods, fast food.

The main rule of eating dancers is to eat ordinary food, but in smaller portions: no more than 250 g. Other principles:

  • Do not supplement meals with juices, but consider them a separate meal.
  • Drink a lot and regularly, without waiting for thirst, just not during the absorption of food. The best treatment is half an hour before and one hour after a meal. In general, not less than 2 liters.
  • Do not mix different kinds of proteins. Meat is eaten separately from cheese and fish. Do not combine the ingredients of such a popular dish, as meat and potatoes.
  • Among the sweets choose bitter chocolate, marshmallow or marmalade. Sugar in the minimum amount is allowed at the stage of maintaining weight, and only in the morning.
  • It is ideal to do without salt at all or apply it at a minimum.

Losing weight decides how much to sit on such a regime. It depends on how many extra pounds he decided to throw off. The recommended time frame is from 4 to 10 days. For a decade, according to reviews, drop more than 10 kg.

Dietary nutrition is more important than ever. Optimum to lose weight without starving. The English diet provides such an opportunity. Harmful food is removed from the diet, and proper nutrition gets a chance to become a constant eating habit. For this, it is worth to overcome some difficulties and inconveniences - if the health and doctors allow.

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